Creampie my pussy before i dyke out

Creampie my pussy before i dyke out
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Elric stood three roofs away and could still hear, smell, and see Francis perfectly. She had a B-cup breasts, an ample but not fat ass. Her thighs were succulant. Her eyes a deep brown eyes and coal black hair.

She had white skin and always wore black lipstick and smiled kindly. She was perfect. She was dark and mysterious. Elric stood with chest spread wide, naked, his muscles gleamed in the moonlight. His skin was a sickly dark navy blue. His eyes were an aluring green. With long pointed ears and long canine teeth the creature spread it's wings. It's powerful legs lunching off the roof in a powerful roar into the night toward his new mistress.

His had been living for 300 years, he has kept his hands off of humans for the last 30 years of his captivity, no rapes, no kills, he deserved this one human, he needed this one. Francis, wearing black panties and a black bra slipped under her covers laying her head to rest.

She didn't notice her bedroom window glide open as the masterful vampire lord slipped in. He looked upon the 20 year old girl in the bed. His hands reached out, his nails sharp and pointed.

His hands gliding over her thigh. He grabbed her legs forcfully spreading them and pulling her to his pelvis. His large erect 10 inch dick resting on her body. Lalola klitz is back and shes thick ass shit pussy still i want lalola klitz gasped seeing the monster. Suddenly the door bursted open as men in hasmat suits and machine guns came in firing darts at the vampire lord. The vampire hissed as he ran towards the men.

Dropped their weapons and pulled tazers firing. The vampire roared as it fell to the ground twitching out of control. The darts drugs kicked in as the vampire laid still. One of the men pull a pistol and shot the girl in the bed. She screamed looking at the dart in her arm. She then fell back. "What was that sir?" one of the soldiers asked, "In the morning she won't remember any of this.

Take Elric and let's go." he commanded as the hasmat men moved in. Venessa looked at herself in the mirror. She wore a uniform to please all of the "clients", a leopard skin one piece that had a single string to tie in the back of the one-piece to hold the thing up and leg holes that wrapped up to form a G-string to cover her ass. Her vagina was covered fully and was made of spandex.

The one-piece split widely between her breasts and had many pink weaves straps holding them from revealing her breasts.

However did show off educational the best sex education videos ever with john sexworkout a bit of cleavage. She was blonde highlights on dirty blonde hair, and had a small tan. She had full lips that fit well with her large C-cup breasts. She wore black high-heels and see through stockings. Her G-string barely showed in her apple ass. She rubbed her long juicy legs. Her job wasn't exactly the modeling job she wanted but the pay was amazing.

She just got paid to look pretty in front of the terrifying monsters that were showcased. Some geneticly made, others captured. She was on. A large thick see through plasic cell was lowered in. A man with razor blades in his face. He was sickly white and had pistol bullets for teeth. It wore thick latex wrappings and heavy set of boots. It was Venessa's job to show the monsters and explain what they were to men who set up little "games" to watch to see how people fared against them.

Who would live, who would die. "This gentlemen is Razorhead. Can take extreme punishment and is immune to head wounds. He is strong and capable of ripping people in half with his bare hands." she said with a smile, She turned around to see the monster staring at her grinning. She tried to make sure she treated them with respect and nicely.

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So in turn she winked at the monster. In the long run she knew they would rip her to shreds none the less. But it conforted her to think they would spare her if she was nice. The cell was moved off as another took it's place with a team of zombies inside the cell. "An oldie but not a forgotten one, zombies, using a virus these creatures are nothing but primal urges, and the most basic urge of course it to eat but that's not all they do, they are given a pheromone that makes them angry 24/7, the only way there happy is giving into these urges.

Head shots as always." It was hauled off as another took it's place. "This guys been all the rage as of late. Slenderman. A nine foot tall man who is extremely thin, wears a suit, has no face or ears only a blank pallet. The creature kidnaps people according to legend and does god knows what, but our slendy has tentacles to strangle it's victims to death it grows from it's body. He plain oh doesn't die by gun fire, only by fire." It was hauled off and another took it's place. "We call this one Jackal, a large clawed man with beastial teeth and scars all over his body.

He goes with only a loin cloth and he is extremly vicious in a fight. Strong, can die by gun fire and by any conventual means, but this mom and sons analsi massage is so fast that you can really count on it to finish sexy shoplifter mia martinez gets her cunt smashed pornstars hardcore the victims." The creature stalked around it's cell, it's face had muscles around and large thick sharp teeth.

Hair shrouded it's face as it breathed harshly and savagly. "Next is one called Mr. Pepper, a serial killer clown we wouldn't let die. We woke him back up and gave him a sickly wicked knife to fight with. One more gentlemen. The newest edition to our lovely team. We call him, The Grinning man. Wearing a suit and and a favored top hat, Grinning Man as far as we can tell can't die. We know of no way to kill him. He was a fluke, they way he was supposed to be killed didn't work.

However he is extremely civil but vicious when on the prowl. So far no animal has been able to escape him. He's faster then anything we've created or captured and extremely dangerous.

However he's the most attentive. If you tell him to do something he'll follow it to a degree. He has made one escape attempt and when we caught him he gladly went back into his cell and said, quote, "I've had my fun, I'm willing to go back now." he likes sport, and once he's had it he's willing to cooperate.

Make your votes now gentlemen. Starting bids are at only 500 dollars for orcs and per Orc." The cell was hauled away as the monster of a man sat peacfully. Venessa went into the room where all of the creatures were kept. She sat down next to the Grinning Mans cell. "Very nicely done Venessa, you really are a sight to withhold my dear sweet." *click* he said pronoucing every sylable and ending with snapping it's sharp teeth together to make the clicking sound.

"Thanks Grinning man. So, do you think you'll get bought?" "Oh I don't think so." *click* she said with a chuckle. "Why is that?" "Because dear Venessa, half man half bat escaped a while back. As smart as the little devil is I'm sure he's finding the main control switch to let us all out." *click* he said She rolled her eyes not believing him.

"Yeah, whatever, I'll talk to you later ok?" The Grinning man nodded to her. She looked at all of the monsters.

So many, ghosts, monsters, creatures, a sphinx, a Bigfoot, a new jersey devil, even ogres and dragons. She finally made it to the Human Bats cell. Empty. "You have only minutes my dear." *click* a voice was called from across the room. Terror filled her as she began to run still wearing the showcase outfit, she could barely run in the high heels. She ran past an undead pirate staring at her with a saber drawn smiling.

She ran past a gargoyle also staring. She ran into the "Dungeons and Dragons" section, she ran through it and ran through the "Serial killer" section, then the "Nightmare monster" section "sci-fi section" she ran as fast as she could as alot of the monsters stared at her running. She stopped for a moment and back tracked a little to see a slimey white humanoid creature, looking at her breasts and rubbing it's penis.

She was in the "other" section, the name of it was "Cave dweller". The creature had wickedly pointed teeth and sharp ears with blue veins popping up. Her jaw dropped as the naked monster continued. She had to run. She kept going. She made it to the elevator door and jumped in as she saw the cell doors begin to rise.

The first thing she saw emerge was a large blob of ooze slide out from it's containment, then the doors shut. She went to the basement to escape. An alarm was wailing as she heard gun fire above. She ran into the garage running to her car when she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks as a scrapping noise came from behind her followed by a large thump.

She slowly began to turn her body but her feet remained frozen to the floor. A creature from the 'Dungeons and Dragons' section. A Mindflayer. A humanoid body, with four tentacles surrounding a circular mouth, the tentacle always drooling with a viscous slime. Dark blue skin, muscular and unrelenting. There Mindflayer however had wings, to make things more interesting. Terrified thought filed into her mind. Things she'd seen about the things these creatures could do, none of them were weaker then a human.

Then something else went into her mind. The white creature rubbing it's penis. She remembered they were all created by human D.N.A, and all male so they couldn't cross reproduce, or reproduce period if they escaped. That when she did something she never thought she'd do. She smiled at it suductivly as she slowly slid her hand to her ass.

"Hey, you want as piece of this?" she asked licking her top lip. The naked creature began to get hard staring at her. "Come here." she said turning around facing it. The creature came forward to within a foot of her as it grabbed her breasts with strong hands and tentacles sliding around her neck.

She gently grabbed one of the tentacles and slid it into her mouth sucking on the apendage. She backed away smiling. The monster began to eye her suspiciously. "I want you to fuck me on one of these cars." she said with a smile moving a piece of the outfit away from her pussy laying back on a car.

It suddenly ran forward and spread her legs shoving his member into her pussy and sucking one of her breasts. Grasping Venessas thighs it rammed her. She cried out in actual pleasure as it's tentacles slipped and slid around her breasts and neck.

The entire car rocked as it shoved it's member in and out. She felt it's teeth on im going to help you blow your load joi bare breasts after it tore away all of the pink ribbons and pulled the shoulder part of the outfit to the side.

She moaned alittle grabbing the back of it's head pulling into her chest. Grinding her body. She cried out in an orgasm running delicate fingers through her hair. Her nipples swelled and needed to be pintched. She felt the 25 se 30 minat tak la xxx bite her nipple as she moaned loudly "Yes!" she felt the creatures hard cock slide in and out of her, the force of it making her legs quiver.

Maya bijou fuck dudes big hard cock about this encounter turned her on, the way it seized her thighs and grasped them, the way it's cock rushed in, the tentacles on her chest, the danger of it all.

The creature took his member out and went down on the girl. Her eyes nearly popped as it put a tentacle into her already wet pussy. She cried out in pleasure rubbing it's head with both of her hands. One tentacle rubbed her swelled clit, another was in her pussy, another was under the G-string and rubbed her ass-hole, and the last one slid around on her belly.

It's hands sqeezed her shapely thighs. She moaned like she never moaned before. She loved every moment of what was happening to her. She gushed all over the creatures face.

The Mind Flayer put it's mouth to the womans cunt drinking her like a bottle of water. He lifted her up and flipped her around hastily moving her G-string to the side and spanking her ass once. She cried out with a smile as it stood over her ass staring at it.

It's broad shoulders heaving, it's eyes fixed. She began to gyrate her hips, her ass rounding, her arc was beautiful. "Come on big boy, fuck my ass, you know want it. Shove it inside of me, make me scream like a little slut, make me cum." she said almost desprately. The creature grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them while crushing them between it's fingers.

It placed it's member on her ass hole and pressed forward. Nothing happened at first then it pulled back and forcfully went forward and shoved the entire thing into her ass.

She screamed in pain and pleasure loving it. The Mind Flayer slapped her ass again and again forcing it's phallus in and out. She moaned loudly gyrating her hips and squirming around on the car licking the surface. She bit her bottom lip feeling it fill her ass so forcfully and fully. She couldn't believe the intesity of the sex. She felt it's tentacles slithering around on her back. It just made her gyrate harder and faster. She ass shook a bit as she wiggled it milf with sexy body gets fucked at home and down on it's cock.

She suddenly felt it cum inside of her. It's warm jizz filling her asshole and her screaming an orgasm in unison. It slowly drew it's member from from her ass, she twitched her leg a little as it fell back staring at the ceiling in disbelief. She stayed bent over the car ass the jizz slowly dripped from her ass, it was so warm and stayed warm leaking down her thigh. "Impressive show." *click* She stood up and spun around in fear, the Grinning Man was leaning on a car.

"Are you." "Of course not, I won't kill you cause you're my only friend, and I won't fuck you, even though I desperatly want to because I respect you." *click* "Are you leaving?" "Why yes, I am." *click* the grin never once leaving his face. It stood and walked over to her, it slid her outfits shoulders back into place covering her breasts. "May I have a hug before I leave?" *click* it asked, She smiled back as she spread her arms and the Grinning Man hugged her. It released her and began to walk away.

"Grinning?" she called, It stopped and turned around, "Something else?" *click* She smile biting the side of her lip, she lifted a finger and urged him back. He walked back as she placed a hand over his chest and slowly drew her hand downward and unzipped it's pants. She then whispered in it's ear as she pulled it's hard dick out slowly jerking it off.

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"No ones made it to the emergency lock down switch yet, we still have a little while I think." she whispered slowly going to her knees. She licked the penis from base to head and slowly put it into her mouth. She sucked hard in the penis as the Grinning Man's grin grew wider and he placed a hand on her head as she slid it's entire 10 inch long dick into her mouth and down her throat. She took it out taking in a breath before shoving it all back into her mouth again.

She rocked her head back and forth with speed, going down to the base and all the way back until it's head was at her lips. She loved giving head. She loved her lips surrounding a hard warm dick, the feeling of it all the way down her throat, feeling warm jizz trickle down her throat when they cum when she's deep throating.

The Grinning Man screeched an inhuman screech as it jizz in the middle of a deep throat. She rounded her mouth on it's penis feeling the jizz in her throat pulling it out and swallowed every last drop in her mouth. "That's my good-bye present Grinny." The Grinning Man pulled her close and licked her lips, devon michaels fucked by a black guy he had none of his own, she knew it was a kiss good-bye.

"I so long Venessa, I truly hope we meet again." *click* it walked toward the garage door when suddenly the doors with incredible speed began to shut.

She ran towards the door but there was no way she could make it, the Grinningan however moved faster then anything she'd ever seen and in a moment notice it was on the otherside and gone. Venessa was stuck inside. She had to reach the Manuel override at the top floor or she would have to wait of reinforcments to clear the building out.

Reinforements wouldn't be there in time for the monsters to crowd the area she was in. She had to get to the manuel override switch. Her night had just begun.