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Hollywood actress movies sex sex stories storys
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Sero felt like a killing machine on Lyoko. Aelita and Ulrich watched as Sero dashed through the air on his emerald-green wings, taking out the monstrous swarm of Hornets guarding the activated tower. "This is awesome! I almost want XANA to attack more often!" Sero gladly said as he threw his scythe at the swarm, taking out three of them before the scythe circled back to its owner.

"You're crazy Sero! You know that, right?" Ulrich shouted to Sero. Ulrich was angry because he is unable to help the group with his katana. "Let him have some fun, he doesn't get an opportunity like this often." Aelita said, watching Sero as he slowly thinned down the swarm. Odd was having some fun, taking potshots at the giant mass surrounding the Way tower.

Moments later, the remaining Hornets fled, puzzling the group. "Where did they go?" Sero said, landing near the tower. After walking around the tower, he found himself face-to-face with the Scyphozoa.

This was the first time that Sero ever saw the Scyphozoa. "And what are you supposed to be?" Sero asked mockingly to XANA's creation, which only looked at him.

"Sero, stop the Scyphozoa before it gets to Aelita!" Sero heard Jeremie say white teens get pounded by black dick interracial and pornstar the Supercomputer. "Why? It looks pretty harmless to me-umm what is it trying to do?" Sero said with some fear as he back-stepped from the Scyphozoa, which was advancing towards him while trying to grab him.

Sero readied his scythe before it suddenly vanished into thin air. Quickly glancing around to find his weapon, he didn't see the Scyphozoa grip him with its tentacles.

Unable to escape, Sero could only stare at the Scyphozoa as it took something from his brain. "Odd, do something!" Jeremie said, barely containing his emotions. "Sorry Einstein, I can't get a clear shot!" Odd said, surrounded by the leftover Hornets which blocked any possible shot from him. Odd took a chance and ran through the Hornet-wall and made a lucky shot, slicing several tentacles.

The Scyphozoa fled after letting go of Sero, who fell to the mountainous ground. "Aelita, go deactivate the tower!" Odd shouted to Aelita, who was already running to the tower. Aelita started to deactivate the tower as Sero silently crawled into the tower, losing consciousness.

"Tower deactivated." Aelita said, not noticing that Sero was in the tower. "Nice work guys, I'm bringing all of you back now." Jeremie said, entering the codes for materialization. Jeremie and Yumi anxiously waited for the scanners to open, making sure that everyone came back ok. Odd, Ulrich, and Aelita were the first ones devirtualized but Jeremie was starting to worry about Sero because it has been a minute since the others were back on Earth. "You don't think that the code went wrong Jeremie?" Aelita said to him, who was getting worried.

"He would've been back by now, the code for materialization has always worked." Jeremie said, making his hands into fists. The Scanner decided to now open to show. "No one? Why would the scanner open up as if someone was in it?" Ulrich said in confusion, staring at the empty scanner. (Sero's P.O.V) As I exited the scanner, my friends simply looked at me with slight depression, most notably in my boyfriend. "No one? Why would the scanner open up as if someone was in it?" Ulrich said, staring at me in confusion.

What's wrong with them, can't they see me? "Hey guys I'm right here!" I said, waving my arms at them as I exited the scanner without any type of reaction. "Maybe it had to do with the Scyphozoa, but who knows what happened." Aelita suggested to Jeremie, who was still looking at the scanner I came out of.

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"Hey Odd, can you see me?" I said to Odd while I reached for his shoulder, but I lost my balance and fell on him. Ulrich quickly reacted and said "Are you okay Odd?" "I'm not Odd, I'm Sero!

And why were you guys ignoring me?" I shouted at him. "What are you talking about, and why do you sound like him?" Ulrich said, slightly confused. "It's me, Sero! Come on guys, look at my-" I looked down at myself. "My purple outfit?" Am I in Odd's body now? I felt the space above me and felt gelled hair. Yep, definitely Odd's body.

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The others looked at me in total confusion especially Jeremie, who was completely shocked. "Umm, could you care to explain Jeremie?" I said to him worryingly, Odd's body felt so foreign to me.

"I think I have one possible theory, and I'll try to make it simple; XANA tried to remove your DNA code for materialization, but he didn't have enough time son rape real mom in his bed remove the code for your mind, so your body and mind are now separate.

While I have to find the codes needed to solve this, we need to find your body on Lyoko." Jeremie said, already thinking of the potential codes in his mind. "Did you already forget Einstein? It's almost the end of lunch AND a school day. How will we cover up Sero's disappearance?" Yumi said, pointing out the unfortunate facts. I've always hated it when she was right. "Then why not just return to the past? Shouldn't that fix the problem?" I said, trying to be optimistic.

"That won't help. The return barely affects Lyoko-related incidents, hence why towers stay activated if we try to return. So doing a time reversion will do nothing in terms of fixing this problem." Jeremie truthfully said. "What about school then? I'm not sure if I can exit Odd's body." I replied. "And I'm not comfortable with YOUR boyfriend being in MINE'S body." Ulrich added on, glaring at me.

"It's not like I know how to 'live' as a spectre!" I shouted back at Ulrich, pushing him. But when I did that, I felt my ghostly body enter Ulrich. "What just happened? Did I just-" I was interrupted by Odd's unconscious body falling on me.

"Switch bodies?" I said, looking at my new body which is now Ulrich. "Strange. Whenever you make physical contact with someone, you seem to seize control of that person. Maybe it would be best if you avoided touching people." Aelita noted, trying her best to not laugh at the snoring Odd leaning on me.

Yumi peeled Odd off of me while trying to not touch me. "So what now Jeremie? I'm in Ulrich's body, Odd is unconscious, lunch is almost over, my body is in Lyoko and possibly under the control of XANA." I said, angry at the horrible circumstances. "Hmm, our best chance is to fake Sero, Ulrich, and me being sick along with Odd getting a concussion, which will give me time to figure out the code.

In the meantime Sero, stay in Odd's room to watch over him while Yumi and Aelita go back to their classes." Jeremie said. "What was lunch today by the way?" Jeremie added, asking Yumi and Aelita. "I think it was Shepard's Pie with Tofu." Yumi replied after trying to remember. "That's perfect!

It should easily pass by the teachers." Jeremie said, being excited for once about the horrible lunch of the day. Ulrich's/Odd's room could be the most boring place at the school.

After Jeremie basically locked himself in the factory to get me back together with my body, I was ordered to stay with Odd until he wakes up and it has been nearly five hours since then. I was contemplating on going to sleep until I heard a certain dog bark. "Kiwi! You finally decided to wake up to keep me from dying of boredom?

Good dog!" I cheerfully said to Kiwi as I extended my arms out, I was always more of a dog person. As Kiwi was about to leap into my hands, I realized that I could switch bodies with him. "No wait Kiwi! No kisses now!" I blurted out to the dog but it was too late, for Kiwi landed on me. I felt my vision flicker before I saw Ulrich's knocked-out body on his bed, but he looked MUCH bigger than me. "Oh god.

Please no, I hope what just happened didn't happen." I said to myself as I struggled walking on all fours to Kiwi's doggy water bowl.

I opened my eyes as I looked at the water and saw Kiwi's face staring back at me. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" I howled in terror, as if becoming Odd and Ulrich wasn't anywhere close to being a dog. I needed to get back to Jeremie before this got any worse than it could. Unfortunately, I locked the door when I was in Ulrich's body, but maybe Odd would wake up soon. "Soon isn't early enough, I need to wake up the one who can't be woken up." I said to myself, looking at Odd, I didn't want to take over his body again since he may not wake up again.

After I tried a solid minute of shouting at him, I said something that probably would've gotten me killed by Odd if I was in my body. "Odd wake up! Ulrich is dating Sissi and is about to have sex with her!" I said, trying to sound as realistic as possible. It's like I just threw him in the coldest ocean with how he woke up. "I'M GONNA SAVE YOU FROM THAT EVIL SUCCUBUS ULRICH!" Odd shouted with half-opened eyes, waking up instantly. "Wait, what? Oh come on Sero!

You better be hiding for what you just said!" Odd said, realizing that his boyfriend is safe on his bed and away from the 'succubus' Sissi. "Down here Odd." I said, trying to get his attention. "Umm Sero? Care to explain why-" Odd said, looking down at me/Kiwi. "Long story. In short, I accidentally possessed you, Ulrich, and Kiwi, in that order." I said, interrupting him.

"I woke you up because I wanted to check if Jeremie finished the code to get me back in my body for good." I said, resisting the urge to itch myself.

"Alright fine, let's go to the factory." Odd said, opening the door not after he noticed my difficulty moving around in Kiwi's body. "Want me to carry you Sero?" Odd asked, waiting for me to leap into tori black with manuel ferrera arms. "Put me in your backpack, I may accidentally take control of your body if I touch you." I cute girl gets pussy pounded in pawnshops toilet room reality blowjob, lifting a front paw to point at his backpack.

Odd obliged and put the backpack on its side, allowing me to enter it.

After I got inside Odd's backpack, he closed the top and put it on his back. Before leaving, he gave his sleeping lover a kiss on the cheek before making our way to the factory. As Odd was speeding up on his skateboard in the sewers, he got a call from someone.

"Yeah Einstein? Wait, XANA has taken control of who in Lyoko?- hello? Hello!?" Odd said on the phone with Jeremie, who he lost connection with as Odd was in the sewers. "Something you want to tell me Odd?" I said to Odd, my voice muffled due to the backpack. "Oh nothing, just the usual XANA attack in Lyoko with your body possibly controlled by XANA." Odd replied. "Hurry up then! I have a bone to pick with XANA." I said with anger embedded in my voice.

"We're here Einstein!" Odd said, placing his backpack on the ground and opening the top, allowing me to exit it. "Odd, how many times must I say this; Kiwi can't come to Lyoko!" Jeremie said with fake anger.

"Hey don't look at me, just accidentally went into Kiwi's body here." I said sarcastically, pulling Jeremie and Aelita's attention to me. "Se-Sero? How did you even-" "Long story Jeremie, so what about Yumi and Ulrich?" I asked after interrupting him. "Ulrich is still out cold and Yumi is about to get in the elevator." Aelita said, leaning on a nearby wall as she closed her phone. "So what's happening in Lyoko?" I asked Jeremie. "XANA has activated a tower, but more specifically the one we deactivated earlier today.

The worst part was that since your unconscious body was in the tower, XANA took control of it, which is now guarding the tower." Jeremie said. "And I also finally finished the codes! All you have to do is enter your body on Lyoko as it is being devirtualized." He added on. "So do I just go into the scanner as myself and it will take me to Lyoko?" I asked my boyfriend.

"Theoretically, yes with a 90% chance." Jeremie tried to say with a smile. "Well, that's better than nothing." I said as the elevator opened up to boy dating sex fairy tales club fisting Yumi, who stared at me. "Why is Kiwi here?" Yumi asked the group as she exited the elevator. "Don't worry Yumi, it's me Sero, not Odd's 'Diggity Dog'." I said completely calm while Yumi was slightly dumbstruck. "That's enough time for talk guys, Sero's body is guarding the activated tower." Jeremie said.

There was a small moment of silence, so I spoke up. "Let me take the evil-me on by myself, XANA deserves it." I said, surprising the group.

"let's go Aelita. XANA will regret messing with me." I said, trying my best alexis fawx and the younger lesbian blake eden walk into the elevator with Aelita behind me.

"Sero, you need to exit Kiwi's body for the scanner to hopefully recognize you." I heard Jeremie say as I exited the elevator.

"and how do you think I can do that?" I asked him. "Try imagining yourself walking without actually walking." I heard my lover say from above me. "Jeremie! I'll be inside the scanner opposite of the elevator.

Exiting Kiwi's body now." I said, imagining myself walking and it worked like a charm. Looking behind myself, I saw Kiwi's sleeping body on the floor of the elevator. Remembering that no one can see or hear me, I quickly ran into the scanner. "Transfer Sero." Jeremie said. As the scanners closed, I held my eyes shut and imagined a large and empty grass field to combat my claustrophobia.

"Scanner Sero." Jeremie said from the supercomputer. I closed my eyes tighter to block out the bright lights of the scanner. "Virtualization." I heard Jeremie say before I blacked out.