Alluring starlets get fucked in an orgy

Alluring starlets get fucked in an orgy
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I would like to thank everybody that read, voted for painting the masterpiece facial cumshot and cunnilingus appreciated my first story along with the kind comments as how to improve my writing. I was nervous about making my story public as I didn't think I would have the nerve to do so.

If it had not been for a small incident at breakfast a couple of weeks ago, I would never have done it and now I take a guilty pleasure in telling you what started it all. Part One may not be to some peoples liking but I think it needs the background behind that which caused it.

Women are different, we want narrative as well as action! I hope that you will enjoy this no matter what. ==================================================================================== Elayne's words of 'Do it yourself' came to my mind and I logged into our computer and went to get myself some coffee. One hour later I was still at the computer and I had another wet pussy but did nothing about it as I now had a plan for tonight that would balance things.

I stopped the video of the guy with the huge cock that was trying to drown the girl with his come as it splattered all over her face and head. Who the fuck has a cock the size of your arm? He obviously stretched the poor girl's pussy beyond any semblance of normal size with it as you could see the look of pain on her face when he had been thrusting into her. There was no way that cock was going to be fully home without giving her talking difficulties or a hernia!

I showered again, dressed myself for the third time that day and prepared dinner for us, opened a bottle of wine, pouring myself a generous glass at the same time. Doug got home earlier than he thought he would so we sat down together and drank the wine as the dinner finished cooking.

I told him about Amanda and her career choice and then I told him about Elayne going to do some work for Bill. He knew Bill was an ex and did not mind anything at all just saying that the guy had real guts to do what he does. "Liz, I have to go to Oregon next week for two days to sort out an issue with one of our machines and then I'll be back in the office for a good while." I didn't mind Doug's work trips, they had happened a lot more often before and nowadays they were only about once or twice a month.

"White City? "Yet again as it seems they want to add more features to their machinery. I'll be staying in Rogue again, at least I don't have to stay in the same town!" "Poor baby!" and I stroked his hair. We had stayed in Rogue on a holiday trip when the kids were small and I liked the area, it was beautiful. There was a flat topped plateau, or is it an escarpment, just outside the town that we small flagellate education for inmates tube porn climbed with the kids one day and the view from the top was spectacular.

You were above the circling kites and it was almost perfectly flat across the top from the trail leading up to it.

It had been a good trip that year. I heard the oven timer ping and got up to take our dinner out of the cooker and serve it up for us on the dining table that could seat eight. Seemed strange just two people with all of that table space but when our kids were home all the space seemed to disappear under their junk no matter what I said to them about keeping it clear.

We ate dinner and finished the wine. Doug got another bottle from the kitchen and opened it before settling himself on the sofa. I snuggled into my favourite position when we had the sofa to ourselves. I had Doug's right arm over my shoulder and leaned against his ribs with my head on his shoulder while his right hand rested on my crazy anal toy tiny tunes and tinier tits below my breast.

My legs were stretched out on the free side and I lay there feeling snug and comfy. I was wearing a crushed linen halter neck dress and a soft halter neck bra with a thong and it felt nice and cool as I lay there against my husband.

I was feeling a little bit of the effects of the alcohol and was enjoying the sensation of leaning on Doug. I let my left arm drape on his thighs and rubbed his left knee as I sipped my wine and ran through the plan I had made when at the computer earlier.

I would not put it into action tonight as tomorrow was a 'school day' for Doug and it would be more effective if I did it on Friday or, better still, Saturday night. I still had some vestigial horniness left over from this afternoon and I wanted it satisfied and not with my hand either! I slowly stroked my left hand up and down the outside Doug's left thigh, smoothing out the wrinkles in his jeans and I did the same with his right thigh only on the inner side.

I felt Doug's hand move from my ribs to my breast and he held it cupped through the fabrics, his thumb brushed over the area where my nipple was and the uncontrollable, traitorous, independent little bastard sprang to attention and poked up the surface of the halter neck through my bra.

I brought my hand closer to Doug's groin and trailed my finger tips over the bulge of his crotch, I felt his cock jerk through the denim and watched as it started to bulge along his thigh, trapped by the leg of his jeans.

I squeezed his hardening cock and his thumb paused as it stroked my nipple through the material. Depending on how Doug's cock was lying under his jeans when I stroked him, it would invariably grow in size along his left thigh, There were times when it would harden and pop it's head out at the waistband of his jeans but usually when this happened, Doug would rearrange himself so that it was less inhibiting.

Sometimes when this would happen I would pull his tee-shirt up and start tonguing his nipples until he squirmed. I would kiss all over his chest and down his ribs to his hips before working my way across his belly. When I come to the head of his cock it would be leaking his pre-come from the slit of his urethra and his foreskin would be pulled back a bit exposing his purply coloured head, I would let the tip of my tongue taste it and spread it on busty les model eating bffs juicy pussy pornstars and big tits expanding head of his cock.

I enjoyed the natural taste of his pre-come as much as I enjoyed the taste of his come, There have been only a few times that I have not swallowed the load of come that Doug has let go of in my mouth when I give him a blow job and that has been because he has been on meds and it changes the taste of your man's come.

Another thing that changes the taste of Doug's come is Indian curry. I love sucking his cock the day after we have had curry as it makes his load taste exotic! You might think this strange but there are much stranger sexual practices than those I practise! Feeling Doug's hardening cock under my hand and my cloth covered erect nipple tingling from his caresses was making me wet again! I never seem to run out of pussy juice and go dry but rather the opposite, I get wetter and wetter with every orgasm I have during sex.

"Can you hold my glass, Honey?" I asked Doug. Doug put his down on the side table and took mine from me still rubbing my nipple. "If you let go of my breast then it will be worth it for you." Doug took his hand away and I sat up a bit and reaching behind my neck I unfastened both halters and leaned against him again.

"My wine please, Jeeves." Doug chuckled and handed me my wine and put his arm over my shoulder again, covering my left breast.

He slid the material of my bra cup over my nipple and I felt the cool air make it even more erect. He pushed the bodice of my dress down along with my bra exposing both of my breasts and then cupped each of my breasts in his hand and sort of weighed them by juggling them a little.

"If you are just going to play with my tits I'll put them away!" "I'm not playing with them Honey, I am assessing their quality." "A little bit late for that now! You have been playing with my tits for 25 years and now you want to assess their quality?

"And such fine quality they are too!" As he spoke, he pinched my nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger and traced around my areola. I could feel the ridges of his fingerprint running over the little bumps that appear on my areola when I am aroused and I was enjoying the sensation a lot.

I squeezed Doug's now fully hard cock through his jeans and he groaned a little bit as I did. Using my left hand while I held my wine in my right, I undid the top button of his jeans. I undid another button and slid my hand onto his belly at the waistband of his shorts. The longer I took to get his cock out and freed from its denim trap the more it would leak his pre-come and I was in no rush at the moment.

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I undid another button and reached along Doug's thigh to hold his cock through his shorts. It felt hot in my hand and my finger tips discovered the wet patch at the head of his cock where he had been leaking.

I manoeuvred his cock until it was backed up against his belly and still trapped by his shorts. A new damp patch appeared where the head was pressed against the material.

"Wait there and don't you dare waste that for me!" I got up and the top of my dress and bra flopped over at the waistband leaving my breasts and belly totally naked. I took a large mouthful of my wine before I put it down and went to our room.

I shucked my dress off and discarded my bra. I pulled my moist panties off and I sniffed them. 'Horny, sex mad bitch', I thought as I smelt my muskiness from them.

More bloody laundry! I pulled my favourite tee-shirt of Doug's out of his drawer and slid it over my head. It reached down to the middle of my thighs and I looked as though I was drowned in it, the neckline exposed the curves of my breasts and the sleeves hung wide on my arms.

At six foot one, Doug is quite tall and at 170lbs, quite leady and black guy sex vedeo bit bigger than me so it made me look smaller than I am. I returned to the lounge to see Doug top up our glasses and I took mine from him and settled back in my favourite position on the sofa again with his arm back in its rightful place over my shoulder and his hand on my breast again, toying with my nipple. I don't know what it is but I can lie like that for hours with Doug gently caressing me, maybe I was a cat in another life, I don't know but suffice to say I loved it.

My left hand was stroking Doug's thighs and coming closer and closer to his hard on which was growing again and starting to push out of the top of his shorts. I gently pushed the heel of my hand against his balls and slid it up his confined cock until I reached its exposed head which was oozing pre-come again. Doug groaned a little as I spread his fluid over the swollen head of his cock and it jerked stiffly exposing more of its head to me.

I put my glass down now and used both hands to undo the rest of the fly buttons of his jeans. I unbuttoned his shorts and his erect cock sprang away from his belly stretching a drop of his pre-come into a thread before it broke and left two little globules, one on his belly and the other on his foreskin. I twisted around so I could use both hands easily and I took his cock in my right hand feeling its solid shaft and heat.

I slid his foreskin clear of the swollen head and exposed the ridge that runs under it. This caused the head of his cock to tip back a bit as his foreskin was well attached below it and I watched even more of his pre-come well to the surface of the slit and glint as it caught the light.

I slowly slid his foreskin back over the head until it was covered and his fluid was pushed out over the skin that covered the end of you have the smallest dick i have ever seen cock.

I drew it back again and admired the wetness that adorned the head now. It was glistening all over and I could smell his scent, it was making me even hornier than Doug's stroking of my breasts that he had been maintaining while I played with his hard cock. I slid off the sofa and knelt between Doug's knees with his cock sticking out and up from his belly.

His balls were still trapped in his clothing and I reached for them to lift them out into the air. When I did this his cock came totally free and waved about in front of my face as if to say 'here I am!' I held his cock to the side of his belly and I pushed up his tee-shirt to expose his chest. I let my fingers trail through the thicker hair on his chest to the thinner hair that covered either side of his navel.

I could feel his cock jerking in my hand as I did this and paid it no heed just now. I leaned forwards and let my lips brush his nipples as I gave his chest slow kisses. I worked down to his belly and I slid my tongue out to taste the spot of pre-come his cock had left there earlier, it was delicious!

I held his cock in front of my face and looked Doug straight in the eyes as I brought my mouth down to it super sexy blonde milf teasing masturbating on webcam let my lips rest on its straining head, it jerked against my mouth and I parted my lips slowly and slid them over the head. Doug groaned and shifted slightly on the sofa, I let the tip of my tongue find the opening to his cock and I wriggled it against it tasting him again.

This brought another groan to his lips and I slowly took his cock into my mouth enjoying every bit of it as I slid my lips as far down his shaft as I could and then sucking really hard, raised my head slowly to have it pop out of my mouth at the end of its length. His cock jerked as it popped out of my mouth and stood to attention wanting more of my mouth on it.

I can't do that 'cock down the throat thing', I've tried it and I gag terribly as I anyone know who this is huge tits curvy babe banged and really into it open my throat as some are able to do but I can give my husband a great blowjob never the less.

I held Doug's cock in my hand and took the head of it into my mouth again. I could feel his heat and my tongue ran around the ridge below the head feeling the raised veins and ridges on it. I sucked more of his cock into my mouth and slowly let my head bob up and down on his shaft. Doug slid his hands into the sleeves of my tee-shirt to cup my breasts and tease my hard nipples as I played with his cock.

Keeping the head of his cock in my mouth I closed my teeth gently on it and let it rub against them. A thought went through my head and I nearly burst out laughing, 'Don't bite the head of the cock that fucks you!' Doug must have sensed my mirth and asked what was so funny. I took his swollen cock out of my mouth and it stayed attached to me with a string of my saliva, I lifted my head to speak to him and it broke away, severing the link to my mouth.

"Don't bite the head of the cock that fucks you. It just sprung into my head!" "Very sage advice indeed, Lizzy. You can nibble but not anything that will do any damage!" "As if I would damage the most precious cock to me in the world! I love it too much to lose it, honey, and want more of it." Doug shifted his hips as if to ease his position as I was still holding his shaft in my hand.

I knew he was not comfortable and I let go of his cock and pulled his jeans down over his hips along with his shorts and let them slide over his knees until they were at his ankles. I pulled his tee-shirt over his head and he spread his thighs a bit wider that gave me more access to his cock and balls. I put my hands over the tattoos he had above each of his breasts and played with his chest hair as I teased his nipples with my thumbs. His cock was standing up from his balls and touching the material of the tee-shirt I was wearing leaving little stains of pre-come where it came in contact.

I let my hands trail down his belly and then out over his hips and onto the outside of his thighs. I reversed the direction to go from his thighs to his chest and let my finger tips get closer to his cock and balls. Doug shaves the base of his cock and balls so that they are clear of hair and I never end up with pubic hairs in my mouth while giving him a blow job, I really appreciate this.

The closer I got to his cock, the more it would jerk itself harder, if I eased off it would slowly head for his belly and as soon as I got near it again it would stand to attention for me like a good little soldier! My mouth was dry, a lot more than can be said for my cunt! I was sopping wet and my musky smell was getting stronger by the minute.

I reached for my glass and took a mouthful of the wine and held it in my mouth. I took Doug's cock in my hand and pursed my lips on the head. I slowly sucked in the head of his cock into my wine filled mouth and started bobbing my head up and down his shaft. Doug groaned more deeply this time and spread his thighs wider. The twisted pile of jeans and shorts around his ankles were not doing us any favours and I dragged them off him with his cock still in my mouth so I could kneel closer to him.

I brought my lips up to just under the ridge of the head of his cock and sucked in some air that made little bubbles through the wine and tickled the head of his cock. I could not get any more in my mouth so I swallowed the wine and let his cock fall from it. Doug's cock stood twitching as I got off my knees and stripped off my tee-shirt, I let it fall on top of his clothes as I got on the couch with my knees on either side of Doug's thighs.

I pushed my breasts together with my hands so my nipples were close to each other and then I raised myself up to offer them to his mouth. Doug put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer, getting both of my nipples in his mouth.

I just love having my nipples played with, sucked and kissed, I can come from just that alone when Doug does it to me for long enough but I just wanted to feel his warm mouth and tongue on them as they were straining to burst just now with my rising desire.

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I love the feeling of his wet mouth on my nipples and when he flicks them with his tongue I go weak at the knees. I reached between Doug's thighs to grasp his cock and slide his foreskin up and down his shaft but after a couple of strokes he stayed my hand and took his mouth away from my nipples.

They cooled instantly and stood proud from my areolas, their puckered skin pleasurably tight. "Honey, take your time or you will miss out on the best bit, I'm not some muscle bound stud!" "You're my stud and that is all that matters to me and I want my stud inside of me.

Now, move round hubby, I want to fuck you!" I am not crude in my descriptions of anything sexual whether I am talking or writing but I wasn't wanting to make love to my husband, I was wanting to fuck him after all of the highs and lows I had felt today. Doug now lay along the length of our sofa and I was still kneeling over his thighs with his cock sticking up between them. I took his hard warm cock in my hands and pulled his foreskin right back until the head was straining.

I could feel that my outer lips were open and that I was soaking wet inside. I held Doug's cock until the head of it was touching between my outer lips and my inner ones and let go, it stayed there held by the slightest touch against my cunt, it felt hot against my wetness.

I put my hands on Doug's chest and I suddenly dropped my hips to let his cock open me up and fill me. It was delicious, feeling my cunt parting open and getting filled by his hard cock, my clitoris pressed against his pubic bone as I pushed xxx pawn stealing will only get you fucked him.

I don't think that Doug had expected me to impale myself on his cock the way I did and he gasped in shock as I ground my clitoris against him loving the feeling of being filled and even more stimulation around my sex.

I was nearly coming just with having his cock fill me and with the after effects of my earlier arousals that day. I looked down past my breasts to see the mound of my cunt and triangle of hair pushed fat teen boy twink sex stories Doug's crotch.

I slowly raised my hips and watched as my outer lips slide along the shaft of his cock. Where our sexes had met was a glistening patch of my wetness around the base of his cock, the same wetness covered the shaft of his cock like some well oiled piston in a cylinder, my wetness!

I sunk down on his cock again but this time much slower and felt it part my insides. Doug's cock was not one of those monsters I had watched earlier on the porn site but at just under seven inches it was more than enough cock for me.

There have been times when the head of his cock has pushed against my cervix and been a little uncomfortable but usually it was just like this, filling me up completely. I moved up and down his shaft loving the sensation of being empty and then filled. I could feel perspiration break out between my breasts and my cunt got slicker than ever on his shaft.

I love having my clitoris stroked at the same time but when I am facing Doug it is a bit awkward for him and he usually school techar students fucking sex nued his thumb. If we are having sex with Doug taking me from behind then it is great because he can stimulate me even better and I can have a crashing double source orgasm.

Well Doug wasn't taking me from behind, I was fucking him instead! I started to circle my hips as I moved up and down his cock and Doug gasped at the additional stimulation of his cock.

I gasped too as I felt it hit my G spot briefly. I felt the first tremors of my orgasm start inside of me. My mind was concentrating on the feel of his cock and now, the rising tide inside of me.

I wanted to come on Doug's cock and come hard, I wanted to feel that totally spent sensation you have when you have been well and truly fucked, I wanted release. I speeded busty asian jade kush flashes tits for a free ride on his shaft and now my breasts were bobbing up and down on my chest. Doug cupped them and pinched my nipples.

That was enough. I came and I came hard. The inside of my cunt was fluttering all over the place and I could feel it squeeze Doug's cock with its contractions, my breasts were tight and the nipples were as erect as they could be and tingling. My breathing was heavy and my legs were turning to jelly. I arched my back away from him as the highest point of my orgasm ripped through me and ground down hard on his pubic bone squashing my clitoris against him and I let out a short cry as my cunt flooded with my juices.

I had come and Doug's hard cock fell out of me as I collapsed on his chest. I lay there panting with his arms around me, I could feel his hard cock against my belly twitching. I am glad that he never came, how he didn't come I have no idea. My heart was hammering against my rib cage and I was tingling all over with the comedown from my orgasm.

I felt sweat on my brow and my hair stuck to it, I couldn't care less, I was fucked! "Do you want to tell me what that was about, honey? Or do I not want to know?" Doug's voice broke lesbian hotties spread their deep anals and drill fat vibros out of my stupor and I pushed myself up from his chest and raked my fingers through my hair, sany lion fool sex stories xxx story it up from my face and looked at him.

"I got horny after you left this morning and I made myself come (no lie!) then I had lunch with Elayne and felt horny again this afternoon but didn't want to waste it just on me so I decided I would surprise you with a real fuck tonight" "I'm glad I wasn't around at lunchtime then, I might not have survived to go back to work!" "Who says you are going to survive tonight?" I tried to smile impishly and look sultry at the same time as I slid down his body and searched for his cock with my mouth.

His cock smelled of me as I kissed the tip of it, not the hot heady musk smell I have before an orgasm but a weaker version that is thinner too. It was still me so I slipped my parted lips over his now solid cock and I tongued the head of his cock poking the tip of it into the slit and tasting a trace of his pre-come.

Doug's hips gave a jolt but I rose with his cock in my mouth so it would not choke me. With his cock in my mouth I was able to use both hands to play with his balls. It amazes me sometimes, Doug's balls will hang loosely and other times they will be tight like half of a huge walnut.

Doug's balls were hanging so I could cup them in my hands and gently roll them in the palm of my hands, feeling them move inside their sac. I heard the intake of Doug's breath so I eased off on his balls and stroked the ridge of skin behind them that stretches to his anus.

I was still licking the head of his cock in my mouth and got a couple of small drops of pre-come for my reward. I let the head of his cock free from my mouth and then I started to kiss and lick down his shaft towards his balls. I licked the hairless sac and pushed his balls around in it with my tongue and felt his cock on my cheek. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and I took his cock in my hand and rubbed it against my face and through my hair.

Doug's cock could not have been any hotter or harder than what it was now and I did not want to make him come anywhere else but inside my wet cunt. I was horny again but now I would make sure that when I came Doug would come as well and there was one thing I could do that would guarantee Doug coming at the same time as me and I was going to do it now.

One thing that can tip Doug over the edge is watching me masturbate myself. I have masturbated myself since I was fourteen and I still do when I am alone and horny but I love to make myself come right in front of Doug because it is such a turn on and makes us both as horny as hell. I climbed back up Doug's body to sit over his chest and have my cunt level with his face and ran my hands over my body. I cupped my breasts and raised them one at a time to lick and suck my nipples.

I let my hands run down my belly to my hips and I thrust them towards Doug's face letting him see my wet cunt lips. My finger tips traced up the inside of my thighs towards my sex and I let them tease my outer lips as they passed on their way to my breasts again.

I got into a sort of rhythm with my hands stroking my torso and my hips rising as my fingers approached my soaking wet cunt. I parted my outer lips and looking at Doug, I slid my middle and ring finger into myself. I was soaking and I could feel my lubrication running through my fingers, I was so horny that I was dripping from my cunt onto Doug's chest.

I pushed my fingers into me as far as possible and thrust my cunt at Doug as I tipped my head back. I was perspiring all over my body now and my skin was slick with sweat so my thighs slid easily against Doug's chest giving me more stimulation. I held my cunt open with two fingers of one hand while I spread my juices over my clit and started to rub it hard. I felt Doug reach for his cock behind my back and knew that I was having the desired effect on him and smiled inside my head.

Masturbation was not a one sided affair in our house, I loved to watch Doug jerk himself off from time to time and watch his come spurt out from his cock in ever decreasing amounts but he was not going to get himself off this time. Doug's mouth was open as he stroked himself so I took my fingers away from my pussy and put them in his mouth, he groaned as he sucked my juice.

I knew that he was near to coming because I was too! I reached between my thighs to take his cock out of his hands and he groaned more, poor baby, he needed to come! I positioned it at my pussy lips again and this time I slid down its length as slowly as I could.

I felt the heat of Doug's hard cock parting me as I did until I had his full length secure inside my cunt. I shuddered with delight at the feeling. I slowly raised my hips and concentrated on trying to squeeze my pussy on Doug's cock as I did, it must have worked. "Fuck, Liz! You're going to make me come in a couple of seconds. I want to come in you. I want to come in your cunt!" "I want to feel you coming in me.

I want your cock coming in me. I want your come!" We could be quite vocal as we made love and at times like this it added to the excitement. I knew that Doug was going to come hard and I was just starting to feel that familiar tingle building up in me.

As I bounced up and down on his cock hard and felt the tension in his body, it would only be a few seconds until he came and I was not quite there yet. The feel of his hard cock in me was incredible. I was so wet now my pussy lips were making wet noises every time our bodies slutty brunette office secretary blindfolded fucks boss big dick together. I felt Doug stiffen completely, he was trying to hold back his orgasm to meet mine and I was still building up to it.

I ground myself hard into Doug's groin and I felt the first spurt of his hot come splash the inside of my cunt. This felt so good and kicked off my orgasm at last. Doug tried to drive his hips up from the sofa and his cock further into me with every jet of come that was filling me and I responded by pushing down on him and rubbing my clitoris against him. Doug was still coming inside of me when my orgasm really took off. I dug my finger nails into his chest really hard and thrust my cunt against him as hard as I could and my back arched backwards with the effort.

There are orgasms and then there are orgasms, this was an ORGASM!

I screamed Doug's name as a massive spasm shook me completely. My cunt contracted so hard I thought I was going to push his cock out of me! I don't know lesbian job interview charlotte stokely and elsa jean Doug was still coming inside of me but I knew I was coming. I was on fire, every nerve in my body tingled in ecstasy but none more so that those in my cunt which was the centre of my universe at that moment.

All I could feel were the waves that rolled through my body from my cunt. I could feel every hair on my body stand up, I felt the tightness in my breasts, my nipples ready to explode even my anus was pulsating with the orgasm!.

I shuddered as another wave took me. Sweat ran between my breasts and trickled over my belly to join the wetness from my cunt. I thought I was going to black out with the intensity but I stayed with it and collapsed again on Doug's chest absolutely spent and my cunt still fluttering away like a demented butterfly. If my heart had been hammering before it was now at sledge hammer strength as I felt it pound away inside me.

Still lying on his chest, I felt Doug's cock lose its hardness and start shrinking in my cunt. When his cock flopped out of my cunt, the pool of our combined come that had been held inside of me by Doug's cock seeped out of me and over his groin.

There was quite a lot as I felt each gobbet slip out of me. I didn't care, I was fucked! I felt Doug's arms cradling me to his chest and I turned my head to look at him. His eyes were looking at mine and I moved my lips to his mouth to kiss him softly and say, "I love you so much" Doug's arms tightened and held me closer, he kissed me back and said, "I will always love you, Liz, always." I never felt more secure than when Doug told me he loved me, I could hear it in his voice, it was not just a reply but a statement of fact that this man loved me as much, if not more, now than before.

I nuzzled my face against his neck. I didn't want to move from this spot as I was so spent after all of my orgasms today. I just wanted to stay lying in the arms of the man I loved forever.