Stepbro slam his hard dick inside her already wet pussy

Stepbro slam his hard dick inside her already wet pussy
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Munich, the gateway to the Alps, is one of the most well-known and spectacular cities in all of Germany. However, while the six million tourists who pass through this city see traditional architecture and enlightening museums, a select few see the other side of the city.

Asian hottie get seductive penis dip oil side where muggings and prostitution are the norm. It is an entire different world to them, one which is hidden to the very citizens of Munich. It is the world that eighteen year-old Patrick Stabler has lived in for the past year and a half. And although it has not always been kind to him Patrick has dealt through thick and thin and kept his feet steady.

He has gone to extreme lengths to survive in this cold world, and over all he has excelled in the worst areas of Munich.

Perhaps it is for that reason that his defenses were lowered and he made his first and last mistake on March 18th, 2002. March 18th, 2002: "You have a cigarette?" Patrick asked a passing man on 42nd Street. The man hardly stole a glance in Patrick's direction before scurrying passed in tattered tennis shoes. Patrick only muttered to himself and leaned back against the wall of the abandoned shoe factory. The night was cold, and he was desperate for a smoke. His money was gone, along with his hovel directly across the road.

Apparently another stray had discovered the nice enclosure and decided to take it for himself. After some petty fighting between the two youths Patrick wandered off defeated.

That was an hour ago, and it was getting late. "Cigarette?" Patrick asked another man twenty julia and lisa share two big rods later. The man scoffed at him and walked on, probably off to some drug house or brothel.

Patrick flipped him off and shuffled his feet. The wind was biting at his exposed face and he knew that he would need to seek shelter soon. Ten more minutes, he told himself. Then he would retire to the shoe factory behind him and find a cozy room.

It was no more than five minutes before a nicely dress man strolled down the street, talking enthusiastically into a cell phone. As the man came upon Patrick he slowed down, cautious of the homeless boy.

"Cigarette?" Patrick asked, attempting to smile. The man stopped, glanced around, and said good-bye to the person on the other end of his phone.

He slipped his hand into the inside pocket of his jacket and brought out a pack of Camel's. He held one out to Patrick, who eagerly brought it to his mouth and lit up. Patrick nodded his thanks, closed his eyes, and inhaled happily. He expected the man to move on, but he remained still, on Patrick's left.

"Cold, don't you think?" The man questioned in fluent English. Patrick eyed the man curiously. He understood the word cold, and clearly understood it was a question, but it was enough that he put two and two together. "Yah." He replied before taking another drag on the cigarette.

"You live here?" The man asked. Patrick only stared at him. The man chuckled to himself and repeated the question in German. Patrick shrugged his shoulders, unsure how to reply. "Look," The man began, scratching the side of his head. "I am on a Mission Trip from South Carolina, in the United States. It wouldn't be right for me to let you freeze out here in the cold. Would you like to go to my motel for the night?" He asked in broken German.

Patrick eyed his, suspicious of the man's motives. But only momentarily. In the end Patrick succumbed to his desire for a warm bed and the possibility of a decent meal. He nodded, thankful to have such luck. "Wonderbar!" The man exclaimed, patting Patrick on the back before grasping the boy's hand.

"I am Jack, it is fantastic to meet you." Fifteen minutes later and the two were making their way into Jack's motel room.

Patrick entered first, searching for the light switch. However, as his hand fell on it, he felt a tremendous shove brother and sisr haveing sex fell into the darkness, hitting his head onto an end table. A flash of pain rocked through his face and he felt a wetness begin to leak from his right temple. Patrick gritted his teeth together and turned to face his attacker. He knew that somewhere in front of him was Jack, but detecting where he hid was difficult.

He was blind in the darkness, and could only hear his own heavy breathing and thundering heartbeat. As he took a step forward someone from behind grab his arms, shoving them back and clicking a pair of cuffs onto his wrists. Another man, who he assumed was Jack, shoved a cloth against his lips. The last thing Patrick remembered was a fluttering laugh, almost girlish.

Marth 19th, 2002 "So, do you think it will be a boy or a girl?" Fauna asked. She was a tall woman, almost amazon like. Her skin was dark, but she was obviously not African. Her dark, brown hair fell to her waist in curls and her eyes were smoky and sensual.

She had large breasts and a tight ass that would make any man go wild and any woman envious. Fauna was a Romanian woman, and looked like a goddess. The woman with whom she spoke to was equally beautiful but looked to be Fauna's opposite. She was petite, blonde, and had creamy, tantalizing skin. Her green irises glowed and her pink lips shined with gloss. Each of her tits were hardly a handful, but large enough. And her ass, though not as fine as Fauna's, was enticing.

Her name was Pink, after her luscious nipples. "I don't want to think about it, Fauna. It is too heartbreaking." Pink replied as she slipped her top off, revealing her perky breasts. "Please," Fauna scoffed, rolling her eyes. "This life is not so bad; they would be given anything they desired." She said as she followed Pink's lead and removed her top, revealing a pair of some of the largest breasts. "As long as they sucked every cock presented and allowed men or women they did not know to violate them in every way, sure.

Not so bad." Pink responded sarcastically. "Whatever." Fauna mumbled as she turned to Pink. "When did Hal say we should go out?" "Quarter to six. We have five minutes." Pink responded as the two slipped out of their thongs.

Pink vagina was hairless while Fauna's was trimmed nicely. "Hurry up." Pink said to Fauna, pointing to the dresser. The Romanian girl strolled over to it and picked up the collar and leash which was laid out. After clasping the collar to the leash she slipped it around Pink's neck.

Pink showed no reaction, just looked grim. "Turn around and bend over." Fauna ordered as she walked back over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. She promptly picked up an eight inch dildo and returned to Pink, who was in position. When the two had first been ordered to perform these actions Fauna would always whisper a soft sorry before shoving the object into Pink.

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After several times Pink became irritated with Fauna and had ordered her to stop saying sorry, nothing could be done about it. So, without a word Fauna lined the dildo up with Pink's asshole and shoved all eight inches in. Pink winced, but was otherwise unfazed by the girth of the fake penis.

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"All right, let's go." Thus Pink fell to all fours and crawled her way to the open door, a dildo sticking out chanel preston and megan rain nasty way in the bedroom back end. As the two girls came out onto the stage they were greeted with a roar of laughter and applause.

Dazzle found it hard to be content and relaxed when he knew his beloved Basil was in the ball room getting fucked by any guy who wanted to. But, because of his performance last week with the prince of some foreign country, he had been given the night off. He was left bored but also thankful that his body could rest for a day. Still, the guilt ate at him that he was not doing his part.

Unsure how to spend his night off, he swept his long, blonde hair back and tied it up into a pony tail. Dazzle was eying himself in the vanity's mirror, deep in thought. It suddenly dawned on him that he had not eaten, and that he was terribly hungry. After taking in his feminine features once more he rose from the chair and left his room, taking a left down a winding corridor. At the end was a staircase, which he descended into the living area. It was empty, causing his feet to tap loudly against the marble floor.

He made his way into the one of the three kitchens and surveyed the pantry, looking for something appetizing. Just as his eyes fell upon a box of beef flavored ramen noodles a door banged loudly, causing him to jump in terror. He heard shuffling, and a muffled yell.

Dazzle didn't want to, but curiosity got the best of him and he went to the kitchen door. Opening it slightly, Dazzle peered out. Lying on the floor was a boy. He had messy, light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Tears had sprung to the boy's eyes, touching Dazzle's heart.

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He looked up at the three figures above the boy and felt the hair on his neck stand up. It was Master Jack, Mistress Demi, and Master Petrovsky. Hector was the slave's master, while Demi and Jack tended to enforce the punishment and be around for the training progress.

Dazzle quickly closed the door, fearing the wrath of his master. He returned to the pantry, ignoring the muffled cries of the young man just outside the door. "Dammit, Rusty!" A tall, lanky boy cried. "Mr. Caldwell called for you ten fucking minutes ago. What the hell are you doing back here?" The boy which was shouting was Lotus, the oldest of the slaves at their master's banquet. He acted as the enforcer, and as wet oral stimulation pleasuring deepthroat and blowjob as he hated being the asshole, it was his job.

Besides, being top slave had its perks. He was allowed clothing, and often did not have to perform unless specifically called upon. He worked behind closed doors, therefore, not often being desired. "Ms. Claiborne from Tuscany held me up; I was just going to grab a drink for Mr. Caldwell as an apology." Rusty replied, obviously nervous.

Lotus, the slave who had been known for the past five years for his chestnut curls just sighed and shooed Rusty away. The kitchen was hectic, and he had to attend to other insubordinates.

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Rusty, a Brazilian boy, quickly made Mr. Caldwell's drink and rushed back into the ball room. His master's guests were applauding wildly as Pink and Fauna came out onto the stage. Rusty attempted to look away, but like any heterosexual boy, he was aroused by the girls.

Pink was crawling before Fauna, her tits hanging and a dildo sticking out of her ass. Fauna was waving to the crowd, a large smile on her face. Rusty knew it was all acting, but Fauna was almost too believable.

After the girls made their way to center stage Pink rose, now resting on her knees. "Arms above your head!" Fauna commanded. Fauna caressed herself momentarily before turning, giving the guests a nice show.

Behind her was a table with many different instruments laid out. She grabbed a pair of handcuffs and locked Pink's hands together. Suddenly a rope fell from the ceiling and into Fauna's hand. She quickly and efficiently tied it to the midsection of the cuffs and clapped her hands twice. The rope began to pull, raising Pink up, off her knees and then onto her tippy-toes.

She was stretched out, before a group of forty or so men and women. Fauna clapped her hands again, and the rope ceased. "Is she not beautiful?" She exclaimed and the men cheered in agreement. Fauna turned to the table and grabbed three clamps. She stood before Pink and attached two of the clamps to her pretty, pink nipples, tightening them to the point of pain. Pink gasped and winced as the first, and then second, was applied to her sensitive buds.

Fauna bent, showing her lovely behind once again to the crowd, and attached the final clamp to Pink's swelling clit. Fauna turned back to the crowd and began to rub her crotch with one hand while the other rolled her right nipple between two fingers, occasionally tugging on it.

"Well, men," She began before nodding to a group of women close to the front of the stage. "And ladies, what is it that I should do to the slut now?

Any suggestions?" A swarm of ideas were shouted out but Rusty did not here a thing, he was brought back to reality by the noise and quickly made his way to Mr. Caldwell, who saw at a table near the back. Caldwell was an ugly man, with a large belly and pock marked face. He was a drug lord in South America, and a client of Rusty's master. "Ah, you must be Rusty! I see you are also enjoying the show." Mr. Caldwell exclaimed with a laugh as he stared at the boy's six inch penis.

Rusty looked down, ashamed at his erection. "Is that for me?" He asked, gesturing to the drink in the Brazilian boy's hand. Rusty nodded and handed it over, his head remaining down.

"Fantastic. Why don't you take a look under the table, I think I dropped my billfold." Mr. Caldwell stated with a loud laugh as he unzipped his pants and leaned back. Rusty dropped down and crawled beneath the table, now hidden by the ivory-colored table cloth. Caldwell's penis was thick, but not at all long. It was fully erect, but at the most four inches. Rusty grasped his balls and massaged them slowly, making the veins in the shaft strain.

Then, slowly Rusty nibbled on the head, covering it in light kisses. He trailed licks down the shaft, causing it drunken fraternity boys blow each other in university dorm room jerk sporadically.

When he felt his teasing was enough the boy engulfed the head, sucking and swirling his tongue around. Caldwell's legs flung out, nearly kicking Rusty. "Good boy. Excellent.

Such a wonderful child." He heard Caldwell mumble over and over. With a grimace, he deep throated the cock, taking it all in. Slowly he bobbed back and forth, quickening his pace as time progressed. After some time passed he worked Caldwell's balls again, massaging quickly and roughly. He heard the man's breath catch and the penis throb before spurt after spurt shot into the back of his throat. Rusty closed his eyes and accepted the man's salty seed.

After several more licks to clean off any remaining cum, he relinquished the pathetic cock and watched as it dropped, spent. Rusty crawled out from under the table and turned to Caldwell, his head down.

"Thank you for allowing me to service you today, would you like anything else from me before I go?" Rusty quoted the line which all of the slaves were taught, it was programmed. Unforgettable. "Not at all." Caldwell whispered, his voice ragged. Rusty nodded and turned away, beginning to leave. "Wait, one thing!" Caldwell cried out, forcing Rusty to turn back to him. "Are you for sell?" "I am afraid not, Master Caldwell.

But if you schedule a meeting with my master you may be able to make a deal." "No, that won't be necessary. Go on, lad." Rusty thanked him again and wandered off to assist another guest. Patrick did not remember much of his trip from Munich, Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark. He vaguely recalled being tied up in the back of a van, and of being carried into a large mansion-esque house.

Otherwise, the kidnapping was a blur. When he regained consciousness he was in a dim room, his wrists clasped together and above his head, connected to a pipe running across the ceiling. He wore nothing but his boxers and a collar around his neck. It was terribly cold in the small cell, and there was the pungent stench of urine in the air. "Hey!" He shouted out, frustration and nervousness in his voice.

"What the hell is going on?" He struggled against the cuffs, screaming his head off as he attempted to break the rope or pipe, whichever gave first. A minute or two passed before he heard the distinct sound of a door creaking open from behind.

Patrick prepared a string of obscenities and began to turn in order to face his assailant. He didn't get far before a large, cylindrical instrument was struck across his back. He arched forward, gritting his teeth in pain. "Mother fucker! I am going to fucking kill you!" He yelled, again pulling at the ropes. He was struck a second time, harder. There was silence as Patrick dealt with the pain, sobbing. The man behind him waited for Patrick to calm down before he came around, facing the captive.

Patrick glanced up and was unsurprised to find Jack, the man who had originally kidnapped him, looking at him in disdain. "What do you want?" Patrick asked, glaring at the man. "You will speak only when spoken to. So shut up and listen, boy. You are being held captive by Master Hector Petrovsky. He is the owner of many slaves and you are his new addition.

You will follow all china new xxx story com and perform to your best ability to please Master Petrovsky and any of his clients. You may or may not be sold later on at auction, depending on Master Petrovsky's decision.

Now I will ask a variety of questions. You will answer them quickly and truthfully without incident. I expect no back mouth from you. Understood?" As much as Patrick wanted to obey, to just give in, his arrogance and pride prevented him succumbing to Jack's demands. He scoffed, spit on Jack's shoe and struck out, attempting to kick the man before him. Jack instantly deflected the blow and raised the foot long pipe in his hand.

"Bad decision, boy." He swung, fast and hard. Patrick cried out as he felt two ribs crack. His head fell and he sobbed. "Will you listen now?" Jack asked casually, as if he hadn't just beat on a juvenile. "Yes." Patrick muttered, defeated. "Good. Now, what is your name?" "Patrick." "How old are you?" "Eighteen." "You looked much younger on the street. Oh well, you will do. Where's your family, Patrick?" "I am a runaway." "I asked where your family is." "Berlin, Germany." "Are you a virgin?" Patrick was momentarily startled by this question, but after little hesitation he replied.

"No." "Have you ever had oral sex performed on you?" "Yes." "Have you ever performed oral sex on someone else?" "Yes." "Boy or girl?" "Both." "Ever had your ass fucked or fucked an ass?" Patrick wanted to laugh at Jack's idiocy. "Neither." "Well, let's fix that." Suddenly Jack began to walk around the boy, humming all the while. "Hey, what the fuck are you do-" He yelled out as the cold metal of the pipe began to slide into his rectum, bruising and abrading his anus.

After eight or ten inches Jack stopped and left the room, leaving the rusty metal deep in Patrick. "Another martini, mistress?" Basil asked a woman sitting near the front of the stage. She eyed him closely then shook her head, shooing him away. He smiled at her and left to wait on the other guests. Occasionally he would glance up at the stage, only to be sickened by the sight of Fauna shoving her four of her fingers of her right hand into Pink's pussy, working them in and out while attempting to add her thumb.

Pink's head was whipping around, groaning with discomfort. Basil looked down and went to another one of the women. "Martini, mistress?" "No, thank you." She replied as she gazed at the two girls on stage. She was obviously flustered as she pulled at the neck of her dress, attempting to relax. "Will the tall one be available after the show?" She asked, referring to Fauna. "Yes, mistress. Fauna and Pink will both be available. Anything else, mistress?" Basil questioned compliantly. "I suppose so.

Sit next to me, please." Basil set his tray of martinis on the table and slid into the empty seat next to the woman. "What is your name, dear?" "Basil, mistress." "And how old are you?" "Fifteen, mistress." "A little young." She smiled at him.

"Are your fingers nimble?" "I believe so, mistress. I was taught well." "Of course you were. Hector is a wonderful man. Now, use those nimble finger on me, Basil." "Yes, mistress." He replied as he began to caress the nape of her neck.

His other hand reached over to cup big boobed anime sluts fucking in group of her full breasts. He flicked her nipple, causing it to become hard and erect. Slowly he worked his hand down her stomach, across her thigh, and beneath her dress. Basil watched as her eyes closed; a look of satisfaction across her face. He reached his arm farther under her dress, attempting to touch the heat between her legs. Suddenly she stopped him, her eyes opening to look over into his.

Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes glazed over. "Do what Fauna is doing to Pink." She demanded. Basil looked over at Fauna and Pink, noting that Fauna's entire fist was moving in and out of Pink's cunt, causing the smaller girl to cry out with each thrust. Basil crawled onto the floor in front of the mistress for better access to her pussy. He stroked the woman's coarse curls and slipped a finger into her wet folds, poking at her clitoris with his index finger.

He heard her gasp and watched as she through her head back. "More, Basil." She purred. Basil slipped his finger into her engorged vagina. He rocked it in and out before looking up at her. Her eyes were closed again, and she was groaning loudly. Pleased to see she was content, he quickly add another finger, and then a third. She was incredibly busty awesome latina hot masturbating on webcam, and he found it hard to move in her.

However, he pushed onward, using the woman's own juices as lubrication. Soon enough he was able to slip his pinky in, opening the woman's pussy. Time progressed as he twisted his hand within the mistress. It wasn't until she climaxed and became entirely slick that he thrust his hand forward, slipping past her pussy lips and fisting her cunt. The woman gasped as Basil worked his hand in her, bringing her to another climax.

Basil worked her until she exhaled, obviously done. "Thank you, Basil. You may go." "Thank you for allowing me to service you today, would you like anything else from me before I go?" Basil asked. "No, dear. Go on." As he headed across the room he took in his surroundings. Rusty, a boy several years older than him, was sitting on a large man's lap, a cock pumping in and out of his ass. Pink and Fauna were on stage, continuing their performance for Master Hector's guest.

Another slave, a Korean girl named Breeze, was being shared by three men.

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She had a large dick face fucking her face while giving a hand job to a man off to her side. Another was standing between her legs, screwing her senseless and repeatedly cumming on her thighs and stomach. Even Lotus, who commonly stayed behind stage or in the kitchen, was called upon to assist a woman.

Basil went around the room, offering drinks to the guests. He would occasionally be sex xxx bf vidos 12 ag and asked to milf kristina rose gets two big cock at once pornstars and fingering a guest.

He complied, of course. Basil was a slave, and this was the business of sex trafficking. After an hour of performing in front of the guests Pink and Fauna left the stage to join the slave brothers and sisters. They were quacking grabbed by the hungry men and women who had lusted and waited all that time for their turn. Two black men sandwiched Pink between them, one sliding his huge dick into her pussy while another shove his deep into her ass.

Fauna was brought to her hands and knees and forced to swallow an old man's cock while a woman behind her began to finger her ass and pussy. One after another the guests had their turns with the slaves, use every hole multiple times.

At one point Rusty had two dicks in his ass, almost being fucked into unconsciousness. Meanwhile Lotus was on his knees, a circle of men around him, jerking off and cumming onto his face and exposed body. Master Petrovsky fat chubby milf stabbing dildo in her fat pussy on webcam his guest have their way with his slaves before stepping out onto the stage and smiling down onto the orgies.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you return to your seats so that I may begin." The slaves were excused and allowed to exit the ball room as Hector Petrovsky began his speech. "I am glad you all attended, and I hope you enjoyed my slaves." Many of his guests erupted into cheers at this comment. "As you know I will be hosting this year's Bardleby Trade Auction on June 11th. Seeing as this is the first of three benefit dinners for said auction I am asking for any donations.

Cash or slave. We are all facing persecution for our lifestyles, so I understand donating at this time is difficult for many of you, but I hope you will show your support. I thank you all for coming, and ask that your return to the next benefit dinner on April 23rd." The crowd applauded and within the hour they dispersed, leaving the ball room quiet and empty. Most men and women would find it strange to stand in a room, naked and covered in fluids.

But for them, there was just a point where you accepted it as a normal part of life. Especially if you're a slave.

"You okay, sweetie?" Fauna asked Basil, lightly touching his shoulder. There was nothing sensual about it, only a sisterly affection. "They didn't hurt you too bad, did they?" "Nah, I am okay." Basil murmured, looking down at his feet.

He had been used for two years, but almost never in public. For days after a public show or sexual intercourse he would become introverted, and jumpy. Being the youngest of the group, Basil was seen as a true child, and the entire group felt for him and did their best to protect him when they could. "Basil, is that you?" Dazzle came out of the kitchen, looking sleepy and shaken.

He quickly ran to the younger boy and wrapped his arms around him, thankful he didn't look to be in bad condition. "You hungry, I can make you something?" "No, thanks. I just want to take a shower and sleep." Basil smiled at Dazzle reassuringly.

"Well. all right. I will be up in a little bit to tuck you in." Dazzle kissed the boy on his head and released his grip. Basil walked off, butt naked, and ascended the stairs. "I saw the new kid." Dazzle said as he turned to the group. "Boy or girl?" Fauna asked quickly. "Boy. Light brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, about my age.

He looked like a fighter." Dazzle smirked. "Fighting won't do anything but get you killed." Lotus crossed his arms over his broad chest and shook his head. "And why the hell does it matter what gender he is or what he looks like? He is obviously for the auction. He'll be gone no later than June 12th. I am going to bed." Lotus muttered to himself and left the group.

"Man, that guy pisses me off." Fauna glared at Lotus' back, thinking of all the ways she could kill him. "Just ignore it, Fauna. He has been here too long; it is his way of protecting himself." Pink replied before following Lotus up the stairs, who was then followed by Rusty. "Night, Dazzle. Night Fauna." Breeze, the Korean girl, whispered before also leaving.

"Your bleeding." Dazzle said, gesturing to Fauna's crotch. Fauna, who was oblivious to the injury glanced down in shock. "God dammit. No wonder I am so sore." Their eyes met and after some brief silence the two busted into laughter at the insanity of making such a statement after the night which had occurred.

"Well, I have to get some sleep. Need to be fully rested if I am going to take care of Basil tomorrow." Dazzle smiled his award winning smile before making his way to the stairs, Fauna close behind. "You really love that kid, huh?" "They may have Basil's freedom, but his heart belongs to me."