Three femdom babes wank pathetic tiny dick

Three femdom babes wank pathetic tiny dick
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I am about 130 pounds and 5 ft 4'. I have straight brown hair, brown eyes. A killer 6 pack that unfortunately you could only see when i flexed my abdomen. Half of the school year had already passed and we just got into the 3rd quarter. We got a new student, named Josh. He was obiously a athlete.

About 14 years old, same as me. Well built, about 125 pounds and very tight abs. Probabily 5 ft 8' because he was a little taller than me. He had blond hair. Hair that made it look like he took care of it every second of every day. If aphrodite had a son, Josh would be the perfect match. He had blue eyes that would kill any girl with a glance. To me (which i am obiously in the closet) he looked like a god, but he looked too good to be gay way too good.

He hung around the girls so i though for sure he was straight so i didnt try anything. He got a locker of my lots of solo girls and one dick but i didnt tell him that since i had his lock. All i had to do was tell the gym teacher what number locker it was. The gym teacher told me to show him around, what to do and find his way to his classes. When i heard this i thought i might have died. But i quickly put on a normal face and said i would try.

Just seeing him sent my heart rate skyrocketing. As i stare at him during class i would drift off and just, dream about him. Getting a boner halfway in the class.

I just wanted it to go away. We had about 10 minutes left of the class. This took my mind off of him enough for my erection to die down and it was clear to stand without being noticed. I told my science teacher if we could leave early, since we were in the same class together, To show him around so he doesnt get rushed or pummeled by the traffic that would araise when the 8th grade bell sounded.

We went into the gym, and i showed him everything. Tennis court, Football field (which he took a liking to immenently) I told him i played football for 2 years now. He said his dad sent him to football camp every summer. So i thought we were about even. I was around the same weight and a little taller than him so i thought i could take him. He backed up some and ran, bent down and as soon as he made contact he lifted up. Sending me flying over his shoulder.

I landed on my back with a *omph* and the breath was knocked out of me. He looked down at me and smiled with those big blue eyes. He held out his hand and offerend me a hand. I relunctly took it and he lifted me on my feet. I limped to for about 10 feet when he asked if he hurt me. I hurrily said no and walked normal. The pain started to seep in. Even though i tried hard not to limp it was unbearable.

He asked me again," Are you okay?" "Im not sure" i responded "I think you sprained something when you threw me over your shoulder." "Well lets get you to the nurse" He said worried that he might have hurt me. "No, what are we going to say? I let him tackle me? I would get in trouble and you would aswell." "Well, what do you want to do?" He asked with a tenderness in his voice.

"I will try to get through gym, and if i get through that then school will be over until monday" "Okay" was all he said as we entered the locker room. All the other guys must have gotten dressed and went to the basketball court because it was empty, and smelling of Axe.

I gave him his lock and combination. He had his gym clothes ready so he slipped off his shirt first and then his shorts. I could see his butt outlined in his black boxer breifs. He turned and saw me looking, i turned quickly and felt hot as he slipped on his gym shorts and shirt.

"Arent you going to get dressed" "You can go on ahead i will be there in a minute" "But i dont know where it is" he said quickly turning to see me take off my shoes. Ahh crap, i forgot to show him the basketball court, the campus was huge and he wouldnt know where to go because it was on the opposite side of everything else.

"Okay, wait here hot bbw swallows stiff rod in the bathroom fat girlfriend bbw blowjob will get changed in a sec." I said standing up with major difficulty. "Do you need help?" He asked with a tiny grin on his face.

"No.No im good, as long as this concrete wall doesnt fall i should be fine."I replyed sarcasticly. I took my first step out of my pants, revealing my Blue Boxers with a smirf on the front. "You like my smirf" i said playingly. "He got red and turned around, but i could still feel carnal and randy sex games hardcore reality eyes wandering.

I put on my gym shorts and began to take off my shirt. When he asked if i had abs. I turned around and puffed out my chest showing my well defined 6 pack. I only could hold it five or so seconds before it started to hurt so i let out a breath and he laughed.

"Whats so funny" i asked with content. "You looked so funny when you puffed out your chest, just reminded me of a monkey or something" "Thanks" i said to myself, he thinks i looked like a monkey. I got depressed and he must have sensed this and said "You still look really hot." The smile left his face as if he was thinking over what he had just said.

"What?" I said, turning red. "ohh, umm. nothing. Nevermind" He turned and ran out of the locker room. I quickly got my shirt on and my shoes. I limped to the door to see him sitting there. Just staring at the wall. "You ready?" He said with resentment in his voice. "You okay? You seem depressed." "Im fine, lets go." He said with a obiously fake smile plastered on his face.

"Okay" i said, unassured of what had just happend. We walked (well i limped) half of the way there in silence. The he asked me if i had ever masterbated.

I said of course what 14 year old hasnt. He laughed and his face said that he was debating weather to ask the next question or not.

"Are.are you gay?" He asked. I thought he was kidding, I wasnt sure. If he was and i said yes than he would know my secret.

If i said no and he wasnt kidding than i may miss out on something great. Before he could say nevermind or anything i asked his the same question. He stumbled over his words, not knowing if i had been serious. He saw the look on my face which was to me blank but to him it may have been eagerness. "No. Im not gay." "ohh." i said trying not to sound miserable. I may have missed the best chance to get closer to him and i just pushed it off on him, making him stumble over his words.

I felt horrible, physicaly and mentaly. We reached the basketball court and saw everyone running laps around it. Probabily because so many people were talking. I limped over and said i showed him around and he should be good now. He asked why i was limping and i told him i raced Josh to the locker room since i heard the bell but i pulled something. He told me to go to the nurse and called Josh over.

I started walking up to the building and josh ran up beside me and lifted my arm over his head and resting it on his shoulder. "what are mom and bouy fuck ardan spain doing? arent you going to stay?" "naa, he said they would be running laps all class and doesnt think my first Friday i should be made to run when i wasnt even there.

so he told me to help escort you to the nurse." "Yay" i said unenthouiasticaly "what? You dont like me now?" "No. its not that" I began. "Just tell me. Do you think im gay?" "no" "Are you gay, bi, or straight?" "I.

i dont know. I dont like any girls and never found them attractive. but can i call myself gay just because of that?" "I Guess not." We walked up to the nurses office and she told me to sit down as she examined my leg. Josh sat in the chair making faces behind her back which got me laughing. She would turn around to see his beautifully innocent blue eyes. She turned back to me and said i should stay off of it for a while.

Or keep pressure off of it until i get home. She asked me if i wanted to call my mom to come pick me up or if im a big boy and can ride the bus home. I looked over at josh and he looked away. "I'll ride the bus home." I said cheerfuly. His eyes met mine and i hoped off the table and asked if he wanted to come to my house posing ebony model gets fucked in fishnets my mom would be gone until 6.

Which gave us another 3 1/2 hours to ourselves. I found out Josh lives about 10 minutes walking distace from my house. Thankfuly that he was close enough i didnt have to ask my mom to give him a ride. She always get mad when i asked for a ride to or from anywhere. I cant wait until i get to drive. Better yet, when I actually get a car! I hopped off the bus on my good foot and waited while Josh carried my book bag. I got the key out and opened the door. The house is pretty big for just me and my mom.

2 stories tall. Not including the basement. And could she decorate. There were elegant paintings on the walls, matching carpet. The furniture was comfortable and decorative. Brown and purple. Lighting up the room with a small shandeler surrounding the light. I hopped while using josh for balance as we went upstarts to my room.

I fell on my bed with fake leopard skin blanket. Even though it was fake it was still soft. He browsed my room just looking. He saw my computer and walked towards it but saw my X-box and turned pointing at it. I said sure and asked which game. "Do you have halo!?" He said with a cheery grin on his face.

"Sure, top drawer bottom, left." He pulled it out and opened the case and frowned. "What? Not there?" He nodded and turned to me. "Look in the x-box" He pressed the eject button and it flashed and out popped Halo. We played cutie from britain sitting on his face about an hour until he asked what we had to eat. I sighed knowing i would have to limp down the stairs. to make a snack or something. Then i had an idea. Better for going down than up but is would be fun and take a minute less than it normally would.

I reached into my closet and got out my sleeping bag. Josh looked at me with puzzelment. I stuffed some pillows into it and waddled to the top of the stairs. I knelt down and leaned forward. Rolling down and every pillow cushioned the fall. I saw Josh look down with a gleam in his eyes that told me he must have thought it looked like fun. I unzipped it and threw it back up to him.

He wrapped himself up and fell, laughing on the way down until a pillow fell out and i heard a *Crack* I looked at him the smile never left his face. I looked at the dry wall and there was a hole where his head had been. We both agreed that we wouldnt do secretaria muy puta petea al jefe bajo la mesa again and he asked if my mom would flip out. "No, she would just buy the stuff to fix it and tell me to do it instead of homework." "Sounds like fun." He added "Yeah, either learn a new skill or learn to add integers.hmm thats a no brainer huh?" Josh looked at me with a sort of look you would see a newly wedded couple would have.

We got a bowl of chips and we headed upstars, ignoring the pain as i casualy strolled in and sat in my computer chair. Josh got a chair and pulled up next to me and i turned on the monitor. It clicked to life and all you could see was photos of gay guys, having sex, and kissing. "Oh shit!" i yelled as i clicked out of it. Josh snickered and i got bright red again.

"What was THAT?" he said sounding like he would tease. "Shutup" i said trying to ignore him. "No really, what was that?" This time he sounded more sincere. "I guess just a pop up from the porn site i was looking at earlier" trying to sound sure of short secret blowjob girlfriend tube porn. "suree, you know.

Gay pop ups only come on when you look at gay sites." I left my chair, falling into bed and covering my face with the pillow. He took over my chair. Clicked a few times and found the site i was looking at earlier that day. I looked over and he had a mischeavious grin on his face.

"So. are you gay?" I hesitated, knowing i could only answer one way because he knew the answer already "Yes." I replied with tears building up in my eyes. "How long have you liked gay porn sites?" "I dont know"I said holding back a sob. "Hey, why are you crying?!" He sounded demanding yet gentle. "You know my secret, your probabily going to tell everyone!" "Why would i do that?" "I dont know!" The tears began flowing and ran down my cheeks until it was absorbed by the cotton on the pillow.

"I wouldnt do that to you, plus you have my secret." I looked up and saw him type something in the address bar. He clicked a button which i could barely make out as "Are you 18 or over" There was a guy, sucking another guys cock. Japanese xxx story milk kiss turned to me and gave me a smile. My tears have stopped, i was astonished.

i was. My thoughts were interupted when he asked if he could jack off. I nodded and just stared as he unzipped his pants. His semi-hard cock came out of his breifs at a easy 5 iches long.

I could see pubes escaping his breifs, but they were shaven down to nothing more than fuzz. He stroked his dick as he clicked on a few links. I got hard just watching him. A few seconds later 2 guys were humping each other on a bed. My eyes kept wandering from the computer screen to his dick.

Making sure my mind wasnt playing a trick on me. The hottest boy i know, was jacking off in my room. To gay porn! His dick was a full 6 1/2 inches now, bigger than mine. His breathing became irradicated, his eyes were closed as he pumped his cock away. I must have been dreaming. Thats until Josh sped up, turned to me and screamed "Im cumming!!!" The first shot got me on my lip, the second on my pants leg, the others either on my cotton leapord skin blanket or his hand.

His breathing slowed to its normal rate and he just looked at me. He giggled as i licked my lips, i forgot! His cum was now in my mouth. It tasted ever so sweet, yet salty. And i wanted more. "So now do you beleive me? i wont tell anyone. I promise." I felt better, either because i knew josh could be mine, or that my secret would be safe. He stared at my crotch and then back at me. "I always wanted to suck someones cock.

do you mind babysitter megan rain and veronica avluv fucked in the ass pornstars and blowjob your my first?" "No. But are you a virgin?" I asked expecting to hear a no "Yes, yes i am." I couldnt belive it. The guy that made girls fall head over heels has never had sex! "Have you ever thought you were gay before this?" I asked questioningly "I thought i was Bi but never. you know." "Are you attracted to girls?" "well.

kinda. Your hot! But there are a few girls that i would maybe go out with but you are the first i actualy made a move on." "How sweet, does hitting on me include throwing me over your shoulder?" "Hey you challenged me!" he protested I gave him a playful punch while he removed my 6 inch cock from my pants.

This was his first time but from all the gay videos he watched made him a pro. He sucked the head while he twirled it around in his mouth. I almost came right then and there. Starting slow and picking up speed as if he was learning as he went. Gaining experence as he sucked me off. He bobbed down on my dick lowed and lower. The feeling was amazing. I felt myself grab his blond hair pushing down while i lifted up my pelvis with each downward stroke.

Making my cock go down his throught even more. Soon he had his nose on my pubes as he deep throughted my dick.

Sucking while he did this. It sent shivers down my spine and i could feel my orgasm close in. I grabbed his hair and yelled "Im cumming!!!" I shot 4 spurts of cum in his mouth. Down his throught and some leaked out of his mouth. He got up with his now erect dick real czech couple has fun with whipped cream out of the hole in his breifs. He got undressed.

He was completely naked. I just stared at his dick as he pulled off my shirt and pants but left my boxers on.

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"Do you want me to take my boxers off?" "No, i kind of have a underwear fetish." he said shyly He pulled me up close and started to kiss me. His toung was tracing the outside of my lips so i immedently open my mouth as we french kissed. His mouth still had traces of my cum like he'd been saving it for me.

We made out for a good 5 minutes when he asked if we could try something. "You want to what!?" i protested "Well you said you were gay, so if you like it then you will know for sure." I looked into his eyes. Such innocence in the body of a teenage boy.

"Fine, but if i say stop you better stop!" "Okay, do you have any lube anywhere in the house?" "Check my moms bathroom, she has lots of boyfriends so she is bound to has something." He ran out of the room to search my mothers belongings.

NAKED. I sat up and waited until he got back. He came back with a bottle and set it on the desk next to my bed. I got up to lock the door just to make sure. All necesary precautions could save a life. or a reputation. I layed on my back to face josh as he put some on his finger. He shoved my boxers up enough so that he could shove one finger in my ass and moved it around, streaching my insides to be sure it would be wide enough to fit his dick. He tried to push a second in me but it wouldnt go in.

"Your going to have to relax." "I would be a little more relaxed, if you werent laying on my leg!" "ohh, sorry" He gave me a little kiss and put 2 fingers up to my asshole. He pushed as they slid in. Testing the flexabality of his fingers inside my ass. I was all fine until he shoved a third in my ass.

He streached and reeled my ass. Any more and i thought i was going to pass out! "ahh." was all i could get out. I just closed my eyes.

He took his fingers out of my ass and added lube to my ass and his dick. He pressed his cock head and slowly started to puch in. "You alright?" He asked "Im fine, when is this supposed to feel better, my ass year old teen slut enjoys anal fuck sore already!" "Just wait, it will hurt before it feels good." He shoved a huge protion of his dick up my ass as a screamed slightly and tears were building up in my eyes again.

I started to see black spots in my vision. I started to move from under him. "Just wait, i promise i WILL feel better.

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I just thought if i hurried it would feel better faster. I will slow down. I will even let you do this to me if you want. I promise." I just laid back and waited. He withdrew his cock from my ass besides the head and began to slowly work his way into me. In and out. His cock moved with him as he started to kiss me. He got faster and farther into me until i felt his pubes touch my ass, and his balls slap against my ass.

The pain started to fade away as the intense pleasure flowed in. My brain was sending off charges. His dick was massaging my prostate as he fucked me. We never broke the kiss until after he said he was cumming. As his dick unloaded his juices in my ass it sent me over the edge. Without even touching my cock i came in the boxers that was still covering my dick. He callapsed ontop of me and said he was done.

I gave him a sly smile and i pointed to the lube which was behind me. I "come on, man" "You promised!" "Fine" he hissed but i could tell he sexy blonde plays with her tits on cam wanted it.

He said he wanted to try doggy style. I took off my cummed on boxers and gave it to Josh. He got on his hands and knees while i put lube on my dick. I was curious about all the gay websites they are eating out the other guys ass so i lowered face level to his ass and slipped my tounge in.

He jumped at first but he slowed down his breathing and relaxed. "ohh this feels soo good" Josh said while his eyes were closed. I was expecting to taste something horrible but i didnt. His balls gave a sweet smell as a licked and fingered his ass.

"Just put it in already" Josh yelled. With that i put my dick lined up with his ass and shoved the head of my dick in his ass. I shoved half of my dick in his ass and he yelped. "Didnt feel so good huh?" i asked as he clenched the covers. "Just go slow" he said.

"Please" With that i slowly took some out and pushed back in. The same motion he had done with me. After i reached his ass i began to quicken my pace. Both of us were moaning a this point. I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

I stopped and josh got all of his clothes together and stood in the bathroom. "You alright baby?" "Yes mom, im fine." "You sure?.nevermind. Just make sure you clean up in there. Use lots of frebrees." "Your home early arent you?" i asked after glancing at the clock, 4:52.

'Yeah, i needed to get here early to get dressed for my date." "You dating that fat guy or that tall one?" "The tall one, by the way. have you seen my Aphrodite *cough*.Lube?" "No mom, havent seen it. Hope you have a good date. When are you leaving?" "About 5 minutes, I wont be home until late around 12 ish. That Okay?" "Thats fine, but.could i call a friend.

Hes this new kid and i wanted to get to know him better, so if its alright with his parents, can he spend the night?" "Thats fine hun, Bye" "Bye mom." Their fun at the moment has been delayed but they had all night to exploir each other.