Chained up gorgeous hottie is punished hardcore and bondage

Chained up gorgeous hottie is punished hardcore and bondage
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specton - 2 1/2 minutes Toton - 2 1/2 hours minton - 2 1/2 days daycon - 2 1/2 weeks quant - 2 1/2 years galant - 2 1/2 centuries Metson - 2 1/2 inches heckson - 2 1/2 miles tetson - 2 1/2 acres Bill Axor (AKA Ambrose) - Lion clan King Tomco Traxor - Bill's dead father King Tobias Traxor - Bill's dead brother Queen Niaco Traxor - Tiger clan, Tobias mate, now Bill's Twitty Glax - Grey Tabby clan, bill's body guard and mate Glenna Nox - Bengal clan, Bill's body guard and mate Mikos Glac - Chartreux clan Commander of star crusier - Wire hair clan General Roth - Leopard clan Henna Glac - Chartreux clan, Mikos mate, Xendran Doctor Theta Panadon - Cheetah clan Cornelius Glax - one of Bill's Uncles, Grey Tabby clan Conrad Nox - Bill's other Uncle Bengal clan Assassin group - Jaguar clan second assassin group - Ocicat clan Gregor - Cougar clan Gwayne - Panther clan Thomas - Lynx clan Mileen - Lynx clan Thomas's mate ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Henna checked on Bill, Roth and her mate Mikos, she loved her mate with all her heart.

Shaking her head she knew there would hell to pay when they all awoke. Then a thin smile crossed her face, she'd just get the King elect's mates to explain that it was her duty. Let's see them argue with that! It was several hours later that Roth's eyes flickered open.

Knowing better than to just bolt upright, he waited a few moments to let the sedative wear off more. Damn it! How he hated doctors! Especially one as experienced as Mikos mate was. Sitting up slowly he thought he'd better prepare for when Bill awoke. He actually had the strength to rip most of them apart! It was another hour later when Mikos's eyes slowly opened; a groan escaped his lips as he felt the sedative slowly receding from his body.

His mate was two cute chicks and a horny man smart as she was tricky that was for sure! Looking over he saw that the King elect's mates were all on guard around him. Then he saw that they were also around his mate, what was going on? That's when he saw a distraught Roth standing nearby his sword drawn.

Sitting up slowly a moment later Mikos drew his sword and slowly advanced upon Roth. Whirling suddenly Roth had Mikos sword flying to the wall as it was easily twisted from his hand! Then Queen Niaco's sword was blocking the killing blow that Roth was about to deliver.

"You should really recover more before attempting to make such a stupid mistake!" Roth snarled at him. "I'll try and remember that, what is going on?

Why is your sword drawn?" A now even more concerned Mikos asked. "Your mate put all of us out with an injection!" Roth snarled as he backed away from Mikos turning his heated glance upon Henna. "She interfered with the sworn duty of a first Knight of the realm! I intend to see that she is punished!" With a roar Roth lunged at Henna only to be blocked by Twitty, then Glenna.

Slashing away he stopped suddenly when he felt Queen Niaco's sword at his throat. "I may not have the skill of you Sir Roth, I will end you if given the chance!" Came a low growling female voice behind him. Dropping his sword Roth quickly took a knee before her. "I could never hurt you my Queen!" "That's good," came a low raspy voice from the bed. "I would really hate to have to execute you just after making you a Knight." Looking at Henna he stated, "Thank you Doctor, I am glad you have kept up with all the old poisons." All of them turned to see a pale but much very tender beautiful little teen penetrated pt looking Bill looking up from the bed.

"MATE!" Came three excited female voices as they all rushed toward Bill. Henna stood between them and Bill, "Not yet he is still weak, let me examine him before you throw your bodies at him!" Shaking her head at the crestfallen looks on the three females faces, she then smirked at Bill when he got a large grin on his face. "You must be an excellent Doctor to have incited Roth to such anger. I think you more than pass Henna Mikos." Bill's rapidly growing stronger voice said.

Henna began to blush at the praise that Bill was showing her. Faltering only a moment she started to check all of Bill vitals. "I do the best I can," she replied. "I have no hard feelings toward you Sir Roth." She stated as she looked at the still bowed male.

"I think you should check the mandates set down by King Tomco." "The mandates?" Roth said, suddenly his interest peaking. "Yes, I think that you will find that he enacted a law. A law, that was put in at the insistence of his first Queen.

I believe that it states: In the event that any in the palace, staff or otherwise are in any way injured.

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Then the attending palace doctor's orders cannot be superseded nor expunged. The palace doctor will be designated as the attending named palace doctor or another that has been called in." Smirking at a wide opened mouth Roth she continued.

"Since it was the Queen that ordered me here, I think that in this instance you are in the wrong, Sir Roth." Roth tensed up a bit only to turn toward Bill, looking at him like he was crazy as he started to laugh. "I seem to remember something of this with father. I also remember that the first Knight also reacted the same way. Ah!

Such memories from long ago!" "You mean to tell me that this insane law actually exists! That is the most ludicrous law that I have ever heard of!" Roth growled out. "Perhaps," Bill continued, "As I remember it actually saved father's life a few times, as it did the first Knight.

I also remember the first Knight thanking the doctor, I believe his name was Tonaco." Roth made a sign in the air with a gasp. "I remember him, he was the finest that was ever in the service of the realm. I can only aspire to be like him. Though I never remember hearing of his death." Roth was almost whispering his face with a look of awe on it. Bill was nodding a look of distant fond memories that were flooding his mind.

Yes, Tonaco was still alive. Bill thought he might be, well, he was five years ago when he left Xendra. He had respected the retired Knight's wishes not saying a word about him still being among the living. No, he wouldn't break that word even if Bill needed him. As far as Bill knew he was on the furthest out planet of the realm. What had been the name? Tandra? Scratching by his whiskers he wasn't sure he'd have to wrack his brain to remember. Henna had paused a moment to allow Bill to finish with his musings.

She might have the last say but really didn't want to get the King elect against her also. A few moments later Bill turned to look at her sitting there waiting. "So, you are as smart as I thought. You have passed more than you thought Henna Glac." Looking at a grinning sheepishly Mikos, Bill continued, "You chose a highly intelligent mate Mikos." "Thank you sire, though I can't claim that. I was decidedly set in my career I had no desire for a mate." Here Mikos smirked a moment, "I was approached by the leader of the Chartreux clan.

It was her father, he advised me that I was of an age that I was required to take a mate. His eyes got wide when I told him I had no time for a mate. This young Chartreux clan female suddenly approached me, then after looking me over told the leader.

He will do father. She then boldly walked to me laid a paw on my chest and claimed me!" Bill and his mates started to chuckle, his mates already knew that Henna was a strong female. "So I take it you refused?" Bill said a wide smile on his face." "Refused?" Mikos said with apparent shock on his face reliving the memory of quants ago.

"Sire I was so dumbfounded I couldn't speak! This of course, she took as refusal as did her father! It wasn't 'til he'd drawn his sword that I was woken out of my stupor. Well it was that and the near miss the leader sword made of my chest. I fought him for three fourths of a toton before he declared a draw." "I am unfamiliar with the Chartreux clan law Mikos." Bill interjected. "Yes sire I was allowed to leave, though I would be shunned somewhat by the clan. The fact that I hadn't actually been in the clan for almost a quant didn't bother me that much.

I had started to turn to go when I heard a wailing of a female. I looked back and saw Henna on her knees begging her father for another chance. Her father still had his sword drawn, pointed at her throat." Here Mikos sighed. "You went and claimed her." Bill said nodding he could see that in Mikos character. Mikos wouldn't have allowed another to die because of his actions. Mikos nodded, "The rest is as they say history, though," here he looked at a blushing Henna "you know sire at times I still feel I was set up!

Even now after all these quants! Hmmmmm." Henna blushed even more as she quickly turned her face away. Uh huh Bill thought so the whole thing HAD been staged. Trying his best not to laugh Bill stated, "You do have to admit Mikos, she was and is the perfect mate for you." A huge smile lit up Mikos face as he nodded, "Yes Sire, she is that and more!" "So, it appears that I owe my life to the both of you. Perhaps even twice to you Mikos having risked your life at the start of this." Henna's face showed shock.

Her mate had said nothing of housewife approach husband for sex yellow and chubby of this! She had to tell her father, the honor that this would bring the clan was beyond compare. Then there was the fact that Mikos had done it not once but twice!

Purring she rubbed against her mate, she was starting to find him more milf wants big dick to get fucked hard more attractive. In fact this latest development was starting to change her mind about having kits for him! Smirking she thought then maybe her father would leave off with the snide no kit jokes!

"Sire I think you should be able to get out of bedtomorrow, though nothing that strenuous. I am afraid if you do you'll be right back here for another half minton. I just thank the great Feline that I made it in time.

I am detecting no damage to your heart, lungs, teacher nangi hot sex mam. Though I am afraid it will be almost another whole minton before you have your whole strength back. I am sorry sire that's the best I can do, the poison acts fast but takes time to flush completely from the body." "I take it that is an order?" Bill said with all seriousness.

"Yes Sire. I'll return soon to check you. It appears that my mate has claimed another. It also appears that she has not answered my mate." Here she bowed to Bill and drew a sword that had been well hidden. "It appears that he and I have business with the Cheetah clan." Bill nodded then stopped her a moment, "I still need her Henna. Do not start a clan war, that's the one thing that might destroy the realm." "I will do my best sire, though as you well know, the Chartreux clan does not handle rejection well.

Come mate" Henna said as she watched Mikos replace his sword in it's scabbard a grim look on his face. "We need to have an answer before the sun sets." Henna was walking with a determined gait toward the home of Theta Panadon.

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The home was set central of the entire clan, obviously the Panadon's were high in the clan. Stopping before the massive door Henna waited a moment before she knocked. Several soldiers had come to attention as she and Mikos had approached, good she thought she's still here. A moment later the door opened the same elder Cheetah clan female that Henna had met earlier bowing to her. Replacing her sword Henna also bowed, "I am here in two official capacities.

For now I am the unofficial palace doctor, I would like to see my patient then we can discuss my other official business." Theta's mother's eyes went wide a second as she swept them in. Mikos staying with his mate as let me wrap my soft warm feet around your cock all three climbed the stairs.

Theta had been bored though she had to admit the rest had done wonders for her. A sudden commotion in the hallway drew her attention to the door. With a roll of her eyes she watched as her mother, the Doctor and Mikos swept into her room. Perhaps the Doctor was here to release her back to duty, this sleeping was more than she could stand having to stay in bed. "Hello Theta, I am here to check on you. If you are as well as you appear then I can release you back to duty.

That is after we finish some other official business." The Doctor told her. Was that why Mikos was here? To take her back to central? The look on his face seemed to show that there was something else going on.

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It was a good ten spectons later when Henna nodded and stood. "Am I allowed to return to duty?" Theta asked hopefully. "Yes, you have made a full recovery. That being said," Henna drew her sword, again from an extremely well hidden place. "My mate laid a claim on you, you unfortunately were unconscious and never answered his claim. As his first mate I advise you to draw your sword if you intend to reject his claim!" Henna growled as her tail flicked back and forth at an excited pace.

Theta got out of bed barely clothed, grabbing her sword she responded. "You dare to come into the clan house of the Cheetah clan with a drawn weapon under the guise of friendship?! I should gut you where you stand!" Theta was growling and hissing her own tail swishing with excitement. "No this is official business! The Chartreux clan must by law have an answer before sunset! I am the daughter of the Chartreux clan leader, I declare you answer or face me in combat to restore the honor of the clan." Henna hissed even harder.

Theta's mother's eyes had gone large, the clan leader's daughter? A small smile crossed her features, shaking her head.

This Colonel Mikos was an extraordinary one after all! Theta looked toward her mother as she nodded then sat in a chair. "I do not wish to destroy the home 2 girls 1 boy xxx hot my parents. We will resume this in the yard." Theta said. Looking at Theta's state of undress Henna sent her mate out the door, herself waiting for Theta to dress.

A mere half specton later both females were in the front yard starting to draw a crowd. The fact that many of them were Chartreux clan wasn't lost on Mikos. "I have waited long enough, Theta Panadon what be your answer?" Henna stated.

Bowing to Henna and Mikos Theta responded, "I cannot answer for or against." She held up her paw as Henna had growled. "In my clan we cannot accept the claim of another unless there is sil pack movie sexy sex stories Turning to face Henna a slight smile on her face she continued.

"If you defeat me then I will accept, if I win you will leave and never return to this clan land. Are we in agreement?" Theta said as she growled low. "It more than satisfies the laws of my clan. Since my mate is what this is over he will decide." Henna hissed back.

"I find no problem with that, though I must warn you I have never been defeated!" Theta said as she leapt toward Henna slashing at a downward angle. Both females broke apart as both got huge smiles on their faces. "You fight well for a Doctor. I thought you only saved lives not took them!" Theta said as she went low bringing her sword up at the last second.

"I am not a Doctor all the time, at times honor cannot be denied!" Henna hissed as she blocked Theta's upward swing pushing through the swing almost catching Theta's arm. "Besides afterward you will receive the best care!" Henna said as she thrust forward only to be deflected. "Very nice, so you have been well trained it appears, good!

This then this won't be an easy victory! I savor battles such as this!" Theta said as she started to press forward only to be rebuffed back to her starting point! Smiling larger they both started again the sound of cheers and sword play ringing through the clan. Both were panting, covered in sweat only ten spectons later.

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Neither had gained an advantage, Theta could feel her strength starting to wane. Damn it! She was still weaker than she thought as Henna slid in under a thrust she'd just thrown practically tearing the sword from her hand. The entire audience went silent; Henna put her sword tip at Theta's throat. "So Theta Panadon, what say you to my mate's claim to you?" Henna growled low and menacing. Motioning her up toward Mikos, Henna waited. Theta walked to Mikos a sly smile on her face.

Kneeling before him she grabbed his paw, "Mikos Glac, I have heard your claim. By the laws of my clan I accept and claim you also as my mate." Leaning close she whispered, "This does not mean I am going to be a kit producing factory for you!" Purring she rubbed her face on his paw. Henna turned to the large crowd, "It is done clan law has been satisfied." Turning to look at a group of males and females that were separated from the rest she stated.

"Is all in order for you Sire?" There more than a few gasps as most of the crowd turned to stare at Bill. There were four males that were around him that appeared to be Knights!

Knights? Wait? Wasn't that Queen Niaco with him? The other two females weren't they elite guard? "It was a fine display of clan law and justice. I just hope that the rest of the realm can remember that honor and duty always should come first!" Bill was about to turn and go when he added, "I am also glad to see that family is still as important as it was when I was a kit." With that Bill and the others left.

Henna smiled at Bill's words watching as the King elects group moved off. Turning she sheathed her sword as she started to rub against her mate also. "I am glad to see that you also refuse to make kits all the time." Mikos was staring at both of the females that were snuggling against him. Sighing he was starting to wonder if it had really been such a great thing when he took Theta as a mate. Shaking his head as he watched Bill and his group move off, Mikos wondered how he could get anything done with three mates!?

Bill was wondering the same thing as they all were moving off from the crowd. Looking at his mates he could only shake his head. One was bad, two a real distraction but three? Bill wondered if he had taken on far more than even he could handle. A small female smiled as she also watched Bill and his entourage as they made their way out of the clan area. If he keeps coming out in the open like this then my job will be a lot easier. Turning she silently stalked after the group, yes King elect, please, keep making my job easier.

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