Three girls edging blowjob and sensual cory chase in revenge on your father

Three girls edging blowjob and sensual cory chase in revenge on your father
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American Pickers: Peggy 1 A rape team terrorizes women! His name is Pretty Boy, that's been his nickname since he was 13, given to him by his still best friend Tom. Now at 35 Pretty Boy is what some would call a serial rapist. He prefers to call himself a purveyor of women. With an entourage of 3 guys and 1 woman his ego is constantly being nourished as they worship him and share in his unbelievable talents. Pretty Boy's real name is Nate and what most people don't know is that he is evil; pure, unadulterated evil.

With his movie star good looks, athletic physique and enough charm to cause your teeth to ache, Pretty Boy is the epitome of what every woman wants. No, what every woman craves in her deepest of desires.

His specialty is to prey on unsuspecting women. Those that have the most to lose or would never dare expose what happened to them, as if anyone would believe them anyways.

His plan is simple, he sends his followers out as "pickers", to find women who are lonely and vulnerable. The one thing these women have in common is they are all romantics; they make the easiest marks and fall hard for Pretty Boy. Age, race, size and shape or marital status is unimportant; Pretty Boy entices them all.

And he is successful, averaging 3 to 5 women on the go at all times. The rape team joins Pretty Boy once a week to share in his successful rendezvous. The unsuspecting woman thinks she is having a romantic fling with the man of her dreams, and she is, until the rest of the team arrives. As the leader Pretty Boy has no equal, he has no qualms about inflicting pain on any of his followers if they step out of line or do not live up to his high expectations. With the enticement of participating in regular rapes his subordinates are always eager to please Pretty Boy.

As the second in command Pretty Boy's childhood and lifelong friend, Tom, is the enforcer and one of the meanest looking men you would hope to never have the pleasure of meeting. At 6 foot 7 his imposing size and muscular structure, obtained through countless hours in the gym, strikes fear in the bravest of men; let alone women. His face is scared from bar room brawls and his nose has been broken several times, once by Pretty Boy.

Tom is the exact opposite of Pretty Boy. Up next is William, or as the gang calls him Wee Willy, he is what most people would say a nerd looks like. Bad haircut, thick glasses, overweight, dresses funny; he would have trouble getting a date with a blind woman. William's only redeeming quality is his cock, although it is only 4 inches long it is as round as a coke can. He likes to show it to the woman before he fucks her ass, it makes her scream more! Lisa is an anomaly, she is actually one of Pretty Boy's victims and became hooked on the extreme sex, the danger and the fantastic orgasms.

She left her dull rich husband and her ordinary life gladly; she is now one of Pretty Boy's most successful pickers. Willing and able to do anything Pretty Boy asks; nothing is off limits for Lisa. Last but not least is Magpie, the unassuming businessman that doesn't go anywhere without his briefcase. Only this briefcase is not filled with papers, rather it contains a wide assortment of sex toys and torture devices. His specialty is causing pleasure and pain, but he prefers pain.

Magpie is truly a sadistic man. These are the American Pickers and they are a woman's worst nightmare; but the most horrible of all is they love what they do! The Pick: Peggy Peggy is a florist with a flourish, and loves to think that every bouquet she sends out is bringing two people closer together, deeper in love. One of Pretty Boy's followers, Wee Willy, discovers her. Peggy is 45 newly divorced and the perfect target for a rebound affair with Pretty Boy.

Wee Willy found her in divorce court; he likes to hang out there, to see ordinary people suffer, it makes him feel superior, plus it is an unbelievably good hunting ground. As soon as he saw her he knew she would be a good one. Not beautiful, not plain, shoulder length blonde hair, perky breasts, and wide hips.

He could picture his cock driving into her fat ass. Her loser of a husband found a younger woman and was dumping her. Bad luck for her, good luck for Pretty Boy and the crew. It was easy to find where she lives and one early morning he follows her Jeep to her flower busty blonde bounces on a stiff rod Peggy's Petals.

Wee Willy can't stop laughing thinking her petals are going to get a good work out, the sooner the better as far as he is concerned. Now it is up to Pretty Boy to reel her in. Pretty Boy, aka Nate, opens the door to Peggy's Petals flower shop; a small bell above the door announces his arrival.

Behind the counter Pretty Boy gets his first look at his next target. Hmm, not bad, pornpros delilah blue and sophia grace fuck could stand to lose a few pounds but the extra weight will actually make his attentions that much more special to her.

"Good morning can I help you," she said with a smile on her face. She couldn't help but stare at the unbelievably handsome man in front of her as she walks out from behind the counter.

God he looked so good in his casual and obviously very expensive clothes. "Wow where do I start," Nate said, "I had a big fight with my girlfriend and I want to make it up to her." "Well, you have come to the right place and sensual cutie spreads slim cunt and gets deflorated my flowers are a lot cheaper than diamonds." Peggy is relieved that he is smiling and also finds it funny.

"My name is Nate and I am so glad you're cheap," he said with a twinkle in his eye and a smooth smile showing his perfectly white teeth. Peggy can feel her face turning red and demurely lowers her eyes, finding herself looking at a huge bulge in his pants. OMG that can't be real she thought, her face turning even redder.

Pretty Boy's eyes never left her face until she looks up at him, then he purposely looks at her breasts and he can see her nipples starting to poke out through her white silk blouse. His gaze lingers there for about 10 seconds but to Peggy it will feel like an eternity, just what he wants.

"Um, ah, my name is Peggy and ah, I am sure I can find something to smooth things over." "Peggy, can I be honest with you? I don't want to just smooth things over, I want her to come rushing back to me. I don't know how much longer I can hold out, if you know what I mean." He said with a mischievous smile and then follows it up with a wink. "Oh, well how long is it? Oh my god, I mean how long has it been since your fight?" Peggy is sabrina banks involved in a rough bdsm and fucking gone, her thoughts are incoherent and all she can do is stand there blushing and thinking about this stranger who is so good looking, talking about his sex life and appears to have a giant cock.

Plain Peggy as she refers to herself, wow what she wouldn't do to have a man like this chasing her. "Well, we had a fight last night and she is heading to New York in a couple of days. She is a model and does the runway for all the big names," he said. "Really, a model; wow she must be beautiful!" "Peggy, have you ever taken a good look at a model? They are all so skinny, no meat on the bones if you know what I mean.

I feel like every time I screw her I am going to break her." He looks deep into her eyes and then says, "Peggy, actually I wish she was more like you, a real woman." Poor Peggy, her world has just been turned upside down and she doesn't even realize it yet. "Nate, you are such a tease, I could never compare to a model." Pretty Boy reaches out and gently touches Peggy's shoulder; he can feel a shiver run through her body and it makes him smile.

"Peggy if you are free tonight I would rather spend my money on a nice supper with you than on a skinny model with a bad temper." Now Peggy is lost in her thoughts, he can't be serious; this must be some kind of a joke.

She looks out the window to see if anyone is filming her for a TV show. Little does she know that her future does involve her being in a film, a very sick film of her being raped by a group of monsters. "Are you serious? You're just having some fun with me aren't you?" "Peggy I am sure you get hit on a lot, being such an attractive woman.

Please, you would actually be doing me a big favor and I won't have to see that mean mouthed model again." Pretty Boy still has his hand gently resting busty blonde slut craves cock boss film Peggy's shoulder and he slides it down her arm until he has her hand in his. "What do you say? I can pick you up at 7 and we can have a great time." "Oh, you are serious, um, okay but don't you think I am a little old for you?" Ever so smooth Pretty Boy squeezes her hand and says, "So, I am guessing you are maybe 37.

That's only a couple of years older than me. Please say yes and make my night." "Yes!" she says, her heart is beating so hard that she is sure Nate can feel it in her hand. "Thank you Peggy, you are not going to be sorry, I am a lucky man". Pretty Boy is gently rubbing Peggy's palm with his finger tips and takes a moment to have another look at her breasts and just like he thought they are at full tilt.

"Peggy it looks like you are blossoming yourself." Peggy looks down to see her nipples are fully extended and the embarrassment is extreme.

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"Oh, it's just the cold temperature in here, for the flowers," she says, "most times I wear a sweater." Pretty Boy smiles at Peggy and his eyes are locked onto hers, "glad you made an exception today, it was worth the trip." Pretty Boy arranges to pick up Peggy at her house and when he shows up in his new BMW he can see her peeking out the window along with a young girl that is obviously her daughter. Pretty Boy is taking her to the new restaurant in town that everyone is talking about.

She can't believe he got a reservation so easily and it seems like everyone there knows him. They sit at a large table in the corner with views of the river and the sunset. The attention they are getting is amazing and they have their own personal waitress, a lovely woman named Lisa. She is fussing over both of them and even though Nate is so handsome Lisa is giving Peggy the same attention and it makes Peggy relax.

Still, she can't believe she is having supper with the most beautiful man in the world. Nate is taking care of ordering for the both of them, a fine wine, steak mom san xnxx in ebony lobster with a decadent chocolate dessert worthy of an award. A giant of a man comes over and shakes Nate's hand, his name is Tom and he is the owner of the new restaurant. While Tom and Nate are talking Peggy marvels at the difference between the two men.

Her first thought is night and day. Peggy has never met a scarier man in her life and when he looks at her he doesn't smile, it is more of a sneer. She is so glad when he leaves as he actually made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. "Peggy, I have really enjoyed our conversation tonight and from all you have told me you are a strong, independent woman.

I still can't believe you have a 18 year old daughter," said Nate, "and I love your dress, especially the low cut front." Once more Nate stares at her perky breasts, not in a shy way but brazenly like he owns her.

Peggy draws in a deep breath, it now seems almost normal for Nate to admire her breasts and she subconsciously pulls her shoulders back pushing them out even more. If only Nate had seen her earlier and the anxiety of changing more than a dozen times trying to find the perfect dress for him. In the end she decides on the simple black dress with the plunging neck-line, a black lacy bra and matching panties.

Right now her panties are getting wet and she is sure Nate can smell her arousal. "Nate, you are more than kind, but it is you that looks fantastic," she said. She wants to add she could eat him up but doesn't want to seem too forward. "Peggy, I want to thank you again for having supper with me tonight, you have turned a bad day into a great one." Leaning forward Nate takes Peggy's hand into his. "Peggy, I don't normally do this but would you like to have a night cap at my place?" Peggy's heart is racing, she knows he wants busty asian tranny fucking anal hotel interracial than just a drink with her.

She is yearning so bad to have Nate make love to her; Plain Peggy. That would show her asshole of a husband that she still had it.

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"Nate, I would love to have a night cap with you," said Peggy. As they leave the restaurant Peggy is so enthralled with the anticipation of making love to Nate that she doesn't even notice they never receive a bill. Tom and Lisa watch as Pretty Boy escorts Peggy out of the fancy restaurant. Tom pulls out his phone and sends a text message to Wee Willy and Magpie, "the game is on, be at Pretty Boy's in an hour." The drive to Pretty Boy's place is short, actually only a few minutes away, they enter the underground parking of the premier residential tower in the city.

Pretty Boy parks his BMW in the reserved parking next to two of his other cars, a Ferrari and Land Rover. He always drives the appropriate car to impress bootylicious blonde enjoys pleasuring a stiff rod victim.

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They approach the elevators and Pretty Boy takes out his keys to activate the private elevator that is for his use only. Such is the privilege of owning the penthouse suite and purchasing it in the pre-build stage.

The elevator alone cost him $500,000, but is worth every penny. Peggy is impressed she is now entering a world she doesn't even know exists. The elevator is decorated in rich wood paneling and she is sure there is a Picasso painting hanging on the wall.

The ride up is so smooth Peggy can't even feel the motion and when the doors opened directly into the living room she can't hold back her thoughts and emotions. "Nate, this is incredible! A private elevator and wow look at the view!" The penthouse suite has been designed by Pretty Boy and the contractor he hired was brought in from a different city. When the job was half done he fired the contractor and hired another one to finish the job with a new set of plans. Pretty Boy doesn't want anyone knowing about all the secret features of his lair.

Standing in the living room the glass windows reach up two stories and look out to the river, mountains and downtown lights. To say the view is spectacular is an understatement. Pretty Boy is watching Peggy as she tries to take it all in. He is always amused by the reaction of first time 'visitors'. The awe and wonder of it all, combined with the unexpected. "Would you like a tour Peggy?" "Nate, I don't know what to say everything is fantastic, I would love a tour." Together hot interracial session with a fantastic latina brunette and cumshot walk into the open living room and kitchen; it looks like a spread from an architectural magazine.

From the kitchen Pretty Boy leads them to the outside roof-top patio and garden area. If Peggy didn't know she had just walked out of an apartment she would swear she was in a city park. Mature trees grass and flowers, a gazebo with a hot tub, privacy assured as there are no buildings higher than this one. The night is brisk and Peggy lets out an involuntary shiver. Pretty Boy puts his arm around Peggy and she automatically cuddles into him; both of them not saying anything just admiring the view, Peggy the outer view and Pretty Boy the view beside him.

"Let's go inside and finish the tour." As they go through the various rooms of the 6,000 square foot penthouse Peggy's insecurities rise to the top. Why would Nate want to go out with me, he has everything money can buy and with his good looks could have any woman he wants.

Finally they arrive at the master bedroom, a magnificent king sized bed that looks like it was carved from a single tree. "Peggy, as you can see money is not an obstacle for me, what I enjoy is meeting new people and sharing our experiences. I brought you here last on purpose, now it is your turn to tell me what you want." "Oh Nate, even without seeing this stunning home I want you to make love to me.

Too bad my asshole of an ex-husband can't see this, such a handsome man as you wanting me." Pretty Boy walks over to the wall and presses a series of commands into a control panel. The lights dim and soft music filters into the room, a panel above the bed disappears and a huge mirror takes it place. Unbeknownst to Peggy 12 sex stories free lupe fuentes anal are also activated there are no dead spots in the room everything about to happen will be recorded.

"Peggy I want you to tell me what you want me to do to you. Please be specific I don't want to hurt you or do anything you would not like." Pretty Boy was so sincere that Peggy immediately says, "Nate, I am yours whatever you want to do is okay with me." "Peggy I want to make sure? What if I want you to suck my cock or fuck your ass?" "Nate, I want to do all those things and more.

Nothing is off limits. Fuck my mouth, my ass and my pussy; please I am so ready for you." "Turn around Peggy," as she does Pretty Boy slides her zipper down and pulls her dress off her shoulders. Peggy's dress falls softly to the ground and she is left standing in her black lace bra and panties. Pretty Boy turns her to face him again. "Now get on your knees and undo my pants." Peggy hesitates for a split second but does as she is told.

Kneeling down she is face to face with his cock. She can see the huge bulge in his pants and is excited to free his cock. She reaches out and unclips the belt, then with a shaking hand tugs down the zipper. Pretty Boy's pants fall to the floor and he steps out of them.

Slowly Peggy pulls his boxer shorts down until his cock pops out. "Oh my god," she says, "you're huge!" Pretty Boy is blessed not only with good looks but a huge cock. When soft it is almost 7 inches long and fully erect it is just over 10 inches and a girth that is larger than one hand can hold. Peggy is mesmerized, staring at the cock and then reaches out to see if it is real. "Suck it," he says. As if she is hypnotized Peggy begins to suck on the finest cock she has ever seen.

She could always deep throat her ex-husband's puny 5 inch cock but now she can barely get this one in her mouth it is so wide. She continues to lick and such until Pretty Boy grabs her head and in one thrust rams his cock down her throat. Peggy is gagging fiercely unable to breathe and starts to hit his legs with her hands.

Still he doesn't pull out. "Look at me," he says. With panic in her eyes she looks up and sees Nate with a cruel smile on his face. "Suck me." Peggy milf shaved black suspect taken on a raunchy ride trying to suck but is quickly running out of breath, her last thoughts are looking at Nate and his cruel smile, just before she passes out.

When Peggy regains consciousness she sees herself in the huge mirror over the bed. She is naked and her hands are tied to the corner posts as are her legs. She looks around but Nate is not in sight. "Nate," she yells, "where are you?" Silence is all Peggy hears, even the music has stopped. What happened? And then it all comes back, I was sucking Nate and then he forced his huge cock into my mouth and wouldn't pull it out. Why? What did I do wrong?

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Peggy can only lie there waiting for Nate to come back. After a half hour tears start to flow down her cheeks. Suddenly Nate is beside the bed looking down at her. "I see you are awake now. I had better expectations for you but it looks like I will have to teach you how to suck a real man's cock." "Please Nate untie me and we can start again.

I am sorry but your cock is too big for me. Maybe if we just go slower I can deep throat your cock." Peggy is looking at Nate and all of a sudden she sees more people entering the room. A short fat kid, a business man with a briefcase, is that Lisa our waitress and lastly the scary man Tom. Inked lesbians tribbing to orgasm in fake cab everyone gathers around the bed Pretty Boy starts to tell Peggy what is going to happen to her.

"Peggy these people are my friends and we are going to rape you all night and if you don't do what we say then sexy brunette slut stripteasing and seducing for fun on webcam will continue all day tomorrow as well. Your only way out is to do exactly what we say, do you understand?" "Nate, please!" and then it sinks in and Peggy starts screaming and screaming at the top of her lungs.

Surely someone will hear her and come to rescue her. Pretty Boy starts to laugh, "Peggy no one can hear you this room is soundproof." With that he slaps her face with his open hand. The sound echoes in the room and then there is silence. "I am only going to ask you this one more time, will you do what we say?" "No, never, now let me go and I will not report you to the police." "Peggy, Peggy, I thought you were smarter than that.

I tell you what maybe I should send one of my friends to get your daughter to take your place. What was her name again, oh yeah Madison. Would you like that?" "You bastard, leave my daughter alone." Pretty Boy leans over and takes her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and begins to pull and squeeze; slowly at first and then with all his force.

Peggy is screaming again but this time it is with pain. "Are you ready to agree now or do I have to keep hurting you?" "Please, no more I will do whatever you want." The fat kid comes over and he has a camera in his hand. Slowly he scans Peggy showing her tied up and exposed, zooming in on her cunt and tits ending with the camera focused on her face.

"Okay Peggy here is what you are going to do. I want you to beg us to fuck you, all of us; and if you are not convincing we will go get your daughter to entertain us." Peggy is going out of her mind, this is not happening, I must be dreaming. She looks from face to face and realizes no one is going to help her. "Yes, I will," she says, "just leave my daughter out of this." Wee Willy has the camera in her face now and everyone is waiting for Peggy to begin.

"Nate, please I want you and all your friends to make love to me." The laughter in the room was sinister, like the hissing of a dangerous poisonous snake. "Okay, okay, I want all of you to fuck my cunt, my mouth and my ass. One at a time or all together I just need you to fuck me.

Please, I need it bad." Pretty Boy looks down at Peggy and nods to Tom who produces a huge knife. Tom runs the knife down her stomach and stops at her cunt. For a minute Peggy thinks he is going to rape her with the knife but instead he keeps going down her legs and cuts the bonds holding her legs wide open.

As Peggy looks at Tom's eyes she can see he is not sane. He cuts the bonds on her hands and suddenly she is free. Well not really free as she is surrounded by a team of jackals, each one wanting a piece of this captured innocent woman.

They attack all at once, like a coordinated team each knowing where to go and what to do, this the result of so many past rapes.