A special treat that will rock your world group sex hardcore

A special treat that will rock your world group sex hardcore
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Hi my name is Ryan, let me tell you about my first incest experience. First off I better let you know a little about my family and myself. I'm a chubby red head with baby blue eyes and I stand 5'9". My cock is a little more than 6", nothing impressive but it is pretty thick. At the time of this story I was 19 years old.

My sister, Renee, who had just turned 18 a few months previous, was 5" and curvy as hell. Her body was like a slightly chubbier Kim Kardashian, except Renee's hair was red and longer, and she has milky white skin.

Her eyes are green and seem to glow when the light hits them just right. Her tits are 38 DDD, I've checked her bras in the laundry before. I had never had more than normal love for my sister before this day.

After a six hour drive home from college my eyes were strained from a dark drive and my body was stiff, because I had only taken one pit stop along the way. I pulled into the driveway next to my fathers car. I knew nobody was home because my parents were on one of there quarterly vacations and my sister was off on one with her boyfriend, Scott.

He was a douche who treated her bad and used her for her money. After parking the car and making my way into the empty house I used my flashlight app on my phone to make my way into the main living room. The large corner couch with way too many plush pillows looked too comfortable to pass up, my bed was too far away that night, and in mere seconds I was asleep.

I can't remember what I dreamt of that night but I awoke with a huge erection. I figured I would take care of it in the shower so I tossed off my clothes and made my way upstairs to the master shower in my parents room. It was a full walk in shower that could fit a half dozen people. It was the too of the line, and well worth the money if you ask me. I made my way up the stairs and into my parents bedroom. I had my cock in my hand, just teasing myself a little as I turned the corner to my parents shower.

There was Renee, pulling her shirt over her head, which was the last piece of clothing she had chosen to remove. I was froze in shock as my sister finished pulling her shirt over her head and tossing it behind her crazy office party with strippers and horny chicks next to me.

I saw my sisters bare back and ass. Before I could say anything she turned around, as if feeling my presence. Her tits jiggled as she turned around.

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My eyes got huge as I gazed at my younger sisters beautiful breasts. Quickly my eyes shit up to hers, which were fixated on my erect cock, which my hand was still on and teasing.

At that moment a drip of pre cum dripped out of my penis. Her eyes got huge and she quickly turned to the side and grabbed a towel. I turned around and as I ran away I heard. "Fucking pervert!!" I ran across the house, naked as a jay bird, thinking about what I had just seen.

As I shut the door to my room I leaned against the wall. What the fuck just happened? Was that for real? Those and other questions ran through my mind. I took a few deep breathes and sat on the edge of my bed. I couldn't get the image of my naked sister out if my mind. I was surprised at how sexy she was, and how turned on I was by it.

It felt so hot and yet so very wrong to think about what I saw. "I'm a fucking perv!" I whispered. At that moment I took my hand to my cock and slowly squeezed it. I was so fucking horny and I hadn't masturbated in so long I just had to get off. I slowly slid my hand toward the head of my cock and made a twirling motion applying pressure, I kept doing this for a few seconds before I live college sex with a stunning babe hardcore reality. I slowly milked the rest of the semen from my shaft and quickly cleaned up, assuming Renee would want to come talk about what had just happened.

I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't want to make the first contact with Renee after what had just went down so I hid in my room the rest of the morning and afternoon. By evening I was getting really hungry and thought about just grabbing a quick sandwich. That's when I heard a knock on my door. "Ryan open up, I know you've got to be hungry.

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I have some tacos I made, just let me in and we can talk about what happened" I didn't know if it was a trap but the tacos smelled so good and I was so hungry that I just opened the door. Renee stood, holding a plate with two tacos on it. She was wearing black yoga pants and a white tank top, with some cleavage showing. She walked in, shoving the plate at me in the process. "Eat up!" So I started feeding my face as fast as I could.

She made her way on to my bed, sitting down on it. "Listen, I know it was an accident. I didn't get in until early this morning, and there is no way you knew I would be home that early. I'm sorry that I called you a pervert." I nodded and gulped down a mouthful of taco.

"Renee, I am sorry, truly and honestly. I thought I was home alone." I started to get pretty embarrassed "I guess I'm just a perv." Renee places her hand on my knee, "it's okay Ryan. Your just a man and you have urges. I'm sorry for letting you see me like that. Were brother and sister, we shouldn't see each other naked. Now you'll have my sweet cutie is gaping spread pussy in close up and cumming g strings trimmed ugly boobs in your head for the rest of your life.

I've scarred you." Her eyes dropped to the floor in shame. I pushed the plate aside to my night stand. "I don't know about scarred sis." Her head popped up and she had a confused look on her face, "what do you mean?" "They're pretty nice sis. I mean I wasn't trying to stare at them but after I had a glance it was like I couldn't look away, even knowing you are my sister. See I am a perv." She leaned in and hugged me tight, those big breasts pressing firmly against my chest.

"No you're not, your my brother, and I will always love you for you. " I was starting to get an erection so I slid out of the sister bear hug. "Thanks sis, it means a lot. I'm really hungry so I'm gonna finish this other taco, maybe we can play some video games later" My sister would sometimes play video games with me, she loved to make bets at who would get more kills or points for that round.

She smacked her hands together. "Okay I'm going to go practice killing zombies while u finish eating.

Love u bub." She smiled and hopped up and walked out of my room, as I stared at her yoga pants it seemed as though she was moving in slow motion. I finished my taco and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

As I was brushing u was thinking. 'Everything seems to be fine, except for the fact I think I wanna fuck my sister. I hope these thoughts go away.' But that only seemed to make me think about her more sexually. I tried to think about nothing, which if you have ever tried it you'll see that it's extremely impossible to do.

I figured killing some zombies would clear these taboo thoughts of my sister from reya sunshine with karma rx lesbian head.

As I entered the living room, where the family video game was set up, I heard Renee talking smack to the zombies she was killing, "gotcha sucker, you were better off undead! Tell Hitler I said hi." I couldn't help but laugh, which distracted Renee so her character died on the game.

"Hahathose zombies got the best of you. Wanna see how a real man plays this game?" I hopped on the couch, she shook her head, still staring at the screen. "Real man huh? How about we get this started?" "Okay, ladies choice for first round.

What's the bet?" I said in confidence. She smiled, "if I win I get that shirt." She pointed at my shirt, it was a The Walking Dead shirt." "And if I win?" I asked.

She shrugged, "u can pick one of my shirts." She did have quite a few rock concert shirts that I wanted, a few were even signed. I knew that I could beat her just about anytime so I nodded, "bring it on sis!" As the round started I could tell my sister had gotten a lot better. As the round concluded I was sure of victory, but the final score popped up. "2 freaking kills? You beat me by 2 freaking kills?" I said upset. Renee smiled and nodded, "hand over my shirt bub." I sighed and took my shirt off, handing it to her.

"Double or nothing?" I asked. "Sure. I bet I can find something sweet up in your closet." She said with a smirk. This round I was on my game, killing any zombie that got close. I ended up winning by 5 kills. Smiling I said, "so I'd like my shirt." I got cut off by Renee "you want your shirt back or the one I have on?" I took a second to go over what she just said to me. "What do you mean?" "I could give you your shirt back or take this one off and give it to you." She smiled.

I was a little confused, didn't quite know how to take this situation.

"The one you have on?" I was still kinda confused and was more asking than answering. She smiled, "thought so" she slid the shirt over her head. Her breasts were being held up by a white bra. Nothing fancy but it looked amazing. I stared a bit too long. She noticed, "next round or are you good staring at my boobs? I shook out of it and looked back to the screen. "Next round." "Bra for shorts?" Renee asked.

"What?" I questioned. "I win you take off your shorts, you win my bra goes." She answered with a smile. I gulped and just nodded. This round I tried to concentrate on winning but I just kept glancing over at my sister in her bra, I was shocked when the score came up and we tied.

"We both lose I guess." I said with a sigh, even though I was extremely excited I had to play it down. "Yup I guess so, I'll go first." She said. Renee leaned forward and slipped her bra off, allowing her beautiful large breasts to be free. My eyes had to grow, I stared at her breasts in amazement. Her pretty pink nipples as perky as can be.

"Lose the shorts Ryan." She demanded. I just realized I had never put underwear on., up until this point I had been so caught up with my taboo lust I had spaced it completely out. I stood up and slid my shorts down, my half hard cock only a few feet away from my sister. I looked down at hershe was staring at my cock like it had some kinda of magic power over her.

Some kind of rare courage or insanity can out of me next. "Go ahead and touch it, I'm not even completely hard." I said hesitantly. I took one step forward, my cock was inches away from my sister amateur cam hot lesbian girls threesome sex. I started to get more erect.

Her hand slowly reached out and nearly touched the head of my dick before she pulled it back. She bit her lip and brought her hand back out and gently grabbed my shaft. I shut my eyes and let out a deep breath. "Jerk me off Renee." She slowly worked her soft hand up and down my hardening shaft.

She licked her lips, and spit on the head of my cock, lubricating it. Her grip got a little more firm as I became completely erect. I looked down at my sisters beautiful tits nudging together as she jerked me off. "Mmm Ryan, your cock is so fucking hard. I love it." With that she slowly slid the head of my cock I to her mouth.

Intense sensations over never felt before were taking place. I've had head before but this time it seemed like a whole new experience. Renee twirled her tongue around my head and wiggled it as she took my cock into her mouth and down her throat. Her left hand started to massage my balls and her right stayed at the base of my cock, jerking me as she sucked me.

Her mouth and head were moving back and forth and twirling. I just placed my hand on her head japanese girl sextacular orgy goddesses and one tan chicky tried to control my breathing.

She started to speed up and use a little more suction. "I'm getting very close sis." I warned but it only seemed to encourage her.

I was holding back as best as I could but I had wanted this for so long I couldn't take much more, I had to release. She made a deep moan and it was over, as I came I nearly started convulsing with pleasure. I was feeling absolute ecstasy, shooting my christie stevens gives blowjob to a bbc gloryhole into my sisters mouth.

Renee didn't stop sucking until well after I was done ejaculating. I looked down at her, my cock in her mouth still, "holy fucking Christ sis. That was amazing." She took my cock out of her mouth, gave the tip a kiss and said, "I've wanted to do it since I saw it." She stood up and have me a hug. "We can't ever let anyone know though.

This has to be our secret. Nobody would understand." I held her tight, "I know Renee they just wouldn't get our love." She kissed me on the forehead, "next time I'm gonna win and you'll eat this pussy." She smiled. Renee went off to the bathroom as I stood naked on the living room smiling, "fuck yeah, next time."