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Super hit sex stories xxx bp
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Author's message: This is a sequel to my story "A Boy and his Genie". If you've not read that already, go and read it. There WILL be spoilers in this story for A Boy and his Genie. ------------------------------- Many people believed that the human race was doomed to extinction.

That in the not-too-distant future, we'd have wiped ourselves out. Far fewer ever dared to believe that humanity would live on, and that it would grow to be so much more than anyone ever thought possible. But it did. The human race went out to the stars, and it conquered. It established colonies on every planet in Earth's solar system, before it went beyond. It formed alliances with alien races, and conquered more. By the turn of the 41st century, Earth's empire stretched across 12 galaxies, with only good diplomacy on other people's parts keeping their armies from conquering more planets.

Of course, they had their fair share of enemies, and in the year 4045, Earth was in the middle of a war with the Dreth Empire, which was trying to re-claim a series of planets which Earth had taken from them nearly 300 years prior. It had been a bloody conflict, but these were the closing days, and Earth was on the brink of yet another victory. 18-year-old Reylos Senti was not fighting in this war.

Reylos Senti was working for the postal service. Specifically, he was on work experience with one of the intergalactic postal craft. It was a small craft, so as to not draw the attention of anyone who might which to rob it. 20 crew on board, delivering the post to the outer reaches of the Empire, and Reylos had the honour of running errands for them all.

"Where's that boy with the drinks?" Asked the ship's captain. "Right here sir, right here," Reylos said as he ran in carrying two cups of Martian Red Tea. "No sugar, I hope?" The captain asked. "Of course sir," Reylos replied. The captain was from Rilgar, and Rilgarians could be made horribly ill by sugar.

There was a beep from the console, and the captain looked at it. "One minute until end of hyperspace," he said. "Get out of here, Earthling, I don't need you distracting me." "Yes sir," Reylos said, ignoring the captain's use of that terminology, figuring that it was best not to report his superior for breach of the company's policy on racism. Reylos walked down the corridor, and before long, he heard the engines whirring, as the cute little latina meets up with guy online was deactivated.

A few seconds later however, the alarm was sounded. "All crew to their seats!" He heard the 2nd officer say over the intercom. "We've come to the wrong place!" Reylos of course ignored this warning, and ran down to the observation room.

He peered out the windows, where he saw that they'd emerged from hyperspace right in the middle of a battle between Earth and Dreth. "What's happened!?" Screamed the captain at the rest of the crew in the cockpit. "We must have mis-set the hyperdrive co-ordinates!" Replied someone. "Well re-set the co-ordinates!" Shouted the captain.

"Before we get blasted to bits!" "Captain, we're a civilian vessel, they won't shoot us," said the 2nd officer, right before the ship was hit by a stray blast. "Get us out of here!" Screamed the captain. Back in the observation room, Reylos had been knocked onto the floor by the blast, and he was practically catapulted across the room by the sudden jump to hyperspace. "Captain, we're flying without hyperdrive co-ordinates," said the 2nd officer. "We're away now, so may I have permission to leave hyperspace?" "Permission granted," the captain said, but before anyone could do anything, they heard the sound of the engines failing, and the ship slowly falling to normal speed.

"Sir, the engines are too damaged to continue." They all looked at the viewing screen, and saw that they'd come out in orbit of a planet. "What planet's that?" The captain asked.

"Is it one of ours?" "I don't know," the 2nd officer replied. "But the engines are offline and we're heading straight for it, so we've been grabbed by it's gravity, so we need to prepare for a crash landing." "Alright then," the captain said, before speaking over the intercom. "All crew to make their way to the stasis chamber immediately for a crash landing." "Captain…I can't get the doors working," said the 2nd officer. "What do you mean!?" "The button's returning an error.

The system must have been damaged in the blast. The cockpit and crew's seats are locked. I can't let any of us out to get to the stasis chamber.

The stasis chamber would put the members of the crew into cryogenic stasis, only releasing them after the impact of the ship. That way, even if the ship was completely destroyed, the ultra-hard materials of the stasis chamber should be able to withstand this, and protect the frozen crew within.

Reylos, having not been in his seat when the doors were sealed, was able to follow procedure and run to the stasis chamber. Inside he found the usual things; enough food supplies to keep the crew alive for several weeks, a device to send a distress signal, and a few packs of various tools to aid with survival. Reylos closed the door, but he didn't turn the stasis chamber on, figuring the rest of the crew would be along shortly. He hoped they would, since he wasn't exactly sure how to work it.

He wasn't even sure that the system would let him operate it, since he was so low-ranked. After a few minutes, Reylos really started to worry about where they'd all gotten to.

They'd surely hit the planet's surface any minute now, so they needed to get inside right now. "Impact in 30 seconds," he heard the computer voice say.

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"Activating stasis chamber." "Wait, what about the rest of-" That was all he was able to get out before the system activated. ------------------------------- Meanwhile, the people of the Planet Janosia were sleeping. Their civilisation was like that of a medieval fantasy, millennia from comprehending what was taking place on faraway worlds.

However, they would soon be slightly less unaware. On this night, the young Princess Magara, daughter of King Curious teen gina valentina walks into a sex dungeon V and Queen Lumina II of the Kingdom of Farfalla, was laid awake in her bed, struggling to sleep. She rolled over, and tried once again to drift off, when she saw a bright light begin to build up outside her window. She got out of bed, and pulled back her curtains, before she fell down onto the floor from the Earthquake that seemed to occur for a few seconds, as she saw a fireball from the sky hit the ground outside the Capital.

Magara put on her dressing gown and slippers, and left her bedroom to investigate. "What is going on?" She asked one of the guards. "I don't know, your highness," he replied.

"I expect your parents will wish to investigate." Magara went to her parents' room, and found them dressed, and about to go out. "Mother, Father, what is happening?" She asked. "Apparently a star has fallen from the sky," the Queen replied. "Your mother and I are going to see for ourselves," the King said. "Go back to bed, Magara." "Father, I am going with you, and that is final," Magara said firmly.

"Let her, Sargo," Lumina said. "She'll be Queen one day, after all. She needs to learn how to handle situations like these." "Oh fine, but get dressed," Sargo relented. "You're not going out in public in your pyjamas." Magara got dressed, and the 3 of them took a horse-drawn carriage to the crash site.

A large crowd had already gathered, and the guards were having to keep them back. "Your majesties, I'm glad you're here," said the guard captain as they approached. "This object…what is it?" Asked Lumina. "I don't know, my Queen," he replied. It is unlike anything we have ever seen. We've poured water on it to stop most of the burning, but we've still not allowed anyone close.

------------------------------- "-the crew!" Reylos continued. "Environment scan complete. Air breathable to human standards, gravity approximately 1.0023G. Stasis disengaged. Safe to emerge," he heard the computer voice say. "What…" he said, before he realised. Stasis had been activated, and the ship had crashed. He'd survived, which was good, but what about everyone else? Reylos grabbed one of the survival packs, and slung it over his shoulders.

He opened the door, and emerged from the stasis chamber. Outside he found that the ship had managed to remain mostly intact, with only a few small fires, which were quickly fizzling out now.

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He walked to the crew's seating area, and saw that the door had been completely blown off. He poked his head in, but immediately pulled out when he realised he was staring at his dead crewmates.

He ran to the cockpit, and desperately banged on the doors. "Captain! Is anyone alive in there!?" No reply, and Reylos came to the conclusion that he was the only survivor. "Alright…alright…I need to work out where I am…" Reylos worked his way to main exit of the ship. The airlock seemed to have been blown off, leaving only the exterior door.

He gave it a push, teagan presley and alexis texas lesbian adventures it simply fell out. Reylos stepped out, where he immediately began to panic. It was night time, but all around him he could see people watching him, lit up by torches.

Natives. Looking around, they were armed with quite primitive weaponry; swords, shields, that sort of thing. He had a laser gun in his survival kit, but that would only last as long as the charge did, and after that he'd be at their mercy. Best to follow survival protocols and befriend the natives. Reylos reached into the bag, which made the natives look even more ready to attack, and pulled out a small, handheld device. He saw a girl nearby wearing quite regal clothing, and pointed it at her.

She looked nervous, and said something, while a regally-dressed man shouted something else. "Um…Hello," said a feminine computer voice on his device, followed by a male voice which said "Harm her and you die". ------------------------------- The crowd looked at this boy that had emerged from the star, before pointing a strange device at Princess Magara. He then started speaking in a language which none of the crowd recognised.

"My apologies, I was merely attempting to calibrate my translator to your language," said the computerised voice as the boy spoke.

"I mean you no harm. My…my vessel…has crashed, and the rest of the crew is dead. I seek shelter while I make contact with my people." "I am Sargo, King of Farfalla," said the King, with the aid of the translator device. "From where do you come?

From this star? Do you come from the Gods?" "My name is Reylos, and I come from another world beyond the stars." "Father, Mother, milf anal bar fucking ms police officer should allow this boy to stay with us," Magara said.

"Magara, he could be some sort of demon!" Sargo objected. "He could also be a poor boy from the stars who requires our help. The Gods would wish for us to help him in his time of need," said Magara. It was eventually decided that Reylos would be a guest of the royal family. At least until his people came to rescue him.

Reylos spent the first night trying to get the distress beacon working, which he eventually managed. He then moved the bodies of his crewmates into stasis, so that they could be fresh when they got taken home for burial. Reylos had expected to be rescued within a few days, but as the weeks turned into months, Reylos began to give up hope on ever being rescued.

The wreckage of the ship had been moved into the palace, but the King and Queen had forbidden anyone but Reylos to touch it. Fortunately, Reylos had begun to develop a deep friendship with Princess Magara. The two of them spent all their free time together, and grew extremely close. Reylos was laid on his bed, listening to his translator read a book to him, when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" He shouted, and Princess Magara walked in, carrying a tray with two mugs and a plate of biscuits on it. "Hey, I brought you some tea," she said, the translator repeating it for Reylos. "Thank you," Reylos said, taking a sip. "What are you reading?" Reylos showed her the cover. "Oh, I've read that one a few times.

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A real classic." Magara got on the examine legal age teenager sex act hardcore and blowjob with Reylos, and laid her head down on his chest. "Do you have books where you're from?" "Only in museums," Reylos replied.

"I'll read it to you." Magara started reading the book, with the translator relating it to Reylos, but honestly, he wasn't listening to it. He was more focused on listening to the princess' perfect voice.

He didn't understand a word she was saying, but the sound of her voice was music to his ears. Magara shifted her position, so that the two of them were spooning as she read.

Reylos toyed with the bottom of her pyjama top, and started stroking her stomach, as he was so often inclined to do. His penis began hardening, which, through their clothes, Magara could feel on her bottom. It was their normal arrangement, which they'd likely stay in for several hours. On this occasion however, Reylos was so distracted listening to Magara speak that his hands began to wander.

It was only when he felt something strange on his fingers did he stop. It felt like…pubic hair. Reylos looked, and confirmed that his hands had indeed started to go down the front of Magara's pyjama bottoms, so of course, he immediately pulled out. "Magara, I'm so sor-" "Keep going," she said. "Are you sure?" Reylos asked, and she simply nodded. Reylos was very nervous about this.

A bit of spooning was one thing, but he was about to touch a girl's vagina. Reylous nervously ran his hands down Magara's stomach, to the hem of her pyjamas. He took a deep breath, and slowly slid his hands inside. Reylos felt the princess' pubic hair, and then, seconds later, he felt a warm wetness, and Magara shuddered as Reylos touched her vagina.

Reylos moved his fingers around, exploring the parts he'd dreamt of so many times, while she moaned softly. "Wait a moment…" Magara said. She then reached for her pyjamas, and pulled her bottoms down. She was not wearing any underwear underneath, meaning she was now naked from the waist down. "Um…should I take mine off too?" Reylos asked. "If you'd like…" Reylos let go of Magara, and unzipped his trousers.

He pulled them down, followed by his underwear. He sat up, next to Magara, and they both looked at each-other awkwardly, Reylos' erection standing tall. "So…" "So…" Reylos ran his hand along Magara's leg, and she then did the same to him.

They moved closer, and looked each-other in the eye. Without a word between them, they allowed their lips to meet, and they shared their first kiss together. "That…was nice…" Magara smiled when it was over. "It doesn't have to end." Magara nodded, and pulled her top off, revealing her medium-sized breasts. "You look beautiful," Reylos said.

"You do too." Reylos smiled, and pulled his own shirt off, leaving the two teens totally naked. They started kissing again, and wrapped their arms around each-other. Reylos ran his hands down Magara's back, until he reached her bottom.

When he didn't get any objection, he squeezed it slightly, and she moaned. Magara took this as an invitation to do likewise, and she too grabbed hold of his bottom. Reylos leant forward slightly, and pushed Magara onto her back, with him on top of her.

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They continued making out as they enjoyed the feeling of Magara's boobs pressing into Reylos' chest, and Reylos' erect cock rubbing against Magara's stomach. They weren't sure how long they kissed for, being lost in the throes of passion, but eventually, Magara gently pushed Reylos off of her, and he laid back. "Reylos, has anyone ever…sucked you?" She asked, and he shook his head. "I've never done anything with a girl before tonight…" Reylos replied.

"Neither have I," Magara said. She laid down on her front, giving Reylos a wonderful view of her bottom. She leaned in to Reylos' dick, and gave it a cautious lick, causing him to shudder. "Like that?" She asked, and Reylos nodded. Magara licked him again, running her tongue up and down his length. Reylos just moaned, letting his princess know exactly how much he was enjoying it. Magara then moved her mouth over his cock, and kissed the tip. Then, slowly but surely, she slid Reylos' penis inside her mouth.

Reylos moaned deeply, enjoying the feeling of Magara bobbing her head up and down, licking and sucking on his cock as best she could. "Oh my God…" Reylos moaned, black sexy big buttocks secretary his hips as she sucked him. For someone who'd never done this before, the princess gave remarkably good head.

Reylos wiggled his hips, and before long, he felt himself approaching the edge. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum!" But by the time it had been translated, it was too late, and Reylos had already started erupting in her mouth. Magara pulled away, and watched in awe as Reylos erupted before her eyes. "I…wow…" Reylos panted when it was over.

"Um…sorry about the mess." "It's fine," She smiled. "That was fun." Magara swallowed what cum she had in her mouth, and then kissed Reylos passionately. Reylos reached for Magara's breasts, rubbing her nipples playfully.

Magara laid back, and Reylos moved his mouth down to her breasts, before he started sucking on her nipples. Magara let out a rather regal "Oooo", as Reylos sucked her boobs like a baby who'd not eaten in weeks. He then released her, and kissed his way down her body, enjoying how she shuddered whenever he touched her. He licked close to her vagina, causing the princess to whimper with anticipation. Then, busty bbw gets her moist beaver slammed warning, he got to work on her pussy, causing her to let out a scream, which she then tried to supress with a pillow, lest someone run in.

Reylos was pleasantly surprised by Magara's taste. He'd heard that this was an unpleasant experience, but Magara tasted lovely. Maybe Janosians had a different taste to humans.

Or maybe it was just Magara's unique flavour. Either way, nothing could stop him lapping away eagerly at Magara's womanhood, while she desperately tried to remain her composure.

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"OhhhhHHHhhHhHhhhH&hellip." Magara moaned. "Great Gods above…" Reylos stuck his tongue into Magara, and she couldn't help but yelp, feeling him slide his tongue in and out of her vagina. He reached to rub her clit with his finger, and that was the spark which sent Magara over the edge. She moaned into her pillow, as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. Reylos laid down next to Magara as he let her recover.

She then rolled over and kissed him. "I love you," she said. "I love you too," Reylos said. They continued making out, and before long, Reylos was back to full mast, and the two were laid down in each-other's arms, kissing lovingly.

Magara started spreading her legs, as Reylos moved on top of her. "Magara, do you-" "Yes," she interrupted. "Do it. Please. Teen pov fucks and sucks pornstars blowjob you want to." Reylos grabbed hold of his cock, and positioned it by Magara's entrance.

The kissed once more, and, slowly but surely, Magara felt Reylos' manhood slide inside her. When he was all the way in, the two made eye contact, staring at each-other for what felt like an eternity. Eventually they worked up the courage to kiss each-other again, and as they did, Reylos started thrusting his hips backwards and forwards.

The two teens moaned, enjoyed the feeling of losing their virginities to one-another. Reylos picked up his pace, and Magara responded by grabbing hold of his bottom. Reylos wasn't religious, but Magara was, and she was pretty sure that this was what Heaven was like. Certainly she didn't think anything could ever be better than this. Reylos picked up his pace again, now thrusting as fast as his body could manage, while his tongue danced with Magara's in their mouths.

Eventually he was taken by surprise, as he felt Magara's pussy begin to contract around his cock. She broke the kiss, and cried out in orgasm. This additional sensation was too much for Reylos, and he exploded, firing his cum deep step playmate punished and rough compilation first time this is our most extraordinary Magara.

------------------------------- A few years later, Reylos and Magara were married, and after her parents died, they were crowned Reylos I and Magara VI. Magara gave birth to Prince Sargo and Prince Almarco, the former of whom went on to marry a commoner, Lascinda and together they were Sargo V and Lascinda III.

Sargo V died early, but not before giving his wife two children; Prince Harson and Princess Sofia. And it is with these two, at the ages of 17 and 14 respectively, that the story continues… ------------------------------- Author's message: I promise genies in the next chapter, don't worry. This was just necessary to set things up. Chapter 2 is going up right after this, so I'll write a longer author's message in there.