Watch boobwatch malibu rocki full movie xxx

Watch boobwatch malibu rocki full movie xxx
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So, here I am scouring this internet dating site for cheating spouses looking for any type of excitement. With the click of my mouse vetoing one profile after the next . to my surprise I come across a profile that gave me a bit of a tingle in the nether regions. 35 years old 6'2, blond hair, blue eyes and 200 lbs . yum perfect stats. So, I click and there he was . profile picture he had posted was a face picture distorted and blurred the normal disguise of a wandering lover.

He had a simple profile. I noticed he was a non smoker, loved that. His profile also said he has a few pictures in his private showcase. Being very familiar with this site I also had a few pictures in private showcase and I was hoping he would like to exchange keys. longing for a chained d animation furry with bigboobs gets sensation I sent him a message along with my key and said something to the effect " I would love your key .

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I think we could have some fun check out my profile and tell me what you think " . translation: please send me a key if you're as cute as I think you are lets fuck . After I hit the send button I found myself wondering if i'm his type.

I'm more of an exotic beauty, or so I've been told. 5'5 soft brown skin and tight little figure. 34 c natural breasts and a nice toned shapely ass. All I could do was hope I fit the bill.

Soon he replies with a key and i'm mature mother and son sex to read that he finds me very attractive. With eager anticipation I click on his key to view his private showcase and am immediately i'm wet with desire for this blue eyed stranger.

Wow this guy is hot . clean cut, well toned, and has sexy mischievous smile. looking at his fully clothed pictures I can feel my pussy pulsating in my tight fitting jeans, i've got to fuck him thinking out loud. After we exchanged a few messages I give him my number and we begin texting. We wanted to meet but our schedules didn't mesh which was ok, it gave us a chance to get to know each other a little better.

Over the next few days our texts were becoming more and more graphic . "I want to fuck you" he texts " "I need to feel you inside me" I respond . our ravenous urges to devour each other had to be set aside for now. We both have significant others and as I stated before our timing was horrible.

3 weeks of sexting and I'm fantasizing about him licking, sucking and nibbling over every inch of my body was about to finally be fulfilled. We set a date to meet at a dimly lit bar downtown with an out of the way table.

As the day of our first meeting nears I get a text from him, it says " if you meeting goes well should I secure a place for us to be alone " At that moment i'm overjoyed the intent of the date was to meet and have a few drinks. The usual get to know ya type of date but that's not all I wanted, I wanted him deep inside me and from this text he sent I know he wanted the same thing. For days leading up to full hot girl xxi xxx meeting he was all I could think of, all that I wanted.

The day was finally here and time passed slowly 3 hours2 hours 1 hour until we meet. Dressed in a black form fitted knee length skirt, stilettos and a blouse with a plunging neck line I walk into the bar.

I head to the out of the way table where I see him sitting. As I near the table I see a smile of satisfaction peek out from the corner of his mouth. He stands to greet me and there he kisses me . so soft and passionate our lips part and he takes a gentle nibble of my top lip as he backs away. I can feel my nipples getting hard under my shirt. We sit and finally we are face to face. We talked for about an hour.

Entranced by his bruting masculine presence and deep blue eyes, his words rolled off of his lips into my ear and straight to my pussy. I had no desire to chit chat . I wanted him. After a few laughs he asks " so, do you want to get out of here" . " yes please", I replied knowing I would have left with him an hour ago if he would have asked. We leave the bar and head over to this swanky hotel about funny cgi monster animation porn gay block away.

Now in the room we take off our coats and he pours me a glass of wine. We take the wine and head to the bedroom.

After taking a sip he sets the wine on the table next to the bed and lays down on his back looking at me. Undressing me with his eyes. I'm standing facing him without hesitation I start unbuttoning my blouse and drop it to the ground. Next my skirt and shoes. Standing in my bra and thong I go to the bed and straddle his fully clothed body.

Deeply we kiss. I moan as we grind our bodies together. His hands caressing me firmly gripping and kneading my supple ass. He unhooked my bra to expose my erect nipples, he takes one in his mouth flicking it with his tongue he rises to me, kissing me, licking my neck . I lift his shirt over his head and toss it to the floor.

He leans back and closes his eyes . I nibble on his ear then circle his nipples with my tongue, working my way down to the large bulge in his pants. Reaching the top of his jeans I unbutton and unzip them to expose his boxer briefs soaked in pre-cum I pull them down and he takes them off tossing them aside. He is completely nude on the bed in front of me finally. His cock is long and very thick. He is sexier than I imagined.

I grab his member with one hand, he sighs in anticipation. I lean in and put my warm moist lips on the head of his dick, gently licking the the clear liquid oozing from the tip. With a firm grip on his shaft I open my mouth wider and put him deep into my mouth. He gasps and places his hand on the back of my head.

Slowly his hips start to move back and forth to the rhythm of my sucking. Deeper with each thrust I feel him hitting the back of my throat. He turns me over onto my back and takes off my soaking wet thong. He spreads my legs and dives in licking and sucking my tight waxed pussy. My moans are growing louder I grab his head and lightly tug his dark blond hair. Squirming under his touch, I pull his head gently into me. He's licking me faster now and I feel myself quivering beneath him.

He rises and kisses me. I can taste myself on his lips and I beg him to fuck me. " You want me to fuck you" he says "Yesss" I said breathlessly. He opens my legs wide and rubs his finger around my clit then puts it deep inside me while ravaging my mouth with his tongue.

"Ohhh yes" I moan " Are you ready for me" he whispers … Turn over he demanded, on your knees. I turned over on my hands and knees arching my ass. He parted my cheeks and tongues my tight little ass pucker, rubbing my clit with his finger, he spreads my pussy lips and licks me deep from behind. Gripping the sheets bracing myself for balance, i'm pleading with him to fuck me. He sits up and I feel the head of his cock rubbing around my eager slit.

My moist pussy is throbbing and dripping with wetness. Slowly he enters me teasing me with the head of his huge cock. " Do you want this" he says " Yes " I replied " " Do hot lezzies fill up their massive asses with cream and splash it out want this deep inside you " he said " Yesss " I said louder.

"Fuck me please" I pleaded . He puts his hands on my waist and thrusts hard with his hips, his massive cock plunges deep inside me with one thrust. I screamed with pleasure I felt my body shaking . Harder and harder he pounded me holding on tight to my waist relentlessly devouring my pulsating cunt. I began to moan to the rhythm of his thrusting, his balls slapping against me.

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I began pushing my body back up agents him, my breathing became heavier "oh god Trevor I'm going to cum" I whimpered. My engorged slit tightening and flexing around his cock. my body tensed, I could feel the warm liquid gush then dribble down the back of my thighs .we are moaning loud together wrapped in our lustful slice of time. "ooooh Mona" he yells as he empties his load inside of me. Exhausted we collapse on the bad. leaning over me he gives me a quick little kiss and a satisfied smile.

I knew then I was putty in his hands and had I to have seconds .