Masseuse sucks hard customer dick hardcore and massage

Masseuse sucks hard customer dick hardcore and massage
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"Hi, Don, wanna help me get her up to her room? She passed out a couple hours ago; and yes, a couple guys fucked her. She just can't hold her alcohol." Don smiled at Joyce, his sister's best friend, "We can just roll her onto the couch and you can stay the rest of the night with me." "Yeah," she chuckled, "you wish. We tried that once and you fucked it up, big time. Besides, I have a hard eight incher out there in the car waiting for me." "I had to try… let's just put her in mom's bed.

It's downstairs and she's gone for the whole week. Tomorrow she can wash mom's sheets and park her big ass in her own room.

You sure you won't stay?" "Uh, no… c'mon, let's get her tucked in." Cookie was less than two years younger than Don. She started drinking right after their dad had his fatal stroke, about six months earlier. She was closer to their dad than Don, possibly even their mother. He had always doted on Cookie and given her everything. Two curvy darling gives wild riding hardcore blowjob after his funeral, Cookie found the stash of whiskey while she was steam cleaning his old recliner.

She was hooked after the first drink of the smooth liquor. "We'll just leave her clothes on her. She can sleep in the stink." "DONNIE PARKER! Shame on you; you turd. Get your butt out of here. I'm gonna undress her and throw her clothes inside the washer. You can wash them in the morning; now git." Don had known Joyce since they were pre-teens.

They had dated a little and they, jointly, took each other's virginity. Don, however, couldn't keep his cock activity limited to one girl.

Once he got a taste of fucking, he wanted them all. That ended any romantic possibilities with Joyce. He stood outside the bedroom door and decided to make her one more offer. She didn't see him when she stepped down the hall to the utility room, but when she came out, there he stood, stroking his huge boobs and ass hottie aline interracial anal gangbang pornstar and hardcore dick, "You sure you don't want some of this?

It was your first one and it works much better now than it did then." "You crazy fucker," she shook her head and snickered, "Maybe someday, but Rex is waiting; and I'm anxious to find out what he can do. Bye, sweetie." He pulled off his pajamas, which he had donned to answer the door, pitched them onto the couch and started up the stairs, "Hmm… I wonder?" He went to his mom's room and looked at Cookie lying there… "She's completely naked under that sheet.

She won't know, anyway. Joyce's tight ass got me so fuckin' horny&hellip." He pulled the sheet back and appraised his little sister's fine set of tits. Her slim, freckled face was half covered by her thick shock of red hair… a quick glance at her pussy mound confirmed both were the same color. Once he looked at that cunt, he had no interest in anything else.

"She's passed out.

She's already been fucked. She won't have a clue." He spread her legs apart and crawled between them, "Actually," he spoke to his unconscious sister, "I've wanted some of your pussy since I was about ten. I believe an eleven year wait is long enough. I just wish you, somehow, knew it's me that's about to fill you with cum." Don's cock slid into Cookie easily. The cum from the others provided plenty of lube; even a little sloppy, but he didn't mind. He needed relief. When Cookie's eyes opened for a second, he assured her it was okay and it was just him.

Once they closed, he added, "Yeah, by God, it's just me and I'm fucking the shit out of you. We should have been doing this for years, Goddammit. Ohhhhh… you DO feel good, little sister; so fuckin' good." He took his time for about ten minutes, until he began feeling his nuts tighten. Hid dick never felt harder, cockriding english slut toying her wet pussy bigger as he rammed his full length into her faster and faster.

"Oh, shit, Cookie… oh, my fuckin' shit! Goddammit, here I cum… oh hell, YESSSSS! UGNH!!! UH, Uh, uh, uh… oh, God, Cookie; Oh, shit that was good." She never flinched at his actions, or his calling out. She just lay there like a blow up doll, being the receptacle he needed. Don got off the bed and sucked her nipples for a few minutes before he pulled the sheet over jillian jenson taking a cock into her tight asshole pornstars hardcore. He kissed her unresponsive lips and told her good night, "And thank you for the hardest blast my balls have ever experienced." He picked up his pajamas and headed upstairs.

After washing his semi-rigid shaft and nuts, he laid on his bed, thinking about what just happened, "Shit, my dick's gettin' harder again… so… why not?" He decided to try getting Cookie cleaned up a little, so he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.

After sitting her limp body on the toilet, he found the douche bottle and filled it with warm water. He remembered someone telling him about mixing vinegar with it, so he shoved the nozzle in her cunt as far as it would go and squeezed, filling her with the warm water.

While he looked for vinegar, she sat on the pot and drained. He was able to get the full nozzle inside her for the second bulb full of the warm mixture. Next he took a wash cloth and cleaned bootylicious stunner has her wet cunt drilled creampie blonde bush, ass, and all points in between.

Pleased with himself, he carried her back to bed and laid her on her stomach. He fixed a bowl of ice water and set it beside the bed, "One way or another, sis, you're gonna feel my cock; even if I have to shove it in your asshole." He rolled Cookie to one side and piled a few pillows in the middle of the bed.

Once he managed to get her mid section jacked up, her pussy was just right for doggy style. His cock had much less lubrication, so he spat on it and pulled an ice cube from the bowl.

He rubbed the frozen chunk across her pucker, then shoved it into her cunt. His hardness shoved it deep, but there was still no reaction from the limp girl. He was satisfied to pump his way to another hard, hot series of cum; which took close to twenty minutes.

A washcloth caught the dripping, white cream as it made its way out of her crack. He made up his mind; he would stay right there, in the same bed, and fuck his sister as much as his body could stand.

He hoped he could do it fifteen times, but knew if he only got a third round in, he'd be a happy man. Don awoke with a piss hard.

He knew what it was, but he wasn't about to piss it away. He managed to pull the pillows from under Cookie and she was lying on her side.

No… he wanted her face to face. She groaned a little as he rolled her onto her back, but gave no signs of waking up. Once again, he spread her legs and positioned himself.

He shoved his mast inside her warm cunt, once again. Once seated as deep as he could get, he reached for the bowl of cold water. As he started pumping, he dipped his fingers in the bowl and flipped cold water onto Cookie's tits, chest and abdomen. At first, she reacted with just a flinch. Once she realized she has a hard cock fucking her, she smiled and began moving upward to meet the thrusts. Don tilted the bowl and let a small stream trickle down her sternum, rolling toward her belly button.

That brought a gasp from the girl and her eyes popped open. Although it was still dark, she could see the figure who was filling her with his meat, "Wha.? What's…? Ugnh… mmm… oh, you're good. Mmmm… who…? Oh, oh, oh, yesss… right there. God that feels sooooo good." Her hand sought her clit and began manipulating pleasure from it, "Oh, fuck, Yesss!

Oh, shit!

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I'm gonna… I'm gonna cummmm!! AHHhHhHHhhHHggghhh!" Her panting soon turned to deep breaths and soft snores. Don had never let up; his piss hard was about to finally blow another load of cum and he wanted Cookie to have it all. Once he filled her again and began to soften, he pulled away and stepped to the bathroom. With the night light, he watched his powerful stream of urine hit the water in the toilet bowl like a waterfall.

It was loud enough to be heard in the la chatte non rase des femmes house. When he shook the last few drops free, he turned to see Cookie standing in the doorway, "My turn. Why are you naked, Bubba? Shit! Why am I naked? Wait! Was that…? Oh, God, no, Don. Don't tell me that was you fucking me a little while ago. No it couldn… was it you?" Don moved to the side and helped Cookie sit on the toilet, "You're damn right it was me.

I fucked you three times so far, and I'll damn sure do it again when I want to. Get your pissin' done and get back in bed. I'm not hard right now, but I probably will be before daylight." Cookie started to cry, "You can't, Don. I'm your sister. It's not right for…" Don interrupted her, "Bullshit.

You loved how it felt, don't try to deny it. You absolutely loved how my hard cock felt in you, because you came hard, Cookie, really hard. Get back in bed." Ten minutes later, Cookie broke the silence, "Okay, we can do it whenever we want, but we can't tell mom, Don. It almost killed her when she found out Daddy was fucking me."