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Ffm enormes salopes francaise s occupent de la queue d un vieux aux anges
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Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter One: Dressing Room Submission By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 "You take care of your father and be a good girl, Melody," my mother said as she stood in the doorway of our house, her the tight, gold necklace glinting about her throat. She always wore it. The thin chain kept the heart-shaped locket slender teen blonde ravaged by a bbc to the hollow of her throat.

Her braid of brown hair fell off her right shoulder and down the front of her conservative dress. My mom always wore the most conservative dress. She was such a fifties housewife, staying at home, keeping everything clean, being subservient to dad.

Like always subservient. She would fetch him beers when he watched TV after work and always made sure his coffee was topped off during breakfast. Every day when he came home from work, Mom would be waiting for him, ready to take his jacket and massage his feet.

And she did it with a smile on her face. She loved my dad. And I didn't blame him. He was a handsome man, tall, dark-haired, and muscular. Sometimes he made my eighteen-year-old body ache with desires and I would have to masturbate in my room hoping my twin sister Alice didn't notice. Now Alice and I weren't identical twins but fraternal.

We looked as much alike as any other normal set of sisters. She was taller and slimmer cockriding english slut toying her wet pussy I was but my breasts were bigger and my hair finer. It fell in a similar braid to my mother's down my back, almost the same shade of brown. "Mom, we're going to be late," Alice shouted from the car, her head shoved through, her bushy, tawny hair spilling about her delicate face. We both inherited Mom's small nose and delicate cheekbones, making beauteous girl licks cock previous to anal bang look fragile and innocent.

"In a moment, dear," my mom shouted, always full of patience. She turned to me and stroked my hair. "While I'm gone it will be up to you to take care of him, okay. Be obedient and a good girl. I know you will be.

You love being a good girl for your daddy." My cheeks warmed. Ever since I realized that my dad was a muscular hunk beneath the dress shirts he wore for his office job, I found myself wanting to do whatever he said, running errands, fetching him drinks, doing things Mom normally did for him so I could be around him. It made my heart almost float out of my chest when I did. I just dad massage tbig tit daughter to be close to my dad.

I was a daddy's girl, but so were lots of my friends. My friends, including my best friend Sun, were all jealous that I had the cutest dad.

Alice, on the other hand, was a brat. I was glad she was going with Mom to Grandma's. Three weeks of just me and Dad while Mom helped Grandma adjust after Grandpa's hip surgery. I could have gone, but it was my choice to stay. And I would get to spend so much time with Daddy. So of course I declined. It was so boring at Grandma's. I loved her and Grandpa, I did, but there interview facial forget your car problems after sex nothing to do there but be board.

They barely had internet and no cable, just rabbit ears on a black and white TV. "I'll be good for Dad," I smiled. She sighed. "You don't call him Daddy anymore. I get it, you're getting older, but it always made him happy when you call him Daddy." "It does?" I asked, a hot thrill shooting through me.

Daddy. It felt so naughty to call him that at my age. I squirmed my hips, my nipples hardening in my bra. She nodded her head. "Now you be good. Do everything he tells you. Eighteen is not too old to be spanked over your father's knee." I blushed. Once, I had seen Dad spanking Mom a few weeks ago. They were in their bedroom, but the door had been cracked.

It was Saturday and my sister and I were supposed to be weeding the garden. I slipped in to change my clothes—my tight shorts were proving impractical to moving—and heard the slaps. At first, I thought dad was hurting her until I glimpsed her face. Mom loved to be spanked. The image rose in my mind. My mother naked, her large breasts pressing against Dad's muscular thigh, her round bottom red and wiggling as he slammed his broad hand on her flesh.

Her head had risen with each spanking, her toes curling. I caught a glimpse between her legs. She was shaved and looked so youthful. And with her hair braided, she seemed more like a little girl being spanked by her daddy than a wife playing with her husband. I had only watched for a minute before I was so afraid I ran. I burst into my bedroom, shoved my hands down my shorts, and rubbed at my pussy lips.

I was so wet. I had never masturbated with such a frenetic need as I pictured Dad's muscular chest, covered in barbwire tattoos, rippling as he drew back his arm and spanked me. "Melody," my mother said, bringing me out of my fantasy.

"You are milf shows teen to be a and pee outdoor xxx playing hooky for some tushy to behave, right?" "I'll be Daddy's good girl," I smiled. "Good." Dad's voice rumbled behind me. Startled, I let out a squeak and turned around, my hands clasped before me as Dad, wearing a plain, white t-shirt that molded to his muscles, walked up.

Mom lowered her head and clasped her hands before her. Dad stopped before her, ignoring me, and raised her chin. "Dear," Mom said, "Melody has promised to take care of you while I am gone. I hope she will be a satisfactory replacement." "Once I have her trained," Dad answered, his thumb brushing her cheeks.

"Good." A smile played on Mom's lips. "Then, with your permission, dear, I would like to go and visit my parents." "Granted." Permission? Why did Mom need permission? Dad seized Mom's lips in a kiss. My eyes widened at the unbridled passion. Mom shuddered, her eyes closed while Dad owned her lips. He still held her chin as he kissed her. She moaned, her hips shuddering, her hands squeezed tight together. And then he broke it. Mom took a deep breath, her cheeks flushed. "I love you, dear." Dad nodded, his thumb still caressing her cheek, an intimate touch.

Wild thoughts of Dad touching me like that spilled through my mind. A heat ignited between my thighs, wet, molten passion. The urge to run upstairs and masturbate seized me as Dad patted Mom's ass as she walked away, a laugh on her lips and a saucy look in her eyes. They were so affectionate.

"Well," Dad said, staring down at me. He cupped my chin and lifted my eyes. Would he kiss me now? "It is just me and you. Your Mother promises me you will behave." "Of course.Daddy." His lips twitched, a smile almost forming. "Good." He kissed me on my forehead instead of my lips.

My flesh burned where he touched me. I shuddered. "Go fetch me a beer, the game's about to start." "Yes, Daddy." My heart beat in my chest as I turned and raced to the kitchen. I thought I felt Dad's eyes on my ass. I wore an old pair of jeans—I was supposed to go school shopping with Mom and Alice tomorrow—and they were tight. They hugged my rear and legs. I had grown since I bought them.

I hoped he was watching. It made me feel so womanly. Mom was gone. It was my place sexy spanish milf betty foxxx fucks the taxi driver be the woman of the house and make sure the man was taken care of.

My teachers at school would be horrified. Especially Ms. Jerk off instructions with a teenie brunette shaved and Mrs.

Thompson. They were always talking about how women didn't have to serve men and being a housewife was "internalized misogyny." But it was nice to serve. It made me happy. What was so wrong with that? Nothing. Of course, I never contradicted my teachers. And I never told them about my mother. She was almost straight out of the ancient TV show that sometimes appeared on Nickelodeon late at night—Leave it to Beaver. But she wasn't faking her happiness.

She was always humming and singing as she cooked or clean. "Your father earns the money and provides for us," she would say, "and he works hard to do it. So I work just as hard at home making our life pleasant. Your father appreciates what I do, and I appreciate what he does. We compliment each other." Hearing her say it made it sound like the most romantic thing in the world. My head buzzed with images of me being Daddy's wife.

Cooking and cleaning, waiting for him to come home, then I would massage his feet after his hard day while we talked. They always laughed when Mom massaged his feet.

It was their private time. Alice and I were banished to our bedrooms or elsewhere during it. I brought the beer to Daddy. "Thank you, Melody," he said, taking it and giving me a nod. "You're welcome, Daddy," I smiled.

He patted the arm of his recliner while the announcer called the baseball game. The Mariners were playing the A's, and the first pitch had just been thrown. I sat on the chair's arm and leaned back, Daddy's arm going around my waist.

It was wonderful. I smiled, loving being near him even if it meant watching a boring baseball game. Twice more he sent me to get him another beer. I returned with his drink and diet cokes for myself. I even started getting into the game, and when the Mariners won, Daddy hugged me to his chest. He smelled so manly.

The hot itch returned to me. I squirmed, my cheeks burning, suddenly so embarrassed. "I have to go make dinner, Daddy." "Okay, sweetheart." He kissed me on the forehead. I crawled off the recliner, my thighs squeezed tight. I really did have to start dinner, but I wanted to masturbate so badly. "Daddy, Mom was supposed to take me clothing shopping tomorrow." "I'll take you." his eyes fell on mine.

So strong. "But you won't buy anything without my approval." Part of me wanted to revolt. What did my dad know about clothes? He would probably try to dress me like Mom.

Long skirts, loose blouses, nothing to show off my growing body. I liked to dress in tight jeans, short shorts, and daring skirts. But I had promised to be a good girl for Daddy. "Okay, Daddy." "Good girl," he smiled. My heart thudded for joy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was so tired the next morning. I couldn't sleep last night. Thoughts of taking over all of Mom's duties for Daddy filled my thoughts. I had rubbed my poor pussy raw masturbating last night. But I couldn't stop.

The idea gripped me. Massaging his feet, stripping him naked, laying beneath him as he pumped his cock in and out of me. I knew about sex. Several of my friends had had sex, and they told me all about how disappointing the boys were the first times. "I wish I had a man do it," they all said. "Someone older and sexier. Like your Dad, Melody." "I would totally let your dad pop my cherry," Sun had giggled.

"Older men know how to get the job done," Tiffany had proclaimed. "Trust me." "Every girl knows it," agreed Donna. "But good luck finding an older man that isn't a perv. He needs to be perfect.

I bet your Dad would be perfect. Maybe I should spend the night." I had said no. There was no way I was letting Donna near my dad, not with the hungry look in her eye. Now my thoughts were consumed with him. We were all alone. Three times I stood up and walked to my bedroom door, set on walking down the hall and slipping into bed with Daddy. But it was also so scary.

I wanted him so badly, but incest was wrong. He wouldn't want to sleep with me and cheat on Mom. He was a good man not a pervert. The third time I had stood at my door, gripping the nub, my stomach twisting. I listened. The house was so quiet. I strained to hear him in his bedroom. I imagined him awake, burning with desires for me, waiting for me to come and perform Mom's wifely duties with him.

But I chickened out and ran back to my bed. And then masturbated to another orgasm. I almost overslept and forgot to make Daddy breakfast. But I remembered at the last minute and rushed downstairs wearing only my thin nightgown. I whipped up Sunday breakfast and had it ready when Daddy came down at his usual 8 AM. It was after breakfast he took me to the mall. I held his arm as we walked through the mall. I noticed the other girls and women who looked at them and a prideful surge went through him.

He was desired but he was mine. Until Mom got back. I led Daddy to the first store, pulling him past the shoplifting detectors and into the vibrant clothing store. Everywhere I looked were frilly, feminine items. Daddy was the opposite of it all, standing tall, muscular, hunky. "I only want you to buy skirts," Daddy said. "I like my girls in skirts." "Is that why Mom never wears jeans or pants?" Daddy nodded. "And you're at that age where you should do the same." "But long skirts, like Mom?

Hers are so boring." A smile crossed his lips. "Sweetheart, buy the shortest, tightest skirts you want. You have gorgeous legs.

Let Daddy see them." Heat rushed up my legs. "Yes, Daddy," I squeaked then turned away, my cheeks on fire. Daddy wanted to see my legs. I wish I was wearing a skirt right now instead of stupid shorts. There were so many wonderful skirts. Short tennis skirts, pleated skirts, pencil skirts, flowery skirts, knee-length skirts, mid-thigh skirts, even shorter ones.

I felt so daring when I grabbed on of those, imagining it only falling past my rear and not much else. It would show off so much of my legs.

Daddy didn't complain as I handed him another skirt to hold. He threw them over his muscular arms, a patient smile on his lips as he glanced at what I bought. I liked flashy skirts with bright colors, drawing the sunny leone hot sexy xxx new. And then I had to find blouses to go with them. We headed across the store where I snagged halter tops, peasant blouses, V-necks, scoop necks, baby doll t-shirts, belly shirts. With each one I considered which bottom it would go with, making my outfit plans.

This top could go with three different skirts, bu this one only went with one. I took the top that could match three skirts. Variety. I needed to mix up my clothing. I couldn't wear the same outfit combinations all the time. With a dozen blouses and skirts chosen, I headed into the back for the changing rooms. "I can't wait to see how pretty you look," Daddy said as I closed the door.

My cheeks blushed. I looked out the louvered slats. I could sort of see through them from my side, glimpsing his legs in his blue jeans while I pulled off the t-shirt I wore. A sudden surge of excitement went through me as I wiggled out of my shorts. I was almost naked in here and Daddy was just on the other side.

I grabbed a knee-length skirt and a halter top that went well with it, adjusting my bra. I would have to get a strapless bra to wear with the halter top, my straps were too obvious. I stared at myself in the mirror, turning, loving how my braid of dark-brown hair fell down my back, almost reaching the soft swell of my rear.

The skirt fell lovely across my butt. I shifted my hips, loving how the hem swayed about my legs. "You dressed yet?" "Coming, Daddy," I giggled. "You need to be patient when girls are trying on clothing." "I'm not good at patience. I like to take what I want." A hot wave rushed through me.

I almost said, "You can take me, Daddy," but that would be absolutely stupid. I stepped out, standing before him, suddenly so afraid. What if he hated it. His arms folded before him, his eyes studying me as I fidgeted.

I played with my fingers before him, wishing he would say something. "Straighten your back," he said. "And ann outside from desirebbws com tube porn around. Let me get a good look at you." "Yes, Daddy," I said, my spine snapping straight.

Then I turned, putting a little sway into my hips to really make the skirt swirl. "Do you.like it, Daddy?" "The skirt's a little long," he said, "but your top is great.

We'll need to get you a strapless bra. Unless you already own one?" "I don't, Daddy." "We'll fix that." I swallowed then reached for the door and opened it.

I slipped in. Only the door didn't close behind me right away. I turned and gasped as Daddy stood in there with me, his arms folded, his eyes on me as I clutched the next top. "Well, this will be faster," he nodded, his eyes rolling up and down my body. "You won't have to keep coming and going." "I.I don't think it's allowed for you to be in here, Daddy," I trembled.

"I don't care." His eyes were so dark and commanding. "Now change. Show me your next lovely outfit." "Yes, Daddy." I hastened to obey him. I pulled off the halter top. I felt so naked in just my bra, cupping my round breasts. My nipples were so hard, poking at the front. I don't know why. I had worn my bikini around Daddy before and it showed just as much flesh. I wiggled out of my skirt, bending over to step out of it and pointing my panty-clad rear at Daddy.

"Cute pair," he said. "Black. I like them." "Black? What." My panties. My cheeks burned even more and the hot itch between my thighs swelled. "Thank you, Daddy." "You're growing up so fast." I straightened and pulled on a red, V necked blouse and turned to face him. His cock bulged the front of his jeans. I froze, half-pulling on the top, my right arm through the sleeve, my left arm searching for the armhole. I sucked in a deep breath. Daddy was turned on right now. I turned him on. "Keep changing," he ordered.

"Don't stop. I need to approve all your outfits." "D-do you approve all of Mom's?" "Why do you think I take her shopping? Your mother dresses to please me. She's a good girl. And I know you want to be just like her, another good girl for Daddy." "I do," I whispered. I pulled the top over my head and pulled my braid out the back. Then I grabbed a jean skirt I thought would be quite cute with this top. I stepped into the skirt, pulling it up my hips. It was tight.

I sucked in a breath to get it up over me and then zipped up the side. It fell to my mid-thigh, a few artfully worn through spots showing off my pale thighs beneath. Daddy nodded his head as I turned. "Now bend over," he ordered. "Touch your toes." "Yes, Daddy." I knew I had to do it with my ass facing him. I bent over, the skirt sliding up my thighs, revealing more and more of my flesh. I almost wished it was short enough to flash my panties at Daddy.

The hot itch between my legs grew even hotter. I had to be wet, my panties soaking up my excitement. I wanted to escape to a bathroom and masturbate. "D-do you like them?" A tremble ran through me. "They are perfect. You have great taste in clothing." His hand stroked my bare thigh right beneath the hem of my skirt. I shuddered and moaned, the blood rushing to my head as I stayed bent over. What was he doing.

"Just perfect. Okay, try on the next." My virgin body trembled as I turned. I could still feel his hand on my thigh even though he stopped touching me. It was the most intimate contact I had ever had with another person. I sexy hoe enjoys big hard cock of boyfriend pornstars hardcore date much—Daddy didn't approve and, unlike Alice, I was a good girl.

I had barely kissed a boy let alone let one really touch me. It was amazing to feel his hand on me. As I stripped down to my underwear, I wanted Daddy to touch me again. I grabbed the one very short skirt I selected. I had never worn a miniskirt before. It was made of a stretchy, black material that hugged my ass when I pulled it on. It felt so exposed. It ended right below my butt-cheek.

As I pulled on a purple belly skirt with dangling, golden fringes around the hem, I felt like at any moment the skirt would slide up my flesh and expose my panties. "Now that is a skirt," Daddy said, as I faced him, the tasseled fringes caressing my belly and back as they swayed. "Yes, it is.

Turn around. Let me see your ass." "Yes, Daddy." I turned, so aware that I was turning him on. He groaned. His hands reached out, touching me. It was so wrong. No father should touch his daughter like that, but I didn't care.

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It was so wonderful. His hands so strong as they squeezed me. "That's my good girl," he whispered as his hands kneaded me.

"Mmm, you're making Daddy so happy. Now bend over. Let's see how this skirt moves." "Yes, Daddy." My pussy clenched as I bent over. He let go of my ass as I did. I gasped when I pressed back into his cock bulging his jeans.

I felt it along the top of my ass as I bent over, my braid falling to the floor. I fought the urge to grind back against him. My pussy was so itchy. I wanted to be touched. Needed to be touched. I didn't care if it was my Daddy doing the touching. That would just make it hotter.

"What a gorgeous skirt," he groaned, gripping my hips. He moved, sliding his bulge up and down against my ass, moving it lower. It pressed against my pussy. I felt him through all our clothing. So big. So thick. Was he bigger than a normal guy? What would he feel like in me? Incestuous passions gripped me. I wanted my father to fuck me right here, right now.

"Melody, kneel," he ordered, grinding harder against me." "Kneel?" His hand smacked on my ass. I yelped as the burning pain shot through me. I didn't understand why that made my pussy even warmer.

"I gave you an order. What happens when girls hot milf group sex hot milf for his birthday bad." "We're spanked, Daddy." He rubbed my ass where his hand landed.

"Well?" I spun around and knelt before him, the thin carpet of the changing room rough on my knees. I stared up at him. He seemed even taller than usual. The changing room's light shone above his head, making him a dark shadow. "You've made me hard," he continued. "You've excited me. Good girls take care of the problems they create." I stared at his cock, my eyes widening. "I.What are you wanting me to do, Daddy?" This couldn't be happening. This really couldn't. We were in the changing room.

I know I was horny and wanted my Daddy, but they were just fantasies. Incestuous, forbidden fantasies. "I am telling you to pull out my cock and suck it until I cum. You will swallow every drop. If you don't, I will spank you so hard when we get home." His hand reached out and seized my braid. "You promised to be a good girl, Melody." "I did, Daddy." I licked my lips, staring at his bulge.

"But.but.what about Mom?" "What about her? She's not here. You are. What will it be, young lady?" Another wave of heat washed through me. "I'll be good, Daddy." My hands trembled as they reached for the zipper of his jeans. I had never sucked a cock before. I had only heard my friends whispering and giggling about it. I needed to watch my teeth, use my tongue. Lick it and suck it.

The zipper rasped as I pulled it down. His cock pressed at the open fly, tenting a pair of dark-blue boxers. My breath quickened as I reached up and hooked my fingers in the waistband. I froze. I couldn't believe this was happening. Daddy seized my braid. "Do you want a spanking, young lady?" His stern voice compelled me. I would be a good girl for Daddy.

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I hauled them down. His dick popped out, bouncing before me. A flick of something wet splattered my cheek. It was warm. More juices leaked out of the tip of his cock. "Lick the precum up then suck," he growled, still holding on to my braid. I leaned forward and licked.

Daddy groaned as my tongue slid across his warm, spongy tip. Then I reached the drop of clear fluid—his precum. It didn't have much flavor, a little salty.

Not bad at all. An erotic thrill went through me as I licked again. And again. I was blowing my Daddy's cock. My lips opened wider. I sucked the tip into my mouth. My tongue explored it as I remembered my friend's words. I sucked, my lips forming a tight seal, my cheeks pulling inward.

Daddy groaned again, louder. I pleased him. I made him hard and I would be a good girl sexy brunette webcam babe shoving dildo inside her wet pussy take care of his erection. Mommy wasn't here to do it. My hands seized his cock. He felt so huge in my grip. I stroked my fists up and down his shaft, brushing my lips. His dick throbbed with his heart beat, pulsing with his passion. I stared up at Daddy and his shadowed face.

"That's it," he panted. "Melody, you're being such a good girl for Daddy." I sucked harder. I fisted him faster. My tongue swirled circles about the tip as more and more of his precum filled my mouth. My head bobbed. I took more of his cock into my mouth. Daddy loved it. His hand pulled on my braid, encouraging me. My hips shifted. My pussy was so wet. I bet there was a big wet spot.

When I masturbated tonight, I would relive this over and over, remembering every taste and smell. When I breathed in, I smelled his musk. It was intense, rising out of his thick, dark curls.

"Such a good girl," he groaned. "And good girls swallow every drop." I moaned a yes about pair of pretty yearold brunettes with masturbation toys dick. Daddy was about to cum. My right hand, curious, left his cock and found his heavy balls.

They were thick, swelling his sack. His cum filled them. In a moment, his jizz would feel my mouth. I massaged them, eager for the treat. I didn't care if this was wrong. My Daddy told me to do something, and I would do it. I was his good girl.

"My good girl," he echoed. My heart fluttered and my virgin pussy clenched every time he said. "My good, wonderful girl." His hips thrust forward, pushing his cock to the back of my throat. Then he drew back while I sucked.

He growled. His balls twitched. His hand tightened on my braid as his cum squirted into my mouth. I gasped at the force of the first blast of jizz splashing at the back of my throat. It was thick and salty. And then a second and third blast followed. I moaned, shocked at how hard he erupted and how much flowed into my mouth. More and more pumped into me, overflowing my mouth. I had to swallow. I gulped.

Daddy's seed poured down my throat and warmed my belly. I swallowed again and again. It was so salty, but not terrible. It was my daddy's, and that made it better.

He grunted with each blast, his head tossing back, the light illuminating the primal passion crossing his face. And then he grunted the last time.

"Mmm, so good. Melody, you did a great job giving you first blowjob." His cock pulled from my mouth. "Thank you, Daddy." Then I realized some of his cum trickled down my chin. My eyes widened. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I really did my best to swallow all your jizz." He laughed and pulled on my braid.

I winced and stood. "Sweetheart, your mother can't always contain my flood, either. I know you swallowed as much as you could. But let's get you cleaned up." He knelt before me and reached beneath my miniskirt. He yanked down my panties. The hot, tart musk of my pussy filled my nose. He chuckled again.

"Someone's excited." He held up my panties. A dark spot soaked the material even darker. I blushed as he reached out and wiped my face clean. I smelled my pussy even stronger. I had the sudden urge to taste myself. I had always been curious, but chickened out licking the juicy crotch. Daddy pocketed the panties in his jeans and said, "Well, let's continue." Daddy loved the rest of my outfits.

He told me to wear the miniskirt and belly shirt and we headed to the counter to pay. I was so aware I didn't have panties on beneath. Cool, air-conditioned breezes swirled up my legs and caressed my bare lips. I trembled as Daddy paid, my hands constantly pulling down the skirt, making sure I didn't show anything.

Daddy noticed. It amused him. I had to walk in front of Daddy on the way to the lingerie store to buy me new bras and panties. Every time I glanced back, he had a hungry smile on my lips, his eyes locked on my ass. My cheeks burned. My pussy leaked excitement.

I felt the juices trickled down my thighs. People had to notice. It was so embarrassing. But Daddy wanted me to do it. Even though my cheeks burned with shame, I was also so horny. I could explode at the slightest touch. No wonder Mom did everything Dad wanted it if was this exciting to obey and be a good girl. "Oh, hello," the teenage worker greeted when we walked into the shop.

She was a few years older than me. "Out with Daddy, huh?" "Yes," I blushed, squirming, embarrassed. I was old enough that I shouldn't have my father with me shopping for bra and panties. "Come on," Dad said, putting his hand on my lower back and subtly pushing me, guiding me to the racier bras and panties.

"Wow, you have a cool Dad," the girl laughed as Dad pulled out a lacy, almost completely see through pair of soft-purple panties. "Thanks," I blushed as Daddy grabbed a red thong with a lacy, black bow in the tiny triangle of material that would appear above my butt. I didn't choose a single pair. Daddy chose them all. I was dressing to please him now. He found me several bras without straps, and others that matched my underwear and were equally racy.

I blushed to my roots babysitter fucks her bf on the job he grabbed one bra that had holes cut out for my nipples to poke through. He grabbed a pair of crotchless panties to go with it. "Very cool dad," laughed the girl when she noticed.

"Now lets go try these on," Daddy said, guiding me through the store as I held an armful of lacy, beautiful things. "Yes, Daddy." When we reached the stall and my dad opened it and went to follow me in, the girl objected.

"Sir, you're not going in there." "I'm her father," he said. "And I will not be questioned by a girl half my age. Show some respect or I will bend you over my knee and spank you the way your father should have." She blinked and swallowed. "I.I. Sorry sir." "Now I need to make sure everything is perfect for my little girl." The salesgirl blushed and shifted her shoulders, not sure what to say.

Dad closed the door behind us. She did not object. I grinned at Daddy. He was such a stud. Another bulge tented Daddy's jeans as I pulled off my belly shirt and reached behind me to remove my bra. He had already seen my pussy, but he hadn't seen my breasts.

I took a deep breath. They were pulsating shaft gets inside a warm butt small compared to Mom's. Sure they were bigger than Alice's, and they were nice and firm while my amazed bombshell in undies is geeting peed on and screwed made impressive nubs, but would he like them?

But Mom had large tits. Even in her conservative blouses, it was obvious she was packing. I unhooked my bra and shifted my shoulders. The straps fell down them. I took a deep breath and pulled the cups away from my breasts. Daddy's eyes fell on my round, firm breasts. His hands seized them. I gasped, my nipples aching as his palms rubbed them. "Daddy," I moaned, trembling I stared up at him. "D-do you like them?" "They're gorgeous," Daddy growled, his thumbs rubbing over my nipples.

I gasped. It was amazing. My eyes widened. Pleasure shot straight down to my pussy like there was an express elevator through my nerves connecting them. My pussy clenched as he rubbed harder, his fingers digging into my flesh. "I-I'm glad you like them, Daddy." His right hand slid up from my breast, caressed my neck, and then lifted my head.

Daddy leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes as his strong lips moved against mine. His fingers pinched my right nipple as I sighed into the kiss.

He claimed me. I was his good girl. I was breathless when he broke the kiss. Then I gasped when I realized my hands were on his side, rubbing his muscles through his shirt. I couldn't help it. He as so strong. I slipped down the front, rubbing his abs.

"You're hard again, Daddy. Do you need me to blow you?" "I need you to turn around, lean against the wall, and mia khalifa sex story amazing ready to have your cherry popped." "I-in the store?" I gasped.

"With the girl out there? What if she hears us?" His smile grinned. "Your mother always loves it when I fuck her in the changing room. I bet you will, too. You love the danger. You were dripping wet on the walk over here, afraid someone would notice you weren't wearing panties while not understanding why it made you so wet." "I didn't understand, Daddy.

I was scared but.thrilled. Exhilarated." "Now turn around," he growled as he popped the fastener of his jeans. "And be quiet. You don't want to get caught, do you?" "No, Daddy." I turned and leaned against the wall, bracing myself as I trembled. I was about to lose my virginity. And not in a bed with romantic music playing on my honeymoon. Not even with a boy I snuck into the sexy uk ebony sucks cock and takes facial in a bukkake who I was crazy in love with.

I even thought I might lose in the backseat of a car on a date. But I never thought I would lose it to my father in the dressing room. This wasn't romantic. It was something better. Something more exhilarating, more existing. It was sexier. My pussy clenched as his zipper rasped. I looked over my shoulder as Daddy pulled out his dick. He stroked it. He was hard again, the tip throbbing with pleasure.

I remembered how wide he was. Could he fit back there? His hands seized my slim hips, pulling me back a bit and forcing me to bend over more to keep leaning. His dick vag tasted booty lesbian pornstars and big tits the cheeks of my ass, smearing precum as he moved.

It traced a pattern of burning bliss on my ass. And then he grabbed top strapon babes enjoy perfect girlsongirls fucking. He guided it between my legs. My eyes widened as he rubbed it on my virgin flesh. My heart pounded so hard I thought it would explode out of me. He rubbed his cock up and down my cunt and found my hymen. "Daddy," I moaned, still looking over my shoulder at him.

"I think you need a gag," he grinned and pulled my dirty panties out of his pocket. He shoved it into my mouth. I tasted my tart juices and his salty cum. Daddy thrust his cock. I moaned into the panties, my head snapping back while his dick reamed my pussy.

My hymen hardly stopped him. In moments he was in me, stretching my hole wider and wider. I groaned louder through the panties, pain burning in my depths as his cock buried into me. His groin pressed into my ass as his hands hugged me. "That's it," he whispered.

"Just relax and take Daddy's cock. Don't be afraid. I always make sure good girls are rewarded." His left hand wandered up and seized my left breast.

He pinched the nipple while his right hand went south. It shoved between my legs and rubbed at my soft curls before he found my favorite place on my body. My clitoris. I moaned "Daddy" into my panties as he rubbed it.

My pussy clenched on his cock. Pleasure replaced pain. His diddling washed it away. I shifted my hips, his cock moving inside of me. My eyes widened. More pleasure rippled out of my pussy. "That's it," he groaned. "You're becoming Daddy's good girl." His hips drew back. My pussy clung to his flesh. My back arched and my hips shifted. I moaned again, loving every inch of his flesh.

He rubbed harder at my clit. Duel delights washed through my body. Daddy thrust in. My head snapped up again. I bucked and moaned. It was so amazing. His cock slid through my folds. His groin slapped into my butt.

I moaned into the panties, loving every moment of our incestuous union of flesh. The very cock that fucked my mother and spurted the cum that conceived me now hammered my own pussy. I was Daddy's good girl. The thought, combined with my day's worth of excitement. The salesgirl was just outside the door, unaware we were committing such an incestuous act. My pussy clenched down on Daddy's cock while my clit throbbed beneath his strumming fingers. I came. It was the best orgasm ever. All my masturbation paled to the delight of Daddy's cock fucking my pussy.

The pleasure shot through me in powerful waves. My body undulated with each one. They reached my mind, smothering my thoughts in delight. The small changing room spun about me as my body drank in every blast of Daddy's taboo seed while I moaned into my panties. Stars danced in my eyes.

My Daddy's cock fucked me faster. The pleasure kept building. Swelling. I moaned again and again. His dick thrust harder and harder. My orgasm didn't stop. It kept going, drowning me in bliss. I bit down on my panties as the ecstasy consumed me. "My good girl," he groaned as he buried his cock into me. His dick erupted. His cum flooded my pussy. I felt so close with Daddy. I was his woman, his good girl.

His hands stroked me as he gasped for his breath. Floppy tit mom showing daughter anal incestuous seed was in me. I wasn't on birth control. I didn't care if we conceived a child. I never wanted him to let me go. "Is everything all right in there?" the salesgirl asked. "Perfect," Daddy answered and pulled his dick out of my pussy.

"Right, sweetheart?" I pulled my panties out of my mouth. "It's wonderful," I sighed. "So many beautiful panties and bras. I'm such a lucky girl." "Sounds like it," laughed the salesgirl.

"My Dad would never buy me such.daring panties and bras." "I guess you weren't a good girl." I was. And I earned my reward. It dripped out of me. I stepped into my dirty panties to contain it. I couldn't wait for the rest of our three weeks alone. To be continued.