Sunny leone xstory new 2019 sexy story

Sunny leone xstory new 2019 sexy story
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The Green River: Chapter 1: Lust & Beauty This is the first chapter in a story titled The Green River. WARNING: Controversial mature subject matter involving underage children and sexual experimentation. Tags: Young, teen, pre-teen, modeling, masturbation, virginity.

© hypnotic emu 2012. ~ Prelude ~ I'm not a writer, at least I don't do this for a living. I simply know what I like and if I can't find what I like then I'll create it. In this case The Green River is a story I vision as a short film, however given the nature of the content and the subject mater, this is one story that will never see production.

So I decided to share it with all of you in story format. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States grants me the right to free speech to express ideas. Thirteen year old Alexandria Marshal was examining her young naked body in the full length floor mirror that was positioned in the corner of her bedroom. She traced circles and figure eights on the soft flesh between her puffy, still developing, orange sized breasts.

Her nipples stiffened with a slight pain as she rolled them between her fingers, the sensation sent vibrations of pleasure through out her little girl body. Alexandria's fingers lightly skimmed down the front side of her body tracing an cute cambabe in white panties shows her sweet pinkish holes line from her youthful breast to her belly button, outlining the opening of her cute little navel.

Small waves of blissful lust washed over the surface of her body, causing tiny hairs to stand up with an almost electric charge of eroticism. Alexandria looked over her shoulder at the bed on the other side of her room then back in the mirror.

She ran her fingers along the upper edges of her panties then slightly pull at the small blue bow tie ribbon attached to the waistband. She slowly pivoted on the heals of her feet to face the bed, Her eyes narrowed, she bit down on her lower lip then flashed a faint whiplash smile with the assertion of what was coming next.

She stepped away from the mirror as if she were posing for a photographer, placing one foot directly in front of the other as she made her way to the bed. Alexandria wasn't as graceful climbing into the bed as she was walking over to it. She wasn't exactly sure how a beautiful seductive woman should gracefully climb onto a bed so she elected to jump up and flop herself mom and sun xxx v to it.

She landed on her back looking up at the ceiling with her legs bent thinking to herself she needs to learn how to be more graceful at laying down. She slipped her thumbs under the waistband of the white cotton panties, gently pulling them over her firm shapely ass, past her bent knees and off her young slender body in one graceful cat like motion.

She took the time to tease herself even more before lowering her legs by intertwining her fingers with her creamy smooth toes, gently pulling at them and rolling them between her fingers. She purred and cooed as a ripple of ticklish pleasure bathed her senses.

She slightly parted her legs as she lowered them to the bed, granting access to her inner thighs and private girl parts. Her fingers probed the hot flesh of her tight little vagina sending shivers of passion across her body. Alexandria's pussy was lightly dusted with thin stands of pubic hair that felt coarse to the touch but non the less erotic.

Clearly she was no longer a child but not yet a woman, Alexandria was at that magical age where youth combines with beauty and hawt legal age teenager pretty babe deepthroats. Young Alexandria's vulva was moist with a light coating of musky little girl juices that lubricated her fingers as she swirled them around her slightly puffy and swollen labia.

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It was a wonderful and exhilarating feeling when she spread the nectar around her clitoral hood, waves a pleasure surged through her body like never before. Her eyes shot wide open and she let out an involuntary moan followed by a soft whimper. Alexandria discovered the perky little clit that remained hidden under the soft flesh of the clitoral hood for the first time.

Rubbing the stiff little pearl sent waves of exhilarating pleasure through every nerve in her slender body.

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The sensation was intense like nothing she knew before, later she sex with hotel room service boy discover that she was experiencing her first real orgasm, in that moment however her mind was lost in the abyss of pleasure.

She rubbed her clit harder and faster as the orgasm continued to build. She started panting furiously, unsuccessfully trying to subdue the moans, but she dare not stop as the most intense pleasure like never before was building stronger. The sensation became too intense for her to handle any longer. She buried her chin into her chest, cupped her pussy with her hand, snapped her legs together and rolled to her side as her body begun to convulse.

She felt a jet of liquid erupt from her pussy dripping between her fingers and spilling onto the blankets. With a few final involuntary shivers and jolts her orgasm slowly faded away. Alexandria laid motionless for a few moments as she recovered from the orgasm. She turned over onto her back spreading her legs as wide as she could trying to get a look at her pussy. The liquid that coated her hand and fingers started to thicken and became a little sticky.

She brought her fingers up to her nose and took a small whiff. The smell was musky and a little intoxicating, nothing like the pungent ammonia smell of urine. Alexandria was aroused at the idea that the juice coating her hand and fingers came from her own pussy.

With out debate she raised her hand to her mouth and sucked the sticky sweet nectar off her fingers, one by one. Alexandria walked over to the mirror with the same graceful motion as before.

She lifted her hands to caresses her breasts then trailed her fingers down her soft youthful body and traced patterns around her puffy labia majora. Alexandria nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the knock at the door, her younger sister, Haley muttered something, she wasn't sure what.

Alexandria looked up at the door as the handle jiggled and turned, Haley called Alexandria's name in a questioning way as her little head peaked around the corner, like a dear caught in headlights all Alexandria could do was stand there stupefied. "Alex?." --FIN-- To be concluded in Chapter 2. is my depository, please feel free to visit, join and post stories of your own.