Brunette petite model teens show their tighty bodies

Brunette petite model teens show their tighty bodies
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Vengeance 26 I returned to find Ellie trembling and sweating while the vibrator, though slipping, continues to hammer away at her pussy. It was evident that she'd had several orgasms as she just about dripped with wetness. I graciously relieved her of the spreader bar and the nipple clamps that still hung from her body. She moaned as they came off, but otherwise knelt there panting, her breasts heaving with each gasp.

I loosened her wrists, and lifted her off her feet. I carried her over to my bed and set her down gently. She stretched her tired limbs and smiled up at me, lazily whispering something. "What's that?" I asked. "I said, fuck me." She traced the bulge in my pants with her fingertips and smiled. I knelt above her and removed my shirt. "Mmm," she murmured approvingly. I lightly caressed her, bringing my hand from her stomach, to her breasts to her cheek.

"Where do I get to cum?" "All over my tongue, of course," she answered undoing my jeans with one hand. I helped her along, and slid them off along with my boxers and tossed them aside. I laid on her, my dick pressing into her stomach and kissed her. She reached an arm down, and stroked me a few times before trying to pull me downward.

I held fast.

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"Want something?" I teased. She nodded. "How about you give me a blowjob and I cum all over your face?" I asked, teasing her still. She shifted underneath me and put on a begging face. Softening, I obliged her, and slid my dick slowly into her pussy.

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Ellie moaned with approval and spread her legs slightly wider as I lay on top of her. I kissed her, slowly and quickly at first, thrusting in between pecks. They became more passionate as I thrusted harder and deeper, keeping my slow pace. She began moaning each time I drove into her.

To quiet her up a bit I kissed her, long and hard. Her head tilted back in pleasure, and I moved my head down, lightly biting her lower lip. She turned her head to the side and I kissed her neck.

All her muscles seemed to tense up at once as my lips and tongue hit a sweet spot right below her chin. She giggled as I tickled her lightly with my tongue, and treated her a bit less gently below. Her hands slipped above her head, between the mattress and one of the bars on the bed frame as she begun pushing against my thrusts.

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She bit down on her lower lip, and her expression turned to one of immense pleasure. Ellie was not a hard person to make orgasm given the right mood.

And she was most definitely in the right mood. We looked into each other's eyes for a time as her breasts bounced hypnotically. Suddenly her legs shifted and her eyes clamped shut. I felt her pussy begin to tighten around my cock. I kept plowing away, knowing she was getting closer and closer to climax. Her moans were now ragged gasps, her abuse school girl and teacher beef shut.

"Look at me," I commanded. Here eyes flew open, and she gave me a stare of pure unadulterated passion. I slowed up my pace, and she whimpered with disappointment and disapproval. I kissed her again, painting the inner confines of her mouth with my tongue. Without warning I sped up once more, and her moaning returned. This time I did not stop as I felt her start to tighten.

She let out several screams as she orgasmed again and again, her entire body twitching and spasming with each. Four in all until she lay there panting and tired. I too, by this time, was close to cumming. I could see her start to drift as her eyes lazily shut. I pulled out slowly, and knelt over her just beneath her chest, my wet dick hovering above her breasts. Opening her eyes, she pushed her breasts together, inviting me to fuck them.

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As my dick filled the small space in between them she moaned and her back arched one more. I thrusted fast and hard enjoying the soft feel of her gorgeous tits. Her thick full lips parted slightly as I fucked her this way. Getting close, I pulled my dick off her chest and filled the gap between those lips. She immediately began bobbing her head up and down tonguing my cock.

My dick hardened, the harbinger of a strong orgasm, and Ellie moaned in anticipation. Without disappointment, stream after stream of cum shot out onto her tongue. She happily swallowed the load and cleaned any remaining juices, hers and mine, off my cock. When she had finished and swallowed all, she pulled me close, and pulled the covers over us. In spite of all the action, the window was open, and the room (and her and I) were quite cold.

I moved to a kneeling position bringing my bottom to rest gently below her stomach. People make the baby girl with adult body blankets anyways.

Ellie let out a gasp as I began to massage her still sore, tired arms. Her full lips curved their way into a smile, and her eyes stared lazily back at me. I reached back and caressed her thighs, which were probably just as sore as her arms. She arched her back and stretched, then tilted her head to the side as if to go to sleep. "You're not done yet," I informed her. "Oh really?" she replied, seductively with a hint of crankiness. Bondage lover or not, she was pretty damn tired. "No, you're not," I confirmed.

"I have a new piece of equipment that you're to wear at all times. Understand, that when you put it on, there's no turning back." She looked back at me, excited and nervous at the same time.

I'd thrown her more than one curveball since we'd been together. I handed her a non-descript black box that had been sitting on my desk. Her hands shaking, she opened it, and when she saw what I had in store for her, she immediately started to cry.

Tears streaming down her face, she removed the cold metallic object, and slid it onto the third finger on her left hand.