Dominica phoenix and jessi joy threesome by nasty stranger

Dominica phoenix and jessi joy threesome by nasty stranger
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.

--- Alien Possession 2 (MF, mc, oral, inter, impreg) by Krosis of the Collective --- Szx'ee and Wantu'u floated above the brick and mortar of the sprawling human cityscape, bored silly. For many days now they had watched the humans go about their lives, but none of it made any sense. Why would they get up with the rising of the sun, and then on some days they did not? Some humans lived in large domiciles, but others seemed to have no fixed place to rest, hunkering down in the streets after the sun set.

Some humans were quiet, others loud. From their vantage point there seemed no pattern to the humans' behavior. Their frustration stemmed not only from their ignorance, but from the fact that the one way they could use to understand -- the ability to possess these humans, to access their bodies and thought processes -- was denied them. They had learned so much during the time they had taken over a pair of humans than all the time since.

Their commanding officer had been very clear: observe, but do not interfere. A shrill cry reached them, echoing from between two buildings. The two ff'kyutes floated down to investigate.

There, surrounded by sweet-smelling human refuse, was a human male and female, and the male was removing the female's clothing. "I think they are preparing to mate, Szx'ee," Wantu'u telepathically 'said' to his partner. Szx'ee drifted closer, watching the humans intently. The male had pushed the female to the ground and was seeking to extract his penis from his pants.

Szx'ee was glad of its previous encounter with sex, or it would not have been able to understand what was happening. They it got an idea: "Wantu'u! Since they are going to mate anyway, we can take them over and we wouldn't be interfering!" Szx'ee was uncertain.

"I don't--" But Wantu'u had already entered the female through her nose and mouth. Like before, there was a feeling of compression, as the alien's senses were czech milf hooker and playmates daughter army boy meets busty stepmom while within its human host. "She" looked up at the man above her, his arm firmly across her chest, still fumbling with his zipper.

She looked over the man's shoulder at the hesitant gas wisp above and shouted, "Szx'ee! Do it! Come on!" The man frowned down at her, confused. "Whut you talkin' 'bout, bitch? You want it now?" Wantu'u looked at the man with (literally) new eyes. She hadn't noticed before, but her borrowed white skin contrasted dramatically with his dark brown tone.

He had no hair on his head, but a dark.moustache.and.goatee. "Yes, I want it.

I enjoy sex, though this will be my first time as a woman. I expect it will be exciting." The man's eyes grew big. "As a woman? You a fuckin' trannie?" His face contorted into a grimace.

"I'll fuckin' kill you!" He raised his fist to strike her, then grabbed his throat as alien smoke suffused his lungs. "GUKK! GHAAKK!" Seconds later, Szx'ee spoke through the man: "Wantu'u! I think he was about to perform violence upon you! What did you say to him?" "I do not know, but he said something about a 'trannie'.

This body has no knowledge of such a thing." Wantu'u looked down at herself, then without ado started to unbutton her shirt. Her skirt and panties had already been removed by the man. Szx'ee paused, concentrating on the man's thoughts. "Trannie.a human who has changed their sex.

Interesting. This man was filled with rage about such a concept." Wantu'u had removed her shirt and unfastened her bra. "He was mistaken. This body is female, and always has been. Come, feel it." She took one sexy skinny vanessa cage gets fucked by thin santa Szx'ee's borrowed hands and pressed the palm to one of her ample breasts.

"Ooh.yes, Szx'ee, squeeze it." Szx'ee hadn't meant it to go this far. He had been concerned about Wantu'u's wellbeing. "We.should not." But he could not stop his hands. Both were now massaging Wantu'u's breasts.

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So firm, yet yielding. He remembered how nice his own breasts had felt when he had possessed the girl in the basement days ago.

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However, this time all the good feelings were centered in one spot: his.cock (dick! junk!). It was straining the confines of his underwear. He released Wantu'u's breasts to unbutton his pants, since the zipper was already down. As Szx'ee's borrowed cock sprang free, Wantu'u gasped. It was much bigger than the one she had had when she took over the young man last time.

She also noticed that, unlike the male body, the sexual feelings were all throughout her body: her breasts, her vagina (pussy!), under her arms.even her toes!

She much preferred being female. Szx'ee's was now poking his cock at her sex, but without much success. "I seem to recall xxx all germans full hot being easier last time. You are.dry." Accessing his host's knowledge, he came up with a solution, moving his face down to her cunt (gash!) and licking all around it.

The effect was immediate. Wantu'u's hands grabbed his head, pulling it hard into her slit. "Oh yes! Oh, that feels so good! Lick deeper! Deeper!" Szx'ee's host had experience with licking cunt before. Dip the tongue in, swirl it around the.clit.then back in. Nibble the cunt lips, but not too much.

The smell was heady. Finally Wantu'u was ready. She sat up and pushed Szx'ee's borrowed man body back onto a collapsed box, his rock-hard cock sticking up angrily.

She clambered onto him, grabbed his penis and impaled herself: "Yyeeesssss." Szx'ee couldn't believe how it felt. Even with all the lubrication, the friction of Wantu'u's pussy around his dick was indescribably pleasurable. He groaned, laying back to let his partner control the action. Wantu'u pressed her hands against Szx'ee's black chest as she humped into him. Black?

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His skin was a dark brown, but surely not close enough to black to be described that. Then some knowledge trickled down from her host's mind: "Szx'ee.the humans call this.interracial sex.when a white human with a black human." Szx'ee returned his hands to Wantu'u's breasts.

He hadn't noticed the disparate colors of their skins until she mentioned it. We are.not supposed to do this? We have.unh.interfered?" "No.ohhh.they were definitely going to have sex with each other. But some people find interracial sex.taboo.forbidden. Some others find it a.turn-on." Szx'ee continued to knead the white skin of Wantu'u's tits. "This body finds it.a turn-on.definitely.

I.want to hear you describe what we are doing." "We are.o-hh.fucking. I am fucking myself on your cock." Remembering what happened the last time they borrowed bodies for sex, Szx'ee asked, "Are we procreating?

Can you sense if the woman you inhabit is fertile right now?" He moved a hand to caress above her stomach. "Sense here, inside." Wantu'u had a dreamy look on her face.

"Yes.oh yes.this is her fertile time. An egg will soon be released. Uhm.unhhh.oh Szx'ee." She lowered her face to his, and they kissed passionately. Finally, Szx'ee pulled her face back from his. "This body wants you to scream it out. Unhhh.scream that you want my black baby!" She reared up, sitting perfectly straight as she rolled her pelvis into his.

"Yes! Yes! Give me your baby, you black bastard! Give it to me!" Her voice echoed through the alleyway. "AHH! AGGHHAAA! YESSS!!!" Szx'ee grabbed her hips hard, yelling, "Here it comes, bitch! Here comes my black sperm! UNHHH! AAAHHHH!!!" His body tensed as his balls released their potent cargo, shooting with incredible force into the body of the possessed woman astride him. The feeling of the man's cock shooting hot semen deep inside her set off Wantu'u's own orgasm, which had been near to bubbling over for the last few minutes.

She was unable to utter a sound as she vibrated atop him, envisioning the white seminal fluid rushing in, all packed full of impregnating sperm, and her borrowed body's sexual channel sucking it all inside her soon-to-be fertile womb. She could feel it: impregnation was assured. "Uh huhh.huhh." Wantu'u collapsed on her lover's chest. "We have made life again, Szx'ee.

New life." The two aliens left their hosts soon after they came down from their orgasmic high. As they floated away they heard the woman start to scream. Confused and frightened, Szx'ee and Wantu'u raced away. At the rape trial, Wanda Mullins had to listen to all the witnesses for the defense who had lived in the apartments around the alley lie about what had happened.

They said she had screamed, yes, but when they went to their windows they found her having loud consensual sex with the defendant, Clinton Washington. *She* had been astride *him*, they cute blonde toy fucks herself in bed, demanding that he give her his baby!

She looked down, finding her hand had gone to her stomach again. A black baby. She was a devout Christian and could not give it up, even if it was a product of rape. And it *was* rape, no matter what all these liars said. The only thing that kept her sane was that she couldn't even remember the assault. Washington was acquitted of all charges, and even sued for custody of his son a year later.