Big tits jun enjoys fingering her ass

Big tits jun enjoys fingering her ass
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I have been dating my boyfriend Michael and have been dating for well over two years now, and it's been a fantastic relationship; truly the best in my life. But. here's the kicker. It's been over the internet. Long distance relationships are hard, especially when it comes to the physical asset of things.

But, we found our ways around. When we first started, about a month or so in we would role play over the internet. things would get pretty heated and naughty, and we both enjoyed it highly. The feeling was almost so real for me, since I love him so much. Eventually this grew to our sexual phone conversations. we would masturbate and talk dirty to each other over the phone, which was something I had never really done with someone.

It was exciting, and I wanted more. This continued for about a year and a half. The roleplays, the talks, the phone sex. I then had to move back to my home state of Colorado. When I met Michael, I was living in Texas, and we were both in the same time zones there, so it was a pretty bug deal.

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The moved commenced, and we got to our new home. I settled in and got comfortable. Things became. more intense shortly after I moved. Michael and I would chat with each other on Skype a lot at the time (we still do!) One day. Michael found a long lost webcam of his. he wanted to play around with it a bit, and show me something special. Something I was. almost afraid and embarrassed to see. But, I was excited and really eager. I hesitated at first, but then obliged.

I couldn't resist his charm. He set up the cam, we talked and I laughed at his funny faces.

Then, he began talking in the sexual way that he does when he gets in that mood. He would motioned his hand downward and lick his lips, closing his eyes for a few seconds, then smiling and looking towards the cam at me. "Do you wanna see it hunny?" My shyness was trying to catch the best of me, of course. "I dunno. maybe." "Maybe?" "Maaaaybe." This would continue for about a minute or so, until I finally gave in. "Yes, I wanna see it." "That's my girl." He took his game and set it up to where I was now staring at his nice, hard cock.

I was flustered and amazed. I finally got to see my lovers cock. It was amazing. "You like what you see?" "Oh yes." He laughed under his breath, and took his cock in his hand.

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He would stroke and rub it up slowly, grunting and moaning lightly when doing so. My body would tingle whenever he'd make a sound. I'd vere my eyes away from the screen out of embarrassment, but my eyes would just go right back to his wonderful, hard and throbbing cock.

The thoughts kept going through my brain.

"He's throbbing for me. he's doing this for me. he really loves me doesn't he?" I couldn't help but linger my right hand in a certain direction while he was doing this. My hand slid under the rim of my pants, and I would slowly slide my hand down in. My fingers would attach themselves to my clit, rubbing it softly as I squirmed from Michael's moans of pleasure. I was doing it too.

I was watching him masturbate in front of me. And God I loved it. We both continued our ventures until we both began to climax.

When he came, my body shuttered. I actually got to see him cum, right in front of my eyes in real time.

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Was this really happening? Was this a dream? No way. We started doing this more and more often, especially after my parents would go to sleep, or I was home alone.

Then I could be as loud and verbal with him as I wanted. I love moaning his name. it sense such a wonderful sensation throughout my body, and it makes it even better when he does the same. Time went on, and he got a job. He started making plans to see me in real life, since he was finally making money. I got excited and eager. We made a set date for July 3rd, then he could be here for the 4th, my birthday, and our 2 year Anniversary.

The date slowly came and then BAM! It was finally here. I didn't believe it. But it was happening. My mother, best friend and I headed to the airport to pick Michael up.

We waited for him to come out of the terminal, but there were so many people coming and going, I knew I wouldn't be able to see him. He's a little taller than I am. and I'm 5'3", so it was going to very hard. Then, out of the blue he came from behind and scared the living hell out of me.

It was fantastic. We all laughed about it. We then headed to the car. We started driving home. I rested my right hand on the seat in the middle, and he took it, interlacing his fingers with mine. My heart started racing. I was finally seeing and being with my boyfriend for the first time. The one I've been wanting to see so badly for the past two years. it was actually happening. We eventually got home and I showed him around.

The day slowly passed and night time came. everyone had gone to bed except him and I. This is the night it all started. my first time being hot year old receives drilled hard hardcore massage sexually by a man.