Thick weenie for beauteous teen sluts hardcore and blowjob

Thick weenie for beauteous teen sluts hardcore and blowjob
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I was in my second year of college, pursuing a sports physiology degree. My parents were in a terrible car accident that killed my father and younger brother and left my mother blind.

She was a dynamic personality. Beautiful, fit, loved life. This accident left her totally devastated and without any hopes at all. I made the decision to move back home and help her as much as I could. When I arrived home she was sitting on the couch in her robe with bandages still on her eyes and her arm still in a sling from a separated shoulder. Her hair was dirty and stringy and I could tell she hadnÂ't had a bath since she got home from the hospital.

I had talked to the Dr. on the way home and he had told me that there was no reason to have the bandages on. It was just that she did not want anyone to see her face. I said Mom when was the last time you bathed? She said I donÂ't know and I donÂ't care. I said well I do. I can smell you from over here. I went in to the bathroom and started the shower. I came back to the living room and said letÂ's go. You are going to bathe right now. She said you canÂ't come in here and tell me what to do.

IÂ'm your mother. With that I went over and picked her big lets cum on her and took her to the bathroom screaming and kicking. I put her down and said now get undressed and get in the shower. And take those bandages off, you donÂ't need them. Hand me your clothes out here when you get them off so I can wash them. She said I canÂ't with my shoulder the way it is.

So I went back in to help her and she screamed to close my eyes. I said I cant see to help you if I do that. IÂ'll turn off the light. She turned her back to me and I started undressing her. The pants and underwear were easy. The top and bra were somewhat harder. She was naked in the dark. I could only see an outline of her and she was so beautiful and helpless looking there in the pale light. I said to get in the shower. She tried to wash herself with one hand but couldnÂ't.

She said, Jackie youÂ're going to have to help me. IÂ'm sorry to do this to you. I pulled back the curtain and turned the shower head to the wall and said give me the washcloth and soap. She had her back to me so thatÂ's where I started. I scrubbed her back and ass and legs and between her cheeks. I said turn around Mom and she said oh Jackie you shouldnÂ't see your mother naked, its not right.

I said turn around and donÂ't be silly. You washed me when I was little. ThereÂ's no difference now. IÂ've seen naked women before. She turned to me and I scrubbed her front just like the back. American teacher fuck a student boy soaped between her legs good and washed her breasts.

They were small but very pointed and had hard long nipples. I thought. I used to suck these not so long ago. I took the hand held showerhead and began to rinse her off. Down her back. I used my bare hand to wipe away the suds as I rinsed. I spread her ass cheeks and rinsed between them.

I turned her to me and rinsed her breasts off and down her flat belly to her thick patch of hair. I said Mom you rinse between your legs while I spray the water. She did as I said, taking her time rubbing there. I turned off the water and got a huge towel and started to dry her front, rubbing her breasts extra hard so I could see the nipples get hard again.

Then her back and legs. I wrapped the towel around her and led her to the kitchen and I said IÂ'm going to wash your hair teen babes veronica and jenna gets a sensual fuck. She had luscious black hair and I had to get the strings out of it.

She leaned over the sink and I proceeded to wash her hair. I took my time and massaged slowly and she said it felt so good to be clean again. I said I told you so. As I leaned against her body washing her hair, it hit me for the first time. I had a raging erection and it was rubbing against her ass and I know she felt it but didnÂ't say anything. I dried her hair and wrapped it in a towel. I fixed her a strong drink and we went back into the living room and sat down.

She curled up next to me on the couch and leaned against me and we just talked. She said Jackie no one has seen me naked except your father for a very long time.

I started to say something but she said no itÂ's OK. I liked what you did. He used to take care of me like that. She raised her face to me and said I love you Jackie. I said I love you too Mom. I didnÂ't see the scars or the blindness. Just her beautiful face. I kissed her gently on the lips and she laid her head back on my shoulder. She dozed blonde with a fucking temper natural tits doggystyle after awhile and I got up to take a long soak in the tub.

I was all stretched out in the hot water and I heard Mom scream my name. Jackie! Where are you? I said IÂ'm in the tub Mom. IÂ'll be right out. Then she was at the door and said. I got scared when you were gone! I said Mom IÂ'm in the tub here.

Then I remembered she couldnÂ't see. She felt her way along and sat down on the floor next to the tub. She said its so good to have you home Jackie. I miss everyone so much. I donÂ't know how IÂ'm going to go on. I said youÂ'll be OK Mom. YouÂ're a fighter. IÂ'll be here to take care of you and give you everything you need till you get better. She took the soap from me and started washing my shoulders and arms with her good hand.

It startled me and I said Mom you donÂ't have to do that. She said I just want to wash my baby one more time like I used to. I could tell the liquor was starting to grab a hold of her. She said now stand up baby. I said Sex film sxksi iran com Please. She just said Jackie, do as I say. I stood up knowing she couldnÂ't see me.

The hot water had made my cock very soft and small. I was glad she couldnÂ't see it. She washed down each leg. She got up on her knees to reach around behind me and it felt good as her fingers washed between my ass cheeks. I moved my legs apart a little and her fingers reached my balls and she washed between my legs. I turned to face her and she cupped my balls again from the front and soaped them slowly, dragging her fingernails across the nut sack.

And then it happenedÂ…she wrapped her hand around my now hard cock and started to slowly wash its entire length. She gasped and said My God JackieÂ…youÂ're bigger than your father!

I said Mom you shouldnÂ't be doing that. She said just shut up and let me feel you. I gave birth to you and I school girls and boy full sexy wash you if I want. I got the hand held and started to rinse myself off. Mom helped me as best she could. I sprayed water on my cock hoping to make it go down but she still had a hold of it stroking it. She said Jackie.I need to do something, still stoking my cock. I said what Mom.

She then leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. I jumped straight up but she wouldnÂ't let go. Her whole face came forward and took it all in her mouth.

She sucked in as she pulled it out. And then it was over. She pulled away and said I used to do that to your father. I had to do it to you. I said Mom you need to get to bed and get some sleep. WeÂ'll talk in the morning. I picked her up still in the towel from her shower and carried her to her bed. She took the towel off her head and said I need to brush my hair. She was left-handed and that was the arm that was hurt so I said IÂ'll do it Mom. I brushed slowly and firmly through the thick black mass of hair.

It was so shiny. She said Dad used to do this when things were quiet after we were in bed asleep. I said what else would he do. Mom took another drink and said I would lay back against him and he would tweak my nipples while I played with myself. I said would you cum that way? I couldnÂ't believe I was talking to my mother about this but after the surprise in the bathroom I said what the hell!

She said yes very hard. I leaned hot girl strip dance tease on webcam strip webcam tease and kissed her head and said.

Do you want to cum now?

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She said oh Jackie IÂ'd like to try. ItÂ's been so long it seems. I said lay back here against me.

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I reached around and loosened her towel and lowered it under her breasts. I took a nipple between each of my fingers and slowly started to twirl them. They got so hard. Each nipple was at least an inch long. Mom moaned and reached down with her good hand and raised the towel up. I saw the fingers disappear in her massive bush. She began to rub her pussy as I twirled her nipples and said, yes Jackie just storys pornde incesten barranca lima peru that.

DonÂ't stop. DonÂ't stop. IÂ'm going to cum! And she let out a low groan and stiffened as she came.

Her head fell back on my chest and we just lay there for awhile. I couldnÂ't wrap my mind around what was happening so I just let it all happen.

I would worry about it later. I finally said, I have to get to sleep and went to get up to go to the couch and Mom said, Jackie please stay with me tonight. IÂ'm so scared of being alone. I said OK Mom. Just this once. She pulled the towel the rest of the way off and got in bed. I pulled my towel off and got in next to her. I curled up around her naked body and wrapped my arms around her and she just sighed and said I love you Jack. I said I love you to sweetie. Jack was my Dads name and he always called her sweetie.

We awoke in the morning, back to back. I rolled over and looked at Mom and Sinfully hot fuckfest party striptease and hardcore could see tears running down her cheek. I leaned over and kissed her face and said whatÂ's wrong Mom.

She said when I woke up I thought Jack was laying next to me and that it was all a dream. I said IÂ'm sorry Mom. I shouldnÂ't have slept in your bed last night. Things got a little out of hand and I couldnÂ't say no.

She said are you ashamed? I said no. But it shouldnÂ't have happened. Mom said in my minds eye I was with your father last night and it was just what I needed. I leaned over again and kissed her on her open mouth for what seemed like a very long time.

My hand reached for her breasts and felt them both as I ran my hand down her belly and into her hairy patch. She was very wet as my fingers parted her slit and I just rubbed her clit with my middle finger till it got very hard under my touch.

Mom just tilted her head back and moaned, oh Jackie please donÂ't stop baby. She reached for my cock and gripped it very hard and said I need to feel this inside me.

I rolled her over on me and she sat up. She gorgeous czech chick was tempted in the supermarket and fucked in pov her arm out of the sling and leaned forward on my chest and whispered, put your cock in me Jackie, just one time.

I reached around and moved the head up and down her slit and nestled it inside the opening of her pussy. She sat back up and it slid all the way inside her. She gasped and began to ride my cock up and down, moaning with each stroke. She was bucking against me and I could tell she was about to cum.

I wanted it to be great so I grabbed her hips and thrust against her very hard till she screamed out, oh my God Jack IÂ'm cumming. Fuck me! I could feel her squirt on my balls as she came. She fell on my chest and tried to catch her breath.

She said, oh baby that was so good. Since she couldnÂ't see me I realized that she was replacing my Dad with me when we had sex and she thought it was him when it came time to cum.

I didnÂ't know what to do but I knew I had to take care of my Mom no matter what the cost. Mom got up to go to the bathroom. I watched her naked body as she felt her way along. She was so beautiful for a woman her age. I reached down and rubbed my cock and it got hard again. I realized I hadnÂ't cum since I got home. I started stroking it and watched as my naked mother made her way back to bed. She got in and asked what I was doing and I said I have to cum Mom.

I was holding off so I didnÂ't cum inside you. She said Oh Jackie I forgot about you cumming I got so carried away. Let me help. She put her hand around mine as I jerked my cock. I slowly moved my hand and just let her jerk me.

It was so strange knowing my mother was jerking me off and couldnÂ't see it. I reached over and twirled a nipple with slutty queen loves to please her servants fingers. She moaned and my hand lowered to her pussy and I began to finger her as she jerked me. She went into her sexual trance again and lowered her head to my cock and just took the head into her mouth and sucked.

She was fucking my finger now and she reached for my hand and put it back on my cock. Her breath was heaving and panting now and she raised her head enough to say, jerk off in my mouth Jack! I knew she thought I was dad again so I did as she asked. I jerked my cock so hard. She never let it out of her mouth. I said here it cums sweetie and she nodded her head. I shot a huge load into her mouth but she didnÂ't spill a drop. She just sucked till I was finished.

She raised up and licked her lips and said I love you Jack! I said I love you too sweetie and we went back to sleep. this in my first i have more to tell but want to see wat people please give also add me on msn if u wna talk [email protected]