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Please read parts 1 & 2 first - well worth it for the background info Ending from part 2: 'So c'mon' she said.

'More pics' The next few pictures were more variations on the nipple picture that Sophie had commented on. Next were some full body shots with the model 'wearing' a plain white bed sheet to hide her modesty. Then came the full body nude shots. The first was of Amy lying on her back, with the camera shooting from her side over her belly. I used a very wide angle lens to get Amy's full body in from close up and her smooth, hairless body imitated the rolling dunes of a huge desert.

You couldn't see Amy's feet or head. 'Holy shit, that looks amazing' Sophie said after staring at the image for a few seconds. 'I didn't know what I was looking at at first but now I see. Wow.' 'You like that eh?' I asked her. 'Oh yeah. I'd love a shot like that of me.' I gulped in astonishment at her remark. My heart started to beat a lot faster. My breathing got a little heavier.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3: 'You what?

Really?' I couldn't believe my ears. 'Yeah. Do you think my body would be ok for a shot like that?' she asked, looking at me as if I had just given her bad news. 'Oh, Soph hon, you know you'd look amazing doing a shot like that but.' 'But what?' she asked, innocently. 'But.' I continued 'you're my sister!' 'Oh c'mon, You're always telling me how you like to be logical, well, you take pictures like this every week so it shouldn't matter that this time it's your sister!

I want you to take the pictures, it's not like your persuading me to take my clothes off, it's actually the other way around because I'm trying to persuade you!' 'Yes but.' I tried. She cut me off quickly 'Yes, but larissa blowjob and foojob in tan stockings tube porn dunno' I resigned. 'No. Ya don't'. Sophie grinned at me. 'Well, you're right and I agree and it's logical but there is one deal breaker'.

'Ok, go on' she enquired. 'No one can ever see the pictures and you can't tell anyone about them. I'd be a goddam outcast if people found out. I'm logical and you're logical but society is not! And there's probably no point in doing them if no one can know about them!' 'I agree to your terms but I want them for myself. I'd like to see if I actually look good for once. It would make me feel much better even if it was just me and you that saw the pictures, as long as they were good! I.' I cut her off this time ' wait, did you say 'if I look good for once?' What does that mean?

You always look good!' 'Oh c'mon' she replied 'Soph, even when you come down for breakfast on a saturday morning you look amazing!' I couldn't believe she was saying this. I've always thought she was beautiful and since I'm a photographer, I bimbo eu loves big dicks european cumshots my opinion counts.

I'm not being biased either. I would love shooting pics of Sophie regardless of my relationship with her. She has a natural beauty about her that would look great on any magazine cover, even at her age. 'Oh stop that. You're my brother so you're always gonna say that anyway.' 'Well, I probably would but thankfully, I don't have to lie about it!

You know I'd never lie to you anyway Soph. You always look good and I'm a photographer so I should know.' 'Oh, you're so nice Dave.' She gave me a big hug. 'I'm so glad to have a brother like you' 'What, you mean a brother willing to take pictures of his little sister naked?' I replied with a smirk. 'Well, yeah, basically!' She giggled and scrunched up her face in my general direction.

'What's that face for? You're scaring me now!' 'Nothing! Just joking. So, c'mon then, you lydia cant stop cheating on her boyfriend for the nudey pics?' she asked.

'The nudey pics? hehe. I suppose so, yeah.' I replied as my heart started to beat faster. I could feel myself getting nervous. I've done shoots like this a million times before but never with someone so young and certainly not a relation, never mind my sister! What the hell was I doing here? I was just about to take some erotic, nude photographs of my 16 year old sister. I almost thought I was dreaming. If anyone ever found out - my parents would disown me, me friends would shun me and my work would be a nightmare.

You're being crazy Dave, totally crazy. 'Hellooooo, Earth calling Dave, come in Dave.' I heard sophie say, and snapped back to reality. 'Are you ok?' she asked. 'I'm fine, fine. Not a bother.' I said. 'Ok, I'm gonna go and get changed into something else now.' Sophie blurted as she ran out of the room and upstairs. I headed to the kitchen and grabbed a cold beer from the fridge, then went back in to the studio to check the camera and power the lights up.

Everything was ready to go and I sat back down on the couch, skipped through a few songs and decided to change playlist. I thought, if Sophie wants sexy shots, then I should put on some sexy music to help the mood. I played the 'love songs' playlist and waited.

My thoughts again drifted to the morality of what I was about to do. My own little sister is about to strip naked and pose for some erotic photography in my studio.

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She was right in her logic though; I did this all of the time, and Sophie wants it, not me. But society would have different views on the matter no matter what I ever said or what Sophie ever said. If this ever got out, I'd have to leave the country! Sophie would be fine - she'd be seen as the victim and although she'd protest, people would just think she was naive.

Then again, I would trust Sophie with my life, so if she says she won't tell anyone. My thoughts were interrupted by Sophie entering the room. She was dressed in a long, white, fluffy bath robe, tied around the waist. 'Ok, I'm ready. I think' she said with a faint smile. 'Are you sure you want to do this?' I asked.

'Oh, I'm sure I want to do it, I'm just nervous that I won't do a good job.' 'Oh, give it a rest. These pics are gonna be amazing. You won't have to wait long for proof! It'll only take me two minutes to load the pics, once we've finished.' 'That's cool. Ok then I think I'm ready.

What do you want me to do?' she asked, nerves noticeably abated. 'Well, the shot that you liked was taken with Amy lying on this here.' I said grabbing a giant bean bag from the corner of the room. 'She lay on her back on this and I sat on the floor beside her snapping away. The lights are all set up with that in mind so if you just go.' I moved the bean bag in to position.

'here, that should do nicely.' 'Ok, that sounds good.' Sophie said. 'So, danny sentando gostoso na vara do brad montana you want to just try and get a good version of that shot and see how it looks or do you want to try a few different poses before we have a look on the computer?' I asked her.

'Well, maybe I'll try that shot first, if it looks good, I'd love to try more but first I really just want to try that shot' Sophie pointed at the image on the large screen, which I had left up for her to see, so that she could easily recreate it. 'You're the boss sis. Ok, well then, you can drop your robe anytime you like and lie back on the beanbag.' 'Ok.' Sophie untied the robe's belt from around her waist.

It flopped to the sides as she dropped it, held in place by belt loops. Her robe fell slightly apart in a 'V' on her chest, a line appearing down between her breasts to her navel. A line of skin. Smooth, pale, flawless skin. The robe parted only slightly, so not much was revealed yet.

Sophie's long brown hair fell slightly in front of either shoulder. She raised her hands up to the shoulders of the robe and pushed back while she stepped forward, out of the robe.

Sophie, my 16 year old little sister, was now standing in front of me, completely naked from head to toe. She quickly turned to face me and rather than hiding herself with her arms and hands, she put her hands on her hips, stuck her elbows out, and said 'Well, what do you think?

Is my body ok? I know my boobs are real small but some guys like that, right?' What stood before me was a teen goddess. Sophie was stunning. She was so slender and slim. You couldn't see her ribs, which was great but she didn't have an ounce of fat on her young teen body. The first thing I noticed about her naked body was that her skin was completely flawless all over. She didn't have a single blemish or freckle anywhere that I could see. She had pale, silky smooth skin that seemed to glow.

I looked at Sophie's breasts. They were small alright, but beautifully formed. They didn't look like breasts that hadn't grown yet, they just looked like small breasts! Our mother has very small breasts too, so chances are Sophie's may be fully grown already! They were definitely no more than an A-cup, apparently there are smaller sizes but I'd say A would be right.

They were slightly curved and pointed towards the nipple, although not like a crescent moon, which some tits are. Sophie's nipples were dark pink, small and now hard. I continued my gaze down Sophie's body. For a petite teenager, she had very curvy hips and a slim waist. Her belly was completely flat and toned but not enough to see her abs. Her pubic area was completely bald. Not a single hair from what I could see.

The same under her arms and on her legs. It looked like she had waxed in preparation! Her slender, sexy, athletic legs seemed to shimmer in the studio light.

'Are you gonna answer me or are you just gonna stare? I'm taking that as a compliment by the way' Sophie remarked, noticing how long she had stood naked in front of me without me saying a word. I suddenly realised I had been staring and that my mouth was wide open. 'I'm sorry sis, you just look amazing, sorry.' 'Hey it's ok, believe me. You're not joking around though, are you?' 'Are you kidding me?

Did you not notice my jaw drop?' 'Yeah, I did notice that' Sophie grinned from ear to ear. 'So, you didn't answer my question. some guys like small boobs, right?' 'Oh hell yeah. The days of fake boobs are pretty much over. These days it's just. how should I say this. older women that get breast implants.

Oh and porn stars of course. Look at models - pretty much all super models have small boobs.' 'Oh yeah, that's true' Sophie said as she looked off into the distance.

'And me. I always go for women with small boobs - you must have noticed that?' I asked her. 'Really?' Sophie thought for a minute, obviously about my ex-girlfriends.

'Yeah actually, now that you say it. So, you really prefer smaller boobs?' she asked me. 'Yup. Hands down. No contest, I think smaller boobs are much more attractive. That's not to say I don't like big and medium boobs too, as long as they're natural, but if I had a choice, small is best.' 'Wow, that's so cool.

So, you really like my boobs then?' Sophie stuck her chest out as she asked. 'Yes Soph, I think they're absolutely beautiful. Just like the rest of you. You're a total stunner. I mean it. I shouldn't say it but you're exactly the type of girl I go for.

It's just a pity you're my sister and you're only 16 hahaha' I joked. I then thought how that wasn't much of a joke and that I was finding my sister's naked body very attractive. 'Yeah, yeah.' Sophie replied. 'No, c'mon, I'm joking that it's a pity you're my sis, but you are totally the type smoking brunette milf masturbation i taught her all she knows girl I go for.' I tried to reassure her.

'Awww, thanks bro.' She came over to give me a hug. I moved the camera to one side and out my arm out. She reached her arms around me, gave me a big squeeze, then kissed me on the cheek. 'Oooh, thanks' I said. 'Anytime bro' she said as she winked at me. 'I have to ask.

did you just shave?' 'Shave? No, shave what?' she looked crazy tranny fucked by her mate big butt anal. 'Well, you have no hair on your body at all from what I can see, and I would have thought that most teenagers don't shave their pubes, because they don't need to, but you've totally shaved your pubes, or waxed, I dunno.

Did you do it just for the shoot?' 'No, I've never shaved at all! I've never grown any hair, except on my head, so I don't need to shave. It's probably just not grown yet. I'm sure it will grow in time and I'll be a hairy bitch haha!' Sophie said. 'Really, you've never grown body hair? Wow, you'll make some guy's dreams come true haha! If you haven't grown any by now, you may never grow any, you lucky thing.' I told her.

I've heard of that before, where people don't grow body hair. From my experience with women, it's a very rare thing! 'What do you mean, I'll make some guys dreams?' she asked.

'Well, I love when women shave completely, and so do busty mommy kendra lust and kimmy granger lot of guys! There are some guys that like hairy women but not many, so you've hit the jackpot hahaha.' As we talked, I stared at her hairless crotch and felt my cock start to throb. I subtly had to adjust myself so that my boner wouldn't be obvious. 'Wow ,that's cool, I never knew. I always felt left out for not growing any.

Wait until I tell the girls that!' 'Eh, hang on. don't tell them I told you that! I don't want to be in trouble with all of your mates' parents!' 'Don't worry, I'll say I read it on the internet.' she assured me. 'Ok, good. Well, c'mon, you want some pics or not?' I hurried her.

'Yes, yes, yes, let's go.' Sophie ran from me over to the beanbag and lay across it on her side, facing me.

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'Ok, so.' 'Yeah, that's it. Just lie back, on your back and relax. Let your head drop to the ground on that side and your feet to the ground on the other side. The aim is to have your body curved up slightly.' As Sophie lay on the bean bag I could start to feel my cock start swelling even more. Oh fuck, I thought, please, no. My dick was around 8" long so I could mostly hide an erection in my jeans if I pointed my cock upwards so that it was flat and pointing up my belly, but it would require me moving it from czech girl lapdances and does sexy striptease current position and I didn't want Sophie to see me adjusting my cock.

As Sophie lay back on the bag, I got to appreciate her youthful body. She was totally perfect. Her boobs sank back to little more than points on her chest, with her nipples still erect. As she lowered her legs down to relax, from my side view, the mound of her bald pussy arose above her thighs. My cock swelled further. My breathing became heavier. I started to sweat a little. 'You look totally amazing' I said, gulping audibly afterwards.

Sophie opened her eyes and looked over at me. 'Are you ok?' she asked. 'Yeah' I cleared my throat 'I'm fine. I'm fine.' 'Ok' she said as she closed her eyes and relaxed again. I picked up the camera from around my chest and out it to my eye. 'Ok, here we go. You ready?' My cock was throbbing and I could feel it press against my jeans. I had to adjust. 'Are you scratching your dick?

Oh my god, do you have a boner? Is that what you're doing? Adjusting your cock?' Sophie's gaze fell upon my crotch and I laughed it off and quickly said 'C'mon, that position is good, lie back.' 'Yeah, am I ok the way I am?' Sophie asked. 'Perfect.' She seemed to be distracted or else she just didn't want to continue that conversation.

I felt a little disappointed, to be honest. Then ashamed that I felt disappointed. I started snapping away, changing angles, adjusting the brightness of the lights slightly to allow for the difference in skin tone between Amy and Sophie, zooming in, moving around, all the while directing Sophie as I went.

'Ok, that's great Soph. Just arch your back a little more. That's it. Now keep your toes pointed. lovely. Ok, now this is weird but stick your boobs out a little more sis hahaha. I've never said that before!' 'Hahaha I bet. This is fun though, I never thought nude shots would be so much natasha malik sexxx vadeifull sex stories It's just weird that it's with you' 'Yeah, well they may be fun with sexy and beautiful babe aidra fox makes a public sex but not necessarily with anyone else, so don't go getting any ideas about your career!

Mom and dad wouldn't be too happy if you ended up being a page 3 girl!' 'Yeah, well that's not very likely with my itty-bitty titties is it?' she replied. 'I've seen plenty of A cup titties on page 3 actually!' 'How do you know they're A cup? I never told you!' 'I have eyes sis' I replied with a smirk. 'Oh you cheeky bugger.' 'Me? Cheeky? I'm your big brother, how can I be cheeky? I just know my boob sizes, that's all!' I scoffed. 'Well, I suppose I can't really be annoyed since they are A cup boobies!' she admitted.

'Anyway, back to the point, I don't wanna be a page 3 girl! I don't mind you seeing my boobies but I don't want the whole world to see. No way.' 'Oh well, the world will young black virgin deflowered by white man have to miss out then. Glad I don't have to.' I said, getting cheeky, as Sophie said. 'Stop it, you'll make me blush.' 'Yeah right, I doubt you're capable of blushing hehe.' I started to tease.

'Oi you' she said jumping up from the bean bag and running at me, slapping me very lightly across the face. 'Ya cheeky fucker.' 'Hey, c'mon. I'm just saying, I'm glad I get to see your boobs, even if no one else does. Seriously!' 'Stop it Dave, you are making me blush. But you're the best. You really are.' As she said that, she slowly put her arms around my neck. My hands then clasped together behined her back as I reached around her and smiled at her. She then surprised me, brought her face up, millimeters from mine and said 'Thank you' and gave me a kiss on the lips.

The kiss lingered, she didn't break it and neither did I. I think both of us were waiting for the other to break first. After a few seconds, Sophie seemed to snap back to reality, which then had the same effect on me. As our lips parted suddenly, we looked, shocked at each other. Neither of us spoke at first. We stayed in the same position, frozen, as we stared at each other. Then we simultaneously broke away from each other and turned away and she sat down suddenly on the couch.

What had just happened? Had a brother and sister just felt an animal attraction towards each other and been afraid to admit it? 'That was weird. I knew this was a bad idea. I'm 25(*typo said 28 in first story*), I'm 9 years older for fuck sake, I should know better.' I finally said. I dropped onto the couch beside her. Sophie said nothing and didn't move, still turned away from me slightly.

'Oh Soph, I'm sorry. I hope you're not upset.' I pleaded. Sophie still said nothing and still hadn't moved. Then she turned her head suddenly and said 'Look, this isn't your fault and I'm certainly not upset!' She turned her whole naked body towards me then and placed a hand on each of my shoulders.

'You've said you think I'm sexy and I'm telling you now that I think you're gorgeous, so if one of us is naked, then it's not surprising that something like this happens. It's up to us how we handle it and that's what counts, so I'm not getting hung up on a sisterly kiss that lasted a tiny bit longer than normal. You're my big bro and I love you but I also think you're sexy as hell, so what can I say? Fuck it!' Sophie said and then giggled. 'I don't know what to say!' I replied 'My little sis is all grown up and very wise indeed!

But seriously, you think I'm sexy?' I gasped. 'Seriously, eh, YEAH!' she said with that condescending teenager tone. 'You're a hottie! I bet you're all toned and tight under those clothes, eh?' 'Hottie? Jesus! My little sister thinks I'm a hottie! That's cool hehehe.' 'Eh, yeah and so do all of my friends!' she added. 'What? Your friends?' I asked.

'Yeah, my friends think you're gorgeous too. Of course, in front of them I can't say you're a hottie, but in my head, I always agree with them.' She winked at me when she said that. 'I'm totally shocked. I really am. My gorgeous little sister thinks I'm a hottie and so do her mates!

That's crazy.' 'Yeah, even Joey thinks you're hot.' 'Joey? Who's Joey?' I wondered. 'Joey is our not-gay friend.' 'Er, not gay???' 'Yeah, he's like gay, but like, he likes women too.' Sophie said. 'You mean he's bi?' 'Well, I think he's gay with bi-tendencies' 'Hahaha, so you think he prefers men but probably likes women too?' I guessed.

'Exactly. What about you? Do you like guys?' she asked. 'Guys? . no.' I answered truthfully. 'What does that mean. guys. pause. no?' Sophie asked. 'It means, I don't like guys' I said definitely.

'But?' 'But what?' I said. 'Oh nothing. You're a fucker. Best big bro but worst gossip partner ever.' 'Well, I'm not ashamed of that Soph haha.' 'Soooooo anyway, it's not a problem that we had a long kiss, is it?

You're my brother and I love you, so no harm done.' 'Oh, definitely no harm done sis, don't you ever worry about that. I don't think there's anything you could say or do that would ever stop me loving you.

Actually. if you tried to kill me, I probably wouldn't like you so much anymore.' I joked. 'Heehee' she said wrapping her arms around my neck again 'No worries there, I'd never try to kill you.' She kissed me on the cheek and as she drew her face away from mine, our eyes met and she moved back towards me, pressing her lips to mine, so gently at first, but then much firmer and she placed her hand behind my head. She pulled my head in closer as she pressed her lips against mine, exhaling sharply and then, without moving her mouth, she opened her eyes to look into mine.

I looked back into hers. There was a brief pause as we both thought about what we were doing. Then, I placed my hand on the back of Sophie's head and began to open my mouth. Our gaze broke as we closed our eyes and our tongues met, dancing around with each other and playing inside the other's mouth. We breathed heavily and continued to kiss passionately.