Enchanting centerfold is exposing her gaped tight twat in close up

Enchanting centerfold is exposing her gaped tight twat in close up
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I had Ashton up for a glass of wine. She should have known better, should have thought the night through. Should have kept an eye on the door, should have kept on her shoes. I'm wealthy, interesting, and own the Miss America Pagant. Ashton is 20 year old college student, she hardly knows me, and sex is not on her agenda. But I could feel it on his the whole night, and I just wanted to spend a little more time next to the heat of his lust, and that was my mistake.

I ask her into my hotel penthouse to show her a painting. She should have asked me to bring it out to her. She should have called it a night. But she is warm with wine, and she went. She stood close to me to look at the brushwork, and that is the only thing on her mind. I'm close enough for her to smell the scent of my expensive coloange, and she smells that oak and iron smell of men she hadn't had hard anal fucking for a pretty sexdoll scene her nose in months.

Suddenly she realizes if she can smell me, I can smell her. Ashton snaps her head to look at me, the flame in my eyes told her, she is in deep trouble. She slides the empty glass onto the table, not too frightened to be careful, and made for the door without a word. I'm not confused. I snatch her by the waist of her skirt pulling her back, driving my erection into the back of her thighs, easing up the hem of her skirt with both hands." Please don't," Ashton said, clearly.

She is strong and fit, as she tore my hands away making another lunge for the door. I seized her by the shirt forcing her into the bedroom throwing me on the bed with terrifying ease. She is strong how could I be so much stronger?

Ashton rolls onto her belly crawling fast for the other side of the bed, but I'm on top of her in an instant.

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Two-hundred-twenty pounds of flesh above her She could have pressed herself up, on a bench, in the gym, but I pinned her arms like a wrestler. All she can do is squirm, and every movement lifted up her skirt a little more." Let go.

let go of me." She whimpered. " You know you want me. You want me inside you." " I don't." " You don't?" I ask, pausing. Ashton breathes with relief. I'm going to let her go." No. Please, no." " If you don't want me, you won't be wet, will you?" I ask.

Ashton shudders.

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My weight pressing down on her, it is difficult to breathe. I shift my weight to one side to pull her skirt around her waist, leaving one thigh exposed to the air. She whimpers.she feels my hand travel the inside of her thigh, and she knew what it would find.I arrive at the thin fabric of her panties, and I laugh out loud.

Ashton hates me for laughing, as she bucks hard, taking her chance to escape. Ashton barely shifts me an inch, as my hand stays right where I left it. " You're soaking wet," I said, and she is. Her face burns with shame, as a thread of tears snake down the side of her nose.

" It doesn't matter. I don't sunny leone crying big cock you." " You don't?" I ask again. I petted her pussy, gentle as a kitten, from the crest of her clit to the seam of her ass, in a great, sweeping oval, again and again. She begins to burn, ache, as she struggles.

She feels the lips of her pussy slipping against each other. She is so wet. maybe as wet as she has ever been, and she aches for relief. " You want it," I said. " No." " Ask me for it." " Please don't." My hand slips to where her thigh joins her pussy, at the lace border of her panties, I hook a gentle finger underneath the cotten crotch, completely soaked.

I throw an arm under her as easily as if she were a bag of groceries, she can't move a muscle. Ashton can only lie and shiver as I touch her. letting my fingers explore her panties.She feels my fingertip approach her clit, as she longs for it. It seems like only a few strokes will bring her to climax, if I would just touch her, just touch it.My hand disappears, and her heart sank with disappointment.

Disappointed? The shame of wanting me made her wetter, hotter, and she eases her legs together just to contain it. I raised up, she hears the zipping sound. Despite her desire, her belly aches with fear. Ashton isn't ready. She can't handle it. The thick slippery tip of my cock sprang against the fabric of her big thick cock drilling uma jolies sweet pussy. Through the crotch it strains her hymen, begging for entry.

Ashton squirms against it, but it only bunches her panties to the side. My monster cock is now touching skin, though barred by her panties. the tiniest thread." Don't do it. you don't have to." Ashton pleads.

" I do. I have to." My hand underneath her raises her up again, then suddenly it is down the front of her panties. I tease the short fur of her pussy, inching down. Ashton bore down on my hand, trying to pin it, but it is too strong, and moving.moving steadily down.my fingers landing on her clit, so slick she can hardly feel them at first. I rock my hand against her, working off the wetness, until the slow ache of pleasure begins to build.

Ashton struggles against my cock again, wildly, unsure if she is trying to push me away or inside her. Either way would be a relief. either way would be a way out of this awful agonizing limbo.I shift again, then suddenly my cock is right at the slit of her pussy, panties pulled aside and so wet as to be no resistance anyway. Did I know? Can I feel it? Did I know just one thrust will have me inside her? It is now or never.

Ashton grabs the edge of the mattress pulling with all her strength, kicking up both legs, throwing me to the side. For a heartbeat she is free. for a heartbeat she has a chance for the window, something.

her clothes still on, her chastity intact.without leaving the bed I grab her by the skirt throwing her back to the bed, on her back this time, leaping on top of her.

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I pin her arms with both hands. She thrashes her legs, keeping her knees tight, but it didn't matter. I push one knee between them. then two.wedging her legs apart. The harder she struggles, the harder the seam of her panties sticks to her pussy, the more worked up she becomes. I release her suddenly. Before she can react, I grab her panties in both hands ripping them apart.

Ashton realizes in that moment there is no getting out of this. I pin her again, slapping my cock against her naked pussy. I shift into position between her legs, dancing the thick wide purple head of my cock against her slit, pushing this way and that. Ashton flails, turning sideways, but my cock is too big for it to matter. It is everywhere, and the more I work it against her pussy, the wetter it got. The wetter it got, the easier it slips between her lips.

Ashton shuts her eyes tight. " I'm begging you, please.your to big.it won't fit.I have never seen a cock that long and thick before," She whispers.

" Don't do this." I grab her face making her look up at me, making her see the look on my face as I push. my eyelids shuddering, my cock rock hard and throbbing, as I slide inside her hitting her hymen. There is a surge of intense pain, then nothing. I rest inside her like a big coiled snake. Ashton shut her eyes again, I slap her face until big boobed slim tiny bitch riding black monster cock looks at me again.

Then I pull back so only the head is inside her, then I thrust my hips forward driving my cock deeper inside her, tearing her hymen as she screams from the intense pain.

Driving my cock in with long strokes, as she struggles against me, I'm too strong.

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I'm in complete control. The best she can do is pull her hips away from my strokes, I find the center again. I ram my cock into her again, thrusting in and out slow and deep, until she can't think, can't think of how to throw me off. Her brain fills with fire, with the liquid movement of my cock inside her. Her thighs shaking, as I groan in response. Oh God, the sound of my groan makes her wetter, and I feel the change. As I groan again, she got wetter again, and she moans despite herself at the throbbing of my massive cock inside her.

I take my hand off her mouth, sliding it down and rub her clit hard, working the front of her pussy with my palm.

Ashton screams out loud. The pleasure, the fear, the shame is too much for her. She feels like she is burning alive. " Please. please." She begs. " Please what?" I ask, a look of smug satisfaction on my face. I play her like a piano, plunging my cock into her like a sword.

" Please fuck me." She said. " I am fucking you." " Please. fuck me harder." I smile and step up my tempo. Ashton hears the thick sound of me sliding inside her, she feels me as deep as her navel, alive inside her like a bull.

She screams again. She didn't care who hears her. I dig my nails into the back of her neck. " Come for me," She groans. " Come for me, you fucking asshole." I grunted. She feels my balls clench, my cock growing harder.I doubled the speed of my hand, and she feels her climax tumbling over like an avalanche. " I'm coming. oh God I'm coming." She wraps her thighs around me, screaming. The pleasure is unbearable. Tears running down her face. Ashton bites me on the shoulder, and suddenly I shout. " I'm coming, oh God." I throw back my head driving hard into her.

it hurt so bad.She punches me in the chest, but I slammed into her harder.Ashton feels my cock go off like a shotgun, spurting deep inside her. Immediately it begins flowing out, as I plunge my final thrusts.I collapse, sweating a river onto her breasts.

She waits, motionless, unsure what to do. praying for my erection to return.Later I return, I come up behind her, grabbing her hips lifting her skirt.

Seeing the garter belt holding up her stockings, I groan feeling her ass with my all we want is tgag on a dick. I turn her around, roughly pushing her back so she is bent over the back of the couch. I continue to feel her, rub her, then slip a finger into her damp pussy.

Groaning, removing my finger, I speak. " You are so bad. You're already wet. You must be horny." SLAP! Ashton jumps gasping as she feels my hand across her ass.

Ashton starts to get up again, only to be held down by my other hand. " You've been bad," I say to her in a rough voice. " Please," She says, she is getting wetter. I know it, and I love it. This turns me on more. I love to be rough, I'm getting harder just thinking about it. I slip a finger in again, making her moan. " You like that?" I ask. Breathless she moans, " yes!" I thrust in and out of her a few more times, removing my finger. I lean over whispering in her ear, " You will not tell anyone about us.

Now, How bad are you?" " Very bad," She says softly. " Stay right here, DO NOT move!" I order her. Ashton nods. This is the first time she has been with a older man. Our first time together four hours ago has left her sore. She is hot spanish milf fucked by young man, but excited. and very wet! Ashton hears me, it sounds like I'm removing my clothes, but she dares not look.

Ashton feels my hands on her again moments later. She hears my voice. " So you want to be bad?" " Yes," She says softly. Ashton feels my cock slip against her slit, sliding towards her clit and rubbing, then back up to her slit. She is moaning, trying to move her hips. " You like that? You want that cock?" My voice is so rough, so demanding yet playful. She nods " yes". I slide it against her clit again, then as I bring it back to her slit, I shove it in.

Just hard enough to make her moan. Ashton reaches up to grab the couch, I grab her hands placing them on her ass, spreading it open. " Keep them there," I say roughly and forcefully. Ashton obeys, moaning as I thrust my cock into her very hot, very wet pussy. I slide out all the way, she feels me stick a finger or maybe a thumb into her then thrust into her. I remove it as my cock returns, filling her, stretching her again.

Ashton moans in pleasure. Ashton feels my thumb rubbing around the opening of her ass. It's so sensitive, she can't help but moan and protest. " Please no not there. Your to big.You won't fit.I have never been touched or fucked there. Please No," She begs.

I use my thumb to " tickle" the opening, bringing more moans from her. I've slowed down barely moving my cock in her.

She feels my thumb ease into her ass. " Please No." She begins to beg me not to go there. " You're a bad girl, remember?" I say, playfully. Once the tip of my thumb is in her ass, I start thrusting my cock again in her pussy. " Oh god! That feels so good!" Ashton moans. " Good," I reply. Suddenly I slip my thumb all the way in her ass. "OH GOD! OW! PLEASE! IT HURTS!" Ashton is begging me to stop. I continue using my thumb to fuck her tight virgin ass, my cock thrusting harder, deeper, and faster in her pussy.

" PLEASE! Stop, OH GOD!" Ashton feels her pussy getting wetter, she knows I feel it. " Bad Girl! You LOVE it!" I say to her wickedly.

" Now use those hands to spread your ass wider!" Ashton does as she is told. My thumb in her ass, my cock in her pussy, Ashton is on fire for the first time in her life. It hurts, but her pussy betrays her and gets wetter and wetter! Ashton feels me place my other hand on her ass. OH GOD, NO! I start pushing my other thumb into her. " PLEASE!!! NO!!!" Ashton is begging me. " I don't want to be bad anymore, please!" " Too late!

You've already been very bad. You have my cock all hard in your pussy, and both of my thumbs in your ass." It's too much.

I feel the eruption of my orgasm burst from my balls into my shaft! " OH YES! OH FUCK YES!" I shoot cum deep into her pussy.

She feels me erupt, filling her stretched pussy. Ashton is moaning, her pussy pulsing as I fill her again tonight. Minutes later, I pull my dripping cock from her pussy. My thumbs still in lovesome kitten is gaping yummy fuckbox in closeup and coming ass while she spreads it open with her hands.

" MMMmm, that ass is next on my to do list." " No, I'll be good, please." Ashton begs me. I remove my thumbs slowly, she is moaning at the sensations. OH! She feels a " pop" as they are completely removed. I head to the sink in the bathroom to wash up. Ashton moves her hands and remains standing. I smile. " How's it feel to be bad?" " It hurts," Ashton replies as she moves to stand by me. " Good," I kiss her deeply, " we aren't done!" I reply wickedly.

Ashton's eyes widen, " John, please, no more. I'm sore. I'll be good!" A few minutes later, we head into the bedroom.

A few long, kisses later, I speak. I have new "orders" for her. " Bad girls like to suck cock. So, are you still a bad girl?" I see her hesitate, " because, Only a bad girl gets this cock!" Ashton slowly licks her lips, she stares at me, then at my cock. She sees me stroking it. Oh god, I don't want to suck it! How bad am I willing to be? " Yes, I'll be bad for you!" Ashton says quickly before she can change her mind.

Stroking my cock in my hand, I tell her to get on her knees and suck it. She slowly gets on her knees before me, she slowly uses one hand to hold my balls, gently tugging now and then, and the other hand to stroke me. Her mouth kisses the head, then licks it, then she slides the whole length of my cock into her mouth. I groan as I feel the warmth and wettness of her mouth around my cock.

" OH Yes, suck that cock. You know you want it!" Ashton moans. She sucks it, swallowing precum.

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I groan again. " MMMmmm, you suck that cock good! Those lucious lips, O-ohhhhhh!" She moans onto my cock. Ashton moves one of her hands down to play with her clit. I see her do this and speak. " Does that clit need attention?" She moans, " mmm-hmmm". I pull her from my cock and have her get on the bed. Ashton lays as I tell her, on her back, with her head hanging off the bed.

I slip my cock back into her mouth. MMmmm, she feels it slide in deeper, my balls on her nose. I start pinching her nipples, pulling them. She moans, I do it again, harder. Then I bend over her and play with her clit. I rub it, pinch it. She hears my lick my fingers then rub her clit more. Ashton is moaning onto my cock, moving her hips as she feels an orgasm building. She feels me pinch, then lightly spank her clit. Ashton jumps a little, moaning louder.

I bend over more and my mouth is on her clit. She is moaning, writhing as I lick, suck and nibble her clit. OH GOD! It feels SO good. I take my fingers slipping them into her pussy, stroking again for just a minute or two.

I stop licking her. Easing up, I take her hands and once again I have her spread her ass. Ashton tries to shake her head no. I speak. " If you want this cock, you have to give me that ass. What's it gonna be?" I start to slide away. She shakes her head " no" and keeps sucking me. " OK," I say, " let me have it." She places her hands on her ass spreading it open. I return to licking, sucking and nibbling her clit. Quickly she is writhing in pleasure. Again I slip my fingers into her pussy stroking it a few time.

They come out drenched. I ease them around to her ass, " tickling" it again. Ashton moans and wriggling more. I stop my attention to her clit to slip my fingers into her ass. Ashton moans loudly onto my cock. Once they are all the way in, I begin pumping them, fucking her tight ass. OOOHH IT BURNS!!! She is moaning onto my cock, vibrating it. I see her pussy glistening, I young miu kimura blows cock in sensual modes again to her clit.

Then she feels the orgasm surging through her. Ashton is screaming onto my cock as she cums!

I keep licking and sucking and nibbling for another minute or two. She is writhing in ecstasy. I stop, removing my cock from her mouth climbing over her onto the bed. My fingers continue fucking her ass, I have her roll onto her stomach and slide off the bed so she is bent over the edge.

Ashton is moaning, she feels pulses from her orgasm. Once she is bent over the bed, I use my other hand to slap her ass. She squeals feeling her ass squeezing my fingers. I groan. " Spread that ass for me!" I demand, she dares not to disobey!

Ashton spreads her ass cheeks. She knows what's coming. OH GOD, I'm getting wetter thinking about it. I slip my cock into her drenched pussy again. " OH GOD, YES," She moans.

I thrust into her a few times, she moans and begs for more! I remove my fingers from her ass, then slip out of her pussy and place the head of my cock against her rose bud. "OH GOD!! PLEASE JOHN, IT'S TOO BIG!!

IT WON'T FIT" IT WILL HURT! PLEASE NOOOOO!" I don't listen, I force the head into her. Ashton buries her head into the bed muffling her scream. Slowly, torturously slowly I shove more of my cock into her ass. Ashton moans and begs with each push for me to stop. She feels a " pop" as it slides all the way in. " John, IT BURNS, IT HURTS, PLEASE!!!" Ashton starts to lift herself up. I push her down again. " Stay! Just relax, you know you want it!" Then initial pain is mixed with pleasure. It's the initial pain that HURTS!

Her hands keep her ass cheeks spread, she spreads her legs and lays there as I slowly fuck her. The first few strokes burn and hurt. A few more strokes the sensations are changing. Sensitive, but not pain filled. A few more and she begins to moan in pleasure. " Oh god, John, fuck me! fuck my ass!" " You ARE a bad girl! Time to get rough." I begin to thrust, faster, harder, and deeper into her.

Ashton is moaning so loud, near to screaming. She moves her hands, reaching and grabbing the sheets on the bed, digging her nails in. SLAP! she yelps as she feels it! I groan as she squeezes her ass around me. A few more strokes and again.SLAP!

" OH GOD!" Ashton yells. " PLEASE! Fuck me baby! Fuck my ass!" She practically growls. I love it, when a woman begins to enjoy having her ass fucked. My hands on her hips holding her tight, as I thrust into her, harder, and deeper.

Ashton feels as though she is being split in half. She feels my balls slapping against her clit hard as I fuck deeper and deeper into her tight ass. It feels like forever! A few minutes later, she feels me grow harder, she feels it stretching her. " OOOWWWW, GGGOOODDD!!!" " OOOOOOOHHHH, YYYYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!" I shout my pleasure.

I'm driving my cock into her hard, deep and fast as I explode my cum filling her deep in her ass! My hands are on her ass, squeezing it hard. I push myself all the way into her, causing her stomach to cramp, as I release shot after shot of cum. I tattooed babe getting fucked hard by a dick down, pulsing out the last few drops of cum. I slide my hands softly over her back and sides. I thrust a few more times and on the last one, I slide all the way out.

I slap her ass one last time and she yells squeezing it shut. Ashton lays there, spent, unable to move, as I head to the bath to clean up. When I come back, I help her into bed and we lay there. I cover us with the blankets kissing her on her lips, face and neck.