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Latina moka mora gives lexingtons bbc a good suck
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The Regretful Fuck with My Cousin You know the saying; it is things you never do that you regret not the things you did. Well that is bullshit I regret fucking with my cousin. It is the middle of June and it must be the hottest summer on record, the dogs sit in the corners panting while the family sits in the living room but the company doing little to distract us from our discomfort.

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It was my uncle who had the idea to have a family reunion on his farm and to get everyone to take a week off from work. Over the years the family has slowly spread apart with other commitments so unfortunately the turnout was not as successful as first hoped.

My mom dropped me off on Sunday and would return to the city for work. My grandma managed to make the trip from Florida with help from my aunty and her newest partner. The only other person my age was my cousin Kelsey, three years older then me at 22 she still likes to act like my older sister teasing me and playing practical jokes. She is a very attractive woman black hair cascades over her shoulders and her bright green eyes creating a stark contrast.

Her athletic build suits her height of just less than 6ft while her two breasts are evenly proportionate and are always struggling to break free from their confines.

As a kid I use to tease her about her breasts but now I struggle not to look too long at them. The conversation hits a low point about politics and Kelsey suggests for the two of us to go for a walk.

The blistering sun soon causes us to break out in a heavy sweat but we march on. For twenty minutes we walk through paddocks and climb fences, as Kelsey climbs over the last fence and swings her leg over I can not help but notice the simple pink cotton panties she has on. Stop that Mike, stop checking your cousin out I say to myself in my head. We make it to our intended destination the small creek that intersects my uncles property.

We sit down in the shade for a while as we catch our breath, I feel myself staring watching her breasts rise and fall with every breath. I tare my gaze from them when she starts to talk about the times we use to go swimming as kids, I just nod my head as she recounts the old times. Then she does something I was not expecting, pulling up her tank top over head and unclasping her bra, she then slides down her denim skirt and pink panties.

Standing over me naked I study her beautiful body, every curve compliments another, and her shaved mound and perky nipples cause an erection.

"You look like you've never seen me naked before, lets go for a dip." She walks to the water while I slowly undress, trying to control the flow of blood to my penis with thoughts of grass and telephone poles. I make my way to the water aware that my penis is still semi-erect but with nothing left to do but get in the water and let the reflected light hide my shame. We swim and frolic in the water for fifteen to twenty minutes providing us with a respite from the heat of the sun.

We splash each other and play a few games like kids on summer vacation. Kelsey tells me to come closer, I swim over to her and sporty lovely teen is a consummate sucker moment I come into arms length she grabs my head and pulls me under the water, holding me against her body my head is pushed into her left tit.

I can feel the tender flesh squished against me but soon I am pulled away as she lets me have a breath of air but then pushes me back under. I bend my arm around her waste and try to use her own body as leverage to pull myself to the surface. My hand slips and I grab her right ass cheek. It does not bother her and she pulls me to the surface for another breath only to push me back under.

As she pushes me under my now very hard and throbbing penis is rubbed along her stomach and over her cunt until she pushes me even further under the water and my head is back to between her tits. Finally she lets me go and swims away laughing. Naked across america with london keyes in new jersey part behind the scenes masturbation pulls herself up the bank and lays down on the grass letting the sun dry her body.

I stay in the water begging my body to release the blood engorging my penis but to no avail. Maybe if I just go lie down in the sun and do not think about it, it will go away. Some luck Kelsey has her eyes shut whilst lying on her back. I move over to a spot a few feet away and look up at the clouds. I relax and let the water evaporating from my skin cool me down. "Ewwww, that is disgusting Mike, get rid of it" I pull my weight onto my elbows and look at Kelsey, she has turned her head in the other direction as I look down in shame.

Her humiliating words instead of decreasing the size of my penis make it throb in anticipation. Crap what is she going to say to everybody back at the house. "Get rid of it, it is starting to hurt." Confused I look in the direction she is looking in, she wasn't talking about my dick, there are leaches on her legs.

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We put our clothes back on and head for the house. We get the tin of salt and make our way to the bathroom telling the older family members what happened.

We get in the bathroom and lock the door, once again we remove our clothes.

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I start with her back rubbing the salt into the ones there, there is one on the lower part of her ass and so I rub the salt into it and watch as it roles up and drops to the floor. Moving to her front there are none on her chest but there are three that have attached themselves to her labia. I rub the salt into them, I can feel Kelsey's body temperature rise slightly and some of the salt dissolves into some moisture that drips from her folds.

Kelsey then rubs the salt into various sections on my body, her soft touch calming me, Uh Oh. "hahahaha Mike has an erection, Mike has an erection, Mike has an erection." "Yeah well you were getting wet but I didn't tease you about that." Blushing I knew she thought she had gotten away without me noticing. Looking into her eyes we made a silent agreement not to talk about it. That night as I tried to sleep on the single bed I couldn't stop thinking of Kelsey and her inviting pussy and how it felt to have my head squished against her orbs.

Right I need to masturbate, I pull a few tissues from the box and slip my hand down my body. It was too hot a night to have any clothes even a bed sheet was uncomfortable. As I stroked my shaft I thought what it would be like to fuck my cousin.

I stop mid stoke as a feel a weight on the corner of the bed. In the moon light I can make out Kelsey's face whom had slipped into the room quiet as a mother son sex real sex stories.

Her hand traces from my ankle up my leg, her soft touch driving me insane as I sigh. Her hand gripping my shaft she slowly strokes, "Nobody can ever know." I nod my head in agreement and she stops stroking. Repositioning herself over me she lowers her body onto me. Her head is now able to give me a blow job and her legs parted either side of my head I taste her for the first time. I can not believe I am having a 69er glazy facial tight ass for boy my cousin, her pussy tasting sweeter then any girl I have gone down on before and her tongue working my head expertly as her lips move up and down my dick forming a tight seal.

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I start bucking my hips forcing more of my cock into her mouth as she grinds her pussy against my face smearing her juices all over me.

She moans and stops grinding against me as her come explodes into my mouth, I lick up her sweet nectar and flick her clit sending her into another orgasm just as my cum pours into her mouth.

I hear her struggle not to gag as she swallows my load. She lies there on top of me for a moment then with wobbly feet she leaves the room. At breakfast we try and act as normally as possible but I can not help but think of how good it would feel to once again have her lips around me.

The day goes as much the same as yesterday. Just after lunch my uncle suggests we go for another walk that the two of us seemed to enjoy ourselves so much yesterday. Not wanting to look suss we leave and make our way to the creek. This time our walk is in silence neither of at last sexy mother id like to fuck reaches orgasms hardcore blowjob wanting to speak first.

We make it to the water and stand there panting in the heat. Remembering the leeches from yesterday I was not about to get in the water. Kelsey grabbed my hand and turned me to face her. Her lips push against mine and our tongues entwine against the other. We move closer together and our bodies press our hot flesh into a passionate bond.

Breaking the embrace we move back under the shade of the tree. Conversation is hard to maintain and periodically we make out only to suddenly stop as the guilt becomes unbearable. Why the hell are we doing this it is like we are tempting fate but my natural urge to bend her over and pound her pussy drive me to do the opposite. I can not take it anymore, I take hold of the fabric of her shirt and pull it over her head.

Unclasp her bra and move my head down to her tender flesh. As I work my mouth over her left nipple and tweak the other with my hand I push her back toward the ground.

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Once I have her lying down I move my free hand down to her shorts and slide them down revealing that she has no panties on. Moving down her body I lick her clit with the tip of my tongue and push a finger inside of her. Making a come her gesture with my finger I stimulate her G spot and then add a second finger. Once she is lost in ecstasy I stop abruptly. I take off my clothes and from my wallet I pull out a condom. Sliding the latex rubber over me penis I position my body over my older cousin and guide my cock into her.

Passion and the simple thought of incest driving my wild animal thrusts in and out of her. She matches my thrusts with her own and I can feel the pressure building.

I give three very hard thrusts pushing her body along the grass and then cum harder then ever inside her. I lie on top of her hot body for a moment as I catch my breath, slowly I remove my cock from her pussy and the rubber drips with her cum. I take the condom off and tie a knot in it as I then throw it into the bushes. We lay there next to each other unable to look the other in the eye, the guilt and regret for what I did almost unbearable. Silently we put our clothes back on and return to the house.

The next day we tried to keep to ourselves as much as possible only talking at meals and never looking the other in the face. Only two days left and I can get out of here. On the second to last day my Uncle asked me and Kelsey to go into town and get some things for tonight. We reluctantly agree and get in the car for the 30 minute drive.

15 minutes into the drive and still on the dirt road the car starts to thump and bang finally it breaks down. Kelsey snaps and starts crying into her arms which she has folded on the steering wheel. I can see her nipples through the thin material and her tight jeans clearly have a wet spot.

Her arousal obvious and her torment worse I know she wants me to leave just as much as I do. I decide to comfort her and put my arm around her shoulder but her animal lust takes it as a sign of presenting myself to her. She tries to dive onto me but her seat belt pulls her back to the seat. Unsnapping it she throws her self around the car stacy silver and veronica de souza get naughty in ends her struggle by sitting with her legs wrapped around me and trying to unbuckle my belt.

I push her off and she falls to the floor. I open the door and get out of the car. She joins me where I have gone and sat on the bonnet. Sitting there in silence no words needed to be said to explain that she didn't know what came over her. I look at my cousins amazing body and remember how good the best sex of my like felt with her. She lies back down on the lid causing her tits to point straight up.

My morals leaving me and my guilt pushed aside I tare at her blouse nurse kimber lee shows off her white stockings amp pink pussy pull her jeans down. Removing my own big black twhatblack guy style new as she just lies there waiting for me to have my way with her.

I remove my last condom from my wallet and protect ourselves from a deformed child with it. I grab her waist and throw her over onto her stomach. Lifting her lower body up off the car and standing on the dirt road I guide my dick into her. Using her arms for support to keep herself from sliding off the car. I begin to fuck her in the wheelbarrow position.

It allows for deeper penetration and she screams with every thrust. She comes twice in short concession the extra juices running down her sloping stomach. I fuck her like this as the heat from the sun soaks our bodies in sweat until finally I come simultaneously with her third multiple orgasm. It was an hour before there was another car on the road which could give us a lift into town.

We drop the car off at the mechanic who fixes it as we get the things for tonight. I make sure to stop at the chemist to buy some more condoms, you never know when or where you might need one the girl at the check out tells me. I just smile and leave. On the drive back Kelsey is looking bored out of her mind so I decide to make things a little more interesting. I put my hand on her leg and run it up toward the wet spot on her jeans and start to rub.

The car almost ends in the ditch but she swerves the car back to the centre of the road. My hand moves along the crotch and up the waist line, I unbuckle her pants and Kelsey helps me slide them slightly down her legs. My fingers return to their exploring and I tweak her clit and run my fingers through her folds. She moans and sighs as she struggles to keep her eyes on the road ahead. The 30 minute drive back felt so much faster then the one into town although when she finally came I had to remove my hand away from her pussy and take control of the car.

As we pull into the farm my stomach is like a knot and Kelsey has a look on her face of disappointment. This has been the best and worse family reunion ever and there is still one more day left before I need to go home.

Hope you enjoyed this short piece of fiction, yours erotically SwitchLad