Big ass babe anal gangbanged in public

Big ass babe anal gangbanged in public
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It was a blistering hot day and I was trying to remember why I volunteered to help my friend Marilee with her sprinklers and grass installation as I pulled up to her house. Then, when she opened the door I remembered, it's cause she is good looking. Marilee was in her early forties with short brown hair, brown eyes and an attractive body. She led me to the garage and into the backyard and I stared at her round ass the whole way. We moved the dirt and couple pieces of sod into the area where it would be planted and I took my shirt off and began working.

Marilee would kneel down with me as I moved the dirt and arranged the sod and I caught myself a couple times trying to look down her shirt. She was moving some dirt around to the side of me and I looked over and gazed at her ass and could see her shorts were tight enough that I could see the outline of her panties. As I finished up the grass she retreated to the house and came back with a cold bottle of water for me which I gulped down after thanking her.

She playfully poked me in the chest and said, "We should turn on the sprinklers to cool off." I nodded my head and followed her to garage to lady with big mambos gets nailed naturaltits hardcore the sprinkler timer. I figured out how to turn it on manually and instructed her how to do it and to listen for me to yell when to switch lengthy pecker in adorable virgin twat hardcore blowjob next setting.

Then I began checking and fixing her sprinklers one by one. When I was done I had her stand by as I set the timer once again, but as I ran one station through I heard her scream and I ran out of the garage to see she had been sprayed by the sprinklers and was laughing.

Marilee's shirt was wet and hugged tight against her breasts. I laughed and smiled and so did she. Marilee looked at me and said, "I need a towel, looks like you could use one too." She went into the house and came back with a towel wrapped around her chest and handed me a towel. I dried off and could tell her towel was only thing keeping her from being topless. She playfully pushed me in the chest and said, "Eww sweaty; I know I am too." I smiled and laughed and said, "Yeah, heat and work will do that." She laughed and said, "I need a shower." I said "Ok, well I am done with the grass and sprinklers, so you just need to fertilize the grass later.

I will go now so you can shower." Marilee smiled and said, "You don't have to leave, plus I need you to show me what lawn fertilizer I need. You can wait inside I will be quick and we can run to Home Depot." I said ok and followed her inside and sat down on a chair at kitchen table.

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She handed me a cold ice tea but before I could open it she put her hands on my shoulders and said, "Would you like to join me?" I looked at her and she smiled and patted my shoulders and kissed my cheek.

I got up and followed her to the bathroom and quickly undressed and got into the shower with her. My eyes admired her ample size breasts and bare pussy, and I caught her staring at my cock. She hugged me, pressing her body against mine and softly kissed my lips. I ran my hands down her back and cupped her ass before I began caressing her breasts.

Marilee rubbed my cock in her hands before she knelt down and softly sucked on my cock. After a few minutes she stood up and shut the water off and with one hand rubbing my cock led me out of the shower and into her bedroom. She laid a towel teen reality big natural boobs xxx this is certainly a first on the edge of the bed and bent over, speeding her legs and pussy for my pleasure.

Without hesitation I slid my cock inside her pussy and grabbed onto her hips and began pounding her. She moaned and moaned with each strong thrust.

What neither of us knew was her 21 year old daughter Katlynn had come into the house and walked around looking for her mom; she saw us going at it. I pounded and pounded until I came hard inside Marilee. When Katlynn heard her mom sigh she knew it must be done and said, "Hey mom." Marilee was startled and whispered to me, "Oh shit, that's Katlynn." I ran to the bathroom to put on my clothes as she answered back to her daughter.

Once dressed we went out to living room and Katlynn winked and smiled when her mom wasn't looking. Marilee's phone rang and she answered it and then said she needed to run something over to her other daughter at a friend's house and asked if I would run to the store with Katlynn. She gave Katlynn her debit card for the purchase. Marilee left and Katlynn and I got in my truck and drove to Home Depot and purchased the fertilizer and were on our way back to the house when she said, "I saw you fucking my mom." I could feel my mouth drop and I said nothing.

She went on to say, "It's ok. I only saw your backside and not my mom naked. Plus from what I could hear it was good for both of you." I smiled sheepishly and again said nothing. We got to the house and I put the bag of fertilizer in the garage and went into the house.

Katlynn was sitting on the couch and smiled at me and said, "Just talked to my mom and she will be a bit but asked for you to stay." I said, "Ok," and sat down.

She turned to me and said, "Can I ask you something?" I answered, "Yeah, I guess." Katlynn said, "Do you think I am pretty like my mom?" I smiled and said, "Yes, you are both pretty." She smiled and said, "My mom has bigger boobs than me, but I have a better ass." Boy seducing reluctant friend mother she stood up and turned around and said, "What do you think?" I answered, "You do have a nice ass." She walked over to me and said, "I have wanted to try anal but haven gotten the chance.

If you follow me for a second I will give you a better look." I followed her to a spare room and she pulled down her shorts showing me her thong. I began to get turned on and slapped her butt and then wrapped my arms around her waist and moved her to lay down on the bed.

Next, I began licking around her thong until I could feel the fabric getting moist from her and I took her thong off and began going down on her. Her pussy had a sweet taste to it and she was moaning loud. I pulled my shorts down as I was getting very hard and guided my cock in her pussy. She said, "Fuck me doggy like you did my mom." We got into position on the bed and she faced the door and I began pumping as she moaned.

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Several minutes later I began rubbing her butthole with my thumb and said, "You want to try it now?" Katlynn answered, "Fuck yeah!" I spread her cheeks with my hands and instructed her to push out and slowly guided my cock in her ass. I was softly pumping her ass when I looked up to see Marilee pushing the door open.

Katlynn said, "Mom, close the door and let him finish. You got yours; it's my turn." Marilee closed the door but listened as I pumped and came inside Katlynn's ass.

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When Katlynn muttered something about cum leaking out of her butt Marilee pushed the door open and came in. She looked at me pulling my pants up and said, "Katlynn, what the hell." Katlynn answered, "Mom, I saw you two fucking earlier and got turned on and wanted to be as happy as you sounded." Marilee blushed and pushed at me in the chest. I hugged her around the waist and whispered, "If I offended you, let me make it up to you." She nudged me with her head and said "Katlynn, you want me to teach you how to suck cock?" Katlynn answered, "Eww, mom, sick," and she ran out of the room.

I slid my fingers in the top of Marilee's shorts and as she went to say something to me I slid them down and began rubbing her pussy with my fingers.

She fell back onto the bed and I pleasured her with my tongue as she moaned. Several minutes later I heard Katlynn say, "Mom, you have me intrigued about sucking cock." Marilee sat up motioned me to lay down and motioned Katlynn to come sit on the bed. Marilee took off her shirt and pulled off my shorts and took my cock in one hand and balls in the other and said, "You stroke like this first." Next, she began showing Brutal virgin smokeyeyed honey jojo kiss is broke and alone how to suck up and down before asking her to try and switched spots on the bed.

Katlynn took off her shirt and her boobs were very small, but she had observed quite well what her mom had showed her and was sucking my cock very good. Marilee said, "Slow down, I don't want him to blow yet." Katlynn stopped sucking and Marilee moved her back and climbed on top of me, guiding my cock in her wet pussy.

She said, "Katlynn, unless you want to hear me moan and watch me ride him, you better go." Katlynn left the room and Marilee proceeded to bounce hard up and down on me, her boobs bouncing side to side till I came.

She climbed off of me and cum dripped onto the bed.

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We both got dressed and I ate dinner with them before going home. The yard work in the hot sun was worth it after all.