Messy milf prepares for sexy scene pornstar hardcore

Messy milf prepares for sexy scene pornstar hardcore
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I had just turned 12 when my dad bought this huge sailboat. He was a computer whiz who had made lots of money on a couple of inventions, sold his business to a conglomerate, got frustrated with corporate bullshit, and bailed out, cashing in his stock options in the process. He was 40, mom was 35, my sister Anastasia (Stasi for short) was 15 and a brat. Dad thought a summer long cruise in the Caribbean would help teen sex free sex guide mature 're-connect' as a family.

Our crew (dad had money, but no sailing knowledge) consisted of Derek, an Aussie, who was Captain, Kelso, an Afro-American, his fist mate, and Jackie, an ox-strong half wit who was the deck hand. It was Derek who talked mom and dad into doing the boat thing. He had been hired on as a handyman/groundskeeper, recommended by one of mom's friends.

He seemed friendly enough, was always polite at the house, and offered me deck chores to help keep me busy. I was fascinated by all his talk of pirate lore, and spent a lot of time topside listening to his tales of the high seas.

The only thing that made me uneasy was the way he stared at mom and sis, but they were always parading around on deck in bikini's, and I had to admit that mom looked good in hers. On the other hand, Stasi looked HOT in hers and there were times when I got a hard-on looking at her. We were several days out from Miami, having made port at Tortola and Antigua, our next scheduled ports-of call were St Lucia and Curacao.

Then it happened! We were all on deck enjoying the sun when Derek sat down next to mom and reached over, sliding his hand inside her animated lesbos play with strapon hardcore cumshot top.

"Derek! What the ." she stammered, totally surprised by his actions. "Oi know ya loik it Grace" he snapped back, pinching her ample breast with his hand. Dad made to get up and was re-seated by Kelso, who pointed a pistol at him and told him to sit down. "What the hell is the meaning of this?" dad said, looking at Derek. "Why don't you ask the Missus?" Derek answered, exposing both of Grace's breasts while he held her in place.

"Tell me what? Grace, what's he talking about?" "Go ahead! Tell 'im luv." Mom was silent. "Tell 'im how you and me, we been fookin' loik rabbits for the last six months." Mom just hung her head, unable to look at either man. She couldn't resist Derek's pawing at her chest, nor could she bring herself to answer her husbands questioning eyes. "You two have been screwing for the last six months?" dad yelled trying to get up, only to look down the barrel of Kelso's pistol.

"Grace! Is this true?" "Go on luv! Tell 'im!" Derek sneered as he ripped her bikini bottom off. "Tell 'im how much you loved it when I ate you out, telling me how he never had time for you anymore. Tell 'im how you begged me to fuck you. To make you cum. Go on…tell 'im" "Grace?" "It&'s true Ted. All of it" she sobbed, still unable to look her husband in the eye.

"Jackie! Tie them up, while me and the missus get reacquainted." Jackie tied dad so he couldn't move, but just lashed Stasi and I together so we couldn't act independently, but we all had a perfect view of Derek and mom as he sucked on her exposed nipples, making them hard.

"Please Derek! Don't do this! Please stop!" she pleaded as he chewed on her nipples. Derek pulled away and stood up, walking toward dad. He undid dad's shorts and pulled them off, followed by his boxers. Then he came toward Stasi and me. He untied the string on her bikini top, exposing her ripe young breasts. She screamed!

"Scream all ya want, girl, no one can hear ya!" Derek said, smiling lasciviously as he went to pull off her bottoms. Stasi crossed her legs foiling Derek's plan. Yanking a knife from his pocket, he snarled "I can pull 'em off, or I can cut 'em off, what'll it be?" Stasi relaxed her legs and Derek pulled the skimpy material over her hips, leaving Stasi totally naked.

Derek looked at Grace, then looked at Stasi, and said, "You're a little smaller in the titties, girl, but otherwise, you're a chip off the old block." Turning to me, he grinned as he pulled off my swim trunks. There I sat, my twelve year old virgin cock sticking up 6 inches in the air. "And you, laddie." he said, " don't appear to take after yer old man. At least not in the manhood department." Returning to Grace he ordered her onto her hands and knees.

Standing behind her, he dropped his pants. Out sprang an uncut seven inch boner. He knelt down behind mom, reaching underneath her, caressing her puss lips with his hand. "What do you want? Money? I'll give you money! The boat? What?" screamed dad, struggling against his bonds. "Shut up, Ted! I don't want yer money! I've already got yer boat! We want yer women! You mature mom hardcore fuck interracial anal porn video with mouth cumshot satisfy 'em.

So we will" Derek laughed as he pushed the head of his cock against the lips of mom's cunt. "Nooooo! Please don't!" mom screamed as Derek's member forced its way inside. "Please stop! Don't do this! Not in front of…of .everyone." Derek reached around and kneaded her ample busom, paying particular attention to her nipples. The look on her face changed slightly, from fear lust as Derek's balls bumped mom's puss lips. She tried not to moan, or look like she was enjoying it, but to no avail.

After less than a minute, she was humping back against Derek's long, hard thrusts. Moving one hand from her breast to her pussy, he rubbed her clit unmercifully as he pummeled her now wet love tunnel. Her pussy farts betraying her enjoyment of the ravishment she was enduring. "Oh God!

It feels so good! Make me cum! Please make me cum!" she moaned as Derek thrust in and out, faster and deeper. "Ohhh! Fuuucck! Yesss! Aaaaahhh!" she screamed as her cunt muscles milked the Aussie's invader. Her head slumped to the deck as her cunt continued to spasm around Derek's cock.

Derek grunted loudly as he shoved his member deep into Grace, grimacing as he did so.Derek pumped his pulsating cock, emptying his balls into the kneeling woman's still spasming love tunnel. Pulling out with a loud plop, his cock dripping with cum and pussy juice, he moved around to her face, poking her cheek with his deflating tool.

Without a word of instruction she took it in her mouth and sucked the evidence of their fuck off his cock and balls. "Now that, Ted is young beauty melanie rios seduces married man before facial your wife has been lacking for the last couple of years! You ever get her to do that?

I tell you what, Teddie boy. I'll give you a chance here. You get her to cum with yer tongue, I'll let ya live." Not waiting for his answer, Grace crawled over to her husband and positioned herself 69 over Ted, and lowered herself onto his anger filled face. "Please hon. Do as he asks." Tentatively, Ted's tongue reached out, lightly gliding over his wife's warm wet pussy flesh.

"Ohh! Yes! Eat me, Ted! Eat me!" she urged rolling her hips and wiping Ted's face with her cunt. Then she turned her attention to his flaccid cock, taking it in her mouth and sucking deeply on his awakening manhood. The anger and betrayal had not left Ted's eyes but he voraciously sucked on the soft, cum slickened folds of Grace's leaking gash. The sucking and licking noises were filling the air until Grace started moaning into Ted's fully erect cock.

I sat there tied to my naked sister, stealing glances at her tits and pussy when I wasn't staring at my parents as they orally gratified each other. I noticed Stasi was giving my equipment the eyeball when she wasn't staring at dad sucking another mans cum from mom's pussy.

We weren't the only ones noticing the scene's effect. Kelso leaned over and whispered between us, "I see you are enjoyin' the show". He gave my rigid cock a friendly slap and ran his hand down Stasi's body, grazing her nipple before pushing a finger along her now moist slit. In the meantime mom had pulled her face off dad's cock and was stroking it as she moaned louder and longer in response to dad's clit sucking.

"Ohh! God! Yess! Oh Fuck! Ahhh! AAAHH! Cumminnggg!" she screamed as her contracting pussy farted out a glob of Derek's semen onto dad's tongue.

A second or two later, his cock erupted, dripping a wad of his pearly essence all over Grace's fist. She went to lick it up and Derek stopped her. "Oi think your daughter is hungry. She needs some protein. Let her suck it off your fingers" "Oh no! I couldn't do that!" she protested.

"Oi think you better! If you catch my drift." Shamefully Grace went to her daughter and offered her the cum covered fist to clean. Stasi licked off a dollop of sperm and made a face. "If everybody co-operates, nobody gets hurt.

You understand girl?" Stasi nodded and went back to licking the cooling cream off Graces fingers. "It's an acquired taste, luv, and you will have plenty of opportunities. Me and my mates will see to that." Derek said, smiling lasciviously at the scene before him. Then he added, "Oi seem to have had the lions share of the fun so far. It's time to share. Kelso!

Why don't you show these foin people what yer hidin' in yer pants." Unable to hide his glee, the big black man walked over to Stasi, stood in front of her, and dropped his cargo shorts to the deck. Inches from Stasi's face was this long, thick, dark brown penis, complete with a drip of pre-cum forming at the shiny tip. Stasi stared, speechless at the monstrous member, her mouth slightly open. She couldn't take her eyes off it.

She had never seen a cock this large in her life! Part of her wondered if such a huge thing would fit in another human being, and part of her wanted to find out. Without being told, she bent her neck slightly forward and kissed the purple-brown helmet of Kelso's manhood, licking up the drop of liquid she had seen only seconds before. "Stasi! What are you doing?" her mother screamed. "Shut up Grace!" Derek snapped, "It's obvious she's never seen a black mans cock before, and she's curious.

Isn't that right, Stasi?" Having taken the plum sized head in her mouth and unable to talk, she nodded her head, mumbling, "MmmmHmmm!" "Besides, luv, it's better that she volunteer, rather than being forced to do this." "That's right, missy!

Suck my black cock! Make me cum in your mout." Kelso whispered loudly as he placed both hands on the back of the teen's head, feeding more of his manhood into her face. Stasi, had barely a third of it in her mouth when she began to gag, choking on the head as it slid down the back of her throat.

Kelso pulled out slightly, giving Stasi a chance to breathe, before shoving more of his meat down her gullet. "Relax your troat muscles, girlie, then you won't choke on it so bad." he said as he pumped in and out of her face.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks as he resumed his assault on her mouth. "Please make him stop, Derek! Please? I'll do anything you want, just let her go." Grace pleaded. "Stopping now would be cruel! Besides, its bad for big booty babe bounces on. As for you doing anything Oi want, Oi'l do it anyway, so shut up and watch." Derek moved over to me, cutting me loose from my sister.

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He leaned over and said in a low voice, "If yer interested in being a Pirate, you have to obey orders! Yer first order is to lie down under yer sister and lick her pussy. Can you do that?" "Gee, I don't know" I answered hesitantly.

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"Then I guess you'll have to walk the plank, and swim home, lad." Looking at the empty horizon, Derek, mom, and Stasi, I decided to try the pirate thing and knelt down in front of my sister. Grabbing her knees, I pulled them apart. Stasi resisted and tried to pull off of Kelso's cock. His hands held her head in place and he pushed more of himself into her mouth. She began to choke again and her knees relaxed so I could put my face in her muff. "That's the good lad!

Now slide yer tongue up and down the slit. And don't be spillin the honey. Lick it all up." I could feel Stasi tense as my tongue slid into the crevasse of her cunt. Then I heard her moan as I continued my exploration.

My nostrils filled with the scent of her sex, sort of fishy, but not really. And I had never experienced a taste like hers either. All I knew was I had a raging hard-on and I somehow knew it was a direct result of my sisters leaking twat.

I slurped, I sucked, I licked, I even nibbled on the warm flesh being rubbed all over my face. I could tell she was enjoying it as she wiggled and moaned, relaxing her legs, the more I did. Suddenly, Kelso growled, "I'm cumin' missy! Drink it up! Nnnnggghh! Aaaaah!" Even though I couldn't see anything but Stasi's cunt and ass, I heard her try to swallow Kelso's seed, but she couldn't keep up and began gagging and coughing. I felt the warm liquid drip onto my chest as it dripped from Stasi's overfilled cheeks.

I continued to stab my tongue as deep into her as I could, secretly hoping to make her come before Kelso decided to steal her from me. Between licks on Kelso's dripping member, Stasi moaned, "Oh God!&hellip.Don't Stop!&hellip.Tongue feels……so good!&hellip.Oh fuck&hellip.oh shit&hellip. Make .me…cumm… Ohhh&hellip.yes…yesss&hellip.YESSSSS! AHHHHHH!" Thrashing and screaming, she came hard, her juices leaking heavily from her gash.

Her hips were lifted from my my honey soaked face and I heard Kelso tell her he was going to fuck her like a dog in heat. The next thing I knew, Kelso's giant purple brown cockhead was pushing against my sisters well oiled cuntlips.

As he tried to force his member inside her, I heard Stasi plead, "Oh God! Its too big! Please go slowly. Don't hurt me" "Jus shut up, girlie! Why don't you suck your brothers cock! Then maybe you won't think about it" he snapped as he pushed another inch of his wrist sized organ between Stasi's overstretched labia. I lay there mesmerized at the sight before me. My 15 year old sister being violated by this huge black cock, whose balls were hanging mere inches from my face. Then I felt the warmth of Stasi's mouth as it enveloped my virgin manhood.

Stasi moaned into my cock as she felt every inch amateur couple have sex in front of camera Kelso small girl sex hard black cock it entered her, until his balls slapped against her thighs.

Kelso grabbed her around the waist and began playing with her tits as he began a slow withdrawal from her tight sheath. "So, you are not a virgin, are you girlie." he said. Stasi, busy milking my cock with her mouth, did not answer. Kelso kneaded her breasts hard. "I didn't hear your answer, girlie. Tell your mother how long its been since you were." Still no answer.

He twisted her nipples. Pulling off my cock she screamed in pain. "Go on, tell your mommy and daddy how long you been fuckin, girlie." "Two years" she sobbed. "You've been active since you were thirteen?" her father said.

Stasi nodded, unable to look her father in the eye. Now unable to concentrate on anything but the cock filling her tight, teen cunt, she began rocking back as Kelso thrust forward, moans escaping her lips each time he bottomed out.

Kelso pushed her head down toward my cock, answering my unuttered prayer, as I was close to exploding. She barely got her lips past the bulbous dark pink head before I grunted in ecstasy as I spit wad after wad of warm, gooey sperm into my sisters hot and hungry mouth.

Letting go of her tits, Kelso grabbed my sister's hips and started thrusting hard and fast. I watched in awe as his shaft slid in and out of Stasi's cunt. Both organs were covered with her honey as I could see some of her inner lips get pulled out by the tight fitting monster cock as it ravished her. Then he grunted again and I could see his shaft expand as he filled her with jet after jet of his seed. I even watched as it spilled out around his shaft and landed on my face. He pulled out, squeezing a dollop of sperm onto her assbud, saying, "You're lucky!

If I had more in me right now I'd give you an ass fucking of a lifetime. Now boy, clean up this mess" Stasi opened her legs wider for me and sat down as I stuck my tongue into her still gaping love tunnel.

While I didn't love the taste of Kelso's cum, mixed with the sweet taste of my sister, it wasn't hard to swallow, although I would much rather have feasted on her juices alone. She may have been a brat, but she was one hot sexy brat! Jackie, after taking in all the sexy sights, turned to Derek and said, "What about me? Don't I cute nymph rides boner on park bench some?" "Sure ya do Jackie-boy! Grace! My friend here needs a release!

Tyke care of 'im." "Oh God, no! Please. Please don't make me do this." she pleaded, as she watched Jackie strip. He was shorter than Kelso, but thicker around. His uncut member stood straight out from his loins as he waited for her to move. "Jackie! Lay down on the deck so you can give the missus a ride ." Grace pleaded again, but to no avail. Derek told her to 69 his deck hand or he would hand over Stasi to the leering hulk lying on the deck with his flagpole cock stabbing the air.

Reluctantly Grace sat on Jackie's face, lowering her own to his rampant fuck stick, sliding the skin back and licking the head as she felt his tongue invade her still moist honey pot. Jackie slurped and licked loudly on mom's warm, succulent, pink flesh as his hips jerked, fucking the older woman's face.

Grace was frigging and sucking on the deckhand's meat, determined to get him off in her mouth in hopes that he would be too soft to split her open when he tried to fuck her. She could feel him tensing up, and sensing that he was near, redoubled her efforts to drink his seed.

Jackie abruptly stopped his oral assault on Grace, announcing, "We fuck now!" Grace refused to stop sucking. Kelso lifted her up off the prone figure on the deck and repositioned her over Jackie's spit slickened member. She felt herself being slowly lowered, cringing slightly as she felt the head of his cock brush against the wet, puffy lips of her well oiled cunt. Recoiling at his touch made it hot milf darla shows her sexy teen daughter sammi art of sucking a cock threesome brunette for Jackie's member to find its way home.

His head now firmly lodged between the outer lips of Grace's sex, he grabbed for her hips and pulled her down, sending his wrist sized penis up inside her. Grace screamed! Partially at the shock from the suddenness of his action and partially from the pain of his instant filling of her cavity.

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The pain gave way to pleasure as she realized how full she felt. She started to rise and fall, reveling in the gratification that, not only did this man's horse-sized cock fit, but it actually felt good!

At the same time, she felt self-loathing. How could she do this to her family? But it felt so good. But it was wrong…wasn't it? But it felt so good. Ultimately she resigned herself, knowing she was weak, and surrendered herself to the act. She lifted off him, almost to the point where he would fall out, then plunged herself downward, feeling every inch of his dick as it massaged her birth canal.

She worked at milking his cock, trying to coax out his essence. She leaned over him, teasing the man with her breasts as they swayed and bounced with each movement of their entwined bodies.

Jackie couldn't hold back any longer and with a series of grunts and stabs, released his load, filling the woman to overflow with his warm, sticky, life-giving fluid. Pulling off with a loud plop as his deflating cock slapped his belly, Grace took the flesh in her mouth and sucked the dregs of their fuck off the prone man as he groaned in ecstasy, still coming down from the ultimate high.

We were ushered from the deck into the busty les model eating bffs juicy pussy pornstars and big tits where we were locked in for the night, all wondering what would happen next.