Sexy luscious babe pretty widens homemade and hardcore

Sexy luscious babe pretty widens homemade and hardcore
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Bao wakes up early, I'm still asleep. " Perfect," She thought. She xxxx first time six inda com been dreaming of us fucking all night, and she woke up wet and ready for more.

She reaches down to find my cock, she finds it semi hard and slightly sticky from our adventures during the night. She cuddles closer to me, and I move closer and smiles in my sleep.

She kisses my neck, moving her way down to my lower stomach, where she kisses me some more. Still sleeping. Good. She takes my semi hard cock into her mouth, tasting and smelling our mingled sex-smells from the night before, an absolutely erotic smell. She gently uses her mouth, tongue and hands until my cock is hard as a rock, although I still don't wake up, I moan a little in my sleep and my hips unconsciously turn toward her just a little.

She keeps on with what she is doing, her tongue gently licking my delicate head making me moan in my sleep. She knows the minute I wake up; my breathing changes and I say, " Fuck." This morning, Bao wants to just give me pleasure.

She doesn't want reciprocation. She just wants to make me feel loved and horny. She licks, loves, sucks, and swirls her mouth around my cock and balls until she can feel it twitching with anticipation. Then she stops everything but an irregular licking, nothing that can make me cum but definitely something that will keep me feeling horny. I grab her head moaning, " please" she is not ready to let me finish.

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She licks me from top to bottom over and over, and every now and then takes my head in her mouth swirling her tongue oh-so-gently around the tip. She leaves my cock, sliding up my body, making sure that her nipples brush the entire length of me, and kisses me good morning.

She arranges herself then sliding me slowly, so slowly, so very slowly, inside of her. I moan trying to lift my hips to enter her completely but she won't let me. She moves up and down, each time allowing a little more of me inside her, in a surprise move designed to make me insane she brings me entirely inside her.

" Oh, my god, Bao" I moan. She moves side to side, trying not to make me so crazy I cum before she is ready. It's not easy, because she is so horny and wet she wants nothing more than to orgasm right along with me. She moves so we're facing each other on our sides, a rather difficult but deliciously feeling position. We move together slowly; I'm still half-asleep mature mother and son sex she can tell by my eyes that I'm enjoying every second of it.

She places her hands on my shoulders and puts me on my back again, then lay gently down so every inch of her is touching every inch of me. As she kisses me deeply, she slides her entire body up and down mine, giving her clit access to my skin and getting closer to cumming. We moan together, she starts to move up and down faster. It doesn't take long for us to both to orgasm, she doesn't stop moving until my eyes open and I grins down at her and say, " that's the best wake-up I've ever had." " I know," She says, a bit smugly she admits.

" I'd like to be awake next time, though," I say. I roll us over, remaining inside her, I start to kiss her face, her neck, and her breasts. Bao is slick with sweat and she writhes underneath me.

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She strokes my shoulders, head and back, kissing whatever she can reach. Inside her, she feels me throbbing and starting to swell again. Words can't describe how much she loves this feeling. I start to slowly move in and out, teasing her with the tip of my cock while I kiss and nibble on her breasts. This is different than our usual passion-filled fucking; this is slow, gentle, and sweet. Bao is loving every minute of it. I smile down at her changing my rhythm not faster, jus different.

The tip of my cock reaches her g-spot and my fingers reach for her clit. I continue the slow in and out, then she explodes all over me, bucking and squirming. The feel of her orgasm around my cock, her moans, and her writhing set me off again, I start pak istan xxx storys com her harder and harder until she is holding her hands above her head against the headboard so I can get maximum impact.

My head rears back and I yell as I cum, then throw myself off her and we both lie there in a morning daze of post-orgasmic pleasure. This night and early morning have been incredible. I had fucked Bao pretty much every way I wanted. I had gotten the maximum possible satisfaction out of her mouth, tits, pussy and ass.

Then a series of suggestive images slowly drift back to me from the night, images of her sweet curvy ass thrusting in the air, and I remember that there was one more form of satisfaction that I had enjoyed and had appreciated: I want to fuck her tight ass really bad again.

Fucking a woman's tight ass is erotic and most satisfying.

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My cock is hard again after my morning wake up, Bao woke up looking over at me seeing my cock was hard again. I rub some lube on my cock and up her ass with my finger.

Then she feels the head of my cock pressing against her tight rose bud. Slowly I press my rock hard cock against her asshole. Bao feels her sphincter muscle being forced teen from russia loves to get bonked and stretched by my huge cock. " God, It hurts!" She whimpers, biting her lip, digging her fingers into the sheets as I continue my invasion of her tight ass. Bao wants to cry out for me to stop, but she doesn't want disappointment me, and that I wouldn't want her any more.

Sensing her fear I said, " Just relax baby, relax for me.

Let me get inside you. Like I have before. You're too tense. Yield to me baby. Let go and give me total submission." She takes a deep breath and trys to let go, her hands still clutch the sheets.

Finally I work myself all the way in, " Ahhhh!" I growl. " Mmmggghhh!" She screams, her face buried in the pillow to silence her agony as best she can.

I start thrusting into her ass slowly, my hands on her hips. Finally she is able to relax some. As she did, the pain begins to subside.

Then she finds a way to just let go as I had directed. She let me have her body again, to do with as I wished. That act of submission got her through the pain. Feeling her finally relaxing, I pick up the tempo. She feels my balls slapping her vagina each time I thrust inside her.

" You sure have a tight ass Bao," I exclaimed. " It's an ass made for fucking." I start slamming into her harder and deeper. Then I brought my hand down on her hard it stung, she starts to cum! Bao arches her back and lets amy anderson xxx fuking hard all sex stories storys a loud moan.

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" Yess, fffuck my ass hard!" She managed to get out. " Fuck it!" "Sure baby," I exclaim as I slap her again, start ramming my cock inside her as deep as I can. Her body tightens. Her heart is racing, her mouth is dry. Then the dam bursts as a massive orgasm rips through her entire body. " How about I cum in your ass Bao!" I stated grabbing her hair. The way I said it, it wasn't a question.

" Yes, cum in my ass. Let me feel you explode." She cries out. " Do you feel me cumming?" She asked. " Yes baby, I feel you cumming on my cock." With a final push and a grunt I start cumming. Her body shuddering feeling my hot load shooting up inside her, filling her ass with my cum.

I keep cumming. My sticky warm cum filling her, giving her a tingling sensation all over. She lay spent, limp as a rag doll. She hears a soft pop as my cock slides out of her.

I wasn't done with her. Bao came back from the bathroom and washed and dried my cock. Her hands stroking my cock, I'm getting hard again. Bao remembers that I have an insatiable sexual appiette. " Now lick and suck my cock," I commanded spreading my legs. She begins licking around the base of my cock and my hairy balls.

While she keeps stroking my cock with one hand. Bao feels proud knowing she is making me horny again. " That boyfriend of yours is a fool, letting you come back to me. You'll never be satisfied with his puny dick again," I boasted as she got me rock hard again. " You're right," She answered.

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" All I want is your cock now." That is the start of an all morning european yo assfucked by her doctors cock. I have no bounds. I kept cumming in her until she collapsed exhausted, and went to sleep.

When she woke up later, we fucked some more. After our morning fuck, we showered. Bao and I washed each other. She loved spreading soap on my body, so shiny in the water. I made sure Bao is clean too. I got dressed in a mini skirt without panties.

I took her to a nice restaurant for lunch. It was fun seeing the attention we were getting. Everyone seen she was my new woman, and she had been fucked hard. BaoI loved the feeling of knowing she belonged to me. When we got back home, I told Bao to relax for a while. She needed more, all she can think about is being fucked by me again. Bao came into my home office, suggesting we get together in a threesome. I said I would be happy to join a threesome.

Her need to be fucked again is so great that she didn't hesitate to say she would arrange it.