Boy fingers pussy of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob

Boy fingers pussy of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob
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Chapter 25 NEW ARRANGEMENTS The morning after the party, Claire's parents had an unpleasant surprise for her. She found them both sitting in the lounge room when she and Steph came downstairs in the morning. They were sitting apart from each other, and Claire's mother had a suitcase. "Take a seat, girls," said her father. "We've got some things to discuss and you'll be late leaving the house this morning as a result.

I've called Titcage and Steph's school, so they know." "What…" asked Steph hesitantly. "Your father and I are separating," her mother said. "I'm moving out, probably permanently.

We've had some difficulties recently and we believe this is the best course." She sighed. "I'd like to tell you that it has nothing to do with you, but honestly it's pretty much all your fault. I just can't go on watching you two little tramps cockteasing your father all the time.

Claire, you obviously deliberately get that slutty little cunt of yours wet before your father spanks you. You've even orgasmed while he was spanking you. It's disgusting and I'm not going to sit around while it happens.

I'm leaving, so you can enjoy each other all you want." And with that, she picked up her suitcase and left. The door slammed behind her. Steph was crying. She looked at Claire. "You slut!" she said. "How could you?" Claire was crying too. "I didn't - I'm not&hellip." "Quiet, girls," said their father.

"Obviously your mother is a bitch and we're well rid of her. But there will be some changes around here. First of all, Steph, I'm pulling you out of school. I've talked to Claire's boss at Titcage, and he's prepared to take you on as a new hire starting tomorrow. You can go to work with your sister and earn some money for a change.

I like the changes that Titcage is making in Claire's life and I think you'll benefit from them too." "What? No!" both girls shouted at once. "Shut up. You'll do as you're told. You're going to have to take over your mother's chores around the house too. There's not much I can do about that, but we can at least save a little work on the laundry. I don't see any particular reason why you girls should change into a new set of clothes after you get home just to get food on it while you cook and eat dinner, so from now on you're going to go naked between the time you get home from work and bedtime." "But what if someone comes to the door?" asked Steph.

"I'll buy some aprons and hang them on a coatrack in the corridor. If you need to answer the door you can quickly tie an apron on to cover your slutmelons," replied her father. Claire was silent. She knew what this was basically about. Her father was sexually attracted to his daughters.

He liked seeing them nude. He liked seeing them slutty. He hadn't been like this at the start of the year. It was her fault. She had cockteased him with her slutty wet cunt and her whorish actions, and now he wanted to rape his daughters.

She didn't know how long he would be content with just spanking their cunts and keeping them nude, and it scared her. The cunt spankings, in fact, happened now. He tested both their sexy fisasia downlodfree downlod xxx sexi move, and declared them both wet. Rather uniquely, Claire actually wasn't wet. The shock of her mother leaving had left her bone dry.

But her father spanked her anyway, beating her cunt with his hand. He beat Steph's twat too, and Claire watched. At work, Claire reported to Michael, and found out that her "panties" for the day would be nothing more than a pair of clothespegs on her labia She sat on Michael's desk with her legs spread while he clipped the painful pegs in place, then let him push her to her knees in front of him so he could take out his cock and slip it into her mouth.

Claire passively gave him a blowjob, suckling on his cock, while he explained to her some of the other things that would be happening today. "I understand you sister is starting with us tomorrow, which will be great, Fucktwat.

Everyone's been enjoying using your mouth and the guys will be very glad to know there's more where that came from. But today we've got some things happening for you. First of all we're promoting you to U grade, congratulations." Claire smiled happily around the dick in her mouth.

"So I guess the next stop for you is T Grade. Here, look at these while you suck." He passed her a card with the T grade requirements. T Grade Presentation: - Is never clothed while in a bedroom or a bathroom. - Does not wear bras, except when requested to by a male or superior female. - Spends at least two hours a week outdoors or in public with her tits and/or twat exposed. Attitude & Obedience: - Tells close male friends she fantasises about being raped.

- Never disagrees with a male; obeys all orders from males. Routine: - Never has door closed or curtains drawn while in her own bedroom. - Performs one significant household chore a week nude, with doors open and curtains open. - Spends an hour lucky dude gets threesome from two bffs kimmy granger and anya olsen week crawling on all fours.

Toileting: - When friends declare they are going to piss, asks if she can watch.

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- Once a fortnight, pisses in a drink that another slut will consume. Masturbation: - Is completely nude while masturbating or pissing. - All her masturbations include a secondary degradation (public exposure, pain, humiliation). Treatment of Sluts: - Tongue kisses a slut on at least two occasions a week. - In any conversation with a slut, insults or degrades her at least once. Treatment of Men: - Has a regular sexual partner, who calls her by her Titcage name.

She never refuses his sexual demands. - A new male gropes her tits or crotch once a week. Claire felt that she should be dismayed by the rules. Two hours a week nude in public was going to be much harder than her current ration.

And it was going to be impossible to have any sort of normal social life if she had to tell men she wanted to be raped and women that they were sluts. But she felt impassive. Receiving these increasingly whorish rules was her life now. She didn't like it but she had stopped fighting it. She sucked contentedly on the dick in her mouth as Michael kept talking "We're going to need to update your ID, Fucktwat.

We'll get new photos of your fuck-udders and your twat, and it's about time you got assessed for fuck quality. We'll ask the men who've had use of you recently for their assessments, and put that on your badge." He reached down and fondled Claire's face. "Keep sucking, honey. We'll do that now." He buzzed on his intercom. "Send the first guy in." The "first guy" was Jim.

Claire could dimly see him out of the corner of her eye as she sucked on Michael's prick. "Jim, you've fucked Fucktwat's mouth. Would you say she's enthusiastic about sucking cock?" "Not very, sir," said Jim. "And is her technique good?" "It's adequate." "How would you rate her as a cum dump?

Awful, poor, average, good, or exceptional?" "Poor, sir." Claire felt betrayed. She thought she'd given Jim good blowjobs. She'd swallowed his cum without objection and licking his cock clean afterwards.

How could she say he was only poor? She felt like crying. And then she did cry, when she realised that what she was sad about was not that she was being rated on natural nympho opens up soft cunt and gets deflorated fuck skill by men who had raped her mouth in public, but that she was being rated poorly!

"Hush, slut," said Michael softly, patting her cheek, and then using her hair to pull her further down onto his cock. Claire started to gag, but then recovered, and kept sucking. One by one the other men who she had swallowed the sperm of yesterday came in and reported. Most rated her performance as "poor". One rated it as "awful". "When I cum, Fucktwat," said Michael, "you have permission to swallow immediately.

But afterwards I am going to piss in your mouth, and I want you to hold that in your mouth without swallowing until you are told otherwise.

Once your mouth is full of piss you may begin masturbating, and continue until you cum." Claire tried to nod with a mouth full of cock. "Now, something you might not know about fuck ratings, Fucktwat," continued Michael, "is that sluts who have a rating less than 'average' receive extra incentives to improve their skills. Upon receiving the rating, and then every two days until it improves to 'average', sluts with poor fuck ratings have a Taser discharged into their vaginas." Claire squealed in shock, and almost pulled her head off Michael's dick.

She would have, had not Michael grabbed her hair and kept her in place. "You'd agree that a female who isn't fun to fuck is good for nothing, wouldn't you, Fucktwat?" he asked. She tried to nod again. "Good slut," he said, and patted her head.

It felt as good as when Ben had done it. "Now, at the moment you're sitting on a 'poor' rating. That's a recipe for regular cunt shocks. But those ratings are all from Titcage employees, and they have high standards.

I don't suppose you've fucked any men outside of work who indian girl shows off perfect pussy on webcam be able to give their perspective?" Claire nodded energetically.

Ben. He was mad at her but surely he'd say she was a good cocksucker? She was terrified of the idea of having her cunt Tasered. Michael passed her down a pad and paper. "Write down his name and number." Claire did, never taking her mouth off Michael's dick. Something about her movements in writing must have pushed him over the edge, because as she wrote he began moaning and spurting cum into her mouth. She swallowed it, sucked on his softening cock, and waited for him to start pissing.

He took Ben's name and number off her, and then relaxed his bladder. Urine began flowing from his dick. Claire led the warm, acrid liquid fill sunny leone and woman sex mouth, not swallowing, but it kept coming and her mouth was full.

She didn't know what to do but she wasn't allowed to swallow, so the liquid began leaking out of her lips, running down her chin, and dribbling on the slutty lycra tube top she was wearing. By the time Michael's bladder was full, the whole front of her top was soaked with warm piss.

Following her orders, she reached down and started to rub her pussy. Michael left his cock in her mouth, and dialled the number. Ben answered. "Hi, is that Ben?" asked Michael. "Yes," said Ben warily. "Who is this?" "I'm calling on behalf of Titcage. I understand you've recently had sexual relations with one of our sluts by the name of Fucktwat." Ben was silent. "We just wanted to get your evaluation of her skill," said Michael. "She's with me right now in the office.

She's just swallowed my lovely weekend by sapphic erotica sensual erotic lesbian porn with amirah and and now she's kneeling in front of me with a mouth full of urine. Could you tell me, based on your sex with Fucktwat, would you rate her as awful, poor, average, good, or exceptional?" Ben was silent for a long moment, and then said, "Poor." "Thank you," said Michael, and hung up.

Claire really was crying now. Titcage had turned her into a slut, and no one even thought she was a good slut. She cried and masturbated with a mouthful of cock and piss. Michael didn't comment on Ben's answer. He just pulled his dick out of her mouth, wiped it clean on her cheek, and pulled on her hawt legal age teenager sweetie gives a ride hardcore blowjob to indicate she should stand up.

She did, still holding the urine in her mouth. "Keep masturbating as we walk, Fucktwat," he said. It was hard for Claire to keep rubbing her pussy as she moved, but she managed it, half-bent over as she followed Michael into the room where her last ID photos had been taken. She kept painfully bumping the clothespins on her labia or accidentally tugging at her clit ring.

It hurt and it was humiliating. In the photo room, Michael helped her completely undress, and strapped her to the table, with one of her arms restrained and legs spread. Her let her keep masturbating with her free arm until she orgasmed, then he told her to swallow the piss, and once she had done so he restrained her other arm.

He took the clothespegs off her cunt and put them to one side. He then quickly took the photographs. In the new photos, Claire's face was flushed like she had just been fucked, her nipples were erect, and her cunt was engorged and sopping wet. He then pulled over a laptop computer, positioned it so she could see the screen, and went to work.

Claire was horrified. Michael was creating a website for her! It showed her name as Fucktwat, her "birth name" as Claire Montpellier, and then all her Titcage stats, from her tit size of 32DD down to her fuck quality: "poor". The new pictures of her tits and cunt were prominently displayed.

He demonstrated that it was live and could be found at "Now, it won't show up on search engines, so people searching for your name won't see it," Michael said, "but if people know where to look they'll find it. What we'll do is start uploading the pictures and videos we have of you, so they'll be accessible there.

And this site is important to you for two reasons." "First, we want you to start logging your sexual activity. Whenever you masturbate, piss, suck a cock, lick a cunt, get seen partially nude, whatever, you come here and you log it. All you have to do is say what time it happened and what it was.

The electronics on board your clit ring are going to automatically upload how damp your pussy was, how sexually excited you were, and whether you orgasmed. And then that information will be available to visitors." "Secondly, this is how you improve your fuck rating. If you bring a guy to orgasm, and you think you did a good job, you need to tell him that this site exists, and he can go here and rate your performance.

You don't need to tell every guy that you make cum, but we will occasionally conduct phone surveys with people who we know you're fucking who aren't visiting the website, okay?" Claire was still crying. This was too humiliating for words. She would have no privacy at all. "Cheer up, Claire, that's not worth crying about," said Michael. He took a small black instrument out of a tray. "This is worth crying about." And he jammed the Taser into her unprotected cunt and pulled the trigger.

Claire screamed, so loudly she felt like she hurt her throat. Her whole body jumped and arced. She was completely not in control of her body. She pulled at the arm restraints so hard she bruised her wrists.

Her cunt went wild, and then she lost control of her bladder and started to piss. She was aware she was drooling, saliva running out of her mouth uncontrollably. Michael just watched as she pissed uncontrollably on the floor. He had already put the Taser away, and although it felt like it had been on for an hour Claire knew she had only received one short shock from it. He waited until Claire's twitching had largely subsided, and then replaced the clothespegs on her labia and then unbuckled her from the chair.

Claire needed help to stand. Michael let the naked girl lean on him, and then pointed at the puddle of piss Claire had made. "That needs to be cleaned up, Fucktwat," he said. "Your choices are you can lick it up with your tongue, or sop it up with your clothes." Claire thought about spending the rest of the day in piss-wet clothes.

She didn't like it. On the other hand Michael had already pissed on her top. "Clothes," she said. It came out of her mouth funny. Her tongue felt numb.

Michael passed her her clothes, and she got down on all fours and used them to mop at the piss until the floor was mostly dry and her clothes were soaking wet. "Now, Sluthole is going to look after you for the rest of the day," said Michael.

And sure enough, Sluthole was coming in the door, grinning from ear to ear to see Claire's current condition. "Remember your rules, Fucktwat. You need to insult or degrade her," said Michael.

"Hi Sluthole," said Claire fuzzily. "You look like a shit-eating bitch." Sluthole just stepped up and slapped Claire on the face. Claire barely felt it. She helped Pak istan xxx storys com get her clothes on - Claire grimaced at the feeling of warm pissy clothes clinging to her tits and ass - and let Claire out into the office.

Claire knew everyone was looking at her but she was still to fazed from the Taser to care. She heard Kimberley, Sarah, and Samantha laughing at her. Instead of taking Claire to Claire's desk, Sluthole instead took her to her own desk. "Get under the desk, bitch," said Sluthole. "You're no good for work in that condition so you can spend the day licking my twat." A flare of panic went off in Claire's mind. She was going to get shocked again in two days unless she raised her grade.

And women didn't count. She needed to get out amongst the men in the office and convince them to rate her better! Or she'd be shocked again in two days! Claire was terrified witless at the thought of receiving another Tasering.

"I need to suck cocks!" protested Claire. There was more laughter throughout the office at this. Sluthole pushed her down under the desk. "You lick like a good girl, and drink all the piss I feed you, and I'll let you out from time to time to show what a good whore you are." She then sat in her chair and effectively blocked Claire from escaping.

Trapped under the desk, Claire could only watch as Sluthole spread her legs, and then obediently lower her head and begin licking at Sluthole's cunt. She spent the rest of the day like that, with her tongue buried in the pussy of a girl she hated. Sometimes Sluthole would orgasm; when she did, she would let Claire out for a bit. Claire used these opportunities to visit men whose cocks she had sucked yesterday and beg them to let her try again. They all let her.

They would take out their cocks, and she would enthusiastically bob her head up and down on their poles, looking up at them with loving, affectionate eyes. She would guide their hands to her tits or her hair, encouraging them to grope her or control her head. When she was done she would show them the mouthful of sperm. The very first man she sucked this way - she didn't remember his name - wouldn't let her swallow it, and so when she went back to Sluthole, she had to gargle the semen while licking Sluthole's pussy.

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It seemed to tickle Sluthole's fancy to have Claire using her tongue to paint Sluthole's twat with a man's semen, and Sluthole came quickly. The next man Claire went to visit was Jim, and he let her swallow the sperm in her mouth before sucking him off. She brought him to a quick orgasm, and then held still while he urinated in her mouth.

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Afterwards she begged him to rate her higher. He looked at her and told her he'd think about it. After Jim, Sluthole pissed in Claire's mouth too. She was starting to feel a bit ill from all the piss she'd swallowed today, but then thought about her normal intake of cordial and decided it must be just in her mind.

Early in the day, Sluthole gave Claire her earbuds, and Claire put them on. 'You're a whore. You're a piss drinking whore,' her voice said. The droning instructions helped Claire forget about what she was doing. It was like she was in her own little world with just herself and the slutty voice in her ear. The licking was tiring on her tongue, but she varied things up by occasionally just rubbing her whole face around in Sluthole's cunt, or using her fingers, or just taking Sluthole's clitoris into her mouth and sucking on it.

Sluthole also gave Claire a Slut Stick, and Claire used it to enthusiastically fuck her own cunt as she licked. She decided that having her face in another girl's twat counted as a "secondary degradation" for the purpose of her new masturbation rules.

She had to beg Sluthole for a picture of a slut being abused, though. Sluthole just used her phone to take a photo of Claire, her face covered in slut juices and piss, crouching under the desk and masturbating, and then let Claire hold the phone to look at. Claire felt weird looking at pornography of herself while she busty slut rachel richey riding big dick cowgirl but, strangely, it helped her to orgasm faster.

She sucked off four more men that day. She begged each of them to rate her average or better, but she had no way of knowing if they would, until two days from now. She felt like shit. She was full of powerless clinical trial of black teen athlete and a dirty doctor and confusion at what was happening to her. So towards the end of the day when she looked up from a man's cock to see Kimberly and Samantha giggling to themselves by the water cooler, she got up, walked over to them, grabbed Kimberly by the tit, and dragged the shrieking girl into the bathroom.

Inside, she pushed Kimberly against the wall, reached under her skirt, and began pinching her clit. "Laugh at me, will you, you dumb slut?" Claire hissed. Then she pushed Kimberly down to her knees, reached down to her own cunt and removed the Slut Stick, and then pressed her pussy against Kimberly's mouth. Kimberly wiggled and tried to escape, but Claire just held her there and rubbed her twat up and down over Kimberly's face, bathing her in Claire's cunt juices.

She continued until she was near to orgasm, and then began to piss on Kimberly. It felt so good to use a whore this way, the way she was intended to be used, that Claire came on the spot, shuddering with joy as urine gushed from her beaver onto Kimberly's face.

When she was done, she pushed Kimberly down into the puddle of piss, slid the Slut Stick back up her vagina, and staggered out of the bathroom. She refused to think about what she had done. It was only what she had needed to do. It was only what Kimberly deserved. It was what all sluts deserved.

(To be continued.)