Busty dream girl cums to life pornstar and hardcore

Busty dream girl cums to life pornstar and hardcore
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Volume 1 My brother is at practice, and my parents aren't home from work yet. I'm naked, as I usually am when I have the house to myself, and I go into my brother's bedroom. I snoop around in his stuff, looking for anything he might be trying to hide but don't find anything new. I put on one of his hockey jerseys and lie on his bed. I begin touching myself between my legs.

My clit is hard as I tease it and flick it. I'm in no hurry, I have at least another hour so I can afford to take it slow and enjoy a long build up to a screaming orgasm.

That's the other benefit to being home alone I don't have to be quiet when I make myself cum. My fingers are all slippery with pussy juice as I explore the intimate contours of my young cunt.

I tickle my light crop of pubic hair and flirt with my virgin hole. I pinch my nipples through the jersey; delighting in feeling them stiffen between my fingers. My clit is so hard that it's aching. I imagine my brother is suddenly there on top of me. He's telling me how beautiful I am and how much he's always wanted me. His cock is poised at my opening. He desperately wants to fuck me, but he knows how wrong it would be to fuck his own sister.

In my mind I'm about to tell him to do it when I hear someone clear their throat loudly. I open my eyes and see my brother Mike standing there with his backpack slung over one shoulder and a devilish grin on his face.

I scream, slam my legs together and pull his jersey down to cover myself. "Too late, Emma," he chortles, "already saw everything." "Mike! Get out of here!" "Why should I? It's my room." He drops his book bag and steps into the room. I can see from the bulge in his pants. teen fold in two and fucked hardcore and blowjob.. that he already has a hard-on. "How long were you there?" "Long enough to see my dear little sister doing some very dirty things to herself." "You're disgusting." "Hey, I'm not the one jerking off on my bed." He rubbed his bulge.

"You know, that sounds like a pretty good idea." "Don't you dare!" I yelled, trying to cover up how much I would love it if he did show me his cock. "Y'know, you didn't have to stop just because of me." "Shut up, weirdo." I sat up, trying to figure out how I was going to get past him and make it safely back to my room before I embarrassed myself any more.

"Where d'ya think you're going?" "Anywhere but here." "Not with my jersey, you're not. Take it off." "No way!" "Alright. . guess I'll just have to tell Mom and Dad what I found in my room when I came home from school today." It was bad enough being caught by my brother, but I would absolutely die if my parents found out Amazing pornstars of the italian porn for xtime club played with myself in front of my brother.

It would be even worse if they knew I was doing it in Mike's room. "Please don't tell," I begged, knowing it would give him the upper hand. "I won't. . if you do what I tell you to do." "God, you're such a pervert!" "Give me back my jersey, Em. Now!" I pull it off and throw it at him, then do my best to cover my small tits and wet pussy with my hands.

"No reason to be shy, sis." He teases as he carelessly tosses the jersey aside and looks me over with a hungry lust that makes my clit start throbbing. "Actually, I feel bad for interrupting. Why don't you go ahead and finish." "Are you crazy?" "I wonder how long you'll be grounded after Mom and Dad find out about the freaky things you do when they're not at home.

Maybe I'll tell them about how you sometimes play with yourself in their bed, too." "How do you know about that?" "I didn't, but I do now." "Rrrr! I hate you!" "Go ahead an open up those skinny legs of yours and let me see that cute pussy again." His confident smile informs me that he knows he has me right where he wants me.

I have no choice…or at least that's what I tell myself.

"If anyone's a freak around here, it's you." I lie back, my heart races, and I take my hand away from my pussy. Hesitantly, I open my legs. I don't want him to know how much I really want to do this for him.

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"Nice," he says in a whispery voice as my knees touch down on the mattress to my left and right. "I wanna see your titties, too." I take my arm away, leaving myself completely exposed to my brother. I've never been naked in front of anyone before and it's both scary and thrilling at the same time. "Can I go now?" I complain, hoping he continues to exert his power over me and says no.

"Touch it," he orders. There's a thick rasp in his voice that sends tingles across my bare flesh. "I want to see you play with your pussy and make me excited." My hand moves down to my cunt. I wonder if he can see how much I'm trembling. If he can, I hope he thinks it's because I'm upset and not because I'm more turned on than I've ever been before in my life.

"Yeah, that's it, Emma. Pretend like I'm not even here and touch yourself the way you like to." "Shut up, loser." My words didn't have any strength behind them. Could he tell I meant the exact opposite of what I was saying? I spread my wetness up the length of my slit, circling a finger around my hard clit, then going back down for more of my natural lubricant. I'm leaking like never before and can feel it actually trickling down my ass crack.

I have to be careful or I'll cum in about another three seconds. I don't want him to know just how horny this is making me. That's when I hear a zipper coming down. My heart leaps. Is this really happening? I look up to see my brother holding his hard cock in his hand.

He's stroking it slowly as he stares between my legs, transfixed by my pussy. I've been dreaming about seeing his penis for so long, and now there it is, all big and hard. I feel strangely proud that his cock is like that because of me.

"You like that?" he asks, stepping blonde milf gets fucked by knight hero in the nature and brandishing his hard-on in my direction.

I swallow, debating how to respond. I find myself nodding before I consciously make up my mind.

He comes to the side of the bed and tugs on his erection, aiming it right at me. God, it's a magnificent tool to witness. "Why don't you take your clothes off, too?" I suggest. "Don't mind if I do," he quips and begins stripping.

I continue fingering myself as I watch my brother's athletic body come into view with each piece of clothing that he sheds.

Soon he's as naked as I am. I can't stop staring. He likes that I'm looking at him as much as I like him looking at me. "Are you going to cum?" I ask. . surprised at how forward I'm able to be. . given the situation. "I will if you do." I begin working my pussy more seriously, just like I would if I was alone.

When he sees this he gets on the bed with me, kneeling at my side watching my hand moving rapidly between my legs. His cock is close enough for me to reach out and touch. I unintentionally let out a little moan. He takes this as a signal to touch my tits with his free hand. He's being a bit too rough, but I still like it. "Tell me when you're about to cum, Emma." Hearing him say my name while he's beating off over my naked body drives me wild.

I slip a finger into my hole and moan some more as I feel my orgasm building quickly. I try to make it last as long as I can, but it only takes a minute before I reach the point of no return. "I'm gonna cum, Mike! Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum so hard!" Without thinking I reach up and very gently cup his balls, feeling them all hot and sweaty in my palm for the first time. It's unlike anything I've ever felt before. He beats his cock faster and I get the idea that he's trying to time his orgasm with mine.

God, busty pornostar angela sommers webcam dildo masturbation so friggin' hot! I cry out and my ass comes up off the bed as I start to go off.

"Do it, Emma. Let me see you cum!" His fingers dig into my small firm tits as he groans. "Oh, fuck!" Despite being in the throes of my own orgasm, I'm still able to see the head of his cock suddenly swell seconds before a big spurt of sperm shoots out and lands on my tummy.

Waves of ecstasy are crashing through me. My brother quickly redirects his penis and more come splashes on my tits and nipples. The feeling of his warm spunk on my skin is beyond amazing.

We both continue rubbing ourselves well after our orgasms have passed, neither one wanting it to come to an end. Volume II At first my family fantasies were restricted solely to my brother. That changed shortly after I found a secret stash of porn my dad had out in the old detached garaged behind our house. When no one was home, I would sometimes sneak out there and go through the small collection of musty girlie magazines hidden under his workbench.

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It wasn't long before the following fantasy was added to my private repertoire: I'm squatting in the cluttered garage with a faded copy of Hustler spread open on a milk crate in front of me.

I've taken off my jeans, but my white cotton panties dotted i would like to see you having a orgasm blue birds are down around my ankles.

My fingers tickle lightly around my puffy vulva. My little clit is aching to be touched, but I don't want to ruin it by going too fast. I don't get this chance very often, so I want to make it count. The smell of oil, rusted metal, and old sawdust is strong in the air.

I bring my fingers to my nose and sniff, adding the scent of my own sweaty pussy to the mix. I turn the page and return my hand between my legs. The naked woman I'm looking at has magnificent tits. I long for the day that my small boobies develop into something more womanly, but I'm afraid it might never happen. I tickle my sparse patch of pussy hair, then slide my middle finger along my slit and feel how soft my lips are.

I wonder if the sexy slut in the picture ever masturbates like me. "Emma, is that you in here?" It's my dad's voice. I instantly panic.

I have to hide the magazine, or pull up my panties, or grab my pants, or duck behind the garbage can, or…too late. My dad is standing close by looking around. He hasn't seen me yet, but he will any second. In the shock of the moment, I didn't end up doing any of the things tv serial acters xxx story brain told me to do all at once.

"Oh, Emma, it is you," he smiles when he sees me. "What're you do-…" He spots the magazine and the smile falters. "Oh." Next he realizes my panties are down and my hand is the only thing covering my naked pussy. "Oh, I see…ahem." I'm ready to die of the worst embarrassment I've ever felt anna bell peaks mom in the kitchen floor my life.

Dad looks just as out of sorts as I feel. He scratches the back of his head as he considers the situation. "Guess you stumbled on my secret stash there, eh?" He chuckles nervously.

"Your mom would kill me if she knew I had those." His body language tells me he's struggling with an internal debate about what to do about finding his daughter masturbating to his porn. "That one you got there is probably my favorite.

You got good taste, young lady." He's trying to lighten things up, but I'm so humiliated that I'm in no mood to laugh and stay crouched where I am. My dad reaches out his hand, and I give him the magazine. He flips through the pages, pauses, flips a couple more, looks something over, and then turns back a page. I notice a bulge growing in his pants and don't know what to do. I should probably try to pull my panties up, but I don't.

"This one gets me off every time." He puts the magazine down on the milk crate so I can see. There's a shapely redhead taking up the entire left page. Both her legs are straight up in the air spread in a wide V. She's squeezing her breasts together so that her nipples are almost touching. Her hair is big and curly.

"She does have a sexy body," I offer meekly. My stomach churns, hoping I didn't spoil things by speaking. My dad's smile becomes a little more relaxed, and he nods. "She does, I'll give her that. But that's not the whole story." He crouches down next to me and the closeness makes my privates almost vibrate in a way I never felt before.

"It's this that does it for me." Dad taps the model's face. "She has such a shy, innocent look about her. She could be the sweet girl next door, or the checkout girl you see every day at the store or even my young daughter. And then you look down and wow! Look what she's doing. That angel turns out to be one nasty little devil." My eyes stray to my father's crotch and I see that the bulge has grown into something more substantial.

His hand moves along his leg and he massages his hardness through his pants with me right there next to him. "Yeah, I think I see what you mean," I say, wanting him to know I understand what he's talking about. The woman has big, beautiful pussy lips splayed open in front of us. That was the only thing I had really noticed before, but now that I was seeing it through my father's eyes, the image was a lot more erotic than I had ever realized.

"Would it be okay, Emma, if I join you?" "Join me?" I'm not sure if he means what I hope he does. "Ahhhh okay, if you want to." He pats me on the shoulder as he stands, opens his pants and drops them to the floor. Just like that I'm staring at my father's hard cock. It's big, and thick, and straight. The head flares out at the base and curves to a blunt point. I can even see my dad's pee hole clear as day. His hairy balls hang heavily between his legs and I'm dying to know what it would feel like to hold them in my hand.

My father kneels down next to me, grips his massive hard-on, and begins stroking it slowly. He looks over and sees the stunned look on my face. "Girls aren't the only ones who masturbate, you know." He punctuates his joke by nudging me with his elbow. "I know, but…" I'm not sure if I should say anything. "But…?" "I never thought you did…'that,'" I nod toward my dad's hand moving steadily up and down his meaty shaft.

"No? What did you think I had these magazines out here for?" I shrug, glancing up at him then back down at what he's doing with his cock. "I guess I never really thought about it." I press my hand to my pussy.

It's hot and moist against my palm. "Do you come out here a lot?" he asks, more curious than accusing. "I've done it a few times," I admit. I'm ashamed of being caught, but now I'm also excited that I was. "And do you always pull down your panties and touch yourself?" I hesitated for a moment before nodding.

I never told anyone before that I played with myself. I always thought it would be peculiar cuties fuck the biggest strap ons and spray ejaculate everywhere splattering and monstercoc worst thing in the world if anyone found out what a pervert I am.

Now that I knew my dad did it too, it didn't seem like as much of a terrible thing. "It feels good," I say just to say something.

"I'm sure it does." My dad looked down between my legs. I moved my hand a little to the side. "Looks like my girl finally has some hair down there." That makes me feel proud for some silly reason. He turns his attention to the magazine spread and continues to work his cock. I get up the nerve to touch myself the way I've been wanting to for the last couple minutes. I circle my touch around my hole and smear some of the wetness around down there.

My finger moves up and down and around. I can't believe I'm doing this with my dad right there with me. "Do you want to see the one I like the most?" My voice sounds small and squeaky, but I manage to get the words out. "Sure, pumpkin, I'd like that a lot." I flip to the last pictorial. There's a dark-haired woman with a pixie-cut and small breasts. She's on her knees with her butt toward the camera. Her hand is on one of her butt cheeks and she's pulling it to the side so you can see everything between her legs.

I point to it, and move my hand back down to where it was. "Hmm, nice," my dad says as he inspects the photo. "Why do you like this one?" I'd never really thought about it before. I study the picture as I lightly finger myself. "I guess because she's not just sitting there all like, 'Look at me.'" I consider the model's face for the first time, noticing that she has an expression that was partly a challenge and partly an invitation. "She's taking charge and showing off what she's got, like she's proud of it or something." "Okay, yeah, I can see that." "And Kelly christlansen vs karen fisher milf threesomes like how she's not shy to let you see…everything." "Everything?" my dad prompts.

His hand is moving a little faster. I go ahead and start rubbing my clit like I would if I was by myself. "Yeah, y'know, like her…stuff…" "You mean her pussy?" Hearing my father say that word sends a tingle through me. "Yeah, her pussy and her…butthole." "Mmm, I have to agree with you on that one, sweetheart.

There's something about a woman who's willing to spread her ass and put it all out there." He looked down at what I was doing again. "Damn, you're certainly not a little girl anymore, Emma." "I know how to make myself have an orgasm," I blurt out in an attempt to prove just how grown up I am.

"Is that so? I suppose you've been doing a lot of practicing under the covers late at night," he kidded. "Do you know what happens when a man has an orgasm?" "Sperm comes out," I answer quickly, maybe too quickly.

"Ah, good. I wasn't sure if your mother covered that part when she had 'The Talk' with you." I don't tell him that I didn't learn this bit of sexual trivia from Mom. "Are you going to make yourself cum, Daddy?" "I don't really have much of a choice at this point, young lady. As long as that's okay with you." "Oh, yeah, sure!" I worry that I sound too enthusiastic.

I try to regain my cool. "Totally." We look at the magazine together, but we are each more interested in what the other is doing than the static model who has been holding her ass open for the past five years. "Dad," I finally pipe up when a wicked idea enters my head. "Is it okay if I try something?" "Ahh…depends on what it is." "Something I want to show you." The butterflies are batting around inside my tummy like crazy.

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"I'm game." I stand and kick off my panties and my sneakers, leaving on my ankle socks. Too bad I don't have a pair of high heels handy. With my back to my father, I pull my shirt off over my head and take off my plain white bra. I'm very aware that I'm showing off my naked butt to my dad for the first time ever.

It was no big deal though because I was about to show him a whole lot more. I find an open spot and spread an old blanket over the cement floor. I get down on my back, put my feet up high in the air, open my legs in a wide V, and squeeze my tiny boobies together. My dad instantly recognizes the pose and laughs. He's not laughing at me, but just because of how happy I've made him. I try to make that same shy, innocent face he likes so much in his favorite picture.

"Oh my God, Emma. You're too much." "You don't need those dirty magazines, Daddy. Not when you have me." I never knew acting like a filthy slut would feel so good.

"Do you like it?" "Are you kidding? I love it, sweetheart!" He is jerking off even faster now. "You're a hundred times sexier than the girl next door could ever be." "Can you see my pussy, Daddy?" I worry the lighting isn't good enough for him to get a japan daughter in law incest look. "You should get closer so you can see it better." He gets up, kicks away his pants and kneels down in front of me like my naked body is some kind of holy altar.

My legs are getting tired, but I hold them open for my father. "Instead of masturbating to those magazines, you can masturbate to my pussy whenever you want." "Oh God, you're going to make me cum so hard, baby girl." My dad starts playing with his balls, rolling them around in his hand as he jerks himself.

He looks straight at my pussy through it all and it seems like he might be about to cry. "How about your favorite picture? Want to show me that pose?" A bolt of excitement shoots through me. I hadn't even thought of that. What an awesome idea. I lower my legs and turn around onto my knees. I look over my shoulder and give Dad my best inviting challenge I can muster, then put one hand on a butt cheek.

"You ready for this?" I say, trying to be all bad-ass sexy. "Yes, yes! Please, yes!" I slowly ease my cheek to the side and open myself up to him completely. My dad lets out a shuddering moan and beats his cock faster. "Can you see everything, Daddy?" "I see everything, sweetheart.

I can see it all." I can tell he was getting close. "You can squirt your sperm on me if you want to, Daddy. You can squirt it anywhere you want." "I love you, Emma!" he cries out and leans in toward me.

"I fucking love you sooooo muuuuuch!" As he yells the words. . his cum begins to spew from his cock straight towards my mouth.

He pumps spurt after spurt against my lips, some of it landing on a cheek, and then I surprise both of us and open my mouth. A sudden fierce surge of cum leaves the tip of his cock and lands on my tongue buena mamada a repartidor blowjob and bigtits gushes back into my mouth. I lean forward and let his shooting fire hose enter my warm lips as I force them closer together.

I watch him move back and forth for several minutes as super sexy real latino plays no hd cock slowly begins to shrink. I can't even wait until he's all the way finished, and I start frigging myself like crazy.

My cunt is all gooey and it feels more than amazing. I never masturbated so hard and so fast in my whole life. It only takes a few seconds before I am moaning and screaming through my first orgasm in front of my dad. He backs away slightly to watch my body erupt. "I'm going to cum! Thank you, Daddy! Thank you for cumming in my mouth! You make my pussy feel sooo gooood!" I buck and hump my hand like it's the best sex I've ever had (which it actually is).

When my orgasm finishes, I can't stop. I keep fingering myself like an out of control sex maniac until I cum again and again while my father holds his spent cock in his hand and watches in amazement. Neither of us speak for a long while as I catch my breath. I want things to keep going, but I can't get up the courage to tell my father I bangbros jessica rabbit has the most incredible natural big tits him to do more sex things to me.

He gets up, fetches a clean handkerchief from his pants pocket and tosses it to me. I'm afraid he's ashamed of me and what we just did. "Can we do this again sometime, Daddy? I really like masturbating with you." "Hmm, I don't know, sweetheart. We could get in a lot of trouble for messing around like this. If your mother ever found out…" "I won't tell anyone, I swear! Especially not Mom!" I open my legs and dab at the wetness around my pussy.

My dad can't stop looking. "Your mom's going to her quilting club tomorrow night," he says suggestively as he pulls on his pants. "What do you say we meet up out here and take a look at that copy of Penthouse together?" "Yes!" I jump up and throw my arms around him in a big hug.

I almost forget I'm naked until I feel my dad patting my bare ass. "I love you, Daddy." With that I plant a big, juicy kiss right on his lips. This was one fantasy that I rarely got to the end of. . before cumming. I usually got off right around when I started posing and spreading my legs.

The idea of exposing my pussy to my father held a unique sexual charge for me. In reality, when I found his porn stash, I knew exactly what my father was using it for. The idea that my dad jerked off was a revelation to me back then, and it really fired my horny imagination. The thought of him jacking off to me as I showed off my naked body gave me more orgasms than I can count.

These fantasies inevitably evolved into imagining scenes where my father and I would fuck, but I'll save that for another time because right now I have to go take care of something out in the garage…