Pissing party tina hot amp billy star ass fucked and dped by guys

Pissing party tina hot amp billy star ass fucked and dped by guys
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After daddy explained to me, what is involved with a man fucking my ass, I wanted to try it. I already knew that playing with my ass, made me cum hard, after all daddy eats my ass all the time. I smirked, and decided, now's the time to try it. I leaned up, kissed him deeply, and asked, "Daddy will you fuck me in the ass today, I'm dying to see how it feels." "Are you sure you're ready for it baby? I don't want to hurt you." "Daddy, if you touched my cunt you will see that I am more than ready.

After all I want to do what I can you make my daddy happy." I lay back on the bed, with my legs spread wide, bit my lower lip, lowered my eyelids and watch my daddy. His eyes, filled with lust and love for me. His started by moving his big hands across my belly the upwards to my breasts. He caressing both of them then began circling each nipple causing them to harden. I looked down at his groin and gasp with delight, his cock was already hard and dripping.

I giggled with excitement and asked, "What position spectacular babes abigail mac and zoey monroe dildoing that sweet ass best for getting my ass fucked daddy?" "I like doggie style baby.

With me behind like that it gives me time to not only do your ass but play with your pussy too. I guarantee you, you'll cum harder, then you do when I touch your cunt." I turned over and put my ass in his face, "Like this daddy?" I thought he was going to pass out and fall off the bed from the anticipation. "Oh fuck, baby, you sure know how to push daddy's buttons!" He leaned down and began toying with my pussy, getting me all hot and bothered.

"Remember, I told you that you need to be really turned on before I do you hot ass. I can't wait to nail you tight lil ass darling." "I remember daddy, keep going, because I cannot wait either. I want something besides your tongue and finger in my ass!" He let his had expand my pussy lips then leaned down and licked me from clit to asshole. I licked my lips, and shuddered clear down to my clit. I knew this was a man who not only understood the needs of a woman, but also want to teach me more about different kinds of sex.

I noticed his cock was in reach of my right hand. He groaned as my hand found his cock and began to rub it. His voice was shaky when he slid his finger around my anal ring.

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"Oh fuck you're so incredible, always tight, wet, and ready for whatever daddy wants. I like that, I love you so much babygirl." "I love you too daddy, I will be your lover forever." He spread my cheek and started tonguing me at the bottom of my crack just below her asshole.

Next, he rimmed the tender asshole with his tongue several times and then started to fuck her ass with it slow at first then harder as the ring relaxed.

When pushed his tongue further into my asshole, I reached down and began toying with my clit once more. It turned me on so much I couldn't help but shriek, "Oh fuck daddy that feels so damn good. You were right; I'm going to like my ass being fucked." He reveled in the heat and tightness of her virgin asshole. Her moans of pleasure told him that she was enjoying the experience. I began moving my ass toward his invading finger, my whole body revved into high gear.

He then slid his tongue inside my asshole and began to fuck it.

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I grabbed the sheets, and shrieked, "Oh daddy, oh my god, Daddy!" I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks wider making it easy for him to tantalize my ass. All of the sudden I started cumming hard, squirting my cum all faith leon a dude and a blow up doll his face. All he did was continue to lick me. He then paused and said, "Baby that was awesome, are you ready for my cock now honey?" With a shaky, squeaky voice, I replied, "Yes!" Daddy moved up, and aimed his huge cock at the entrance to my hot ass.

At first he just teased the ring, slowly then deliberately. When it began to relax he pushed the head of his cock in. My eyes went wild with lust, and my whole body screamed, "Oh my God, yes, please, fuck my ass daddy!" I pushed my hip into him as daddy's cock went deeper into my ass.

I could feel its girth stretching me wide open. At first it burned a little, but he just held it there waiting for me to get used to it.

It didn't take long for the discomfort to dissipate; replacing it was an overwhelming sexual urge that went through my whole body as if lightning struck me.

Stronger, that it did when he fucked my cunt. I couldn't stop it either. I begin cumming as he fucked me harder with each thrust, grunting, and slapping his heavy balls against my tight ass. I was shaking so hard that he had to hold onto my hips, to keep me from falling off the bed.

"Oh baby your bung hole is so fucking tight! I'm going to cum soon, want it in your ass?" "I love it daddy, keep going, fuck my ass.

Please daddy, fill it with your cum!" All the hot action was bringing me to climax again, as daddy pushed deeper into my tight ass. It didn't take him long to explode inside me, and it made us both cry out while climaxing. We didn't stop there either, after calming down a bit; we got into the shower together. I leaned into him and purred, "Daddy, I love you.

Please tell me more about sex. Like, what are some of your fantasies, I want to act out them all, and learn all I can on 'How to fuck my daddy!" Daddy then told me of the many things he wanted to do, stuff my mother never even ask about.

He wanted to see another man fuck her, and maybe have another woman join then. I was once again hot and horny for daddy from the descriptions and reach down grasped his cock and purred, "When can we do all that?" He answers, "In time my love, after all no one is around to stop us." "Oh daddy, I can hardly wait!" He kissed her softly then said, "Wait right here precious, I'll be back in a minute.

Now, don't you move off that bed." I saw him leave the room, but what I didn't know is what he was doing. A thousand ideas came to mind, and my clit screamed to be touched once more. He went into the bathroom, and prepared a bath for the two kaylee haze in usd to get the pussy out of impound them. Next he went into the kitchen, got out the ice bucket, two chilled martini glasses, and some candles. He then went back to the bathroom laid out everything, then hurried back into the bedroom.

He picked me up off the bed, carried me into the candle light room, and sat me down on the padded bench. He hot chick enjoys a big black cock tested the water, and then adjusted its temperature. He kissed my lips passionately and gently caressed my back until the tub was ready.

He helped me into the tub then climbed in and sat behind me. He told me to stay put and let him do me first. He picked up the washcloth, lathered it up, and began to washing me, starting with my back.

When he finished, he handed the cloth to me and said, "Your turn now lover." I turned around facing him and began washing him, and said, "Oh daddy, this is so sexy and romantic. I love you." "I love you too dear, and I thought a bath by candlelight was suitable for the occasion. I gave him a puzzled look and asked, "What occasion?

He then turned to the table where the wine was, and poured two glasses and handed me one. Then he lifted his glass toasting things and said, "Here's to us, and the new beginning of a beautiful relationship, my darling.

" I clicked my glass with daddy and said, "May we be happy always!"