Lots of team fuck on the dance floor striptease hardcore

Lots of team fuck on the dance floor striptease hardcore
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Since the first time I saw her Bdsm virgin blondie hard core bdsm clip tube porn was attracted to her she was a vision with blond hair a slim body nice ass and perky little tits. She showed up at a party that I was at with my friends when I just turned 21 she was 20 at the time but that didn't matter she was legal.

Her name was Leslie and she was a bitchy, stuck up, spoiled little girl who always got what she wanted out of men or women her parents were too lax in her upbringing. She became one of our party girls that came around every weekend to get drunk and tease all of the boys of the crew. At first I stayed away not to come off as one of the horny 20 something's that I hung out with instead I tried the nice guy approach and got closer then any body else at the time only to find out to late that I was being used.

She partied all around town and I just became her muscle when she got tired of teasing and the men would get mad this I didn't mind because she always left with me even though I never got anywhere either.

So just was her friend and personal body guard for a couple of years which after she turned 21 meant many drunken brawls with men at bars on almost a nightly basis all of which I didn't mind until she finely settled down for a man, he was called O a black man, now I'm not racist but I didn't bust up a bunch of decent white boys just to have her fuck a black man instead.

That was the straw that broke the camels back. By this time we worked in the same restaurant I was in the back cooking and she was bartending.

I decided to teach her a lesson for all of her crimes against fine upstanding white boys everywhere. I picked a day and time when I knew she would be alone leaving work. It was a Sunday night when I made my move it was a custom to go out to the bar after work everyone old enough to go would be there. I had to catch her in between the two places.

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The parking lot was to brightly lit to try so it would have to be on the way to the bar, she drove like a woman with no care for the speed limit cause she would just cry or flirt her way out of the ticket. I browed a friends Caprice Classic that we used to scare our friends with it looked like a cop car with working sirens, lights, and a speaker. I pulled behind her and turned the light on she was going 50 in a 35 so she knew that for the most part this was the real deal.

She pulled over and stopped and then got out and started walking towards the car if she got to close she would see me so in my best cop voice I said into the speaker "stop where you are put your hands on your head and turn around and face the car!" she hesitated for a second then I said "Do it now or I will pepper spray you" she immediately complied as I took my time getting ready I put on gloves a mask and a voice distorter so she wouldn't recognize me at all.

When I got up to her she was frozen still not knowing what she should do I quickly grabbed her arms and forced a rag with chloroform on it in her face to put her to sleep immediately with no fight. I quickly picked her up and placed her in the back of the fake cop car, and then I moved her car off the road so that no one recognized her car on the side of the road.

Then I turned off the bigtitted destiny dixon in lingerie sensual tease and made a u-turn and headed home where I had converted my basement into a sound proof dungeon. After I had got home I took my time undressing her and tying her hands over her head to the rafters on the ceiling then I gagged her with an old rag. I took time to admire her naked for the first time since I met her 2 years ago she had curled her hair that made her look even more lovely than usual.

But looking good would not save her she had to suffer for all the sins she had committed. I waited for two hours before she woke up at first she could not remember anything then it all came back to her and she tried to scream and struggle free but it was pointless her sexy body twisted and shook and made me cute masseuse pounded by her client on massage table brunette and blowjob horny but that was for latter I told her that she had been a worthless dirty slut and cock tease and she was going to be punished for what she had done to men all over.

Her eyes widened and she tried to plead with me through her gag but it fell on def ears. I walked up to her and ran my hand over her flawless body up her sides to her armpits over her breasts down her flat stomach to her shaved pussy down her thighs back up to her tits where I began fondling and pinching all over squeezing and pulling on her nipples which immediately became hard and she began moaning in both pleasure and pain I then started slapping her roughly causing her slightly tanned skin to redden and she started to cry and she soon began pleading from under her gag.

I had enough of her noise and slapped her across the face told her to shut up or it will be worse. She quieted and I continued exploring her body again I ran my hand down her stomach to her pussy I ran my index finger over her pussy lips to feel that she was sopping wet her clit was hard and I pinched it she squealed and wiggled trying to get free from the pain.

"You really are a slut aren't you?

Your pussy is wet from being slapped and pinched." With that I went at it I removed my belt from my pants and told her to stay still I then looped it in my hands and began swinging SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK, tears started flowing from her eyes I was just swinging at any part of her exposed body I then focused on her nice ass SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK it trembled under the pressure rippling after every strike, her ass turned red then darker and darker welts started forming all over I then turned my focus on the backs of her thighs making them a dark shade of crimson after about thirty minutes of beating her I was winded and needed a break.

Her face was covered in tears give me pink anal stimulation gives chick intense orgasm her make-up was smudged down her cheeks, she had barely the strength to stand on her own I ran my hands over her pussy again ton see that the wetness was still there.

I began stroking and petting her sweet love mound she began moaning and grinding against my hand. I soon regained my breath and was ready for more fun I removed her gag and told her not to make any noise no one would hear her anyway she breathed deeply and relaxed with a sigh of relief I slowly untied her from the ceiling leaving her hands still bound I was rock hard in my jeans I told her if she sucked me off we will take a break from her punishment so she could recover and have some water if not then we would continue.

She agreed to blowing me so I pulled out my large eight inch cock and pointed it to her mouth and she began to suck and slurp like a good slut going up and down sucking like a vacuum I started grabbing her hair and forced all of me into her mouth touching the back of her throat I started fucking her face harder and harder as I was getting closer to cumming she bit down as hard as possible trying to bite it off I quickly punched her in the eye and she opened her mouth I pulled out fast as possible and checked to make sure my dick was fine other than the pain there were only teeth marks no blood or horrible damage inflicted upon me.

This was her way of trying to get away it didn't work the punch broke the skin around her eye and blood was trickling out of it she had not regained her bearings yet as I grabbed her hair and dragged her across the basement floor to a saw horse lifted her over it with her back against the wood and quickly tied her hands down around the legs of the horse then I went to my tool bench to grab two pieces of one and a half foot length rope.

Returning to the horse she was trying to get off from the way I placed her before she could swing her feet over I caught her and tied each one to a separate leg so that her pussy was exposed to me any way I wanted it. Since my dick still hurt immensely and she was secured tightly I sat down and took some time to recover for a few minutes. She started to pled awesome bitches engulfing in disrobe club striptease hardcore me to release her and saying she was sorry for what she did.

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I said, "Sorry doesn't even explain what you are going to be bitch before I'm done your going to beg me to fuck you and have you any way I wish." With that I was on my feet and I grabbed a dowel rod about a half inch thick and three feet long and began swishing it through the air and then SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK SHISH CRACK every time it struck it left a welt where it landed and after about fifteen more strokes across her pelvis and stomach the skin began to break and bleed.

She was howling in pain begging for mercy crying about how her parents love her and will miss her. I stopped beating her only to switch up implements I grabbed the ridding crop of the wall and told her to count after each stroke up to thirty and after every one she is to say 'I'm a dirty whore please hit me again." and it began again CRACK "One I'm a dirty whore please hit me again." CRACK "Two I'm a dirty whore please hit me again." CRACK "Three I'm a dirty whore please hit me again." CRACK "Four I'm a dirty whore please hit me again." CRACK "Five I'm a dirty whore please hit me again." Each smack left a red stripe all around her pussy mound causing a squeal to come from her.

CRACK "Six I'm a dirty whore please hit me again." CRACK "Seven I'm a dirty whore please hit me again."……………… CRACK "Twenty I'm a dirty whore please hit me again."……………&hellip. CRACK "Thirty I'm a dirty whore please hit me again." I stopped as she was softly crying to her self she was abused and bleeding at that point I decided to end it for the night I had the all of the next day to abuse her some more.