Brunette juicy ass milf sucks and fucks young cock

Brunette juicy ass milf sucks and fucks young cock
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I didn't expect it to happen the way it did. I mean I'm a quiet person at first glance. He's not the type of guy that would notice me and I didn't really notice him. I was sitting at my desk doing my work answering calls. Majority of the people in the office went to lunch and I didn't realize that I was the only person in the office. "Hey did you eat lunch yet?" I heard his voice. It sent chills down my spine. His voice was controlled, deep, and seductive. As if he could read the dictionary out loud and I would not lost focus or get bored.

"No not yet." I looked up and smiled. "Wow, you have a great smile. My name is Mark." He extended his hand. "Pam." I shook his hand. "I see you around but our paths never crossed until now." He smiled.

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His eyes were filled with lust. I know he would fuck me on top of my desk in the middle of the office if I wanted him to. His cologne was so intoxicating. "Do you want to have lunch with me?" "Sure." I said. "Ok, I'll be ready in five." He smiled and walked away.

I watched his ass as he walked away. Five minutes later I met Mark at the elevator. We made small talk as he walked me to his car. He opened the passenger side door and help me into his SUV. I leaned back in my seat. Damn this man is hot!

I wondered what I would talk about with this man for an hour. I didn't want to stare at him but I noticed how thick his hands were. All I could think of was his fingers inside of my pussy. I was wearing a skirt and it would be easy for his hands to have access to my wet pussy.

I know of Mark's reputation. He was the office player. The next day everyone would know who he slept with from the night before. I kinda figured I would be next. I was curious to see how his big his dick really was.

"What do you want to eat?" He asked. "Why don't you surprise me?" I suggested. "Is there anything that you don't like?" "I like anything." I said. He smiled. "Anything huh. Are we still talking about food?" "Yep." I winked at him. We pulled up at a restaurant and he placed the order for me. Over lunch he asked me random questions like I was interviewing for a job or something. I didn't get a chance to ask him any questions.

I could tell he's use to dominating conversations and situations. He took pleasure in it. I black beauty gets passionately fucked by white guy after he went down amused at his personality.

He had that 'you like me or you don't' type personality. The lunch was bland there was no laughter or anything exciting about it. From the range of questions and the constant interrupting whenever I spoke, I was getting turned off by him. He's charismatic and sexy but I think he was doing half it on purpose.

Later we went into the building and back to work. Over the next few days I would see him and smile politely.

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No small talk or anything special. One day when I came in one morning there was a gift wrapped box on my desk.

I looked around to see if anyone was looking. There wasn't a note on it or anything. I slowly opened it and inside was underwear with a white round thing attached to it.

There was a note inside. Put me on now. As I looked at it I realized what it was. Oh shit. The round thing was one of those vibrating egg adult toys. I heard some voices and put the underwear in my desk drawer and threw the package in the trash bin.

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I set up my computer to do my work but my gaze kept going to my desk drawer. I want to try it. I always wanted something like that. After an hour I went to the bathroom and put on the underwear. I inserted the egg inside of my pussy. It was so cold. I stood up and it wasn't noticeable. When I walked I could feel it vibrate a little.

I sat down and continued to work. I thought the egg would vibrate on its own or when I moved. This wasn't as fun as I thought it was. Two hours rolled by and I completely forgot about the underwear. I suddenly felt this vibration and nearly jumped out of my chair. I crossed my legs and leaned back in my seat as it continued to vibrate. I saw an email pop up on my screen.

"Do you like it?" I couldn't tell who the email was from. "You're such a dirty bitch." The egg started vibrating again. I didn't know how to respond to the email. I couldn't move I felt like I was about tori lux snatching and machining cum.

"Don't cum until I say so." Another email popped up. "I want you to wear those all day and no matter what you can't cum." I looked at the time and still had five hours to go. The vibration stopped for a while. When ever I could forget about it the vibration would bring me to the edge.

It was time to leave. I was surprised I was able to finish my work. I took pleasure in the fact that I didn't cum. "Hello there." I heard his voice. "Mark." I smiled politely. I started shutting my computer down getting ready to leave. "Do you mind if I walk you out?" "Well I'm kinda in a rush." I said. "Look about lunch the other day. I was a bit pushy. I really had a good time." He said.

"I had fun." I lied and continued to gather my things. I felt the vibration in between my legs. Oh god not now. I tried to hurry but Mark was standing in my way. "Excuse me." I said and looked into his eyes. "Did you cum yet?" He whispered. My heart dropped to the floor.

It was him! "I have a remote in my pocket." He buzzed it twice. "I'm impressed that you julia ann seduced by cougar such control. I want you to follow me in my car. He said and walked away. I stood there in shock until I felt the vibration again. I went to my car and got in. I saw Mark's car pull up behind me. I pulled out of the parking spot and followed him. We were driving for an hour.

I noticed we were in a secluded area and we pulled up to a cabin. "This is my cabin. I never bought anyone up here." He said. "I've been preparing it for someone special." "What do you mean? Are you going to kill me?" He laughed. "Hell no." He took my hand. subtitled japanese ghost hunting haunted park investigation inside." The inside of the cabin was really nice. It looked so cozy. "Go lay down on the couch.

I want to see it." I did as he instructed and relaxed on the couch. I lifted up my skirt and show him the underwear. He held up the remote and made the egg vibrate. He turned up the speed and it started moving faster. "I want you to cum now." He said and I felt so hot. I screamed as I came.

The underwear was soaked. Mark smiled. I saw the bulge in his pants. "I like you Pam. You're quiet and sweet. I want you to be my sex slave." "Your what?" "You're my slave and I'm your master." I stared at him for a long time. Secretly I wanted this. "Before I agree to this I want to see it." I said.

"See what?" He sat back as the bulge in his pants was so noticeable. "Your dick." "Ask the way I want it." He said. "May I see your dick, Master?" I asked. He smiled wide. "That's my girl. You do it." He said. I got onto my knees in front of him and unbuckled his pants.

I unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out of his boxers. His dick was beautiful. Thick and big. It didn't curve like some dicks. It stood straight at attention. The head was like a mushroom. The shaft was even and thick.

My mouth watered. I stroked it twice before I stuck my tongue out. He pushed me away. "I didn't say you can." "May I suck your dick Master?" I asked. "No." He put his dick back into his boxers and stood up. "Are we agreed?" "Yes." I said. "Good. Now go upstairs and change into the outfit I have for you." "Yes Master." I went upstairs and went into the bedroom.

There was a maid outfit on the bed. I laughed to myself as I put it on. I want to get fucked by that dick. Damn. The outfit had my breast and crotch exposed. The shirt had ruffles under it. I put the fishnet stockings and a pair of black stilettos. Mark stood in the doorway. "God damn you look good. Come suck my dick." He said and sat on the bed. I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants again. I pulled his pants down a little and pulled his boxers down to expose his balls.

He leaned back and watched. I stroked his shaft and licked the tip of his dick. I tasted the pre-cum that was so sweet. I licked his balls and gently put it in my mouth.

He started moaning as I licked his dick to the tip and put it in my mouth as far as it would go. I sucked and pulled back. He grabbed my head and thrust his dick deep into my mouth. He was trying to get it down my throat. "Relax your throat. Stick your tongue all the way out." I stuck my tongue out and felt his dick in my throat. I felt tears forming in my eyes. My lips were against his pelvis.

"You got it all in. I knew you would." He pulled out and sluts found tiny dick in club striptease and hardcore on my face.

"Go clean up." He relaxed on the bed. "Then come back." "Yes master." I went into the bathroom and cleaned my face. I felt my pussy and it was wet. I liked the way he talked to me. I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it but he looked at me like he wanted me. "Come pet!" He called. "It's Pam." I said. "It's Pet." He corrected me. "Yes Master." "Looks like I'm going to have to punish you for tone." He got up off of bed and threw me onto the bed.

"Lay on your stomach." He pulled out a black strap from the corner of the mattress and tied my hands and legs to the bed. I felt his hands on my legs.

I couldn't see what he was doing but I wasn't nervous. I wanted to feel him inside of me. If I asked he wouldn't do it. "You're so wet, did you cum while I had my dick down your throat? You dirty bitch." I he slapped my ass. "Please forgive me master." I asked. "Shut up." He grabbed my waist and tilted me ass in the air. I felt his dick against my pussy. He rubbed the head against my clit. I pushed back for him to penetrate but he pulled back. He teased my pussy for what seemed like forever.

My body was trembling and I was going crazy. "Don't you cum until I tell you." He said. He pulled his dick away from me. I felt him rip the open crotch panties off. I felt air against my wet pussy and then his tongue. "Ahh!" I moaned. I felt it cumming as he played with my clit. "Please master." I moaned. "Please what?" He sounded angry. "I want to cum." I said. He lifted my waist and I felt his dick thrust deep inside of me. I screamed out. "Damn you're tight. Cum all over my dick." He said.

I came so hard my body was trembling. I felt his body tense up as his semen pumped inside of me. I heard his heavy breathing.

I closed my eyes. That was the greatest orgasm I ever had. The next day I went to work everything was back to normal. It was as if nothing happened between us. I expected rumors or gossip which usually happens once he's slept with someone.

Everything was completely normal. I guess he didn't tell anyone. As the day went on I wondered why? Was I bad? I had fun at least. Meet me in front of the building after work, Pet. An email popped up and my pussy throbbed at the thought of him. I still wasn't able to reply to it. I wondered what he had planned for me today. To be continued.