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Teen girl mother and beautiful strip xxx watching her tight twat wrap around a yamsized
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The darkness is penetrating, like being submerged in a swimming pool full of ink. It seems to fill up the pores on the skin. The brain can hardly register the complete lack of information the eyes have to offer. After a moment, it is obvious the heart is beating a bit stronger, and a light sweat has broken out as the adrenaline has been released in response to the new environment. A deep breath sounds much louder than usual. Getting up the courage to simply move creates a new exhilaration.

. is there a wall right here, or a staircase over here, or a person nearby, or nothing at all? Reaching out feels strange as the eyes are no longer complimenting the sensation involved. It is difficult to be sure where the hands are, yet the feeling of taut fabric around the shoulders is a sure sign they are outstretched.

Steps are short and tentative. The urge to laugh about how ridiculous this flailing must appear is suppressed. After long moments of groping, the feel of wallpaper against fingertips reassures. Both hands move rapidly to the surface, and the body follows. Feeling along the wall, moving with new confidence until it is clear the spot is safe, another exhale and the body relaxes even more. An inquisitive bend reveals soft carpeting underfoot, and a tippy-toed stretch reveals a wall much higher than usual.

Time to just breathe. . and listen. Soon it is clear there is another. Shuffling, staccato footsteps are not very far away. Direction is difficult to pinpoint as the sound is soft and seemingly coming from everywhere. Straining to hear makes figuring it out even more difficult, but not knowing is almost painful.

Time to relax and remember. Remember the words on the card signed by all participants: american school girl sexy story agreeing to this experiment, everyone involved will abide by the following rules: 1) No audible communication at all.

This includes voice, knocking on surfaces, kicking or stomping the floor, or any other form of audible "language". Any violation will result in immediate termination of the session. 2) Although your room is being monitored for sound, no recording devices of any kind are being used or are permitted. 3) Participants may take only the clothes they are wearing into the room. All other personal effects will be stored in a safe until the completion of the session.

4) Participants are encouraged to engage in any mutually agreed-upon behavior during their session. The footsteps are obviously getting closer, close enough that a faint hint of shallow breathing seems to accompany every third step or so. Back to the wall, the other is to the left. Closing in, but not close enough yet to touch.

Not speaking out to direct them is amazingly difficult. Literally biting the tongue is the only way to keep from blurting out. Despite the uselessness of the eyes, closing them tight and wishing the other nearer seems to make perfect sense. Suddenly a small vibration alerts the back and the brain they are touching the same wall! The shuffling steps are quicker now, but after a brief pause, seem to be moving away.

Damn it! Turning towards the left, fingers like whiskers along the wall, moving again feels almost as foreign as before as if the brief respite rinsed away the ability. But, readjusting to the sensations (or lack thereof) knocks the focus off the clues to the other. A pause confirms that they have either stopped or have moved very far away.

What was initially very exciting is on the verge of becoming frustrating. A crisp gasp accompanies the fingertips meeting along the wall suddenly and without warning.

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The natural tendency to recoil restarts the heartbeat and adrenaline, and is quickly complemented by an emerging, nervous smile. Reaching back out feels so natural and contains such wondrous anticipation. This time fingers bump into wrist and after a bit of fumbling, a gentle handshake is engaged. What wonderful hands they feel so perfect as the handshake is followed by caressing and exploring. Wrists and forearms, elbows and shoulders, moving in this darkness begins to take on new comfort as bodies draw nearer.

Standing close, yet still a bit apart, the fingers begin to fill in the gaps the eyes cannot paint. Breaths come quicker again as hands go flittering over the shoulders, neck and face of one another - touching cheeks, lips and hair. Can one 'see' the color of another's hair by the curls?

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It seems so. Can one know the shape of a smile by tracing lips with a pinky? It seems so. Can one sense the anticipation in their partner by the subtle muscles straining under the skin? Oh, yes. When a finger moving across lips is met by a gentle kiss and quick caress of the tongue, unmistakable signals are shared.

Mutual smiles are obvious as if the room was lit by the sun there is no doubt this will be fun. An arm snakes around a lower back and gathers the other body closer.

Is the skin this warm when you can see it? That seems impossible, but every exposed surface feels feverish. A hand moves up to the back of the neck, the other on the cheek, lightly pulling one brutal fuck at home with amateur couple towards the other.

A feathery inhale is the only clue just before lips meet and pucker against one another softly. Oh, the sensation! The brain-scrambling sensation of an eager mouth has never felt more powerful.

Tongues quickly join in the revelry, passing across one another, pausing to take in the passion being communicated without a word. The kissing is potent as hands leave their station to explore. A palm across the chest, fingers spread wide and waving across the surface of the shirt, inspires a renewed flickering of the tongue.

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Fingers along the back, tracing their way down to the beltline and back around to the buckle itself, inspires the mouth to lightly suck that aggressive tongue. Fingers begin to find buttons and release them from their stitched holes. A trembling tummy is exposed to the air and a shoulder sheds the last fabric that protected it. Impatience for more bare skin overwhelms as more clothing is un-tucked, yanked free and cast aside into the void.

Becoming naked seems to make the room hotter as both pause to touch what was unreachable just moments ago. The curves of the hips and butt are slowly explored. The soft skin just below the belly button writhes lightly under roaming fingertips.

Thighs meet and slide along one another like Teflon.

The kissing begins anew. This time each mouth is open wider, each sucking motion is made with more urgency, every tongue twist beckons the other with the sharpness of a lightning bolt.

Hands grasp and pull everything closer, trying to squeeze the darkness out from in between. One mouth releases the other and begins a journey of small, soft kisses. Traveling in a random swirl across the neck, the chest, along the ribs, it slows as the lips near the tummy. Hands move to the hips, balancing the kisser as they slowly, lightly trace a hot moist tongue downward. A cheek barely brushes tender flesh as the tongue licks it's way along the inner thigh slowly to the knee and then across to the other leg.

Up again, the warm mouth climbs renewing it's teasing journey. As the tongue nears the top of the leg, the hands on the hips grasp a bit tighter. Soft lips join the tongue and press themselves onto and around skin that is electric with arousal.

The moment of contact is exquisite and shocking. What delirious pleasure when the sense of touch is so engaged. The engorged skin feels incredibly thin, almost transparent, as each nerve ending screams in ecstasy. The lips are tuned clearly to the powerful response of the flesh they are pleasuring.

The gyration of the hips against the movement of the mouth creates a harmonious mutual motion. There is no separation between the giver and the receiver both are lost in the intense feelings of the other. The impending release is felt as one would see a sunrise on the horizon, aware of the approaching moment, but not yet basking in the light.

Knowing - no - feeling this, a hand moves off the hip and joins in the pleasure dance. As the involuntary cascade draws rapidly near, a hand grips the hair and one lands on a shoulder for support.

The fingers two hot babes dominate a stud with a couple of strap ons masturbation domination the first to feel the subtle contractions of the underlying muscles, fervently encouraging the inevitable.

The pace of movement quickens. The breath comes in sharp, piercing huffs. The mouth longs for the prize it has so diligently pursued.

The darkness is punctuated by sharp flashes of light, behind tightly clenched eyelids. The whole body seems to stretch out like a guitar string as the passion spikes. Hot, fluid rapture crashes across quivering lips, tongue and fingers. Knees buckle and twist while wave after wave of potent, rippling joy rewards sunny leone xxx big story sex stories 2019in sea mouth that coaxed them forth.

The only thing keeping voice from tearing the cover off the darkness are tightly clenched teeth and the desire to stay in this moment. Incredible. Embracing tightly, trembling hands on lightly misted skin, the vibration of happiness passes between with clarity. Slow, moist, deep kisses keep the passion lit in the dark. Not spent, but rather energized by such powerful sensations, the roles are traded.

One, whose mouth was previously gasping in outrageous stimulation, is stirring fresh passion in the sensual center of the other. Longing to ensure gratification at least as pointed as just experienced, hands and mouth indulge lustfully, intensely. Sizzling skin is teased, pressed, pulled and made slick with saliva. Upon feeling a distinct reaction to a particular spot, the concentration is narrowed. The motion is condensed and focused while the body gives itself over to the impending bliss.

A few more strokes, just a few, and the emerging orgasm reveals itself. Shaking, convulsing hips and a curled back seem to squeeze the molten pleasure from flesh to mouth. The taut, rapid contractions engulf the entire body from which they emanate. A hand rises quickly to cover an emerging guttural groan perhaps not a language, but surely communicating the contentment of the one uttering such a primal raquel darrian gets fucked on a desk. The body twitches mightily before settling down into relaxation the legs folding into a kneeling position allowing another delicious kiss to be offered.

Incredible. Leaning together the bodies lay across the soft floor, remaining entwined as their breathing evens out and their hearts beat in relaxed unison.

The touching continues slowly, at first, just fingertips across reclined torsos. Movement that is like a magician trying to conjure fire from empty air. Mouths still carrying the erotic fragrance of the lover move onto one another easily. More ardent grasping follows, nipples touched, pinched and rolled, thighs kneaded and caressed. The room is silent, except the moist noises mouths are making. Quickly both are aroused again, both minds reeling at the idea of more frenzied succor. They move just far enough apart so hands can reach, touching and stroking already excited spots, setting off yet another rush of lascivious goose bumps.

Finally, the tension is too much as one pulls the other closer while rolling into a position to make their offering. Grasping in a way that leaves no doubt as to intent, the bodies touch and begin to merge. The collision is almost scalding as each absorbs the radiant lust of the other. There is no unused space, no uncomfortable angle, no adjustment to be made. Each fits the other like the last puzzle piece, completing a picture never before finished.

The oscillation comes naturally, a pitch perfect symphony of abandonment to pleasure. Not only is the room dark, so is the world - except for the fuse being lit by the grinding, supple fucking.

The escalating back and forth begins to create new, wet sounds. It can't be possible for two to be so in sync, but the mutual buttons being pushed are evident. As hips roll more fervently and legs spread even wider, each movement has a simultaneous effect on the other.

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Pumping and pressing to an unconscious crescendo, there are only the silent clues that let the other know their bliss is shared.

The clenching of skin, the hot breath in rapid-fire, even the transcendent tingle of carnal telepathy. Slow motion oozes across the air when the explosion begins, seemingly reducing time as the rapture amplifies.

There is no silencing the response to this moment. Throats open and not even the overwhelming blackness can swallow the siren song of pure surrender. The energetic combustion saturates vibrating flesh in a shuddering and slimy culmination. No muscle is spared, every one pulses in response to the exhilaration. No energy is left unused as each collapses into the other, close to salacious exhaustion. Such is the disconnection to their environment, no notice is taken that the lights have come on and voices are ordering to pack up and get out.

There are only the blinking, bright eyes of the perfect partner.