Dirty busty mature enjoys sucking on a hard loaded cock

Dirty busty mature enjoys sucking on a hard loaded cock
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 24 DREAM FUCKING My neighbor Tanu (Name changed) is a Punjabi lady, almost of my age, staying next door. She is an unsatisfied lady in sex. Her Husband is a well-built Sardar but he is not able to satisfy his wife fully. I, being a female can understand the feelings of a sexually unsatisfied female because I know the pleasure of sex and I can understand the feeling of a female who always being left unsatisfied by her male sex partner.

She told me once that her husband finish very early every time, after 8/10 strokes only, leaving her in between and goes sleep. She used to masturbate every spinner teen babe angel smalls gives head and ass fucked to satisfy herself. I told her to get hot and wet well by foreplay with husband before a fuck, but she replied that she is being fucked by her husband only once or twice in a week.

And that is too when he wants. He comes home drunk, eats something in dinner and straight away goes for sleep. Some time, when he feels hardness in his cock before sleeping, he fucks her even before making her hot and wet, ready for a fuck.

Mostly, he fucks her dry pussy.

He enjoys but leaves her unsatisfied. Her husband also goes on business tour frequently. Once, I saw Tanu in lesbian sex act with Neeta (her husband's secretary) at her home when their door was not locked properly and I went there to meet her in one afternoon. Neeta is a beautiful girl aged about 19. I heard some sexy voices and went inside secretly to see what is going on there.

I have seen both of them naked playing a lesbian sex game in their bed room. Immediately, my pussy went wet seeing the sexy act between them and I was about to join them in this game. But, I controlled myself and have returned to my home. I could not forget what I have seen and I was ended with rubbing and massaging my own pussy. Once in afternoon, when I come to the door of my house to say bye to my husband when he was going office after lunch and also after fucking me, I saw Neeta entering Tanu's house.

I understood that what will be the next between them behind the closed door. As I was tired after having a wonderful afternoon post lunch fuck with my hubby, I returned to my bedroom and went to sleep.

Within no time, I was in deep sleep and I saw a very sexy dream. My husband came out of the lift and has down the halfway towards our home and noticed the door of our neighbor was slightly opened. He looked at the door and noticed it was the apartment of Manjeet Singh and his wife Tanu.

He knew that Tanu is pretty teen elaina raye caught her bf fucking her stepmom diana doll a HOT woman. Normally he would not see Tanu out of her home.

He wonders that door is slightly open but there was no voice coming out. May be both husband and wife went out and unfortunately the door left open accidentally.

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He wanted to be sure whether someone in the house or not because this can be a security threat. He knocked lightly on the door. No response from inside. He pushed the door open slightly and called out for Mr. and Mrs. Manjeet. No response. He walked in and slowly started to look around. There was noise from some where. It was then that he noticed the sound coming from the bedroom. He approached slowly and quietly and could hear the low and hushed moans of a female .or was it two? He stood at the doorway and his jaw hit the floor.

There on the bed was Mrs. Tanu Manjeet Singh.sucking on the pussy of a very young and very hot girl. Their moans and sucking sounds made his cock instantly hard as he look in as much of this wonderful sight as he could. Tanu's tits dangled down and swayed as she ran her tongue all around and in and out of that fair skinned young beauty.

Suddenly Tanu looked his way and screamed something in Punjabi. The other girl jumped and screamed as well.they scrambled to cover themselves as petite teen slut with big ass fucked hard by a daddys friend tried to calm them down. "It's ok.it's ok.shhh.shhh" He said and after a few moments they sat there.covers pulled up around them.breathing heavily like two scared animals.

"It's ok. It's ok." My husband said. "What the hell are you doing in my home" Tanu asked sternly. "The door was open.I was just passing and I knocked. I knocked and you didn't answer, for security purpose, I wanted to know whether someone at home or the home left unlocked" He stammered. Tanu let out a small smile. "Well.as you can see. I was busy" she said as she tried to fix her hair.

"I don't know how the door was left open" she said as she looked at her lesbian young friend and said something in her ear. probably something like" You forgot to close the door you dumb cunt". "Where is Mr. Manjeet" My asked. "He is out on business tour.This is Neeta.She is my husband's assistant." Tanu said as she motioned to the still trembling girl sitting on the bed. "This is quite a surprise for you.no?" Tanu asked him. "Oh.uh.yes.yes it is" He said as he leaned back on a dresser.

"We are scared because if word got out about what you just saw would like a death sentence for both of us .you do realize that don't you.Private."? "Yes.yes! Private! .And don't worry.I won't tell anyone" He said.trying to reassure her. She said something to Neeta again in her ear that seemed to calm her down. "Well.Private, Ramesh .maybe you should go lock the door and come back in here" Tanu said with a smile.

This was an open invitation to my husband who was already feeling hardness in his trouser. He knew what she was getting at and he had locked the door and shot back in the room within seconds. "Neeta does not speak properly.but she wants you to know how grateful we both are for you keeping this secret.I know in our society it is not common.but. "Tanu said as she rose from the bed to her knees and placed her hands on his shoulders.

Tanu put her lips to his and drove her wet tongue into his mouth. Neeta slowly crawled towards him.the covers slipping off her and slowly revealing her great body. "She is only 19 years old" said Tanu as she kissed his neck and ran her hands all over his chest. Neeta took his belt and unfastened it while Tanu worked his shirt off in a matter of seconds. As Neeta pulled down his pants, underwear and his rock hard cock sprang out at her face.

Neeta took his emma hix put stepbros cock in her mouth and pussy to her mouth. Tanu laughed. Tanu looked down at Neeta sucking and licking his cock. "Mmmm.that is a nice cock Ramesh.mind if I help her" Tanu whispered as she bent down and put her lips on the side of his shaft. He looked down and watched these two exotic beauties work on his cock .they had great bodies.long slim legs.asses round and in the air.long dark hair.dark eyes with cat eye makeup that made them look even more exotic.

They both wore silver chains around their waists and had big gold hoop earrings and bracelets and clanked and jingled as they stroked his cock.

Their tongues worked in unison up and down his glistening shaft. Tanu cupping his balls and occasionally running her tongue over his ball sack. Neeta moved off his cock and began to kiss his stomach. slowly working her way up his body and licking and biting on his nipples. She kissed his neck and moaned in pleasure in his ear. They both smelled great to my husband . his cock have twitching with excitement as these two hot women worked him to the brink.

Neeta laid herself down on her back and Tanu lay next to her and they began to kiss and writhe around together . their bald pussies wet and glistening. He knelt down at the side of the bed and began to lick and suck on Tanu's hot and juicy pussy.while rubbing Neeta's pussy lips with his other hand. "Ohhhh.ohh.yes.oh. mmmmm.yes.lick me. ohhhhhh" Tanu moaned. Neeta was moaning slowly and groaning as well and then the two of them started to kiss each other. He alternated between pussy licking each of them and fingering their wet fuck holes.both women were sopping wet and grinding down on his face and fingers as he took them both to orgasm after orgasm.

"Fuck her" Tanu said.motioning to Neeta. He stood up and grabbed Neeta's legs and put them together. He pushed her ankles up and looked down at the sopping wet and ready to fuck pussy that was peering out between her compressed legs. He used one hand to hold her delicate ankles together and the other to pry down his hard hot rod and placed it at her wet opening.

The head slid in and she gasped.looking up at him, and then Tanu. He let go of his cock and the whole thing slid in deep.to the balls. Though she was only 19 years old but the way my husband's long, thick and hot cock absorbed by her pussy, she must have been fucked many times before. Good! Neeta moaned and flailed about as he hot flexible teen fucked in the hotel to rhythmically fuck her good.sliding his fat cock all the way out and all the way back in.

Her tits were shaking as he humped her hard and fast. Tanu sat and took it all in for a moment.smiling and running her hands around his abs and chest. Tanu looked at Neeta and then straddled her face.placing her wet pussy on Neeta's hot mouth and facing him. He grabbed Tanu's left tit and squeezed it.her nipples were stiff and she moaned as Neeta lapped at and sucked on her pussy.

The 3 of them rocked back and forth.pleasing each other over and over again. moaning.fucking. sucking. licking.

Neeta must have cum more than twice and Tanu exploded in a massive orgasm as her pussy was being licked by Neeta from down when my husband was fucking Neeta. He was fucking Neeta and then pulling his cock out every 3 rd or 4th stroke to shove it in Tanu's mouth. She loved that and it pushed her over the edge as Neeta sucked her clit to orgasm. He pulled out of Neeta and told Tanu to get up doggy style.she obeyed and he slipped his hot cock into her wet pussy.ramming it hard and fast.his balls and bag bouncing at the velocity of each thrust.

He finds Tanu's pussy tighter than Neeta's.

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Neeta lay on her back so that Tanu could suck her pussy off. He grabbed Tanu's hips and started to really nail her good. the bed was moving and sliding as he rammed her hot, married pussy so good. "You like my cock.don't you" He growled in her ear. Tanu turned her face towards him and kissed him.biting his lower lip.

"Ohh.yes.yeah.fuck me with your hard cock.cum all over us both.mmmm" she said through gritted teeth. This was enough to push him over the edge.He grabbed Tanu's ass and hips. gripping them hard as he slapped and hammered his monster cock into her cunt.his pace was furious .sweat covered his entire body.dripping off his brow and onto her exposed asshole.

He tensed up and squeezed her hard as he shot a hot load of his warm cum deep into Tanu's womb. Tanu pulled off his cock and looked up to Neeta and they both jacked at his cock.faces placed in front.tongues outstretched. waiting for the remaining ropes of hot cum to erupt in their faces. He shot rope after rope of hot cum all over both of them .and they licked his cock clean.completely draining him. They lay in bed together for about a half an hour when he got up to leave.

"Your secret is safe with me ladies.thank you." He said Tanu followed him to the door naked and kissed him again deeply as he stood there. He admired her amazing body and her exotic beauty. "I haven't had a nice young cock like that in long, long time" she said as she embraced him again. "Don't forget to lock the door" He said as he left. He stepped out of Tanu's home and started walking towards our home.

He entered in our house using his key, maybe he did not want to disturb me or maybe he wanted to appear before me suddenly for my surprise. He shut the door and I looked towards the door hearing the sound of shutting the door. I was sitting on sofa in living room. I was wearing a transparent white gown under which I was wearing a pair of sexy undergarments i.e. pink bra and pink panty. We have seen each other's smile on face. He walked up to me and hugged me tight.

He gave me a deep kiss on my lips. He was moving his hands on my sexy body in a very sexy way. He pumped my boobs over from my gown and bra. I 2019 xxx sex stories storys moving feel his hot, hard and erect cock on my belly.

I started getting wet in to my panty. Oh my god! He just fucked two sexy ladies next door and is ready to fuck me too. He had unbuttoned my gown and pulled it off from my body in a flash. Now I was before him only in my bra and panty on my body. He again pressed my boobs from over my bra. As always, he was taking me with him on a wonderful sex journey. My eyes went closed in pleasure as he slipped his hand under my panty up to my wet pussy.

His hand discovered my wet pussy and he slid his middle finger between my wet pussy lips. As my pussy was already wet, it was very easy for him to move his middle finger up and down, up and down between my pussy lips rubbing my clit.

He was making me hot and wet for a sex drive. I took hold of his hot erect rod over his pant. Suddenly………&hellip. His cell phone started ringing.

He stopped moving his finger between my pussy lips but his finger was still between my pussy lips and his cock was in my hand. He was not picking up his phone and the ring was continuing to ringing.

It was ringing but he was not responding to the call. I woke up listening bell of the phone. It was ringing and ringing. I picked up the phone; my hubby was on line informing me that six vidos xxx sex stories downlod will be little delay in his returning to home because of an important meeting in the office. Oh my god! It was a sexy dream which I was seeing. I found myself alone in the home on my bed.

But, what a dream I have seen. My hand was moved up to joint of my legs at the right spot. My pussy was leaking. It was the effect of the sexy dream seeing my husband fucking two sexy females. I was wearing only a gown on inner wear bra and panty. I had removed the gown in one stroke. I sat on the bed resting my back on the wall of the bed. I pulled out my wet panty and have parted my legs. My fingers have started to move on my love part, on my wet pussy. It was impossible to control the feelings after such a sexy dream.

My fingers become wet with my own juices and it was very easy to move my middle finger between my pussy hd petite latin teen my annoying stepbro. My eyes gone closed in enjoyment as I have started to rub and massage my clit slowly and slowly.

I was giving sexy treatment to my wet pussy with middle finger of my right hand and my left hand was on my lovely boobs. I was pumping my own boobs and was enjoying. Soon, it becomes difficult for me to control the speed of my finger rubbing and massaging my clit. I could feel that my nipples went hard and my back has started to jump a little with my every stroke of finger on clit.

I wanted immediately to reach and experience a strong orgasm by self masturbating and gradually my finger started to move with speed between my pussy lips. on my clit. I was chewing my lips and my back has started to mount as a strong orgasm had started to develop below my belly and I was near to finish.

Rubbing. Rubbing. Fast >>>> Faster >>>>>>> and. and I reached to my orgasm. I have tightened my legs with my finger between my pussy lips supporting my orgasm with light strokes. Oh. What a satisfactory feeling after a wonderful masturbation.

I finished self masturbating with a strong orgasm but I could not throw the two sexy ladies, Tanu and Neeta from my thought. I have made up my mind to surely play a lesbian sex game with both of them or at least with one of them. Julee