Indian watched in the bathroom by a spy cam

Indian watched in the bathroom by a spy cam
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I am Doctor Gary D. Gordon. I'm 36 and I've been a gynecologist in my own private practice for about 2 years now. Most male gynecologists come up with sensible reasons why they became that kind of a doctor, and I say all the same things they say when asked. I don't know if those men are lying or telling the truth, but I do know that when it comes from me, it's a total lie.

I love pussy. Sure this means that I have to look at a lot of very undesirable ones, but let me tell you what makes it all worth it: In med school, when I was trying to figure out my niche, I spent my free time fucking a lot of high school girls.

I've always been handsome, and my dad bought me whatever new car I wanted, and that's about all you need when it comes to landing some hot young ass.

I realized that the older I got, 16 and 17 year old girls were going to see me as a creepy, dirty old man. I set up my practice in a suburb just outside of Charleston, SC. Since then, at least one appointment a day is a 16 year old girl, whose parents want a report back on the hymen. Here's where my brilliance comes in. I know it isn't right, but I just can't get enough of tight teen pussy, and nothing else does it for me.

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From ages 16 to about 20 amateur wife gangbang me love you lengthy time all that really ever has caught my eye. If my patient is brought in by their parent's for a hymen check, it's mostly because the girl has been behaving badly, and they have reasons to suspect that their daughter's promise ring is a sham.

Sometimes, they don't even mention a hymen check, but if the girl is smoking hot, I tell her they did anyway. It works, trust me. I have 2 nurses, Joy and Leanne, both stunning women, who I pay well to ensure my privacy.

I take the little hotties back to the exam room, and if her hymen is gone, I tell them that I will tell their parents that she's still a virgin if she fucks me then and there. It works like a charm. Is it sinister? Yes, but brilliant nonetheless. It gets worse. With the virgins, I lie and tell them that they can cry that they're virgins all they want, but their parents aren't going to believe them over me, an esteemed medical doctor.

Of course, I will tell them their daughter is a virgin, if she lets me pop her little cherry first. As a result of this, I have had so many hot encounters with young women, and maintained my sex life quite well.

I suppose I should tell you about the hottest little piece of pussy that ever walked in my office. She had just turned 16 casting nbsppetite raven haired amateur fucks in casting couple of weeks before she came in for her first gyno appointment. Her name was Ashlynn, and she was stunning. According to her chart, she was 5 feet tall, and weighed only 95 pounds. My cock grew in my pants just reading it.

When I saw her, I just had to have her. She was tiny in frame. She dressed like so many other girls her age, and thanks to the tightness of her top, I could tell that her tits were very large for such a tiny body. She had light blonde hair, and her "skinny jeans" exposed her perfectly round, delicious, young ass.

I gave my nurses a wink to let them know I needed my privacy when they called her back. They instructed her to take off everything but her bra, and sit on the exam table until I came in. I like them to leave on their bras.

It's so much more exciting to do the unveiling myself. When I came in she was sitting on the cold exam table, sheet wrapped tightly around her, looking nervous and uncomfortable, which is normal in this situation.

I asked her a few standard questions, and then walked over and stood right in front of her. God, she had a beautiful face. Her skin was golden tan, and her innocent green eyes stared up at me with vulnerable fear.

Without a word, I gently placed both hands on her shoulders, and moved the sheet down. She was wearing a black, lacy bra that did little to contain her large round tits. "I didn't know I would have to take my top off, doc." She giggled sheepishly, obviously slightly embarrassed. "It's okay. I'm just going to remove this now. I need to examine your breasts. don't worry. It won't take long." I assured her, reaching around to her back to unclasp her bra. When it fell into her lap, it took all I had not to gasp.

They were fucking perfect. No tan lines, but just as resplendently golden as the rest of her. When I picked up her bra to move it to the side, I caught sight of the tag, and just as I suspected, she was spilling out of a C cup. They were marvelously round, firm, and perky, crowned by two rosy-red nipples, no bigger around than a quarter. My cock swelled in my pants. I was dying to suck them and hear her moan.

I then sat the sheet to the side. She instinctively tried to cover herself with her arms, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Nothing to fear, my dear. I'm a professional.

I see this a hundred times a day, trust me." I lied. I did see a lot of naked women every day, but none of them quite as gorgeous as Ashlynn. I then instructed her to stand and put her arms down to her side, so I could examine her. I stood back and took it all in. She had a perfectly flat, tiny waist that disappeared into a soft little tuft of golden hair right above the next thing I was dying to see. She had a perfect body. I groped all over those firm tits, taking her nipples between my fingers briefly.

She let out a whispered sigh. I then had her lay on the exam table and put her feet into the stirrups. There before me was the most gorgeous pussy I'd ever laid eyes on. She had already started grooming it, as it was hairless on the lips. It was soft pink, extremely tiny, and just perfect. I touched it with my bare hand and she jumped a little. "Ummm. aren't you supposed to be wearing gloves?" She asked, her voice shaking. "Not during this part. I just washed them, as you saw, and now I need bare fingers to feel and properly examine your vagina, okay.

Just relax." This seemed to ease her, and I ran my index finger up from her perfectly puckered little asshole, to her understated, but beautiful little clit. She jumped slightly again. Her pussy hole was nearly invisible. I spread her lips further, and finally saw it, and hot asian babe takes it in the backdoor just the tip of my middle finger inside. Fuck, she was tight.

She tensed with this, and being able to wait no longer, I stood up and walked around to the side of the exam table, leaving her open and exposed. She looked up at me, her eyes wide with concern. "Ashlynn, I see you're not a virgin." "Um. well. ya see. I was with this one boy last summer, but he didn't even really get it in before." "I see." I said looking very serious.

"Well, your parents asked me to check you out to see if you're still pure, and after examining you, I just can't be sure of that. I'm going to have to tell them, and I'm sorry about that, but." "Please! No! You can't! They'll never let me out of the house again! Please!" she pleaded with me, and I just let her for a moment. "Okay, I'll tell you what I can do for you. If you do me a little favor, I will do you a little favor, and insure your parents that you're a virgin." "Wha.

what's your favor?" She asked, her eyes narrowing with suspicion. I stood before her, unzipped my pants, and took out my cock. It was a very nice cock, about 7 and a half inches long, and extremely thick. Her eyes got as big as saucers, and her jaw dropped. "Do you understand, Ashlynn?" "Uhh. I can't! What the fuck is this? Who the fuck are you?

This is illegal!" She started to get up, but I quickly walked over and gently, but firmly held her still. "Listen. You walk out there and make a scene, and I tell your parents that you're a liar and you've had a ;ot of sex recently and you just don't want me to expose you, or you can lay back and enjoy this.

It's up to you." Her eyes filled with tears. "You can't be serious! I. I just. oh my god!." She laid back, put her legs back in the stirrups, glared at me, and said, "I guess I don't really have much of a choice, now do I?" They all act like this at first, but gradually begin to enjoy it.

I stuck my head out the door, and told my nurse to deliver one of the standard excuses to her parents about why it was taking so long. I then walked over to the exam table and stood between Ashlynn's tan, shapely legs, gazing fondly at her hot little teen pussy. Then I began licking her clit, and running my tongue up and down the length of her slit. For the first minute or so, she remained stiff and silent, but the more aggressive I became with my oral assault on her sweet teen cunt, the more she started to loosen up.

She began moaning softly, gaining momentum and volume as she thundered toward orgasm. She creamed all over my face, and I couldn't wait a second longer to fuck her. I stood up, and placed my cock right on top of her glistening pussy. My massive hard on eclipsed her tiny snatch altogether, and I began to rub my engorged shaft up and down her dripping wet slit.

She cooed. "Is this going to hurt?" she asked, lustily. Without answering her, I began to slide the head of my cock into her unbelievably tight little fuck hole.

She gasped as I entered her, and then screamed a little when I tore through her hymen. "Shhh. relax. the worst part is over." I assured her. I held my cock in that perfect, barely 16 year old pussy for just a minute, gazing at her tight little body and those perky teen tits.

Then I began fucking her slowly, all the way out, and then all pretty blonde kenzie reeves recieves a hard pussy fucked way back in, enjoying every minute of stretching out her tiny virgin pussy. She began to slightly meet my thrusts, and moan. I assured her that the room was sound-proof, and she began moaning louder. "Ohhh. ooohhh. fuck.

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ahhh it's sooo big. fuck!" "Does it still hurt?" "A little, but. ohhh. fuck. it's good too." I increased speed and force, fucking her into a frenzy.

She came all over my cock, her juices dripping down my balls. I told her to get up and bend over the exam table. I hadn't gotten a chance to take a long look at her perfect ass, so I thought what better time than when I'm drilling her from behind. It wasn't a big ass, but firm, round, and perfectly gorgeous.

I buried my cock inside her to the hilt, and she came instantly, her teen cum splashing all over me as I fucked her. I watched my massive cock disappear inside her tight, throbbing fuckhole, and almost came as I watched how it nearly turned inside out around my cock as I pulled out.

I pounded her relentlessly from behind for a few more minutes, and she came twice more, her pussy walls contracting hard around my fat cock, threatening to make me cum each time. Next, I laid down on the exam table, and she lowered her perfect body onto my sticky shaft, and sank all the way down on it.

She was propped up on her feet and began to bounce on it at a medium sort of pace. It felt amazing, and she was throwing her head back in pleasure as she bounced herself into yet another gushing orgasm. "Ohhh yeaahhh,, oh fuck it's stretching my little hole so much!. Mmmmmm fuck yes!

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Oh fuck! Fuck me!" She screamed wildly, her pussy convulsing around my cock once more. "Yeah? You like this big dick in your sweet pussy, baby?

Huh?" "Ohhh fuck, I love it! I want more! Fuck it!" She started barely bouncing as she leaned back a little, and exposed that perfect clit to me. I rubbed it furiously Seeing her tits bounce, feeling her juices soak everything, and splashing all over my balls just about did me in. He pussy was on fire, she started riding me hard, slamming her teen body down, full force, onto my cock. I was about to cum "Where do you want me to cum, baby?

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Huh?" "Ooooh don't fucking stop. Fill me up! Fill up my little teen pussy!" She stiffened with another juicing orgasm, her pussy was trembling as it sucked the cum from my balls like no other pussy ever has.

"Ohh fuuuccckkk! I'm cumming in you! I'm cumming in your hot little fucking pussy! Fuuuuuccckkk! "Oh yeah, Doc! MMMMmmm fucking unload in my pussyhole!" I came for what seemed like 5 minutes, my cock throbbing and convulsing in her freshly fucked cunt. She got off, and I cleaned her up. I gave her the morning after pill, of course, and had the nurse schedule her for every 4 months.

I wanted twice a week, but that would look suspicious. I apologized to her mother for it taking so long, and assured her everything was fine. For years, until she moved away to college, I fucked her every time she came in for an appointment, turning her into an ass slut well before her 18th birthday, but that's for another story, I suppose.