Hot milf and teenie shared a hard dick

Hot milf and teenie shared a hard dick
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This is my first story, I haven't written anything since junior high school, please excuse the spelling and grammer mistakes, Enjoy mia malkova sex storys mia khalifa sex storys Weekends with my Daughter Hi Daddy she called out to me as arrived at my house for the weekend, Hi Sweetie I said as I gave her a quick hug and kiss hello.

Being divorced was hard on me not being able to see my daughter's pretty face everyday and listening to all her stories from her days adventures. Meghan is a petite girl with long brown hair and sky blue eyes, standing at 5' 1" she was a prettier version of her mother, at 112lbs she was a far bit lighter as well. What are we doing this weekend dad? she asked as she put her stuff away, after working a 12hr day I was in not really interested in doing much of anything, I am not sure, what would you like to do I asked her.

I am pretty hungry she replied as she looked through the fridge looking for something to eat, can we go out and eat?

not being able to say no to my daughter I replied yes and asked her where she would like to go. Somewhere fancy she gleamed as looked at my face for approval.

Ok I replied, I told her I needed to get cleaned up and that I would be ready in a little while.

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She continued to fill me in on what had taken place over the last few weeks since I seen her, she was talking up a storm following me around the house as I was getting ready. I walked into the bathroom and removed my shirt to shave and she followed me in there as well occasionally laughing at the faces I made while I was shaving.

I finished shaving and was ready to get into the shower and I said to her, I need to get in the shower now and motioned for her to get out of the bathroom; she smiled and looked me up and down with a sly smile on her face, ok daddy she exclaimed and left the bathroom and closed the door. As I stood in the shower my mind drifted to the look that she gave me and I soon found my cock growing rock hard. A brief period of disgust overcame me as I realized I was fantisizing over my 14 year old daughter.

Seeing that no one knew this but me I soaped up my 8" cock and stroked it for all I was worth; I couldn't believe how hard and how fast I came thinking about my daughter naked sending stream after stream of cum onto the shower wall. After regaining myself and cleaning up my mess in the shower I got out and wrapped a towel around myself and headed to my bedroom to get dressed.

I didn't think you were ever going to get out of the bathroom she said as I walked into the kitchen, what were you doing? she asked. I found myself getting a little red in the face as I explaned to her that I was sore from work and I was just soaking to get rid of the soreness, she just smiled and asked if I was ready. I said that I was and we got ready to leave, it was then that I realized what she was wearing, she had on a knee length light blue dress that dropped in the front and high heel shoes, being somewhat of a tomboy I was quite surprised to see her this way.

Wow I exclaimed you look very pretty, whats the occassion? She said that her mom said that it was time for her to start acting like a girl instead of a boy and that since we were going to a fancy resturaunt that she wanted to look nice. I commented on how nice she looked and we headed for the garage.

As we were driving to the resturaunt I caught myself looking at her in a different light, I was looking at her not as my daughter but lucy love rides on a massive cock a sexy young lady. We were driving and listening to her music very loud and doing the ritual car dance and I caught myself looking at her pert breasts and could see half of them through the opening in her dress I looked up at her and realized that she caught me looking at her breasts, she didn't say anything and started singing as she looked at my red face.

We arrived at the resturuant and she squealed when she saw the sign to her favorite place; we used to frequent the resturuant pinay filipinsex student scandal in makati her mother as a family, I haven't been here since., having realized what she was about to say, she giggled and opened up the door.

We sat down at our table and ordered drinks, wine for me and pepsi in a wine glass for her, I couldn't help myself sneaking peaks at my daughter as she sat there pouring over the menu with a smile that would melt anyones heart, my eyes were drawn to her breasts again and I thought to myself "when did she get those" there weren't really big maybe the size of grapefruits, but very well proportioned for her size, it was then that I realized that she caught me staring at her breasts again, I could feel my face starting to turn red when there was a big flash followed by a big bang and we both looked outside the window to see the rain start to pour, being scared of thunder and lighting she jumped with a frightened look on her face.

I hate thunder and lighting she said as the waiter arrived to take our order. I was quite relieved for the interruption as it took the attention away from the fact that I got caught looking at her breasts yet again. Guilt soon took over and I excused myself to go to the bathroom to get control over myself. I returned back to the table to see our food had already arrived and she asked what took me so long, what is up with you and the bathroom tonight she asked?

are you feeling alright? I told her that I was fine and that I was just tired and sore from work, she seemed to accept the explanation and continued to talk as we ate our supper. I told myself that I would stop checking my daughter out and we watched the rain fall outside the window of the resturaunt.

It doesn't look like the rain is going to stop anytime soon she said as she looked through the dessert menu, I hope it stops before we leave we will get soaked, don't worry I said you are not sugar you won't melt. She gave that sly pouty little smile and replied, I not but you are for bringing to my favorite place. I just smiled and told her I would do anything for her, anything? she giggled, I laughted and said yes.

After she finished her carrot cake we settled the bill and were getting ready to leave the resturuant when she said it is still raining pretty hard dad, we are going to get soaked, I don't want to ruin my new dress she said as we approached the door, mom will kill me. I told her not to worry about it and that if it did get ruined I would replace it for her.

We opened the door and ran for the car, I couldn't believe how hard the rain was coming down and we just laughted as there was no point in running anymore as we couldn't get in any wetter if we tried. When we got to the car door and I opened it for her and my jaw dropped as the light from the car illumated her, her light blue dress clung to her body like it were a glove and I realized how hot my young daughter actually was, I could feel my cock rising to attention as I watched her slide into the car.

I walked around the car and opened the door and got into the car and realized that I was rock hard, I thought I caught my daughter looking at my crotch but started joking with her about how wet we were and that I had already had one shower this evening and that I didn't need another one. On the way home I could help myself from looking at my young daughter's body, we came to a red light and I was looking at how tight the dress was on her body and how beautiful she had become, I looked up to see her looking at me and I lowered my head and told her how sorry I was, she said it was ok and that she is used to boys looking at her now.

I explained to her that I hadn't realized how grown up she was and that I could see why the boys would be looking at her, she blushed and said thank you. The rest of the drive home was rather uncomfortable and I was feeling really bad for what I had done. We arrived home and were quick to get into some warm and dry clothes, the rain had stopped and we decided to watch a movie on pay per view, I started having a few stiff drinks to try and rid the vision out of my mind of my daughter and how tight the wet blue dress had clung to her beautiful young body.

We were laying on each end of the couch when we saw another bright flash followed by the loud bang which made Meghan jump, god I hate thunder and lightning as she slid up the couch to hung me for comfort. The storm grew in strengh and it wasn't long before the power was out as well, we layed on the couch until decideding the power would be out for a while and that we wouldn't see the end of our movie and that we may as well go to bed.

The storm seem kinky allie haze likes pleasuring fat dicks compilation and preston settle down as we walked to her room with a flashlight, I kissed her good nite and headed back to the livingroom to fix another drink, I was not sure if I was just really tired or really drunk as I made my way back to my bedroom.

I stripped off my clothes and climbed into bed thinking about our evening and the hot little body that lay in the next room. A mixture of guilt and excitement swept over me as I pictured my sweet little baby naked. It didn't take me long to fall asleep with the sound of the rain falling on the roof and the picture I had envisioned in my mind of my preteen daughter.

A few hours later I was awakened by my daughter and the loud sound of thunder in my room, can I sleep with you Daddy? I am scared, I was not sure if I was awake or not, but I told yes and she climbed into my bed and snuggled up close to me wrapping my arm around her to make her feel safe. We were laying there for a while as I was trying to think in my mind if I was dreaming or awake and then it dawned on me that I was completely naked in my bed with my daughter pressed up hard brazzer milfs mom and son me, panic started to drift into my head as she beautiful latina flashes monster tits in public and tried to get closer to me with every clap of thunder.

I could feel my cock starting to react to the warm young body now pressed against me, I tried to think of anything to stop my erection but it was hopeless.

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Meghan was aware that something was different and she asked me "Dad did you bring the flashlight into bed with you?" I replied that yes it was in the bed somewhere hoping she would think that my rock hard cock that was pressing into her lower back was the flashlight. We layed there for a few minutes and I thought that my little white lie had worked when she reached back and grabbed my cock. She felt its length and said "Dad what is this? this isn't a flashlight" my heart sank and I was at a loss for words.

All I could think of at the moment to say was "what do you think it is?" there was silence in the room as she felt its length one more time and removed her hand, your cock she replied, she layed there and did not say anything and I told her how sorry I was and started to get out of the bed and she held onto my arm as the thunder clapped again, no it is ok Dad, I don't mind.

As we lay there listening to the storm die off with my cock resting above the crack of her ass she said "Dad can I ask you a question? I replied yes and she asked " how come you have a hardon dad? The words haunted me as She plays with big rod of guy stammered for words to explain to my preteen daughter why her father big cock was pressing into her back.

I tried to explain to her that I was used to her being somewhat of a tomboy and that I hadn't realized how much she had grown up.

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That is not what I asked you dad, why do you have a hardon? I told her that I was not used to her looking so pretty, and that it caught me by surprize. Your avoiding the question dad, she reached back and grabbed my cock and held it tight, why is this hard dad? she demanded, I was stammering for something to say when all of a sudden the power came back on and the room was lite by the light on the ceiling, as our eyes both adjusted she repeated the question looking into my eyes.

I could feel the hot grip she had on my cock and decided to just answer the question honestly with the hopes of her not going home and telling her mother. Well dear it is because you have a sexy body and you feel really good laying beside me. She looked at me and I caught that sly smile on her face, do you really think I have a nice body Daddy? yes I do I replied, you have grown into a very pretty girl. I looked into her eyes and and then to my crotch where she still had a grip on my cock, Sorry dad she replied, and she felt its length one more time and then asked," Dad can I see it?" see what I replied, your cock Dad, I have never seen one before.

I told her what she was asking could get me in alot of trouble and asked her if this is what she wanted and she told me she did, I agreed as she turned over onto her knees in antisipation, I removed the blanket watching her face light up as she eyed up my cock, its pretty she said. pretty? I could think of a better word I said and she laughted.

She reached up and stroked its entire length and said wow pretty impressive dad, it is big dick tested the tight shaved pussy of adria big as the ones on the internet, but fatter. thanks I guess I replied, your turn I replied, my turn? yes you saw me naked it is only fair. Meghan looked at me with a worried look on her face, she explained that no one had ever seen her naked before, as I waited for her to begin, her face went beet red and she started to protest.

I told her that I used to change her diaper and that she didn't have anything that I haven't seen before. with a little reluctance she started to pull my old teeshirt over her head. I watched as the shirt rose above her flat stomach to reveil her beuatiful breasts, her face was flushed as she looked into my eyes, I was in awe as I drank in her beauty.

You are fucking georgous I replied, she giggled and said ya think Dad! I reached out and ran my hands up her flat stomach to her firm breasts gently rubbing her nipples between my fingertips, she let out a sigh as I gently caressed her stomach and breasts. I then said what about the rest of you looking at her panties, oh I don't know dad she wined, come on I said, fair is fair.

She stood up on the bed and held the seam of her panties with her thumbs, I am scared Dad, I have never done this before, not even mom has seen me there. I reached up and kissed her belly and moved her hands away from her panties, she stood there looking up at the ceiling, I gently tugged her panties down as she lifted each leg to let me remove them, she then looked down at me as I examined her lightly hair covered pussy, I asked her to turn around for me so I could feel her ass, she was indeed a very tiny and beautiful young women.

I leaned forward and kissed her ass gently and she let out a giggle, "does this mean I can tell you to kiss my ass?" she laughted, anytime I replied. We turned the lights off and layed back down in bed resuming our preivous position and I continued to caress her young preteen body as she moaned and writhed on the bed as I played with her young breasts, "ohhh that feels so good Daddy" she panted as I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and rolled the other between my fingers, I ran my hand over her flat stomach gently inched my way down to her small little pussy and she frose in the bed, Dad what are you doing?

it is ok I assured her and continued my path to her young pussy, she then grabbed my arm and said no Dad! no one has ever touched me there before, I am scared and she started to cry, I stopped and gently hugged her and told her that everyting would be ok, I would never do anything to hurt her, she stopped crying and hugged me back and replied this is a big night for me Dad, I saw and felt the first real cock in my life tonight and surprise sex while blind folded neighbor layla was yours, I have had my breasts felt and sucked, it is all pretty new to me Dad, I am not sure if I am ready for that yet or not.

I told her to just relax and pulled her to me and hugged her tightly with my big cock pressing into her flat belly, wow it sure is hot Dad as she reached down and felt my hard cock again, I reached down and cupped one of her ass cheeks and pulled her hard against me, not as hot as your ass I replied, she let out a giggle and told me that I was just saying that. I assured her that she was indeed very beautiful and that any man would love to be with her including me, the room went silent as I realized what I had just said, a few moments went by and she said, I think you are pretty hot too Daddy as she continued to play with my cock, I have always thought you were hansome, I couldn't believe mom ever left this she said as she squeezed my cock hard, it is a really nice one.

I thought you had never saw one before tonight I asked her, well there are all kinds to look at on the internet Dad. So what exactly do you look at on the internet? I asked her as I gently rubbed her tight ass, this and that she replied, as in what? I asked, sounds like someone else is avoiding the question I laughted, she then proceeded to tell me that she looked at pictures of guys cocks, girls sucking on them, and girls getting fucked.

I asked her how it made her feel and she told me made here really excited, do you play with yourself? I asked, Dad! that is personal, why I asked, everybody does it including me, really!

she exclaimed, yes I said laughing, when was the last time you done she asked me, I told her it was in the shower earlier this evening, "so is that why you were taking so long?" yes it was I told her, what got you so excited?

she asked, it was the look that you gave me when you left the bathroom, it made me really hard, Cool she replied, Did you do that at the bathroom at the resturaunt tonight? No I laughted, I was feeling guilty for looking at you so i went in the bathroom to straighten myself up, pardon the pun I laughted.

So when was the last time you did it and what were you thinking about? I asked her, this is embaressing Dad as she rolled over onto her back not letting go of my cock.

I told you I replied repeating the fairs fair thing from earlier, well she started it was when I was on the internet the other day, I was watching a girl my age sucking on a huge cock like yours as she squeezed my rock hard cock again, I rolled over on my side and continued rubbing her flat belly, so it turned you on did it?

yes it did Dad, I thought it is was really hot when he cummed in her mouth, I can't wait to try it myself someday. My cock jerked as I listened to the words coming out of her mouth, well you can try it now if you like, silence once again filled the room as I continued to rub her flat belly as she stroked my cock.

This is so wrong Dad she replied, is this what they call incest Dad? mom would kill us both you know if she knew what we were doing. Your mom doesn't have to know sweetie, I said as my hand resumed it course ebon beauties adore hot sex sessions hardcore blowjob her young pussy, "it will be our little secret" and gently kissed her forehead, she looked up at me and then kissed me on the lips, not like she has three dildos to play with daughter but as a hot young women.

I started kissing her back and slipped my tongue between her lips, she jerked suddenly as my tongue invaded her mouth, I started rubbing her stomach and kept lowering my hand toward her pussy, I finally reached her soft puffy lips and she sighed into my mouth as my finger slipped between her moist lips and started carressing her tight young pussy, I started kissing her neck and breasts and she started to moan. "That feels so so good Daddy" as I continued my assault on her tiny little body, I spread her little cunt lips with two of my fingers and started rubbing her clit, she cried out loud with excitement and began rocking her hips to meet my ever pressing finger on her clit.

I started rubbing faster and she started digging her nails into my arm, "Oh Fuck Daddy" she said as i took one of her nipples into my mouth and gently bite into it, "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, Oh Daddyyy.

she cried as she started cumming around my fingers, she had her nails dug into my back and arms and was gently crying as her belly was heaving up and down. "Oh my god Daddy that felt so good" as she whimpered into my ear, I gently kissed her lips and said that I was glad that I could make her feel so good.

After a few minutes she calmed down a bit and was gently rubbing her fingers through the hair on my chest and she asked, "Does it feel that good for you Dad?" sometimes I replied, it depends on who I am with I guess and the mood. She reached down and took my cock into her hand and slowly started stroking it, "I would like to make you feel good too Dad", but I don't know how.

I laughted and told her what she was doing felt pretty damn good, no she said, like the girl did on the internet, I gently rubbed my fingers through her long brown hair and told her to just repeat what she saw on the internet and to watch her teeth. My teeth? she questioned, yes my cock is very sensitive and your teeth will hurt me, she started moving her head down my chest and I felt her stop when she reached my belly, she gently kissed the end of my cock and then licked the end of the head, "wow it is even bigger close up, I make him cuckold cuckolded youporn by the tube best redtube friend teen porn not sure I can get it into my mouth" I rubbed her head and told her she would do fine, she opened her mouth and took about 4" of my cock into her mouth before she started gagging, "you are trying to take to much" I told her and instucted her to not take so much into her mouth.

I couldn't believe how hot her young mouth was as I layed back on the bed to enjoy the feeling and excitement of my young daughter sucking feverishly on my big cock, I stroked her soft hair and told how much that I loved her and that I was close to cumming, she then picked up the pace as I started breathing faster, "Holy Fuck Meghan" that feels so good as I reached for one of her breasts, she continued sucking my cock as I started pumping my cock into her hot little mouth, I then remember the drive home and how hot she looked in that rain soaked dress and I could feel my balls tighten up as I started pumping my young daughters mouth full of cum, I shot the first huge load of cum into her mouth as she jerked in surprise, the second one made her start to gag and cough, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and the third blast landed all over her face, I am sorry Daddy, I told you I didn't know how to do it she cried, after coming down from the mind blowing orgasam I pulled her toward me to comfort her, You did fine Meghan, it was great really, you were just not used to someone cumming in your mouth, you will get the hang of glazy facial tight ass for boy I am sure.

Are you sure I did it ok Daddy? she asked, I reached up and kissed her forehead and to find my cum splattered all over her face, you were wonderful sweetie, as you can tell I enjoyed it. I woke up the next morning to find myself in bed alone, "did I just dream all of this?" I questioned myself, fuck I must of, there is no way I would do something like that to my own daughter, I got up and showered and put a bathrobe on and proceeded downstairs to the kitchen to find Meghan there making coffee for me, I didn't think you were ever going to get up she said, you must of been really tired.

I looked at her with a big smile on my face and replied "I guess I needed the sleep". I looked at her standing there in my old tee shirt and sat down at the kitchen table, she poured me a cup of coffee and kissed me on the forehead, "Thanks Daddy" stepmom horny fuck her son what?

I asked, last nite, dinner tasted so good, but not as good as you as she kissed my forehead, Our little secret, Remember?, and left the room. My heart sank deep into my chest when I realized it wasn't a dream, "What had I done! .To be continued.