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Group foot slave and hd anal rough teen bigbreasted blondie hottie cristi ann is on
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All Tracey could do was stand on display and await her fate. Voiceless and tied as tightly as could be she couldn't think of a single thing she could do to escape the situation. Emily was the only person who really knew what was happening and she wasn't around to help at all.

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The ringing of a loud hot babes babes and slimy blue soap startled Tracey and she guessed it meant that the store was now open and sure enough within a few minutes customers started coming into the fresh meat section to browse and buy their dinner for that night.

Despite the fact that she was genuinely scared for her life Tracey jessa rhodes fuck a fan again couldn't help but get turned on by the very fact of being displayed naked as pure meat and to her shame she once again knew that she was wet and that her nipples were as hard as ever, even the one with the horrid tag through it!

It seemed though that nobody was interested in buying a live girl, the few customers that did enter the department went straight to the cold meat counter and bought their sliced meat from Katie with hardly a look at the five naked girls on display a few feet away. Katie did seem to try and get one or two customers to look at the live girls but she seemed to get no real interest and Tracey was beginning to hope that she was as bad a sales girl as Emily had seemed to be!

Then an hour into the shop being open the worst thing possible happened to Tracey, someone she knew came in and recognised her! It was her neighbour Mr Johnson, an old man who Tracey disliked enormously. Ever since she could remember she had been wary of the creepy little man who always seemed to be looking at her as if undressing her, even from the earliest age.

At several Christmas and birthday parties he had always managed to get a kiss from her even though she hated each one and on several occasions he had managed to squeeze her butt at the same time as kissing her! In short he was an odious little creep and now he was smiling and walking straight over to her!

"Tracey, Tracey, Tracey, I never thought I'd get to see you like this" he laughed. As he slowly looked her naked body up and down without the slightest sign of embarrassment. If the ground could of opened up and swallowed her whole Tracey would of accepted it with gladness but all she could do was stand motionless and defenceless as her neighbour studied her naked body in all it's glory.

"Your dad's been asking where you are Tracey" he smiled, "so I guess it's not him who's got you here, what did you do, volunteer, you naughty girl" he smiled and on receiving no reply he laughed again, " Oh yes you can't speak can you, I heard they devoice meat girls" She was close to tears but he didn't seem to care at all as he suddenly grasped the nipple tag and turning it around he read it and laughed' "Oh your the special of the day to, 75% off, that is a bargain, I only came in for a couple of breasts but at that price I might just have to buy you, that would be fun wouldn't it Tracey, incredible brunette gets oiled before the fucking I could give your dad some free titty burgers!

" he laughed.

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Tracey squirmed as he released the tag but immediately started running his hands up and down Tracey's body seeming to revel in it's feel. "Hum you have no idea how long I've waited to do this Tracey but even at 75% off I haven't quite got enough money on me, I might come back later and see if your still here." he grinned and with one final pinch of her left breast he cindy starfall in asian chick clean and fuck my dick off.

Tracey heaved a sigh of relief that he'd gone even though she knew she was still in a lot of trouble. Mr Johnson could well be true to his word and come back and buy her but at least he was gone for now.

Another hour passed and apart from a scrawny student giving her a few looks not much else happened until with a sudden sense of joy Tracey saw Emily approaching! Tracey couldn't believe it and almost wet herself with excitement right there! "Oh good your still here" Emily smiled, "I did wonder if I'd be to late but I had more important things to sort out." Tracey did wonder what was more important than saving her friend from being sold as titty burgers but then remembered Emily's dad.

"Don't worry I'm going to have a quick word with Mr Chambers and tell him what's happened and he should be kind to me as my dad just died and hopefully he will let you go." If Tracey could of moved she would of kissed Emily right then but instead she just smiled and watched as Emily smiled back and then turned and headed behind the meat counter with a wave at Katie as she went.

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Ten minutes later there was no sign of Emily or Mr Chambers and Tracey was on tenterhooks desperate to be out of there. "Here she is mum, told you she'd still be here" Tracey looked to her left and was immediately alarmed to see the teenage girl from yesterday standing there along with her mother. "Yes good" the mother replied and Tracey saw Katie start to walk over to them, "Oh and look she's even cheaper today, 75% new big boobs xnxx com sex stories the girl laughed.

"Good morning Madam, can I help you?" Tracey heard Katie say as she reached them. "Yes we came in yesterday and saw a different sales girl, we're interested in buying this meat." the woman replied pointing at Tracey. "Very good choice Madam, she's prime pussy meat." Katie smiled. "Yes I'm sure she is, the other sales girl said you would butcher her for us?" the woman asked. "Oh yes we offer a full butchering service, she will be converted to all the best cuts in no time." Tracey couldn't believe what was happening and was frantically looking at the door behind the meat counter desperate for Emily to come through it and rescue her from this danger but there was no sign of her!

"Good good, you can also mince up the unused bits? We have dogs you see and they will want some of her." the woman asked.

"Oh yes that's no problem we have a large mincing sex 3xv story sunny leone that will do it all for you very quickly." Katie smiled. "Well depending on the price I think we'll buy her then." the woman said and Katie smiled back obviously pleased with the prospect of a sale. "Well as you can see she's marked at 75% off, we can throw in the butchering and mincing for free so if we say 25$ is that okay?" The woman seemed to hesitate and then said' "Well I was hoping for a slightly bigger discount, after all this one has been display for a while now" "Well I do have authority to discount this one further, as you say she has been here a while, how much were you hoping to pay for her?" Katie asked.

"Five dollars" Tracey heard the woman's daughter suddenly giggle.

"Well that is a bit cheap" Katie laughed looking at the woman expecting her to tell her daughter off and make a revised offer but instead she just stared at Katie until Katie gave a nervous giggle," Well I guess she has been on display a while so you are taking her off our hands, 5$ it is then." Tracey's knees sagged and if it wasn't for the clamp around her waist she would of sunk to her knees. Five dollars that's all she was worth! Katie suddenly reached up to Tracey's ear and sharply pulled out the label with her bar code on it and said, "If you will come over to the counter Madam you can pay for her and I'll get one of the butchers to come and get her ready for you." and Tracey watched helplessly as the three of them walked over to the sales counter and she saw the woman take a rather grubby looking 5$ bill out of her purse and hand it to Katie who entered it into the till and that was it, she was sold as a piece of meat!

The door behind the counter suddenly opened and Tracey's heart teen lesbian babes in hot trio fingering and sucking as she was sure it would be Emily coming to save her but instead it was a man wearing a blood stained apron who spoke quickly to Katie who nodded over to where Tracey was standing and within seconds the man was pulling her from her clamp and with no effort at all hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her towards the counter.

Suddenly the door opened and there was Emily! Tracey could of cried with relief as her friend saw her being carried over the butchers shoulder towards her.

"Oh Katie", she said," have you sold this one?" "Yes?

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Why is there a problem?" Tracey heard Katie say and she saw Emily hesitate before saying, "Oh I guess not if you've rung her through the till that's fine."and without a second glance at Tracey she walked past her as the man carried her through the door into the butchers room! Tracey couldn't believe what was happening to her as she was carried over the butchers broad shoulder through the door and into the main room behind the counter where she was put down so that she was standing against the wall.

Her feet were still tightly tied together and Tracey was glad of the walls support. As Tracey stood there trying to come to terms with her situation she suddenly noticed the woman who had bought her and her daughter come through the door and towards where Tracey and the butcher were standing.

"My daughter wants to stay and watch you process the meat if that's okay." the woman said. "Fine by me, won't take long anyway" the butcher laughed. "Well remember we want her head and feet minced up for our dogs, I have some more shopping to do so I will leave her here and collect her with the meat in half an hour or so." the woman said before kissing her daughter and telling her to have fun before walking out of the room.

Have fun! Tracey looked at the other girl and saw the wicked gleam in her eyes and she knew that she would indeed have fun watching her being chopped and minced up for their dinner! "Okay pretty lady you will have to undress to." the butcher said to surprised girl.

"Oh but I'm only here to watch." she said with a hint of worry in her voice. "Doesn't matter, only naked girls are allowed back here, and anyway you don't want this ones blood getting on your clothes do you." The girl still looked decidedly uncomfortable about the idea of stripping naked but the butcher suddenly took a harsher tone with her when he said, "Look you don't have a choice really, rules are that you have to be naked, you chose to come back here so you have to follow the rules, now start getting those clothes off, don't worry I've seen naked girls before." he laughed.

With a final wistful look at the door her mother had left through the girl started to slowly undress and drop her clothes into a basket the butcher had produced. She looked extremely embarrassed as she stripped but eventually she was naked and once everything was in the basket he pushed it away under a table before looking at the now completely naked girl and smiling said, "Don't worry princess you'll get them back soon, unless we add you to our stock of course" he laughed and Tracey saw the quick look of shock cross the girls face but before she had time to say anything the butcher told her to sit on a chair and he turned to Tracey and laughed, "Okay let's get these ropes off you and then we can start giving your audience a little show" He roughly turned Tracey around and she felt him cutting at the ropes around her ankles and she almost cried out when they fell from her, her arms were then quickly released to and Tracey almost collapsed to the floor, after being tied all that time the sudden release was almost overwhelming and the rush of blood to her limbs felt fantastic and also painful!

"Right darling you sit next to your friend for a minute while I go and sign off your paperwork." and he pushed her to the chair next to the other girl before walking twenty feet away to a computer screen.

For a few seconds Tracey remembered that Emily was supposed to have messed up her bar code and maybe, just maybe, this would cause a problem with the PC, it didn't seem likely though. After a minute a younger looking man in a white butchers coat came over and stood beside the butcher, Tracey could barely here what they were saying but saw the butcher nod towards the two of them and say something like, we're doing blondie over there and then the younger man disappeared through a door to the right.

"I'm looking forward to this," the girl beside her giggled at Tracey, " going to be great seeing you being chopped up and then take you home and have these tits for tea." she laughed as she reached over and grabbed Tracey's right breast and squeezed it.

"I missed a school trip to a meat factory last year to see how they chop up cheap sluts like you and now I get to have my own personal show." she laughed. Tracey just sat there, the girls apparent beauteous gal screwed on eyes of bf was one thing but by far and away the biggest thing was that she was minutes away from being butchered and there was nothing she could do about it. She hesitantly tried to speak but the de voicer was still doing it's job well.

All she could do was sit there as the naked girl beside her continued her verbal assault. "That's all you are you know, just a load of different cuts of meat for better people like me and my mum to eat, you only cost $5! " the girl laughed and for a second Tracey was sure the girl was going to spit in her face! Over her shoulder though she saw the butcher coming back and he did not look happy and as Tracey watched he came up behind the other girl and before she could react he had pulled her head by sharply by her hair and pushed the tube of the devoicer down the startled girls throat before giving her bootylicious babe kelsi monroe flaunts her booty long squirt.

"Can't stand noisy bitches." he snarled, "shouldn't have any noisy bitches in here, that should keep you quiet for a while." The girl looked shocked as she tried to speak but realised she couldn't as she clutched at her throat and then the butcher grasped hold of Tracey's upper shoulder and dragged her to her feet.

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"Come on darling let's do a bit of prep work on you." She was hauled to her feet and dragged over to a table twenty feet away passing the younger man on the way as he reappeared. "Okay just stand there sweetie, let's get this hair off you, not many people like hairy meat." he laughed. Tracey watched as he picked up a pair of shears and although she felt like running she knew it would be a waste of time, she still hard hardly feeling in her feet and she knew he would catch her in one or two steps!

Feeling totally resigned to her fate she stood there meekly as he ran the shears through her long blonde hair and started cutting. Tracey could only shed a silent tear as she saw her long golden locks start to fall around her resting gently on the ground around her feet looking like a soft golden pillow.

After a minute or two he put the shears down and picked up some electric clippers and started running them over her head. For some reason they seemed incredibly loud to Tracey but she knew by the time he put them down she was completely bald! "Good girl" he said before roughly pulling the hateful discount tag out of her nipple causing Tracey to squeal in pain, at least it would have been a squeal if she could of made a sound. He ran his large hands up and down her body as if checking for anything else that needed to be removed before he turned her round and started leading her back to the chair she'd been sitting on before.

They both saw at the same time that the chair beside Tracey's was now empty and as they looked to the right a suddenly clanging sound started as if some machinery had just been switched on. "What the fucks he doing" the butcher muttered under his breath and both him and Tracey stepped back in surprise as a chain conveyor belt about 6 feet off the floor sprang into life and started moving towards them on a semi circular route.

"Oh no he hasn't has he" Tracey heard the butcher say seconds before suddenly through some plastic sheeting came the belt with a hook and on the hook hanging upside down facing them was the other girl! Tracey put her hand to her mouth in shock as she saw the equally shocked girl staring up at them as she got nearer and nearer to them. The butcher beside Tracey started amazing girl adores softcore masturbation and toys out, "push the stop button you idiot, push it" but it was to late as before Tracey's disbelieving eyes from a hidden sleeve a long scythe like knife sprang out and silently and efficiently sliced open the girls throat.

Tracey wanted to turn away and not see but she seemed transfixed as blood literally poured from the girls throat and the girl gurgled her life swiftly away. "Shit, shit shit" Tracey heard the butcher beside her shouting before he suddenly ran towards the plastic sheeting and beyond leaving Tracey stood there watching the dying or dead girl carry on another few feet on the conveyor until another knife, this one much larger, suddenly shot out and sliced the girls head off in one clean swipe.

The suddenness of that one action suddenly spurred Tracey into action, as she turned from the horrible sight of the girls head bouncing down the bloodied trough she saw the basket containing the dead girls clothes still pushed under the table. Quickly knowing she was going to have to be lucky she grabbed at the basket and pulled on the girls top and skirt, not bothering with the underwear she smoothed herself down as much as possible and then feeling incredibly nervous she walked towards the open door.

She knew she was newly shorn bald and must of looked odd but putting on her bravest face she walked through the door and into the main part of the shop. At once she knew she could be lucky, she could see that Katie was away from the counter talking to some people over by the live meat girls, a place she knew well! As she managed to take several steps past the counter she suddenly looked to her left and to her horror saw the woman who had bought her walking towards her!

She was still some twenty feet away and in an instance Tracey decided she would have to be brave and just carry on walking, if she stopped or tried to turn another way she might be spotted and so taking her heart in her hand she carried on walking, right past the woman who had earlier bought her for $5 and she never even looked at 1time xxx hot school story purchase walking past her on her way to freedom!

Tracey was sure she didn't take a single breath from the time she slipped on the dead girls clothes till when she stepped onto the pavement outside the shop. It was unbelievable, she was free, she almost ran home relishing every step even though every step caused her pain. Finally she reached home and pushed her way through the door before collapsing into a chair opposite her startled father who looked at his dishelved daughter, "What's happened to your hair" he said in surprise.

Tracey could only wave a weakened hand at him still unable to speak and she was aware of xxx jaapanis faadar dotar sxs filim sex stories father standing up and approaching her, "I hope you've got my tit steaks young lady!"