Alyx lance half life 2 futanari

Alyx lance half life 2 futanari
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I sat scrolling through my top 20 porn pictures, i had whittled it down to these 20 from over 1000 i had downloaded over the past couple of weeks, a task made harder by hundreds of sets of pictures that should be left anal fucked on dadys billard her anus is so tight facebook and certainly not on a porn site, however the pictures are still there to be found it just takes longer to find them.

Hopefully in a day or two i will get the time to work on them, making celeb fakes. It's something i enjoy doing for my own personal viewing, although i have posted a few of my better creations on the internet at some point, but for now i am happy to scroll my top 20 to ensure i have chosen the correct pictures. I have a celebrity in mind for every single one of these, favourites of mine and shall enjoy making them, and who knows i may even post some of the better ones, so look out for those.

However, i keep getting drawn back to 1 picture in particular, don't know why but i keep returning to it and begin to tug on my hard cock as i look at the pretty naked lass before me, i have several celebs in mind for this one, don't know who to go for yet.

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Her hair is light brown almost blonde, brown eyes and a her mouth forms a natural pout making her look quite sexy to me.Her tits are firm, round and small with small aerolae and a perky pink nipples. Her hips swell slightly in just the right place, a graceful curve. Her pussy is covered by a tidy thick pelt that matches the colour on her head, with just a glimpse of pinky purple pussy lips showing and i am slowly becoming obsessed by this picture. "Hey you, do you want some help with that?" Startled i look over my shoulder, no, i am definitely on my own " over here dickhead" oh god i'm hearing voices now, well only one voice, a female "here in the fucking computer" i look at the screen and it is her talking to me, how can she?

"at last, now do you want some help with that, i could certainly use a good stiff cock right now" " I don't understand, this can't happen - can it? " i reply rather puzzled by it all "Well it is fucking happening, so are you coming in to let me help you with that stiff cock or are you just gonna keep gawping?" As there is only me in the house i might as well play along with it i suppose, after all i've nothing to lose, "Okay okay, you'll have to help me out a bit here, how does this work?" "Simple, get a picture of yourself into your photosuite, crop yourself out and paste in here with me, then we can have some fun, but hurry i'm dying for you to eat me out" With this offer made to me, i would have to go along raunchy teenage hottie has her pussy drilled it.

As weird and bizarre as it sounds to me i grab my camera and tripod and quickly set them up, and tucking my stiff cock back into my trousers i set the timer and stand ready for my photo. Quickly i download to photosuite and crop myself from the picture, then paste into the picture of my fantasy. Fucking hell, i am in the photo, she is next to me and i can smell her perfume and her sex. What is stranger than that, is that i can see myself watching me and this lovely naked girl as we turn towards each other, she throws her hands up in despair "No no no, you've still got your fucking clothes on stupid" "No worries i'll have them off in a jiffy" "Oh no you won't, you are a fucking picture, you can't take them off" and she was right.

Although i can see the buttons on my shirt, they are flat and there is no way i can undo them, and the same for my trousers, "Well what have i got to do then, this is all new to me. You're so fucking smart, tell me" i'm getting annoyed by her manner at the moment, "Go back out, get a picture of yourself naked, and while you are in your photosuite i would beef that cock up a bit, then come back in and we can fuck" "How the hell do i get out of here then?" " He will have to do it for you, but hurry" she indicated at me looking at the screen.

I looked out at myself again, "So what are you waiting for, do it" and after a few seconds he did take me out of the picture or did i take myself out, damn confusing this. Quickly i stripped. My cock had softened slightly but a few quick pulls put that right, took the picture, download to photosuite, beef my cock up to about 9 inches and a bit thicker, crop myself out and paste back into the picture, and yes i am back in.

She turned to me and smiled when she saw my new cock, her manner had changed again, "That's much better big boy, you are getting the hang of this, now let's have some fun" she moved towards me "now lie down so i can sit on your face" I took up my position on the floor, she placed a foot each side of my chest, allowing me an uninterrupted amazing girl adores softcore masturbation and toys up her hairy pussy, i lick my lips,i still can't believe this.

As she starts lowering herself towards my eager tongue, her knees move forward and apart slightly, the view just keeps getting better.

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Pinky purple pussy lips spread, they glisten with moisture, ohh fuck. My mind is in turmoil, her knees touch the floor either side of my head, i can feel her bush tickling the end of my nose, i thrust my tongue up for a tentative taste.

Musky, sweet, sour, scenty, spicy, warm milk type of taste, 'oh Kiera, you taste delicious' Her body shudders at the brief contact, she pushes down onto my mouth ' Gillian i'm gonna lash your pussy with my tongue' I suck her lips into my mouth ' oh Jennifer let me eat you' My tongue probes her hole ' Melissa cum on my face' My teeth brush her clitoris ' Rachel let me chew you' I nibble on the firm little bud ' Karen you are delicous' She pushes down harder now, her lips and moisture spread over my mouth and nose 'yes Joanne smother my face' I lick the length of her sex ' yes Sarah cum hard for me' Her knees clamp onto my head as her whole body starts to shudder ' that's it Alex cum now' Her juices flood my mouth, i swallow eagerly, she is absolutely soaking as she rocks on my face 'ooh Samantha that's so good' She came and came, squeezing my head with her knees, her thighs trembled in climax, panting hard she rode the orgasm to its limit.

Poor old me, i'm struggling to breath down here. She eases off slightly as her orgasm dies, moans with with pleasure as her pussy slides over my chin onto my chest, hot and wet she slides further down " Now George, fuck me and fuck me hard" she said it out loud, at least i had the decency to limit my fantasies to thoughts alone, but not her.

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Micheal - no surely not, who cares. Her pussy moves down closer to my new hard cock, i feel her wet lips on my knob end, they grip, she pushes down as i push up,slipping inside 'Jenna, so hot, so wet' we drive him deeper, 'Tina, i love your hot pussy' deeper and deeper, her wet bush slaps my tummy, it's all in 'Lacey ride it, let me spunk inside you' faster and harder we go, closer to cummin, faster and faster, harder and harder 'fuck fuck fuck Jo i'm cummin' as i began to unload wads of spunk deep inside her hot puss " Aaagh George i'm cummin again" not this fucking George fella again, he could put a bloke off his stroke, but not me.

I slam into her again and again as she milks me dry, taking every last drop of my spunk, her puss contracts on me, 'yes that's it Kristen milk me dry' Our thrashings calm in the aftermath of cumming together, she licks her own juices from my face as we lay gasping for air.

God she is one hot randy bitch! " That was fucking good fucking" she laughed " Too right it was, my cock is still hard, shall we go again? " " Love to, but we are running out of time, and of course your cock is still hard, it's a picture remember, doesn't mean you can go again.

We must hurry, he will have to crop you out again soon or you will be locked in for eternity. Come on get up now" Fucking her for eternity sounds pretty good to me right now, but she is adamant "Quickly, get up or this pic will be ruined for ever and i will ebony full sex stories sexi story be able to do this again" "Okay, okay, i'm getting up" I look out of the screen and can see him or should i say myself getting ready to take me out of the picture " just hold on a minute" i tell him.

I turn to her," you have to tell me your name" " It's Rose Marie, but not Rosemary" " Ok Rose Marie. How do i make this happen again? " Nothing wrong with lining up another good fuck is there? " So what do i have to do.

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Can i just crop myself into your picture again for more fun?" " Right listen" she said " this was just what i needed at this moment, but we cannot make it happen again, it just happens when certain things come together at the right time. It may happen to you again and it may not, it may happen to me again and it may not, it is out of our hands.

Both of us may get a chance again but with different people, so i will tell you how i think it works but it may not be true or reliable" So she told what she could about this happening,( but if you think i am going to tell you lot what she said you can think again.

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If i pass this on, all i shall see is your hairy arses cluttering up pictures) "Right you really must go NOW, tell him to take you out" I looked out at myself "Do as she says, stop playing with your cock or is it my cock? Get me out of here" I am now looking at the picture of Rose Marie who has retaken her original sexy pose, that's it she is just a picture again.

Was she ever anything else?

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Was it just a dream? Not too sure, need to try and solve this puzzle. I am naked, my cock back to it's normal size and going limp, but it shines with moisture.

My pubes are damp and matted, i can smell her scent, her pussy. I can taste her still in my mouth. Does she look any different? I think her smile is now a little more relaxed, she looks happier than before.

Whoa, did she just wink her left eye at me? I stare intently for a full minute, but no more movement from her that i can see. It must have happened mustn't it? At least i can try the things she told me, and who knows perhaps it will happen again.

Watch this space!