Fast teen and horny ebony this was an authentic supremacy session with a genuine

Fast teen and horny ebony this was an authentic supremacy session with a genuine
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Tonight was SO great. It is about 11:30pm. I just got home from the girls house I have been dreaming about for years. There is this girl (Brooke) that I graduated high school with. She always had a boyfriend, but not now. She was going out with this one guy for probably 3 years or so and they would have sex almost everyday, weather it be a sex game, "make up" sex, or just plan old sex. I had always wanted to get with her but as I said she was always taken.

She is not a tall girl she is only about 5'3" or so and she must way about 110 lbs.

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She is not fat at all. She has a nice rack (C cup), as well as a perfect ass (in my opinion.) Tonight I was up town just walking around and I ran in to her and we started to talk. She told me that she and her boyfriend had broken up about a month ago. I decided that this would be as good a time as ever to turn on my charm and try to get some from the girl that I had fantasized about for years.

So I told her I was sorry and gave her a hug and a little kiss on the cheek, and in return she also gave me a hug. I ask her if she wanted to go for a walk with me since it seemed that we both had nothing really to do. It was about 5:00pm or so and we decided to grab a little bit to eat, so we walked down to the local DQ for a quick bite to eat.

Our DQ has a very good air conditioning system and they keep it rather cool in the store. This is much to my advantage being that she was only wearing a like blue tank top that said, "I am up here" on the chest.

She also was wearing a very tight and short pair of shorts. That is about all I could tell by this time. Because it was so cool in there her nipples looked as hard as a rock. I kept looking down at them well we talked and after about 5 minutes she got the hint and asked me if I liked what I was seeing.

I could not lie I told her straight up that I was looking at her hard nipples and that I had wanted to get with her for years. This is when she told me that she had not had any sexual contact for like a month. I pretended to be joking and told her that I could fix all that tonight if she wished. We both gave a little chuckle and continued eating. When we got done we went back on our way. We had only made it about half a block and she looked over at me as asked it the offer for the night was still on the table.

I looked at her and said in a straight face "Yes." We decided since her house was a little closer and she had more fun things there that we would go there. As we walked into the house she flipped on the lights and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I told her that I would have what ever she was having (at this moment I did not care what I had to drink.) We sat down on the couch and she turned on the TV as we drank some soda.

We flipped channels for a couple minutes and then decided to watch a movie. I did not know it but when I told her to pick one out she went to the section with all the porn in it. She slide the movie in and hit play, all of a sudden there was a girl on the scream spread eagle on a bed. She did not look much older then group sex with one guy and five girls years old and well to tell you the truth she was hot and I liked it.

Brooke closed the door on the entertainment center, and came over and sat next to brunette slut amirah adara enjoys good dicking. She put her hand on my leg and started to rub it a little. Not a lot but just enough so I knew it was there. As I looked over at her she was looking right at me and before I knew what was happening her lips were pressed against mine.

She started to rub me a little more but still not up in my crotch. She pushed me back and started to lie down on top of me, and my arms wrapped around her under her shirt. I could feel her hand starting to move up my leg and well it felt good.

As she was kissing me she leaned over a little bit and started to unbutton and zip my shorts. She took my cock in her hands and played with it for a couple minutes.

I told her she needed to stop. As she looked up at me I quickly rushed my hands down to her short and unbuttoned and zipped them. I did not waste anytime getting them off and on to the floor.

Now all hidden cam story of australian couple fucking in public caught fucking had on was her shirt and a green thong with a little pocket in the front. In the pocket was a condom; it was like she was ready for some action. I also though she had a bra on, but there was a reason why I could see her nipples so good at the store it was because she was not wearing a bra.

Her cans were just the perky that they stood up on their own. Now all she was wearing was that hot green thong.

I really liked it and I thought it as funny that there was a condom in it so I left it on. She proceeded to take on my shirt and my shorts and well my boxers to. I was butt ass naked. She did not start kissing me after she took my cloths off. Instead she decided that I needed a good hard sucking. She was a little bit of a tease at first just 1st studisiberian mouses masha babksucktitle1st studisiberian mouses masha babksuck porn storys sear her tongue on the tip of my cock, but I looked down there and when I saw that she was centered over my cock I took my hand on the back of her head and rammed it down over my cock.

She started to gag on my 9½ inches cock but she recovered and bobbed up and down taking as much in as she could. Swirling her tongue around as she bobbed. It was by far the best sucking I have ever gotten. As she was doing that I started to slap her ass and pull down her thong.

She helped me out a little, but instead of throwing it on the floor I put it around my neck.

I could feel the wetness of it on my neck. I decided that instead of just me getting the pleasure I would eat her out at the same time. So I gave her nice ass a little nudge and she got the hint as she swung around and put her twat right in my face.

It was shaved but not totally. She asian teen sucking and fucking big cock a little strip in the shape of a heart for me.

As I started to lick her I could tell that I was giving her some good times because she would clamp down on my cock harder. I was licking and nibbling on her clit and to my surprise she reached her hand back and started to play with her asshole a little bit. I took one of my hands and started to finger her in her slit to get some lube before entering her ass. I could tell that she early liked my work and I figured if she wants it in the ass to way disappoint her.

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We continued for probably 30 minutes or so fingering and sucking and licking each other. All of a sudden she got up. I looked at her as if I had done something wrong. Her breathing was still fast and her face was all wet with spit. She walked over to the end table and grabbed a little surprise for me.

She had a HUGE dildo. She handed it to me as she walked by. She walked over to the corner of the room and slip over a little table.

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Once she got it over to me she bent over it, and spread her legs and looked back at me. I was reaching up to the to the thong I had around my neck to get the condom out and she said, "NO, I don't want to use it." I had already got it out so I just threw it in the table next to her so she could see it and know that there was nothing in the way of her and me. I walked over to her with that dildo in one hand and my cock in the other. I started to slid my cock in her super wet and super hot pussy.

Holding the dildo in my hand and in my other hand was her side as I rammed it home. I knew that she could handle it if she could handle the thing in my hand. She is what you would call a screamer. Oh my god did she ever let you know you were making her happy. I bet she did not last more then 10 minutes before she orgasmed.

I could feel all those hot juices flowing all over my cock and me. I did not stop though I just kept ramming her hard. Every now and again I would stop all the way in and slap her ass or play with here tits. I knew that she did not give me that dildo for know thing, but like hell if I was going to stop those some what frequent hot juices from flowing on my cock. So I decided I would use it in her other hole.

I first gave it to her to suck on for a little. It needed some lube. When she gave it back she planted her head right on the table so she could use both hands to open up that ass. I slowly slid it in. She was in a little pain; I could tell that she was holding her breath.

After I got the first 10 inches or so in she let her ass go and I started to slide it in and out. She was still in some pain from that in her ass and my cock in her pussy she was starting to have problems catching her breath.

I bet i know that girl sexy teens fuck videos did not change positions for 30 minutes. With both holes filled her orgasms became for powerful and more frequent.

I started to slow down and she was able to catch her breath just long enough to say that she wanted me to "fill her up." I told her that her wish was my command.

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I decided to take the dildo out of her ass because when I cam I wanted her to feel nothing but me in her. I also flipped her over so I could watch her face. I slid back in and started to fuck her, not only going in and out but also I added a little circular motion to it.

She was sliding back and forth at the perfect pace. We would slam together and then pull apart and back together again. I could tell that she was close to orgasm and I was super close to cumming and she wanted. I had been watching those tits bounce all night long and I could not keep my hands off them any longer.

I grabbed them and not a beauteous girl licks cock previous to anal bang later I started to fill her up, but she had other plans. She also started to orgasm at that same time, and it flushed everything I had just given her right out. As I pulled out my cock was just dripping with juices from both of us.

She took it upon herself to jump off the table and get on her knees to lick it all off. We slid the table out of the way and just lay there on the couch naked. She looked over at me and reminded me that the condom was on the table and that if we ever did this again we would not need to use then either.

Remember now this all happened well there was that porn in the back ground of a 18 year old girl getting the shit fucked out of her to. This might have just happened tonight, but I know it will happen again. I will make sure of it.