Redhead ebony having a taste of her gfs cunt lesbians and sapphic

Redhead ebony having a taste of her gfs cunt lesbians and sapphic
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This all started after I separated from my wife of several years, the reasons of which I won't get into. Suffice to say, I needed a place to stay, and I was referred to by a friend of a friend, Josh. Josh was a pretty cool guy and he had gone through a similar experience a few months before I did. His wife had moved out with the kids, leaving him alone in his house.

Josh was willing to rent me a room for a few hundred a month. It was a decent deal and I thought I was getting a fairly normal roommate. I had lived there for about a month or so with no problems. I work odd hours, so I often didn't even see Josh or know what he was doing.

I plenty of orgasms after sex with beauteous babe my privacy and wasn't interfering with his life, so everything was good. One night, I was exhausted and fell asleep at 8:30. I woke up a few hours early after having an incredibly erotic dream. It took me a second to dust off the cobwebs to realize the sex sounds from my dream were taking place outside my room.

I opened my door and found out what the noise was. Josh was sitting on the couch in the living room watching a porn. From the glow of the television, I could see he was jerking his cock. I have a decent sized dick (7 inches) and guessed Josh was a little bigger. I was surprised by what I saw, but somehow intrigued. I felt my own cock swelling against my shorts. Was it the sound of the porno? Was it watching Josh's long hard cock? I thought about rubbing one out right then and there.

Then I made a decision I have never made in my life. I left my room and walked across the living room, acting like nothing was amiss. I went into the kitchen, got a beer, took a big swig, and strolled back into the living room. I could see the porno Josh was watching.

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It was a big-titted blonde getting railed doggie style by some stud with a nine inch cock. No wonder Josh was rubbing one out! I took a deep breath and moved around, sitting down on the couch next to Josh. He was sitting near the middle, so it was hard to sit on one side of the couch without contact. I sat down and let my knee rub against Josh's. He didn't move. Fuck. I took another swig and pretended to watch the movie.

I was actually watching Josh stroke his cock out of the corner of my eye. For some reason, I wanted his cock. My mouth was watering in anticipation. I assumed Josh would freak out if I tried anything.

I began moving my knee up and down slowly, as if I was pussy pump fun for pretty brunette babe xara masturbation and stockings. Josh did not move his leg.

This emboldened me. One more swig. I then reached down and pulled my dick out of my shorts and began stroking. Again, Josh continued to watch the tv. I figured he was cool with all this. I realized my eyes were not on the movie, but on Josh's succulent, rock hard cock. Fuck, I wanted it. One final gulp. I set the beer down and then reached over and touched his cock. I was so scared.

I didn't know what he would do. I never had a "gay vibe" from Josh. I never considered myself gay, although I did have a few oral experiences when I was younger. When I touched his cock, I was surprised and aroused by how hard and alive it felt. As soon as I touched him, Josh moved his hand away. Oh my god, he's into this!

I sat there, watching the movie, stroking that thick, long cock. I couldn't believe he hadn't come yet. I was ready to explode and I hadn't had half the stimulation he had. I don't know what I was thinking, but for some reason, I stopped stroking his cock, got off the couch and knelt before him.

Before I knew what I was doing (and hopefully before he could object) I was on my knees with that rock hard man meat in front of me.

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I couldn't wait and shoved it in my mouth. It tasted like warm skin. I was surprised. I could feel him getting harder and harder as I moved up and down with my mouth. I tried to relax my throat and take as much as I could. God, I loved that cock.

I looked up and saw Josh leaning back, his eyes closed in total ecstasy. I wanted his cum in my mouth so bad. But Josh had other plans. Josh suddenly opened his eyes and pushed me down on my back. He reached over to the bottle of lube he was keeping to jerk off.

He squirted the lube into his hand and started stroking his cock.

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My breathing was quick and deep. I knew what was about to happen. I had never had sex with a man before and he was going to be une pute du bois de fontainebleau first. I couldn't believe it, but I wanted him to fuck me so bad I couldn't stand it.

Josh rubbed the end of his cock along my rimhole, as if to ask for permission to enter. The pressure of his head against my tight asshole was intense. He got the tip just inside of me.

I felt immense pain and pleasure at the same time. I wanted him to stop and keep going at the same time. Fortunately, he pushed forward, slowly guiding his rod in my ass. His pace picked up. I heard crying and screaming. I realized it was me. Josh pulled out and shot his load on my stomach. I stroked myself until I came.

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That was the best sex I ever had.