I fucked my best friends mom during a sleepover doll parody

I fucked my best friends mom during a sleepover doll parody
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>Chapter 4 >Elisa >As she ran home she thought about Elisa and wondered if she'd be able to leave the demon for one night, but then she remembered the bonding spell he had cast on her.

So now he could see all that she did, hear all and feel all that she did. She thought about what would happen if he saw them together but couldn't think of what he'd say.

>She thought about the feel of Elisa's hands on her body and frown. She missed her hands touching and exploring her.

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>She could almost feel Elisa's hands on her. She shivered at the cold night air. She wished she could have stayed with Sunny leone full xxx story prob star and have Fun with her, but alas she could not. She made her way to the house and stopped outside the door.

Her hands moved to her stomach. She looked at it and sighed. She should have told Elisa, should have said she couldn't meet her cause she was carrying a demon in her stomach, but no. She kept her mouth closed and kept it secret.

She sighed and pushed the door open slowly. She entered the house quietly and closed the door behind her. She turned to go to her room and cry her eyes out but found Him sitting in the chair throwing an apple up and down.

>Vilen looked at the floor and walked past him to her room. >He grabbed her waist and pulled her down in his lap.

>"Hello. Now milf face and mouth spunk cuminmouth and threesome have you been?" He asked, curiously. >Vilen sighed and tried to get up but his arm was secretly around her waist and wasn't going to let her go anytime soon.

She sighed and sat still. "I was in the forest walking around." She lied. >"You silly girl. Did you forget that I can see, feel, and hear everything you do? I know you talked to Elisa, your whore. And I don't care if you see her tomorrow. You can go enjoy yourself till you can't stand anymore." He smiled and kissed her forehead. >Vilen moved to face him. "So you don't care that I'm going to go and have fun with my whore?" She asked, confused.

>"No. I don't." He said. "But I want something before you go tomorrow. And I'm sure you now what it is." He said smiling, then added, "Actually, I'll take my payment tonight before tomorrow comes.

And I'll take it now." He said standing up and carrying her with him to the bed. >He laid her down and started to undress her. >Vilen lay there and did nothing to stop him. After all she could do nothing to stop him. He was not in her control. >When he had undressed her he smiled and kissed her hard as he took off the cloak. >"This may hurt a little." He said, then began to make love to her.

>That morning Vilen awoke naked in his arms. She looked at his face and found him asleep. She slowly and carefully moved out of his arms and went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. She ate it and thought of later when she would see Elisa. Should she tell Elisa she was with child? Or should she just go on with her life till the bastard was born and kill both it and the father?

She sighed and walked over to the couch and sat down as she thought about weather or not to tell Elisa. >If she told Elisa would He make her pay? Or would he hurt Elisa?

She looked at the book shelf and wondered if she had the spell. >She got up and began to looked through the spells for the one she needed. The one that would break the bond between them. >If she had such a spell. >She looked and looked and looked but found nothing. She started to put the books back in there proper places, then remembered she had a spell book that had been passed down for generations. She pulled out the old book and opened it, it was old and dusty.

She carefully turned the old brittle pages and found a spell to break spells cast upon people. >She smiled and hoped it could break the spell he had put on her.

>She marked the page with a bookmark and closed the old book she was going to bring this book with her later when she went to visit Elisa. She packed it in a piece of cloth and placed it in her basket.

She walked into her room and put on her sexist outfit and hoped he slept all day, especially after what tiresome thing she did to him last night. >She lay in the bed on her side he lay behind her He lay on his back asleep with a smile on his face. Vilen smiled and knew a way to tire him out for a long time--she hoped. She turned over and kissed him hard on the lips. He opened his eyes and looked at babe is bestowing divine pleasures with her moist mouth. >"Let me guess.

You haven't had enough of me and you want more?" He said to her. >Vilen smiled and kissed him again. He climbed on top of her without breaking the kiss.

He trailed his hands down Vilens sides, making her shiver. His hands stopped on her outer thighs, Then brought his glamorous model cockrides in steamy taboo duo up to her breasts. She gasped when he left her lips and kissed her breast. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him to her. He Trailed kisses back up to her lips and smiled. >"Take me, please!" Vilen begged. >He smiled and kissed her cheek. "This may hurt a little.

But i love you more than i can say." He said smiling. He sank deeply into her and herd her scream in pleasure. >Her hands moved to his back and held him tightly to her >An two hours later she lay on his chest smiling.

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She will be able to leave and not worry about him waking up any time soon in the morning. She tired him out human or no. He'd stay asleep for a long time. >Vilen put the basket on the kitchen counter. She walked back into the room and found he was still asleep. Vilen smiled and disided to walk to Elisa's to pass the time. >She grabbed a red cloak from the closet and the basket and left the house. She walked through the forest to her small meadow and walked passed it.

She wondered if the demon inside her would be like a normal baby or if it would look evil. >Evil. >Was she even that? She wondered if she was still evil like her mother or if the demon was making her good. She hated the demon and what it did to her. Hated him with a passion. She looked at the sky and placed a hand on her stomach. >Soon it would be born and nothing could stop it from coming.

>Nothing would stop it from becoming like its father. >Nothing. >She frown and wished she had never brought that retched demon. >Why her? Why Did she have to be so stupid?

She could have tried to find a human instead of trying to make one. >She came to the fruit trees and picked an couple of apples and bit into one. It was sweet and juicy. She smiled and hoped that she could kill the demon before the baby could amateur teen french anal casting analmal training born.

She hoped she could kill him, or else she'd be his "Sex slave" As he had said in one of her dreams. She Sighed and wished she hadn't summoned this demon. She walked on for what seemed like days before she got to Elisa's, when it had only been three hours. >She knocked on the door and was happy when Elisa opened the door. She hugged her friend and almost cried. She pulled away and looked around. "Is your brother still here?" Vilen asked as she put the basket on a small table. >Elisa smiled slightly and nodded.

"Yes, but he's not here now. He said he was going to go and find some herbs and try to cast some kind of spell thats hard to do unless you have the right herbs, and have the peace and quiet to cast it." she said. Vilen smiled. "how long will he be gone?" >Elisa shrugged. "I don't know.

He left at sunrise and hasn't been back yet. B--" She was interrupted, by the door opening. >Elisa smiled and said, "Well he's back." >Sorion looked at them and arched a brow. "Was there something you needed to speak with me about?" He asked walking to the small kitchen, to clean the herbs.

>Vilen smiled. "No. I just wanted to tell you that i know a place that's really quiet and peaceful. I have a meadow a mile or so from my house. I cast spells there all the time, its a good place to cast spells, and don't worry about Him. He's fast asleep, and won't be up for a long time." >Sorion came out of the kitchen with a smile on his face.

"Thank you, Vilen." He said putting the herbs into a bag with a few other things. "I'll head there now, I'll use a finding spell so no need to show me. You just stay and spend time with Elisa." He smiled and left the house with a final "Goodbye" before he closed the door behind him. >  >As soon as he left Vilen looked at Elisa.

"I found it!" Vilen said happily. She grabbed the book from her basket and opened it to the page witch held the spell she could use to break the bonding spell he had cast in them. >Elisa smiled. "That's great! Now you can--" Vilen put her hand on Ellisa's mouth. "Shut up! he can see, hear and feel everything i do." Vilen said.

Elisa put her hands on her mouth. "Sorry." She quieted. >Vilen sighed and said, "Can you just cast the spell and be quiet?" >Elisa nodded.

"Yes. I can." She said taking the book into her hands and walking into her spell room. Vilen rolled her eyes and followed her. She sat in one of the four chairs at a small table. She watched Elisa put the ingredients together. She watched her move back and forth grabbing things from her many shelve. She closed her eyes, as the words he said to her the other day.

>"Well wouldn't want the mother of my child tied to a bed for nine moths." Was it true? Was she carrying his demon child? If it was true then she would soon have to deal with two instead of one. She moved her hand to her stomach and felt a tear leave her eye. >Elisa stopped moving and looked at Vilen. "Its ready." >Vilen's eyes flew open and she stood up. "Alright." She said. >Elisa handed her a cup with red liquid in it. "Drink it and the spell will break." >Vilen too the cup from her and drank.

It tasted foul. She almost spite it out and stopped drinking but didn't. If it meant a free mind from him then she'd do it. >When she finished the drink she handed Elisa the cup and tried to hold it down. "That was disgusting." She said looking at her and trying to hide a small smile. >Elisa laughed and smiled. "Well it might have tasted bad, but it should work." She said. She walked into the kitchen and put the cup in the sink. "Was there any thing else you found in that old book?' Elisa asked coming back into the room and sitting next to Vilen.

>Vilen shook her head and looked at her sadly yet curious. "No. Why?" >Elisa shrugged. "Just wondering. I mean it is an passionate plumper bella bendz is fucked up the ass with a long cock book, so I thought that maybe there where other spells in there." She said. >Vilen looked at her curiously trying to think of sarah bank bouncing off ebony pussy on a white cock she wanted to know of other spells in the book then remembered the story sorion told her.

>She wanted to find a spell to bring back her husband and child. >Vilen wanted to say something soothing to her but thought of nothing. She got up and picked up the book, and started to flip through the pages. >She found tons of spells but not one she needed. >'Maybe&hellip.' She thought. 'I can't find it cause I need it. Maybe… Maybe I have to want it for it to be found.' >She closed her eyes and silently said in her head.

"I want a spell to bring back loved ones." She opened her eyes and looked at the book. >Nothing had happened. >She sighed and closed the book, before putting it back in her basket.

She sat at the table and sighed. >The book was old but that didn't mean it had all the spells she needed or wanted. Vilen smiled. "What spells have you got for me? Or was that an excuse to get me to come over? Because if it was it worked." She looked at Elisa and saw her smile slightly. >Elisa looked at her. "It was an excuse." She said.

Elisa looked as if she was shy. But Vilen knew she wasn't and that she was just sad about her past. >Vilen grabbed her hand and smiled. "Please don't tell me your thinking of things that are sad." Vilen said trying to make her smiling and happy again. >Elisa smiled slightly. "Yeah. I am. But they were my mistakes and they happened years ago so I wont bother thinking of them anymore." Elisa stood up and looked at Vilen with a smile.

"So what do you want to do to me for making an excuse for you to come over?" Elisa asked, standing there. >Vilen stood up. "Oh, I can think of something. But its not much of a punishment." Vilen smiled and followed Elisa into the bedroom. >Vilen laid on the bed on her back and smiled as Elisa came to her and kissed her hard on the lips. Vilen smiled and held Elisa close, and moved her hands to her side.

Elisa moved her hands to Vilen's sides and held her close. >Vilen wanted to pull Elisa down to her so she could hold her closer to her but knew she shouldn't. She was wondering about how long it would take for the baby to grow. He had told her one months but was it true? Would it take only one months or was he just saying that so she would think she'd have enough time to find out how to kill him and the baby?

Elisa pulled away and looked at Vilen. "What's wrong?" She asked worried. >Vilen sighed and snaked her arms around Elisa's waist. >Elisa laid next to Vilen on the bed, and put her hand on Vilen's cheek, as she started to cry. Vilen looked at her. "You shore the spell broke the bonding spell he put on me?" Vilen said through a breaking voice. >Elisa nodded, wiping away the tears that fell.

"Yes. I'm shore." She said. She sat up and pulled Vilen up so she could rest her head on Elisa's chest. >Vilen did so. Resting her head on Elisa's chest and tried to stop crying long enough so she could tell Elisa about what he did to her. When she had stopped crying, she told Elisa what he did to her and that she was carrying his child. >Elisa looked as if she'd been told she was to die.

>Elisa looked at Vilen and sex xxx story of mia khalifa, when she had finished. "Is it true? Are you really pregnant with his demon child?" >Vilen looked at her hands. Vilen didn't answer. Vilen sat up and wiped the new tears away. "I should probably go. I shouldn't be here." She started to get up but Elisa stopped her by grabbing her hand.

>Vilen looked at her and wondered why she had stopped her. Vilen sat on the bed. >Elisa smiled and moved in front of Vilen. "I won't let him tear us apart." She said then kissed Vilen hard on the lips. >Vilen kissed her back. She wrapped her arms around her Elisa's neck. Elisa tried to pull her on top of her, but Vilen pulled away and stood up.

"I can't.

I." She stopped and walked out of the room. She grabbed her basket and went to the door. She looked at the room and saw that Elisa did not follow her. She wanted to go back to the room and hold her but couldn't. She couldn't have 'fun' with Elisa when she knew she was carrying the demon inside her. She turned back to the door and openened it.