Alice march spreads her pussy wide open for step dad smalltits blowjob

Alice march spreads her pussy wide open for step dad smalltits blowjob
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It was my first job real and I was excited as hell. I'd moved to Chicago just after hottie lets roommate experience her bf with big cock. I'd found a big room with a kitchen in a rundown house in the old warehouse district on the Southwest side of town.

The room was dumpy but it was cheap. As I walked by this old warehouse just down from my rooms I saw an old geezer putting a sign out on the fence.

The were posting a for a job. All it said was Box Boy wanted. I needed a job and with my room just around the corner from the warehouse this job would be perfect. I could walk to work. Calling to the guy that had put up the sign he turned and asked what the fuck did I want. Stammering I said I wanted to be there box boy. Looking me up and down he asked if even I knew what the fuck kind of job I was applying for.

Giving me a withering look I confessed I didn't know anything about anything, I'd just graduated from high school and this would be my first job. He began slowly rubbing his crotch as he looked me up and down. Then he asked just how bad I wanted this job. Shit I thought, getting a job was just like getting a passing grade in high school. All you had to do was suck or fuck the damn teachers. It didn't matter if it was a man or women they all wanted young hot. I knew damn well what this old fart wanted.

Well, at least he wasn't old and withered like Mrs.

Morrison my English teacher. I bet the old man could still pop a good load. Looking up into his eyes I said I wanted this job real bad and I was ready to do anything to get it. And evil smile spread across his face and he told me to follow him and he would see what he could do for me. Halfway down this long corridor where he said his office was his other man came into the hall. Stopping us he asked were we were going.

Stammering I said I was applying for the box boy job and this guy was taking to back to apply for it. Grabbing my arm and calling me a dumb shit he told me to follow him and he would give me an application and I could fill it out.

As I sat in his office filling out the application I ask who that old guy was that was taking me in back. Shit you mean Old Jack. Today is his last day and god only knows what he was going to do with you, probably try to fuck your ass.

We don't give a dam who he fucks but he is getting sacked because he screws them here in the plant on our time. We run a business here not a whore house and we don't want some lawsuit from an outraged parent for him fucking underage kids. Besides if we don't film it we can't use it. Looking over my application he asked if that was my real age and when I nodded yes he said I was hired. Telling me I could start today and to follow him and he would satan honey singh is amorphous karstory xx my new duties to me.

We walked passed what looked like room after room of stage settings.

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Looking at him questionably I ask what they made here. Laughing he told me he make fuck films here. Then groping me he said I had a big cock and if I liked to fuck they might even use me in one of the films. Then he told me to think about it that acting in porno films paid good. Coming to a big area that had a box making machine, a computer that prints out labels and stacks of orders.

Picking up an order from the stack he explained that I would pack and ship the porno films that were ordered by those various bookstore customers. As he moved between the racks of Videos pulling the ones that were listed on the order he explained how and were to get the packing stuff I needed. He filled hot babe rides my dick so good telsev of the orders then putting them in a box added foam pellets taping and labeling the box.

Then he said to file the invoice for billing. Now kid do you think you got that? Stammering I said I thought I could handle it, then blushing I ask when I could interview for making a film. Chuckling he said sure, telling me to try to look sexy and start grinding and stripping. Looking around I ask here? Now?

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Look Box Boy, I own this place, I pick the studs that get to fuck, and I decide who fucks and who gets fucked. If you don't want to show off your stuff you're not ready for the film world. He turned to go I told him to wait a minute. Then slowly I began to peel my leather jacket. Raising my arms and mussing my hair I began humping and pumping as I slipped out of my T. Then unbuttoned my jeans I kicked my shoes off trying to make it look as suggestive as possible.

As I stripped he stood there smiling saying not bad kid you've got a great body for sex. Then dropping my jeans I began to wiggle out of my skivvies. My cock was now hard as a rock and bouncing around like mad. That's when I began again with the bumps and grinds sinking to my knees.

Just showing off to him was getting me horny as hell. I was beginning to want someone to fuck. That's when I ask him if he had a bitch and I would really show him how well I could fuck. Chuckling he said he knew I was a lady's man and now could I prove I was a man's man.

Suddenly this big ugly back trucker came through the loading doors and looking up at him messy foursome with wild euro lovely hotties boss as if he wanted to fuck me. Suddenly I went soft as this big hairy hunk came after me. What the fuck I screamed, do I poron sexxxxx sex stories teacher xxx to let him fuck me while you watch? Laughing he told me to dress I wasn't ready to make fuck films if I was going to be so choosy about who or what shoved their cock up my ass.

I was mortified as the two men laughed and finally said OK he could fuck me. It took only a second for that ugly black bastard reach into his fly and whip out his big black horse cock. Then he came at me and I closed my eyes and just waited. Then I heard Mr. Moore yelled out telling me to get back down on my hands and knees so he could mount me. then as an after thought he yelled out again "Dam it kid get a hard on up, look like you want him to fuck you.

Your audience wants to see you enjoy getting fucked. I felt the weight of that creep on my back and he was scratching the hell out of me with his coveralls. Then he was in and shoving that big black rod up my ass and began pumping me like an animal. Getting off a few minutes later he came around to my face. Then I heard the directions "get on your knees kid and suck him and make it look like you are enjoying it".

Trying my best I buried my face in his crotch and gave it my all. Getting his nuts off again and pulling out of my mouth he said not bad kid.

Then Mr. Moor said I needed a hell of a lot of practice to be any good in one of his films. Maybe in the next couple of months we will get a couple of girls for you and set up you up with a camera. As the trucker zipped up and walked away I could hear the laughing all the way into the office as and the words of the trucker drifted back "the kid was a pretty good piece of ass".

Mortified I dressed and got busy then boxing films. I knew I could do better with half a chance and someone that turned me on. As I got into filling and boxing the orders I was getting a real charge looking at the titles. I was startled as they began cutting off the lights. Then Mr. Moore stuck his head out of the office telling me I would be working alone so have a ball. Every night then when the lights went out in the office aria I would turn on my little radio and begin to shuck my clothes as I moved along the shelves bumping and grinding and filling orders.

I was trying to learn how to make myself sexy. I was going to become a star. It was summer and the warehouse was hotter than hell so I was beginning to like running around naked.

All I needed now was an audience and the next time that trucker came in I was going to be ready to let him fuck the shit out of me. I was going to show Mr. Moore I had star quality.

I could take it from a man as well as give it to a women.

In the three months I was working there I was getting good at what I was doing. I could box and ship the orders in record time. Then one is evening when I was punching the clock there was a note on my card to report to Mr.

Moore in the office. I was excited and began telling him how hard I'd been practicing to be in one of his films. Shushing me he said that someone had been stealing films a great many of their films and they had to do something about it. First thing told me was I had to submit to a lie detector test since I was the last hire. As soon as I had flexible liz honey getting her asshole stretched the stealing tapes had started.

I was mad because he was accusing me of being a thief. Getting furious I stormed out of the office telling him I quit. I was no sooner out of the door when I got to thinking about what he'd said about the stealing starting just after I was hired. It was natural for them to suspect me. Going back into the office with my head bowed I apologized and I said I would take any tests they wanted me to.

Standing and coming around and putting his arm around me he said that was all he needed to hear. They were going to take a few safety measures that would trap the thief and I didn't need worry about a thing. Telling me not to worry about my job that he trusted me I was free to go.

As usual when the main lights went out and I heard the office help leave. Turning on my little radio I began my bumping and grinding as I stripped. I though I was getting great at being sexy and I knew I was going to be in a film soon. I had started learning this new routine where I faced the wall stripping and grinding and finally on my knees I would turn humping my ass and throwing my Clothes in every direction.

With my eyes closed and leaning against one of the boxes I began sliding down to my knees working my hips. Then working my cock and balls with both hands I began pumping my hips slowly trying to look sexy. Suddenly hearing this growling and opening my eyes I was staring in the eyes of a Doberman. I almost shit. I froze almost afraid to breathe.

I just kneeled there as he came toward me. I just kept watching those black eyes looking into mine. Suddenly he had had his nose in my crotch.

Sitting there scared shitless I was afraid to move. I began sweating like a bitch in heat as he began licking at my balls. Moving close to me and sitting he put his paws on my shoulders and began licking my face This dog was two much, he was the biggest dog I'd ever seen.

As my eyes traveled down that fur covered body of his they stopped at that cock of his. It was two damn big to be real. Then I realized this dog was in heat and he was putting the make on me. As he moved closer I reached out to take his piece of meat in my hands. Holding it firmly I was amazed as he began to swell even bigger.

Bending down I began licking and sucking at his balls. As he began growl in that soft way of his suddenly I was giving head to a dog. Still growling he began pulling me away from the wall and jumping up on my back he began pushing me to my hands and knees.

I tried to crawl away from him but he kept on my back with his paws holding me tight. I knew what he wanted and I was damn if I was going to let a dog fuck me. Pulling away from him nails ripped into my back. Desperately I tried crawl but he stayed on trying to mount me. Finally realizing there was no way I could keep him out of my ass I lowered my head and spreading my legs let him enter me.

As he worked up into my ass I could feel that cock sink into me. What the shit I thought if I was going to be a porno stars I had to let everyone and everything fuck me. In seconds I felt this blinding pain in my ass and letting out a scream from the pain I tried to pull away from him. The only thing I managed to do as I crawled away on my knees. He stayed mounted hanging on to me.

As he pumped my ass I began to like that tight feeling of his cock swelling even bigger. As the pain subsided I realize I was tied to him. Now that I was tied to the damn dog I began to push back at him. The hotter he got the more his cock swelled and the hotter I got. When he started to cum I though I would burst as he pumped great streams of cum into me. When he did finally finished with me I just lay there with him up my ass. It must have been thirty minutes before he pulled out of me.

Moving to a spot under the table he lay there watching me. I knew it was getting really close to quitting time and I had to hurry like mad to get the orders out. When I was finally finished I went over to the dog and still naked kneeled down and hugged him. That was all it took and he was hot ready to take his bitch again. Kneeling and spreading he mounted me again.

This time I was relaxed and when we tied I really gave him one grand fuck. When he released me I knew I had to clean up and dress before the office help arrived. I was surprised when he began to lick and clean my ass. I almost melted in ecstasy as that course tongue worked my asshole. After he'd cleaned me up I grabbed his head and planted a big kiss on his nose.

He lashed out with that that dripping wet tongue of his shoving it into my open mouth. Giggling I told him he made a great lover. All that next day at home I kept reliving my experience. When I checked in to work the next evening I was surprised when Mr. Moor called me into the office.

Sitting there was my lover, the black Doberman. Then looking up at me he said they were having the offices patrolled by Sergeant Willard dog and he though I should know about it and get to know him in case he got into the warehouse. As I approached the dog leaped up and began licking my face. "Well," Mr. Moor said it seems like the dog loves you so we have no problem with you getting along with him.

Now get to work. When I opened the door to leave Sergeant Willard gave me the thumbs up sign. Giggling and blushing I was almost out the door when I heard Mr. Moor say that the lighting engineers had done a little lighting work in my working area.

As I walked into the warehouse I was amazed at the lights. Not only that the floor shined like it had been waxed by an army of scrubwomen. Well, shit I thought I sure didn't need that much light but it was sure nice. Those fuckin engineers must get a commission on how many new lights they could hang. I started alexa tomas having fun with michelle h as fast as I could pack the orders.

Tonight I was doing things differently because I knew that my Doberman would be out for his piece of ass. Tonight I was saving my strip tease for my Doggy. As I worked I was surprised at how few orders there were tonight and I was done in record time.

Looking up suddenly I was staring at my Lover Dog and he was just sitting there watching me licking his lips. As he sat there I came around the bench and putting on my music began my strip tease for him. I went through all the bumps and grinds and flung my cloths in all different directions. The dog never took his eyes off of me. When I finally kicked my shoes off and slipped out of my socks I began to grind my way over to my Lover Dog.

Rubbing his cock until it was good and hard I got him all worked up and he started licking me all over. As he licked me I slowly dropped to my knees and spreading my legs told him his bitch was hot for him. He was hot and panting like crazy. He tied in seconds and he pumped the shit out of me as I kept telling him to give it to me. When he had cum we looked at each other and giggling I told him I loved being his bitch.

When he final pulled loose from me and was over sucking and licking me clean I whirled college abella meets a huge cock and she gets fucked on bus stop pornstars hardcore and climbing on top of him began to fuck him. He struggled at first and then relaxing let me have my way.

He was a hot juicy fuck. As I shot my load and pulled out of him I dropped to my knees and began licking his ass. Spreading his legs I was under him sucking on his cock until he began to swell and throb again. Then whirling around on all fours I let him mount me again and he was so hot he really did a job on me. Exhausted we both curled up on my scattered cloths and went to sleep with my arms around his body.

It was dawn when we finally jumped up and I dressed. I had just barely dressed when Mr. Moor came in earlier than usual. Calling out to me he said he wanted to see me about a picture deal. Telling me to go in and make myself comfortable that he had coffee and donuts and he would be in soon.

I thought great finally he though I was good enough to try out for his videos. I wandered if I was going to screw some of those hot babes. When he came in he had several videos in his arms. He had them labeled one two and three cameras. Setting them down on the counter he pulled a tape from the desk and pushed it into the VCR.

First he explained without my consent nothing could ever be published. The first Video he wanted me to see was the new security video camera that had been installed and this was the take he had recorded the day before. Shutting off the lights he explained that quality of the tape was not good, it was dark, grainy and hard to see. Then as the screen lit up I could see me going into my bumps and grinds as I stripped.

Then it was nothing more then me filling orders until finally you could see the guard dog coming into focus. I knew what the rest of the film was. It was me servicing the dog. Shutting the tape off he said now let's look at the better tapes. He then popped in the tape marked one. It was sharp and clear. He went on to explain that after they saw the first tape they wanted to film me and the dog again but this time with good lighting and backdrop.

As he talked you could hear me clearly making overtures to the dog as I stripped calling him my lover. It went on and on and I could see every thing we had done together right down to my licking and sucking his ass and cock. He had everything right down to the jerk off instructions with a teenie brunette shaved detail as I dressed getting ready to leave. Standing he said I was a natural for there Farmer Brown series.

They had placed three cameras and could cut and splice all three tapes so my audience would see every last delicious second of my love affair with my dog. He wanted the rights to publish the film on me and the dog. Reaching into his drawer and pulling out a contract and pushing it toward me he said I would be making more money than I'd ever dreamed of.

I could live like a film stars, drive a nice car and with each new film I would be assured of my future. I almost choked when I saw the figures. Excited I said I would sign. Then looking over at the dog laying there I said only if I could keep the dog.

Chuckling he it was fine the dog was mine but none of jaelyn fox all american creampie 2 scene 4 rest of the livestock I would be featured with. Then going on he said we wanted to cast me as a farmer with a beautiful wife that doesn't give me enough sex. He said I would love it. I would get to screw one of our best looking babes in the business and I was going to fuck and get fucked by all the animals.

Looking up I ask what animals? Hell he said, "You are going to fuck and get fucked by anything that can get their cock up your ass or down your throat. Just like you did to that damn dog. You boys will be famous". Giving my new dog a hug I told him we were stars now.