Wife tells hubby about her black fantasy

Wife tells hubby about her black fantasy
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Back in 1975, my young wife and I had moved from our hometown to El Paso, Texas. I had taken a job there and we moved about 700 miles early that summer. As I have told in my stories earlier, we had purchased a house with a swimming pool. I worked various shifts in my job sexy bbw chocolate dick sucking pussy nut reality amateur my wife was unemployed and staying at home working around the house.

Our home was in a quiet neighborhood. We had two neighbors on either side and one on the back of our yard. The previous owners had raised the height of the walls around one side of the house and the back, but on one side the wall was about 4 feet tall.

On that side lived Mr. John Elledge, an older gentleman in his early 80's. He had lost his wife earlier in the year to cancer and was living by himself. John, as we called him, was still very sharp mentally and in good physical shape considering his age. John still drove his car and went out to eat frequently, as he just didn't feel like cooking anymore.

After we had moved so far from watch this sexy eighteen year old beauteous cutie hardcore massage and our families, my wife Dee Dee had become an avowed nudist. Because it was so hot there that year, she enjoyed not having to be dressed inside or outside. She wished she could go shopping while nude, but unfortunately in the United States that is not possible.

So she decided to be naked where she could whenever she could. Many days I would come home from work to a beautiful, naked 18 year old wife preparing dinner for us. She was totally at ease being nude in our home and in the backyard, where she would garden and swim. She loved gardening, and had planted some vegetables and had a large flower bed behind the pool.

She would go out and work every day in the backyard. She turned a golden brown in the sun, and didn't have any tan marks on her from clothing.

John, as we came to find out, also liked gardening in his backyard. He would go out in the early morning and garden and water his yard, and would come back out in the heat of the day to sit under his trees and read. In the evening, after going out to dinner, he would come out and sit on his patio. We became good friends with him just talking to him over the wall .

Dee Dee noticed that when she was out working, John would notice her and come over to the wall and talk to her. The first time he saw her outside, she was working in her flower bed planting some new flowers.

She would stand up and put some potting soil down and then kneel down and plant the flowers. She did this repeatedly and he noticed her when he came out to water his plants. Dee Dee first noticed him standing at the wall watching her.

Of course, she was completely naked while working in the garden. She was spectacular when she was naked. She was only 18, and had short brown hair. She was just shy of 5 foot tall, had size 36 C breasts, and had a very hairy pussy. Her light brown pubic hair started at her navel, ran down to her pussy, and then down the inside of her legs.

It grew up the crack of her ass in back and onto her lower back. Of course, back then, all women had very hairy pussies, as it had not become fashionable to shave off the hair. I loved the hair on her pussy, and called it her little Afro. Anyway, Dee Dee saw him watching her and got up and walked over to the wall. John was really watching her body as she walked over to him.

When she walked, because of the size of her titties, they would jiggle like crazy, and she noticed John checking them out as the moved on their own. One she got to the wall, she said John really had a hard time looking her in the face. His eyes kept going down to her breasts. They talked for a little bit, and John finally gave up on looking at her when she talked to him and just stared at her titties. At first, she wasn't sure if she should say something to him about being what she considered rude, but then she realized that John had not seen a naked girl her age in probably over 60 years.

John seemed so shy while talking with her, and she could tell he was really enjoying her standing there with him. John began to ask her about her gardening and questioned what she was planting. Dee Dee felt that he was doing that simply to keep sex scenes mainstream in movies celebrity ass from going back to her planting. She ended up talking to John for about 30 minutes.

She finally told him she needed to finish as I would be home soon and she needed to start supper. John said he needed to go back and work on his plants also. Dee Dee went back to planting the few flowers she had left. Once, she glanced over her shoulder and John was standing behind a shrub watching her through the leaves. She decided to give him a thrill and bent over from the waist and spread her legs to pick up the potting soil.

She's sure he got an eyeful of pussy and ass. She finished and cleaned up and went inside. As we got settled in, we became closer with John and got to know him well. John was a retired U.S. Army officer who had served in the medical corps. He had retired as a full colonel when he was 52 years old, and had stayed in El Paso with his wife. He and his wife had no children .

One day, while Dee Dee was outside swimming in the pool doing laps for exercise, she saw John come out and start his routine in his back yard. She asked him if he would like to come over the following morning for coffee with us.

She said she would prepare a coffee cake and we could get to know each other better. John immediately accepted and said he would be there at 8:00 AM. The following morning, John rang the doorbell punctually at 8:00 AM. I let him in and invited him in to our kitchen. Dee Dee had the coffee on and the coffee cake was almost ready.

John appeared happy that she was naked, but kept looking at me as if I would get upset if he looked at her too long. She bustled around the kitchen getting out philippines pene full movies 80s george estregan cups and saucers for the cake, all the while talking with John and I.

Finally, the cake was ready and Dee Dee took it out of the oven and cut some for us. Dee Dee sat down next to John at the table and we sat and told John about us and how we came to live in El Paso. John told us about his life and his career in the military.

John finally became comfortable enough to ask her why she wore no clothes. Dee Dee explained to him her upbringing at home and her dad's rigid clothing standards which kept her from showing much skin.

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She told John the only thing she was allowed to wear that was revealing was her cheerleader uniform. Surprisingly, she even went into her rebellion against her father's authority by playing sex games with her two brothers, and jessa rhodes gets drilled by her horny stud in bed him that was when she first realized that she enjoyed being naked all of the time.

She told John that up until that point in time, she had always slept in pajamas, but once she began going nude she just started sleeping that way . She explained to John that her and her two brothers would shower together at night while her parents worked, and then remain naked together at night before bed. Dee Dee told John that she had even gotten her two brothers to become nudists, and said they would also remain naked after their showers with Dee Dee. She said often they would sit on the couch and watch television with one brother naked on one side of her and the other on the opposite side.

Dee Dee explained that was the first time she realized her love of nudity. She told him that she thought she was somewhat of an exhibitionist and enjoyed being naked in front of people who were fully clothed. John said that he didn't want to appear too forward, but said he enjoyed her being naked. John said the last owners of the house had been two gay men that performed "lewd acts" in the swimming pool, and said it got so bad he didn't even want to go outside.

John said Dee Dee and her nudity was a breath of fresh air. Dee Dee told John that if he was in any way offended by her nudity that she would be happy to cover up when he was out. She did not want him to be uncomfortable in his own backyard. John laughed and said it was the best time he had had in a long time. By then, it was almost 10 AM, and I had to be at work at noon, so I went to shower and get ready for work.

Dee Dee asked John if he would like to stay and visit a bit more and she would prepare them lunch if he wanted.

John eagerly accepted her invitation, so they took more coffee and went out and sat on the patio. I called her about 4 PM that afternoon to see how she was doing and she said John had stayed until 2 PM, when he left to go home. Dee Dee said they had had a good visit and learned a lot about each other and their lives. She said John had originally trained as a gynecologist and had hot girl enjoys a heaving climax from fingering in hospitals all over the world.

After he had retired from the military, he worked at Sierra Medical Center in El Paso until he retired again at 65 years of age. Dee Dee continued to look for work during this time, and had signed up for college courses at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) in the fall.

She wanted to find employment part time to help with college costs. She mentioned this to John one day and he said he would keep an ear out for any job opportunities she may be interested in.

A week or so later, Dee Dee asked John to come over for coffee and cake again. I was working day shift then, so I had to leave for work at 6 AM.

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Dee Dee told me John showed up at 8:00 AM and brought her a new rose to plant in her garden. They sat and visited this redhead is in way over her head a while, then went outside and they planted the flower.

Dee Dee told me that night after I got home that she noticed that John would be right behind her as she was on all fours planting the rose. She was sure that John was an ass man by how he was conveniently behind her as she worked. A few times, she said she toyed with John and bent over at an angle that really allowed John to see her ass hole clearly.

She didn't mind, though, as she had taken a liking to John and his sense of humor. A week or so later, John called and asked if he could come over and talk to us that evening after dinner. He said he wanted to ask us something. We told him he could come over after 7:00 PM, and as usual he was there at that exact time. We all pretty babe mi ha gets her pussy stretched into the backyard and sat at our patio table.

John appeared a little nervous for some reason, so we just waited to see what he had to say. John explained that his wife Katie had always been a stay at home wife who was content in taking care of the home and cooking for him. John said he never did any of the housework because after many long hospital hours, he was ready to come home and relax.

John explained that he hated doing housework and cleaning up after himself. He said he did not do toilets at all, and was sometimes embarrassed to have friends drop in to visit. He wanted to know if Dee Dee would be interested in cleaning his house on a regular basis if he paid her. John said that way she could get extra money and he would benefit by having a clean house when his friends dropped in.

John said he would pay her $500 a month if she would clean his house twice a week. That amount back then was very large and Dee Dee immediately accepted. That was much more than she could earn on the job market and she wouldn't have to drive to work and back and do a job she didn't like.

John said he had thought she would accept, and had figured out a way to get her into his house with no other neighbors seeing her come and go nude. We both had doors on the sides of our garages and John said he would keep a look out while Dee Dee walked from our home to his and back. Dee Dee was very excited by the job offer and was looking forward to starting as soon as possible. The next morning, John met Dee Dee at the side door of our house and watched for neighbors as she made her way to his home.

John showed her around his home and she got to work. She said for the most part, John stayed out of the way, but when she cleaned his living room he was sitting there reading the paper. She thought it amusing as the entire time she worked in that room she could feel his eyes on her. John went and picked up lunch for them later and they sat on his patio as they ate. Dee Dee had a great time over at John's house and really enjoyed making a little extra money for her college fund. A few days later, while she was cleaning up his house again, John asked her if she would like to come over the following week and meet some of his old Army buddies from the hospital.

John said they always got together once a month in each other's homes and that it was his turn that month. John said they always talked medicine, and told some of the most interesting stories she would ever hear.

She wanted to know how many came over and John said usually six or seven of them, and said they ranged from the early 60's to almost 90 years of age. She said she would think about it and let him know. Dee Dee discussed it with me later that evening and said she thought she wanted to go over. I asked if she thought she would feel funny being naked among them and she said she might consider going over dressed the first time. She said John had told her to come however she felt comfortable, and said he just wanted her to meet some of his friends, not necessarily for her to entertain them.

John had assured her that they were all gentlemen and would behave appropriately regardless of how she chose to dress. Dee Dee finally decided to go ahead and go naked. She knew it was a big step for her, but was intrigued with how it would feel for her to be naked among six or seven strangers. I think she was excited by it though, even though they were so much older than she was. It turned out that John wanted her pregnant vicky from pregnantvicky com #7 tube porn come over while I was working, but she said she wasn't concerned for her safety, so I said she could go.

I think secretly she wanted to see how committed of a nudist she really was. When the day came, John had her come over about 30 minutes before his guest arrived. She had fixed her hair and put on perfume for them and had "fluffed" up her pussy hair, as she thought they were all of the age where they would appreciate her gaping ass filled up with hot pee hairy pussy.

As they began to arrive, John asked her if she was comfortable with greeting them at the door. She was happy to do so and a little excited too.

She said six men showed up, and all were really surprised to see how she greeted them. There ended up being one little glitch though that John didn't know about.

One of his friends had his son-in-law, who was in the German military, fly in for training at the base. Dieter was 32 years old and a captain in the German Air Force, and his father-in-law had asked him to come along and meet his retired Army friends. Well, no one knew Dee Dee would be there naked but John.

Dee Dee had expected a bunch of older men, but then in walks this good looking 32 year old military officer by the name of Dieter. Dee Dee's heart skipped a beat when she saw Dieter come in. Dieter smiled at her as he came through the door and she said she melted because he was so cute.

She told me later that Dieter was a hottie, and she really wished she could jump his bones. Dieter was tall, very athletic looking, and blonde with dimples. Dee Dee said when he smiled he lit up the room.

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Dieter immediately noticed Dee Dee was naked and told her he didn't know why she was but that he appreciated it more than she knew. After they were all seated in John's living room, John explained to them who she was and said she was a neighbor of his and she happened to be a nudist.

Dieter mentioned that in Germany nudity was legal and it was not uncommon to see nude people sun tanning outside in the summer. He said he found it refreshing to know that there were some Americans who enjoyed being nude as much as possible. Dee Dee said most of the men watched her naked body constantly, but that Dieter really checked her out. At one point, some of the men wanted something to drink, so she went to the kitchen to get their drinks.

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She heard someone follow her in. She expected it to be John, but when she turned around she saw Dieter. Dieter told her she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen, and wanted to know if he could touch her briefly before she took the drinks back into the living room. Dee Dee told him that with his dimples he could touch anything he wanted to .

She said right there in John's kitchen, where anyone could walk in at any time, Dieter played with her pussy, sucked her titties, and fingered alison tyler vs markus dupree ass. She told me that it was an insane thing to let him do to her, but both of them were overcome by lust. After 5 minutes of that, he kissed her on the mouth, and they carried the drinks back out to the older guys.

Dee Dee said after she took the drinks to the guys, she was afraid they would notice how hard her nipples had become and that they were still damp from Dieter's mouth on them. After John's friends departed, he once again thanked her for coming over and meeting them. He apologized for Dieter being there, and said he didn't know he was coming with his friend. Dee Dee told him that was perfectly all right, but didn't tell him that Dieter got to feel her up for a few minutes in the kitchen.

By that time, Dee Dee was feeling very horny since Dieter had got her so close to having an orgasm. She looked John in the eye and asked him if there was anything else she could help him with before she went home. John seemed to her to be embarrassed, so she told him that they were friends and that he could tell her anything.

John then blurted out that he wanted to touch her, and wondered if she would be offended in any way because of his age.

Dee Dee told him that they were friends, and that John had already seen everything she had and more. She asked John if he had ever thought about touching and holding her, and if he had any thoughts on what he wanted to do to her. John explained that when he and his wife were newlyweds, they would sit on the couch and kiss. John said they would both be naked and his wife would sit in his lap. Dee Dee asked him if that was what he wanted to do. John told her he would love that more than anything in the world.

She led John to his bedroom and undressed him. As she did so, John told her how much he had enjoyed her cleaning his house naked and admitted he probably made her uncomfortable by staring at her all the time.

She told John that she had noticed him looking intently at her, but said she sort of enjoyed it and admitted to him that sometimes she would bend over a little too far and give him a good shot of her pussy or ass for him to enjoy. By that point, Dee Dee said he seemed to have a gleam in his eye like something wonderful was going to occur.

Dee Dee was surprised when she took off John's underwear because he was much larger than what Dee Dee would have guessed. Dee Dee had never seen a man of John's age naked before, and admitted he was in very good shape. John didn't have a large erection, but Dee Dee said it was getting more and more firm.

They went into the living room and John sat down on the couch and asked Dee Dee to sit in his lap. Dee Dee climbed into his lap and put her arm around John and hugged him closely. John put his hand on Dee Dee's titty and played with her nipple some until it got hard.

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John then bent over and put her nipple in his mouth and began to nurse on it like a baby. She said it felt wonderful, and she could feel his erection growing larger under her. John then sat up and began to kiss Dee Dee on the mouth while he played with her titties. He then began to French kiss her and they began to suck on each others tongues and lick each other in the mouth.

By then, she could tell John was ready to mount her, so she stood up and lay on his couch. Dee Dee kinky lesbians sasha heart jada stevens gabriella paltrova serena blair her legs and she could feel how wet she was at the thought of John being in her. John started to enter her, and all of a sudden stopped and looked at her pussy open and inviting. John looked at her and told her that for over 50 years he had looked at women like that and that it had meant nothing to him but another female body.

He said after a while, looking at a vagina was just another part of a female's body with no sex appeal to a gynecologist. However, he said looking at her laid out on the couch waiting for him to enter her was very exciting and wonderful. He also admitted that he had never performed oral sex on a girl before. He said in his day, it was not something that was done by the ladies of the day, nor was oral sex performed by the ladies on the men, as they would be considered sluts and whores by society.

John admitted that he and his wife had only had sex in the missionary position and had never performed any foreplay before except by kissing. John said he had heard younger soldiers she strokes his cock while rubbing her feet and soles in his face domination and lelu love about "doing a 69" on a female but didn't know what it meant.

He wanted to know if she could show him. She was surprised that he had never eaten a pussy or had his cock sucked, so she agreed and asked him to lay on his back on the couch. Dee Dee got up and had John little son and young mother xxx on his back on the couch. Dee Dee then lay on John with her face at his cock and John's face was right on her hairy pussy. She then told John to just lay back and enjoy it and do what he felt like with her pussy.

She put John's cock in her mouth and began slowly sucking on it and licking the head of it. She spread her legs and made sure her pussy lips were on John's lips. She said he began licking her softly but then began to really get into it.

She said John took his fingers and spread her lips and began licking her clitoris. When John began sucking on her clit, she really began to get turned on with the prospect of fucking her neighbor. John told her she tasted wonderful and that he had never had a sensation like eating a pussy. John told her that he loved how she tasted and how her juices tasted in his mouth. As John sucked on her pussy, his erection got larger. Dee Dee noticed that John was ready, so she got off of him and lay down on top of John and straddled his body.

She took her hands and guided John into her pussy. She told me later that John gave a big sigh as she did that, like it was the most wonderful thing in the world. I explained to her that for John it probably was. He had not had his cock in an 18 year old girl for 64 years, and I'm sure it did feel fantastic. John lay on his back with his cock inside my young wife as she began moving up and down on his cock faster and faster . John began to tire out from trying to thrust into her, so Dee Dee told him to just lay back and enjoy the ride.

Dee Dee leaned over and put her titties in his face and pulled John's face into her breasts, and began to ride John as hard as she could. Dee Dee said her ass was riding John as fast as she had ever ridden a man, going up and down as fast as she could. John reached up and held her titties in his hands and sucked on them with his mouth as hard as he could.

Dee Dee went for 5 minutes or so before John cried out that he was going to cum in her. She said that really excited her so she began hammering John's cock as fast as she could with her pussy.

Without any more warning, John shot his load into her. Dee Dee began to slow down and said John reached down and cupped her ass cheeks in his hand and pushed her down on him as hard as he could as he kept ejaculating in her. A short while later, she felt John's cock slide out of her. She then could feel John's cum running out and down her legs.

Dee Dee then just lay on John as they caught their breath, and they kept kissing and holding each other. After a bit, she got off John and sat next to him. John was very concerned that I would be angry with him for sleeping with my wife, but she said that I emily homegrown girlfriends vol 4 mind sharing her and that it would turn me on when she told me about it.

She asked John if it was all that he thought it would be. He said he was speechless, and it was more wonderful that he could remember. John explained that his wife had been in poor health for a number of years and they could not have sex because of it.

John figured that he would never again have sex because of his age. After we had moved in, John said he was so happy to be able to see a naked 18 year old again and have dinner and coffee with her. When she agreed to clean his house naked, John said he got his hopes up that he might be able to touch her, but he never dreamed that he would one day get to have sex with her and eat a pussy for the first time in his life . John ended up living next to us for the next 4 years until he had to go into a nursing home.

During that period of time, Dee Dee slept with him both at his home and ours multiple times. She even did John once or twice in our swimming pool, which he really enjoyed because it was easier on his old body. John once asked her what it was that she enjoyed when we made love, chubby wife lets my friend cum in her mouth husband films she always did what he wanted.

She told him she liked her ass licked. John had never done that either, so he asked her in a very proper way if he could do her the honor of licking her beautiful ass for a bit. She laughed at the way he said it, so she had him lie down on the couch, and she got on top of John and placed her ass in his face. John really got into it, she said, and licking her ass became one of John's favorite things to do to my little wife.

One day they were hot latina teen pussy fucked because she part i talking after having sex, and she asked John if he had ever tried anal sex. John had been open to so many various things that she thought she would offer. John looked surprised at she would suggest such a thing, but said he was always open to new ways to please a girl.

The next day, John came over to our home in the afternoon while Dee Dee was swimming. She asked him if he wanted to swim with her and he replied that he would love to if she would allow him the pleasure of putting his cock in her ass when they were finished. She laughed so hard at his choice of words, but when they finished swimming John had anal sex with my wife for the first time in his life.

John at times expressed regret that so much of life had passed him by in a sexual sense. John said he wished he could have met someone like Dee Dee early in his life when he was sexually active and someone like her could have taught him new positions and activities to do in bed. John told her that he loved her and the way she was so free to share her body with him. He was glad he had met us, and we felt the same way about him. John also was glad that she was someone who would make love to him anywhere, not just in his bedroom like he had done with his wife.

John enriched our lives by teaching us about his generation and what they believed about sex and what "proper" people did behind closed doors. Dee Dee taught John what people of our time do. John had never eaten pussy, had his cock sucked by an expert, or eaten a girl's ass, but Dee Dee taught him all of it.

Dee Dee and I agree that our lives were better because we had met John, and that she had given him the thrill of his life. I would hope someday when I'm John's age, if my wife is gone, that a young 18 year old would make love to me and show me everything that Dee Dee did for John.