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Hot sexy amateur cam babe masturbating hard
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She tugged one of my boots off and, inhaling deeply, her face turned a bit sour. I knew at once that she'd gotten a whiff of my feet, which I'd washed in the shower only a few hours before, however my boots were old and I knew it didn't take long for the stench of dirty-feet to take over. When she pulled my other boot off, she took another big whiff and her expression once again showed she'd inhaled a rank scent.

Without having to be asked, she started pulling my socks off and then, as if reading my mind, she began to rub my now bare feet. Actually, if she'd really been reading my mind, she would have started licking my feet and sucking my toes, however, I figured I could wait until I had her alone up at her father's cabin before I got her doing stuff like that. And the whole time she took my boots and socks off, I could barely look anywhere else but at the glistening pink slit between her legs.

I tried to look away several times, knowing that the more I stared at her tight, virgin pussy, the hotter I was going to get. After letting her rub my feet a bit, I decided it was time to move on, so, pulling my feet from her hands, I stood.

She was still down on her knees and as I stood her body straightened a bit, so that her face was right at my bulging crotch. I couldn't resist taking the back of her head in my hands and gently pressing her face against the huge lump in my jeans. She didn't resist or try to pull back at all and it only took a couple seconds before I could feel her hot breath seeping through my jeans.

Mother daughter exchange club french that moist heat inside my pants caused another throb and I let out a groan.

If I'd kept her face there and let her hot breath continue caressing my cock, I'd surely have come. However, creaming my jeans wouldn't help to impregnate the girl and besides, I wasn't even close to wanting to spew my sperm yet. I pulled her head back just a bit and told her to take my pants off. Her face seemed even redder, as her little fingers fumbled with the button on my jeans.

It seemed that she was being careful not to touch the bulging lump in my pants, as she unfastened them. However, as she started pulling down the tab of my zipper, she had to touch my cock-bulge in order to get enough leverage to unzip me.

Well, she'd gotten an eyeful of my denim-covered bulge, which I could tell impressed her, however, with my jeans unzipped and only the thin layer of my cotton boxers now covering my cock, her eyes went wide and she looked a bit frightened and even though no sound came out of her, I swear her mouth moved to the words, "Oh my God, it's big.".

Seeing this caused my cock to throb once again. I had to fight the urge to let myself get worked-up. Considering how long it had been since I'd had an orgasm, I knew I could have shot without even touching my cock. It was a good watch this sexy brunette fucking her sweet pussy that she'd straightened her body some, so that her little pussy was no longer trying to gape open.

All I could see through the tight outer-lips was just a tiny bit of deep-pink tissue, which was more than enough to keep my blood pumping. Not to mention those tiny tits of hers; I swear her hard, little nipples had become a deeper shade of pink in just a couple minutes. She stopped pushing my pants down once my underwear were fully exposed and her eyes went wide, staring at my still-hidden cock. She finally pulled her eyes off the considerable tent in my boxer-shorts and looked up to my face.

It's hard to say what expression her face was showing. Maybe there were several emotions running through her. I know that there were real mom son incest first mainstream movies running through me, lust being at the forefront.

Lust is not a word I'd choose to describe what sensed coming from her. While it was clear she was excited, I could also see a good amount of fear behind her wide dark eyes. Maybe even a little confusion, disbelief, or even some reluctance to see what was swelling the front of my shorts. I couldn't say I blamed her.

I thought about it, as best as I could, from her perspective. As young as she was, I didn't figure that she'd had much sexual experience. But she did mention something about the feel of her father's pubic hair, which led me to believe that mine wasn't going to be the first dick she'd ever seen up-close. She looked excited, like she couldn't wait to see me naked.

Yet at the same time, I could tell that there was some fear or reluctance in her eyes also. I can't remember my cock ever being that hard, that ready to explode and it still hadn't been touched. It was twitching in my boxers, stretching the fabric, even pulling the elastic waist-band a couple inches away from my body. My blood was boiling; the feel of my underwear, tight against the throbbing head of my cock was torture. She was so incredibly beautiful, naked and on her knees, looking up so that her wide, dark eyes were staring right into mine.

Finally, I had to close my eyes; otherwise I'd have popped from the stimulation of my boxers on my cock. Shit! Even with my eyes shut, it was getting to be too much. I couldn't stop thinking about what my ultimate goal was here. Her father wanted me to fuck her as much as possible, over the next three days, with the hope of her becoming pregnant.

I wasn't sure how many children I'd fathered over the years, although I was sure that there had to be at least a few kids running around because one of my sperms got lucky. Just knowing that I was going to fill the naked girl before me full of sperm, at her most fertile time of the month, as calculated by her father. Her father, who had asked me to do what I was about to do, hell, he was even paying me to start a baby in his daughter's belly.

Paying me well, I might add. He wanted me to fuck the beautiful girl, that I got to pop her cherry was an added bonus, to give him a grandchild. I had to do something to prevent myself from climaxing too soon. I opened my eyes to see that she was once again staring at my tented boxers. Then I did the only thing I could do to keep myself from popping. I reached down and pulled my boxers from around my throbbing cock, then pushed them below my balls. She gasped. Her head jerked back a bit and her jaw dropped.

Her dark eyes were even wider and her fear was much more evident in them. Her right hand slowly moved to cover her left budding breast, her right hand moved just as slowly, to cover her gaping mouth. Which, looking back, was probably a good thing.

Considering that my quivering cock was less than a foot from her face, if she'd left her open mouth uncovered, I might not have been able to stop myself from shoving it in, which surely would have caused me to pop my load.

And with the ultimate goal still in mind, my first load in three days was not going to go down her throat. "Stand-up," I said, wanting to get my thoughts away from my cock. I knew the only way I could do that was to start exploring her body. She stood before me, maybe a foot away. Her eyes were trained amateur webcam brunette getting cum in mouth penetration and wonderful my chest, clearly not looking at the big, throbbing slab of cock now pointing at her barely-developed chest, nor was she looking me in the eye.

I noticed that she was trembling. Slowly, I moved one hand to the side of her face. She flinched, or maybe it was a big shiver coursing through her body, however she didn't move away from my touch. Then I felt her face move into my hand and she looked up at me.

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If I'd been touching her with my cock at that moment (or if there'd been anything touching my cock, for that matter) I would've exploded. I wanted to kiss her again, but I knew that if I did, I'd end-up pulling her tight against me. I also knew that if there was direct stimulation to my cock at that moment… well… I moved my hand over her face.

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My touch was soft, slow and gentle. I followed my hand with my eyes, taking in each and every detail of her that I possibly could. I would probably never have an opportunity like this come my way again and I wanted to make sure that I seared as much of it as I could into my long-term memory. I knew I would relive this time and time again in my fantasies and I wanted to be able to recall as much as I could.

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And it worked, too. More than twenty years later, I can still vividly recall her face that day. Those dark, expressive eyes, her cute, little nose, or the way her full lips were quivering… Fuck, she was beautiful. As I traced the features of her face with the fingertips of one hand, my other hand moved to touch her shoulder. Her body quaked again, but she was quicker to press back against me this time. Our bodies were just close enough for me to feel her heat and so that every breath I took was filled with the smell of her.

I stepped back just a bit, keeping my hands on her. The bit of distance gave me a better view of her body. My cock throbbed again, but finally I wasn't thinking about it when it did. I was running my eyes, and soon after my hands, all over her naked body. She stood there as I touched every inch of her body, with the exception of directly between her legs, which she kept close and I didn't want to force it, yet. I even got down on my knees to touch her legs and feet.

While I was down there, I had her turn around and then I made my way up her backside, which was just as beautiful as her front. Again, I didn't try to get between her legs, nor did I push my fingers between her butt-cheeks. I knew I'd get there soon enough. Instead, I got back to my feet and memorized the sight and feel of her back and shoulders, her neck and the back of her head. Occasionally, as I was running my hands over her body, she would tremble, or let out a sigh, or a gasp.

Each movement I felt, every sound she made, made a surge of boiling blood to rush my cock. I knew I didn't have a whole lot of time left. I turned her back to me, so that we were once again face to face, or rather, face to chest. I tilted her head up so we were looking into each other's eyes again.

I couldn't resist and I kissed fucking awesome desert love with gabriella paltrova again, though keeping myself far enough away so that my cock didn't touch her. I shoved my tongue into her mouth, licking my way around, when I felt her go slack. I had one hand on her face, the other on her shoulder and I managed to catch her before she fell. Knowing I couldn't pull her nasty slut bounces on bbc interracial hardcore me, I guided her to the bed and let her go.

She landed on her pink bed with her legs spread just a bit. Once again, I could see a bit more of her now-deeper-pink inner-lips, protruding through the tight outer-lips of her pussy. Another throb. I couldn't have stopped myself if I'd tried. I got on the bed, reclined back on one elbow right beside her, but not touching her body with mine. Well, my hand was moving on her again, this time heading toward the only part of her body I'd yet to touch. When I finally got there, I was amazed at how hot and moist her smooth, little slit was to the touch.

And I barely touched her that first time, although it must have sent something powerful through her, as her whole little body clenched tight, her back and shoulders coming off the mattress, and she let out something between a moan and a cry.

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Yet another throb (well, two throbs, actually). Her legs pushed together some, but she didn't close them completely and I still had a nice view of her young pussy. Looking up her body, I saw that her tiny nipples were poking up and they looked even deeper pink, almost an actual red.

I sighed, moving my head to her narrow chest as my hand settled between her legs. I had to adjust just a bit to keep my big cock from touching her, but once I found my spot, I started sucking on one of her little titties and got an indescribable handful of virgin pussy.

She shrieked, moaned and cried out under me, her body twitching and wiggling, but she never tried to move away from me.

As I kissed, licked, sucked and nibbled her nipple, my fingers moved all over between her legs and between her hips. I traced her smooth outer-lips, barely touching the puffy, hot and moist inner-lips, but didn't try to get my finger inside her. Then, as I moved over her to get my mouth to her other nipple, I started to press the length of my middle finger against the length of her slit. Her body clenched again and she cried-out. Her legs pulled closed a bit, and then just as quick she jerked them open so far I actually felt my finger slip inside her just a bit.

Then she slammed her legs closed tightly, trapping my hand between them. Which actually caused the length of my finger to slide even further into red hair amateur banged by law officer on the border gash. I tugged my hand, just a bit, so that the tips of my fingers were at the middle of her pussy. She relaxed some and her legs parted a little, giving me plenty of room to do what I wanted.

As I mouthed the second of her tiny nipples, I started to work a finger into her hole. I didn't go at that nipple as long as I did the first. Once I started to feel her pussy opening-up for me, I had to see it. Reluctantly I took my hand from between her legs and my face off her chest. While sniffing the fingers that had just been groping her pussy (they say smell is the best-remembered sense, and believe me, I can still that girl's pussy in my mind), I asked her to slide-up on the bed.

As she did, I actually moved those pussy-scented fingers to my mouth and had a little taste. My cock throbbed, but I couldn't resist another taste, so I licked my fingers again… Fuck!

Once she was where I wanted her, I got beside her again, right tight escort pussy fucked in hotel room bareback tube porn her hips, and my hand went right to the tiny puff of pubes at the top of her pussy.

Before long, I was feeling up and down her slit and poking my finger in a little bit. I could feel her heat increasing and the deep-red tissue of her inner-lips looked like they were trying to burst-out from inside her. I also noticed that she was becoming wetter and that my fingers were moving more easily against velvety vagina.

That's when I decided it was time to get a finger inside her. I went slowly; wiggling my way in, making sure the skin of my finger was wet from her juices, before pushing inside. She made a whole cacophony of sounds as I wormed my index finger up her pussy.

The hot, wet tissue yielded to my probing digit, though not without resistance. Each time I made a bit of progress and slipped another quarter-inch of my finger in, her whole body would clench and, if I wasn't careful, her pussy squeezed so tightly that my finger would be pushed out.

The way her muscles were chewing at my finger, I could only imagine what it was going to feel like when I started trying to get inside her with my fat cock. I'd gotten my finger maybe halfway inside her hole a few minutes later, listening to her moan and groan, seeing and feeling her body react to my penetration, and even smelling her ripeness becoming more potent. Fuck, she was beautiful. During most of the time that I was getting my finger inside her, she kept her eyes tightly shut.

But, when I'd reach a particularly sensitive part of her pussy, her eyes would fly open and she'd let-out a shriek. I was just thinking about pulling my finger out, so that I could get another sniff and, well, I wanted another taste of her pussy-juice too. However, before I managed to convince myself to remove my finger from her hot, wet, tight hole, I felt my finger bottom-out.

The rush of hot blood that flooded my cock caused a throb like none other I'd experienced so far. I knew it wouldn't be long before my big cock tore through the membrane my fingertip encountered.

I poked at it and she let out a sound like I'd never heard before.

It wasn't really a wail, nor a screech, nor a howl, but maybe a combination of all three. I poked again with a bit more force. She let cry the same sound, though much louder. Then I pressed my finger against the barrier and gently, began applying more and more pressure. She reacted almost violently to this. Her whole body began to convulse and if you'd have heard the sounds coming from her, you'd have thought she was being tortured. And if she wanted to relieve the pressure all she had to do was back-up a tiny bit, but if anything, she was pressing herself against me.

All the while I could feel the muscles of her pussy squeezing my finger so tight, I began to seriously wonder if it was possible that my cock would be too big to get inside her.

I did end-up pulling my finger out of her pussy. The way she was thrashing her body, I was afraid that she'd slam herself against me and cause my finger to bust her cherry and I didn't want that to happen. As soon as my finger slid out of her hot, wet hole, I pulled it to my face and took a deep breath through my nose.

Two deep sniffs later, my finger was in my mouth and I was licking her juices from it. She tasted heavenly and I couldn't wait to get more. My cock pretty teen stepsis amy summers pussy pounded on the bed been so hard for so long that it was beginning to ache.

I knew I'd have to relieve the pressure soon, but I just had to get a taste of her virgin pussy, before I deflowered it. If I thought she'd made a strange noise when my finger was prodding her hymen, it was nothing like what came out of her when I pushed my face against her slit. I knew her dad had to have heard it and I wondered if he was concerned. He told me that no matter what, he wouldn't interrupt. But I had to wonder.

I also wondered if the man thought the sounds he was hearing were those of his daughter's maidenhood being destroyed.

Then my mind wandered to what it was going to sound like when my cock finally ruptured her innocence. It took her legs squeezing so tightly around my head, blocking out sound to my ears, that I got back on task and started eating her pussy like it was meant to be eaten.

As I licked and nibbled, sucked and poked and prodded her pussy, she moaned and groaned, shrieked and yelped. Before long, my finger was back in the action, poking into her hole again, which was now even slicker, surely from a combination of her juices and my saliva.

It barely took me any time at all to get my forefinger back in deep enough to feel her hymen with its tip. She howled as I prodded the membrane, each nudge applying a bit more pressure than the last. I couldn't wait any longer. With the taste of her pussy flooding my mouth and the feeling of that tight hole spasming around my finger, all the wild noises emanating from her, I simply couldn't wait any longer.

Hooking my finger inside her, I scooped out as much of her pussy-juice as I could and deposited it right into my mouth.

Then, with one last deep French-kiss to her now sopping slit, I pulled my face from her crotch and got off the bed. My pants had only made it down to my thighs, but with just a bit of hopping I was finally naked.

My cock was so hard that the head had turned a deep purple hue and the shaft had quite a reddish tinge to it. It was dripping more pre-cum piss drinking teen in full body nylons I'd ever seen.

Keeping my feet on the floor, I grabbed her by one arm and one leg and pulled her from the middle of the bed to the edge. I got her so that her butt was right at the edge of the mattress and her legs were dangling over. I pushed her knees apart a little and got myself situated between her legs.

My eyes were focused on her tight, engorged pussy, wanting never to forget how it looked before I used it. "You're gonna do it now, aren't you?" she said softly, making me look to her face. I could see that she was a bit scared, yet I could also see anticipation in her eyes. "You're gonna pop my cherry, an' I'll never be a virgin again." I nodded without looking from her eyes.

I couldn't help finally taking my cock in hand and giving it a little squeeze. "It's gonna hurt, ain't it?" her voice was a bit softer. I nodded again, then added, "I'll try to be as gentle as I can." Those words brought tears to her eyes, or that's what I told myself.

My other option was that her tears were from fear, rather than my promise of gentleness. I only hoped that I'd be able to keep that promise.

Her eyes closed slowly and she took a couple deep breaths. I could see her body relax some and she uttered, in a quiet, almost resigning voice, "I'm ready." Then her legs spread open a bit more and her hands began to clench the sheets below her.

OK, so, I'm really sorry to leave you hanging here. When I sat down this morning to start writing this chapter, I fully intended on having the deed being done, the guy wilting and the girl worn-out and dripping.

However, when I write, the story takes-over and I just go with it. Now, several hours later, my fingers are tired and my eyes won't focus any more. I promise that our girl will finally get her cherry popped within the first page or two of the next chapter, and our guy will fulfill his duty to her father and spurt his first (and second) load of cum inside her.

As always, thanks for reading.

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