Sexy boss jamie valentine gets fucked and facialized pornstars hardcore

Sexy boss jamie valentine gets fucked and facialized pornstars hardcore
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Chapter !: Under her spell Mr. Green called Cindy and asked her to come to his office. Do I need to bring anything along?

Just you. Cindy arrived and was told by his secretary that he was expecting her so she could go right in and he would be right with her. Cindy, I need your help with something that will help the law firm and perhaps busty alexis ford rides lexs huge member. As you know Tom Hastings is leaving as office manager. We have hired a new office manager, Kelly Preston to take his place. She has aquired a downtown penthouse a block away form work but it needs to be totally redone and it won't be ready for several months.

I understand your roommate moved out and with rent being so high you are having some difficulty meeting your obligations. If Kelly could move with you we would pay the rent until she moves out.

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Kelly is 31, taller than you, blonde and is from Huston. Word is she likes baseball, going to clubs, likes to tan and likes wine that cost lots of money. Sound like someone you could get along with? Sure does, when is she due to arrive? She arrives in two weeks on a Friday and is scheduled to start that following Monday. Need time to thing about it? No. This will certainly help me out also, we are close in age but I'm only 28 and lots shorter thanKelly, I'm only 4' 6" tall and almost everyone is taller so no big deal there.

I will have to take off work to get things ready and if you would like I can do you a favor and pick her up at the airport. Good, then it is not a problem for you to take off and thanks for picking her up. Cindy spent that week off cleaning and fussing over everything in the apartment, everything needed to be just right to impress Kelly. Friday morning she spent every moment she could maklng herself llook like a sexy madel.

She arrived at the airport an hour early and waited in the front where she would be noticed by those deplaneing. Kelly departed the plane and found Cindy in front with a big card with Kelly's name on it.

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Hi Kelly, I'm Cindy and you will be living with me until your penthouse is ready. Pardon me but they told me you were taller than me but WOW, just how tall are you. I'm sorry, I sometimes wish I were petite but I'm 5' 10" tall, please don't feel threatened by height Cindy. Cindy was put at ease wo,mewhat but still wishedI Kelly were shorter. The rest of the day and weekend they worked at getting Kelly somewhat settled, shopped for food and even had time to see a movie.

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The more time Cindy spent with kelly the more she really liked her and felt more and more at ease. Kelly, true to Mr. Green's word, really liked wine and introduced Cindy to several different kinds. Nightly Kelly would pour two glasses of wine and they would sit on the sofa and talk. Cindy learned that she and Kelly liked many similar when it came to dressage, food, entertainment and best of all they both loved cats.

Over the next two months Cindy began to feel more aroused and sexy, she began to feel drawn towards Kelly and looked forward to being around her. Kelly would leave several buttons undone on her blouse, let her skirt ride up on her thighs and tease Cindy sexually to gauge her reaction to her sexually. When it was time for bed Cindy would dream of Kelly and masturbated about Kelly.

One night while watching a chic flick on tv they both had tears in their eyes and they hugged eachother. Cindy nearly came from that contact and hugger Kelly tighter. I apologoize Kelly. Don't apologize Cindy, that felt good. I for one really needed that hug and I wished you had hugged me longer. Me to Kelly, I for some reason think of you often and I like thinking of you. I really get wet anymore just looking at you let alone thinking of you. Really? Thank you Cindy.

with that she leaned over and gave Cindy a light kiss on the cheek. Kelly acted supprised when Cindy wouldn"t nude oil full body massage her go and kissed Kelly on the lips. Kelly now knew the the drugs were at full efect and Cindy was in her complete power.

She returned the kiss with a kiss that started out acting cauious but ended with her tongue down Cindy's throat and her hand on her tits.

Things went well for them after that first contact. Cindy started to go around the apartment in just panties and felt great when Kelly stared at her. Kelly went in just panties also to make Cindy think that everything was as usual with her and she was in control. Kelly found Cindy staring at her also. Kelly, I really like, no love you. Your tummy is so flat and i love your breast and your long nipples really get my pussy flowing.

With a little work your nipples could become longer also, but your nipples are so fat, they would really look good with jewelry on then don't you think so?

You know Cindy, I have been thinking, it's almost time for me to move into my penthouse, I've really grown to need you around and love you so how about moving in with me? Cindy, I'm feel of suprises. Really, you want me to live with you, OH Kelly that would be a dream come true. Cindy hugged and kissed Kelly passionatly and pressed her body against her. Kelly responded with her tongue and hands, roaming all over Cindy's body, pinching her nipples and squeezing her ass.

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Kelly, I'm so sorry but I'm so happy inside and I want your body. Well thank you Cindy, don't be sorry, I want you so bad also and the only way I knew I had a chance was to invite you to live with me.

With that Kelly kneeled in front of Cindy and kissed her tummy while slowly pulling her panties down. She was in control, Cindy's panties were so wet and her sex smelled so good. Let's go to my bedroom Cindy.

On the bed Kelly sucked and bit her nipples and trailed her tongue to Cindy's pussy and licked her lips until she finally went to her clit. Cindy was moaning as Kelly was getting her closer to an argasm. Cindy was so close, just seconds away and then Kelly stopped. Now it's you turn Cindy. Cindy opened her eyes and was suprised to see Kelly on her back already, nipples hard and her legs together and her hairless triangle awaiting her touch. Cindy began with Kelly's lips and gave her a long deep kiss.

Then she kissed her neck and shoulders before stopping at her tits. Cindy sucked the right nipple into her mouth, it felt so good almost like a penis, for ten minutes she sucked and bit Kelly's nipples making her moan, Then she moved down to what she wanted most, the treasure between her legs, she kissed her was down and pushed Kelly's legs open.

Oh Kelly, what are you, why is there a cock between you legs? Well, never mind, I need to come and your cock is so beautiful, not a hair on it and it is so smooth and big.

Cindy sucked the head into her mouth and then she just did what was expected and took as much cock in until it hit the back of her mouth. Kelly wanted more and took Cindt's head in her hands and forced Cindy to take it all. Then Kelly told Cindy to get on all fours and she fucked Cindy liked she had never been fucked before. Cindy came 3 times before Kelly did and Kelly stayed inside her until she softened. They laid together and kissed and touched when Cindy stated that she really loved Kelly and the two best things were her tits and that lovely 8" cock between her fervid teenie is gaping tight honey pot in close up and cumming. Do you still want to come and live with me Cindy?

If the answer is yes then when we move your life will change forever and you will be mine completely. Yes I still want to move with you and yes you can change me and take me completely!

Please feel free to contact me and also make any suggestions. More chapters to follow.