Tattoo twink jacks off and toys ass in shower tube porn

Tattoo twink jacks off and toys ass in shower tube porn
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``````````My roommate's girl had his pants down and she was jerking him off on the sofa while they kissed, her nimble hand moving up and down his erection almost in slow motion.

As if I'd tried to come home and instead walked into a dream. ``````````Well, a dream sequence. ``````````The ineffable bliss spread across his dumb face stopped me from making a sarcastic irritated roommate remark to break up the party, which was my first impulse.

And you always leave your damn dirty dishes in the sink, too, ya bastard. ``````````Instead, I focused on girl, who didn't like me and who I didn't like, brathar and sistar anal storys, but was a skinny hottie. I was medium-drunk, home from a bitchy date who led me to believe I was about to get laid and then got a better deal on her cell phone. ``````````They didn't seem to realize that I had lumbered in, or they didn't care.

I felt just snarky enough to take my dick out and jack off. Roommate's girl's slim hand moved up and down faster, bunching up the loose foreskin beneath the helmet, and pulling it taut, again and again. While they kissed and kissed and kissed. ```````````How sweet. ```````````He groaned. She whimpered with anticipation, and his semen went flying out to my left, his right, onto the unoccupied area of the sofa, the coffee table, and the end table lampshade.

```````````I turned around and went to my room before they came to their senses and ugliness could inevitably ensue.

A quick jack and hit the sack, that was my plan and forget about this whole lousy night.

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``````````Still, as they say, hope springs eternal for the horny, so I left my bedroom door open, fuck it, maybe pixie girl would get tired of stupid stud and wander in and take me into her dream. ``````````Then, like some kind of magic, there she was, in the doorway, naked. ``````````"Oh, you poor baby, are you jacking off? Can I come in for a minute?" ``````````At last my incessant fantasies had evolved into wonderful hallucinations!

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It had finally happened, I was over the edge. An angel had come to rescue me.

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``````````"Come in," I said, though she was already climbing onto my bed, her very real flesh, thighs specifically, very warm. "I was waiting for you," said.

``````````"I need your cock for a minute," she said, climbing on and directing the connection, sinking down and planting her hands on my chest. She began wriggling her ass, the cheeks of which I cupped in both hands, fingertips teasing her asshole hairs.

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``````````We had one of those wet, juicy explosions of the groin together that I like so much, then she extracted herself and ran back to him. -30-