Blonde gets pov cumshot blowjob and fetish

Blonde gets pov cumshot blowjob and fetish
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Susan Ramsey dreamily contemplated the day's events all during Mr. Tanner's boring history lecture. Immediately after class, her presence would be required in the principal's office. She loved it, loved it, loved it! Loved the exciting sex play she had engaged in with David Drake.

Loved his youthful penis in her eagerly sucking mouth, the warm spurts of creamy cum against her face. She loved the thrusts of his tongue inside her pussy, the teasing of her tiny clit, and the powerful waves of orgasm his licking had induced in her.

Most of all, she loved the sexual power she knew now that she had over boys…boys of all ages.

As she daydreamed, she began to consider how such power could be used. A few minutes after the final bell rang, Susan walked into the principal's outer office. Mrs. Burke, the matronly secretary, was gathering her purse and other belongings and preparing to leave work.

She regarded Susan with faint distaste, disapproving of the young girl's sexy attire and demeanor. "I'm supposed to see Mr. Merriam," said Susan. "Yes, Miss Ramsey, he's expecting you," replied Mrs. Burke primly. She turned, opened the door to his office, and stuck her head in. "Susan Ramsey is here, Mr. Merriam. I'm leaving now." "All right, Mrs.

Burke," replied Mr. Merriam from his desk. "Go ahead and lock up." Mrs. Burke left, closing and locking the door behind her.

Susan entered the principal's private office and sat down in one of the wooden armchairs in front of his desk, her legs carelessly parted. Her panties were still in her purse.

Mr. Merriam was 39 years old, having been a teacher for 12 years before being promoted to his current position. He was tall and fit, a former college athlete, with rugged good looks, a shock of dark hair and penetrating brown eyes.

He regarded Susan for a long moment, his eyes inexorably drawn to the shadowy place between her legs, barely concealed by the tiny miniskirt she wore. Damn the little cocktease, he thought as his penis lurched involuntarily in his slacks. It was bad enough he had to watch the sexy ass of Miss Hashitani every day as she strolled to and from class, let alone the bevy of oversexed pre-teen nymphettes that populated his middle-school campus, walking around in their little whore suits.

And Susan was one of the worst of the lot. Reluctantly, he drew his eyes upward and cleared his throat. "All right, Miss Ramsey, suppose you tell me exactly what you and David were doing in that rest room." "Mr.

Merriam, we were just talking, I swear!" teen rebecca gets anal penetration pornstars and hardcore Susan.

"Susan, listen carefully to me, and then tell me the truth. I'm not completely blind to what goes on around here. I've got a pretty good idea that you're becoming sexually active. And I've got a pretty good idea that you and Mr. Drake were doing a lot more than talking in there." Susan paused, letting her legs part a little more, her fingers toying with the hem of her skirt, not missing the fact that his eyes had glanced downward once again. "If I tell you, Mr. Merriam, will I get in a lot of trouble?

Will you tell my japanese teacher and her student incest full movies best free download principal fought to maintain his composure, reaching down to adjust his aching cock in his pants.

Did she have any idea what she was doing to him? "I'm not sure, Susan, it'll depend on what you and David did, and what you plan to do from now on." "If you promise not to tell them&hellip.I'll tell you everything that happened," said the scheming girl, her fingers drawing the hem of her skirt up just a little. "I'll even tell you something else I know.

Something about Miss Hashitani." Mr. Merriam stared at her, his brain suddenly drifting into a fleeting vision of his stiff cock buried deep in Susan's snug little cunt. He fought down the thought. "And what does Miss Hashitani have to do with this?" he said.

Susan rose from the chair, and walked slowly around the desk, perching her cute butt on the edge of it, too near to him for comfort. Her voice dropped to a low, sexy purr. "I've seen the way you look at her, Mr. Merriam. Everyone has." "What are you talking about?" he demanded. "You want to have sex with her, don't you?" said the girl. "Number one, that's none of your business, number two, you shouldn't talk about things like that, and number three, you should get your butt back in that chair, Susan," said the principal, sternly.

"I can help you," replied Susan, as if she hadn't heard him. She slowly lifted her foot and brought it to rest on the edge of his chair. Tantalizingly, she drew her skirt up, revealing the moist cleft between her legs, legal age teenager has pleasure sucking and riding by wispy golden strands of hair.

"Do you like my pussy, Mr. Merriam?" she whispered. "Susan…" he whispered, his gaze drawn powerfully to her exposed sex.

He was rapidly losing the battle with himself. "You shouldn't be doing this." "We had sex, Mr. Merriam," whispered Susan slowly, her eyes sultry.

"David and I. In the rest room. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it until he spurted his hot cum all over my face. Then he licked my pussy until I came.

That's what you wanted to hear, isn't it?" Mr. Merriam couldn't believe what was happening. The room suddenly seemed very hot, his face flushed, his collar tight around his neck. His cock was like iron. He gazed at her naked folds, and whispered: "Did you&hellip.did he fuck you?" Susan eased her hand between her legs, her fingers sliding into the glistening petals of her pussy, parting them slightly as he watched.

The tip of her middle finger touched her exposed clit. "No, Mr.

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Merriam. I'm still a virgin. Nobody has ever put his cock inside my pussy," she said softly, in her little-girl voice.

"Why are you telling me all this," whispered the principal, his mouth dry. "Because I want you to teach me about sex, Mr.

Merriam. About…fucking. Boys my age…they don't know anything. They're so clumsy and stupid. I'll bet you're not like that. Don't you want granny striptease before suckig cock fuck me, Mr. Merriam?" Mr. Merriam's mind raced.

Mrs. Burke had gone home. The door to the office was locked. The janitors wouldn't be in to clean for at least two hours. He would be risking a great deal if he were caught. His career would be over, he would go to jail. But at this moment, he was thinking with his dick, not his brain, and the opportunity to sink his throbbing cock into the tight, virginal cunt of this little blonde vixen seemed worth any risk.

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"Yes. Yes, I want to fuck you." So saying, he leaned forward in his chair, lowered his head, and slid his tongue between the luscious petals of her labia.

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She parted herself for him as his tongue traced upward, glancing off her tiny, protruding clit. "Ohhhh!" she gasped, as her body once again responded eagerly to a man's tongue, just as it had earlier in the day with David. "Yesssss, lick my pussy, Mr. Merriam." The principal slid his hands underneath her butt and slid her hips forward, sinking his tongue into her dripping wet vagina, slowly thrusting in and out, tongue-fucking her and tasting her sweet nectar.

She writhed against his invading tongue, shivering as forbidden pleasure swirled through her. A grown man, she thought, with his tongue inside me!

The salacious thought, coupled with the thrusts of his big tongue, sent her arousal spiraling upward. Mr. Merriam reluctantly withdrew his tongue from her honeyed nice chick opens up tight cunt and gets deflorated, and let it glide down over the sensitive flesh below, until the tip of his tongue teased against the tight little rosebud of her anus.

Susan almost stopped him nobody had ever licked her there, and the thought of it scared her a little. But then she felt her body respond, as his tongue bathed her puckered asshole, seeming to activate every nerve ending there and sending frantic electric pulses to her brain. Her breathing became ragged as his experienced tongue explored the most secret nook of her young body. Finally, his tongue left her anus and slid upward again, the flat of his tongue sliding upward along her labia, and across her quivering little clit.

Her hand reached for his head, almost unconsciously, her fingers in his hair, as she guided him against her. His tongue fluttered rapidly over her clit, from side to side, then with a succession of upward strokes, lapping at her tender bud like a dog. Susan felt her body begin to convulse under the knowing ministrations of the principal's tongue.

"Ohhhh, god, Mr. Merriam, that's so good, I'm gonna CUM! LICK MEEEE!!!!" she squealed. His mouth closed around her clit as her body wrenched upward, her hips rising off the desk as she grabbed his head frantically and hunched against him, his tongue driving her over the edge into shuddering ecstasy. Again and again her body spasmed, his tongue now gently caressing her clit as she trembled with the seismic aftershocks of her climax. Gradually, she descended, her heart rate and breathing slowly returning to normal.

She watched sexy blond viktoria pure gives footjob before getting fucked as he finally released her and leaned back in his chair. "Ohhh, Mr. Merriam, that was soooo nice.," she said. "You made me cum so good!" "So well, sweetheart, I made you cum so well," smiled the former teacher. "What-EVER," she giggled, making a face. "So, are you going to fuck me now?".

"Soon, Susan, very soon," he replied, unfastening his belt. Hurriedly he undid the clasp on his slacks and slid the zipper down. "First, take your top off. I want to see those beautiful little titties of yours. Then you can show me all you've learned about sucking cock." "Okay!" she replied, eagerly reaching up and pulling her top over her head, then shaking her blonde hair down again.

Quickly, she reached behind her back and unhooked her lacy bra, sliding it off her arms and freeing her budding breasts. Her nipples were small and pink, taut with her excitement.

She was proud of her growing breasts, and loved the way he gazed admiringly at them. Smiling, she slid off the desk and descending to her knees between his legs. This was becoming familiar territory to her. She helped him by tugging at his slacks and boxer shorts as he lifted his hips, freeing his rigid penis from its captivity. Her eyes widened as it came into view.

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"Oh my god!" she gasped. "It's so big!" She gazed at it, frightened. Busty teen viola finger her tights pussy had never seen a grown man's cock, except her dad's, and certainly his was nothing like this one.

It would rip her apart! And yet, its massiveness, throbbing and pulsing right before her eyes, excited her. She was determined to go through with it. Mr. Merriam smiled, reaching down and encircling his thick, eight-inch cock with his fingers, slowly stroking it. "Don't worry, Susan, I won't hurt you. We'll go slow. Now, just lick it at first. Like you would lick an ice cream cone." Susan watched it in awe for a moment, and then leaned forward and extended her tongue as he let go of it.

After all, she thought, foxy blonde tranny babe sucks cock and gets fucked cock was a cock. This one was just bigger. She began to lap at it, slowly getting the flared head wet with her saliva. Mr. Merriam leaned back in his chair, watching her intently as she began to make love to his cock with her little pink tongue.

Taking her time, she licked up and down the veined shaft, holding it at the base with her fingertips. "Susan…I want you to lick and suck on my balls," the principal said. "Do it gently. They're very sensitive." Obediantly, Susan let her tongue descend, slowly encircling his testicles one by one. He groaned as her tongue traced around them, exploring his sensitive scrotum. Her blue eyes never left his as her tongue methodically bathed him. Then she slowly took one of his balls into her warm, wet mouth, sucking it gently.

She moaned softly as she suckled it, then released it and moved to the other one, repeating the action. She wasn't sure she was doing the right thing, but he sure seemed to be enjoying it. God, this girl's a natural, thought the principal as she patiently licked and sucked on his balls. Who needs that stuck up bitch Miss Hashitani when I can have this willing little sexpot as my slave? "Sweetie&hellip.take my cock in your mouth now," he whispered.

Susan reluctantly released him and slowly licked upward between his balls, up the underside of his shaft. Her eyes still locked on his, she touched her lips to the gleaming head of his cock, and slowly parted them, moving them down over the sensitive crown. Her lips stretched to accommodate his girth, and finally eased over the ridge of flesh that defined the head. She could only take another inch or so of the shaft into her mouth. "Try not to touch it with your teeth, sweetie," he said, loving the vision of his cock impaling her face, her full lips ovalled tightly around its thickness.

Susan's head slowly bobbed up and down, her mouth flooded with saliva as she concentrated on giving him as much pleasure as possible. Her fingers tightened around the shaft and stroked him as she nursed on it. At one point, she eased him out of her mouth and gasped for breath, strands of saliva connecting her lips to the head of his cock. "Mmm, I love your big dick," she murmured, before taking him back into her mouth and resuming her slow, rhythmic sucking.

The principal gazed down at the precocious girl, imagining himself flooding her mouth with every drop of the sperm now building up in his balls. But as delicious as the vision of her gulping down his gushing cum was, he held back. He wanted to thrust his aching cock past her pre-teen hymen, and bury his cock where no man had ever been before. He wanted to take her virginity from her the way he would pluck a petal from a flower. As if reading his thoughts, Susan raised her head, once again letting his dripping-wet penis escape from between her lips.

She lifted her eyes to him and whispered. "Mr. Merriam&hellip.please fuck me now. My pussy's so wet." He rose to his feet, reaching down and helping her up. Gently, he lifted her onto the desk, her legs parted widely. With his slacks still down around his ankles, he slid his fingers around his glistening cock and guided it to her cleft, rubbing it slowly up and down between her labia. Finally, he positioned the head at the entrance to her virginal vagina, and slowly pressed forward.

His penis slowly entered her as she watched it, her vagina expanding to accommodate his girth. It was happening, she thought, here nascent excitement overcoming her lingering fear.

Her plan had worked just the way she'd hoped! Then his cock head pushed against her hymen and stopped. He grasped the base of the hard shaft and forced it against the resistant barrier. "Do it!" she gasped breathlessly, spurring him on. Mr. Merriam thrust his hips forward with a violent lunge, growling like an animal as his cock finally broke through the fragile emblem of her virginity and sank into her tight sheath to the hilt.

Susan shrieked in pain as he buried his thick cock in her womb. "STOP!" she cried, tears running down from her eyes. "It hurts!!" He stopped, her vagina stretched tight around his thickness, like a hot, wet fist. He spoke to her, soothingly, waiting for her body to adjust to him.

God, her cunt was like a tightly-clenched fist! "It's okay, baby…just relax. The pain will go away soon." Slowly, Susan felt the intense pain ease, to be gradually replaced by her resurgent arousal. I did it! she thought. A man's penis is inside me! She felt completely stuffed full of cock, her body impaled on his rigid shaft. She looked up at him as her legs raised, her feet sliding around his hips. "It feels better now. Do it slow." Patiently, he began slowly moving his throbbing cock in and out of her, delighting in the warm embrace of her newly penetrated vagina.

He bent down and kissed her as he slowly skewered his penis in and out. She moaned into his mouth and wriggled back against him, her pussy now welcoming him into her depths, her muscles gripping him tightly. He fucked her gently now, content to go slow and enjoy this rare experience to the fullest. Susan, meanwhile, had discovered what she was made for. After a few moments he stopped, his cock throbbing deep inside her, and she looked questioningly at him. He had suddenly remembered a bit of unfinished business.

"Susan…about Miss Hashitani&hellip.," he said. "What??" she said, surprised and confused. "You said you knew something about Miss Hashitani," he said, slowly thrusting in and out. "I want to know what it is." She gazed up at him, a devious smile playing on her lips. "She fucked him, Mr. Merriam. She fucked David.

He told me. She invited him over to her house after school. He said she's the one who taught him to lick a girl's pussy and make her cum." She paused, remembering. " Mmmm, she tought him well, too." The principal felt his cock lurch violently in the tight embrace of her vagina.

Holy shit! he thought to himself. That little Japanese cunt, who wouldn't even have dinner with him, was fucking a twelve-year-old boy, one of her own students! He felt anger building in him and he began skewering his penis into Susan's writhing pussy, burying it completely inside her each time.

He'd show the bitch, he thought. And then thoughts of Kimi Hashitani fled his mind as he concentrated on fucking the beautiful, panting nymphette on his desk.

After several more thrusts, he picked her up, still impaled on his cock, and carried her to the nearby couch with her arms and legs around him. "Turn over, Susan," he said, dropping her on the couch and reluctantly sliding his cock out of her clinging pussy.

"Get on your hands and knees." Susan eagerly complied, anxious to learn all she could about twins and brothers naked and naked tube porn, and to feel his monstrous prick inside her again.

She rested her head on the couch and stuck her butt in the air, her back arched downward, wiggling her ass playfully from side to side. Gotta hand it to her, he thought, she had an instinct. He climbed up behind her and guided his cock back to her entrance, driving it inside in one smooth thrust as she moaned. Mr. Merriam stared at her perfect little ass as she writhed back against his cock, her pussy almost seeming to suck on him. Jeezus, she was so fuckable! It was all he could do to keep from raising his hand and slapping one of those firm cheeks.

"Fuck back on my cock, sweetie," he said.

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Susan began to thrust back at him, excited by his words, impaling herself on his cock. He stood motionless, loving the sight of her fucking him so eagerly. Finally, he could remain still no longer, and he reached down and clasped her hips in his hands and began relentlessly sawing his cock in and out of her tightly-clasping vagina, withdrawing each time until the head of his cock rested between her labia, then driving into her again. Susan gasped with each hard thrust, her breath forced from her lungs.

The pain was banished now, replaced by a mounting ecstasy the like of which she had never experienced. She felt her orgasm begin to crest, building from somewhere deep inside her.

Through the fog of her arousal, she gasped the words breathlessly. "Don't&hellip.UH!!!&hellip.cum in me&hellip.Mr. Merriam! I&hellip.UHHH!!!&hellip.don't want& get pregnant!" "I won't, baby," said the principal, panting from the exertion, struggling to hold back. "Cum for me now. Cum all over my big dick!" "Oh god yes, FUCK me!!" she groaned, her hips bucking back against his rampaging cock.

"I'm gonna&hellip. CUM!!" As she hissed the words, she felt her body explode like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Feeling her body convulse around his stiff rod of flesh, he drove into her to the balls.

She trembling violently, wave upon wave of pleasure crashing over her, her pussy clenching his embedded cock with each hard spasm that engulfed her. He thrust slowly in and out of her as she shuddered beneath him, slowly descending from the apex of her climax.

God, he had to cum now, to unleash the torrent pent up in his aching balls. "Turn over again, sweetie. I'm gonna cum all over your titties." Susan felt him slide his engorged cock out of her, and quickly turned over on her back.

He straddled her on the couch, his fingers gripping his cock, tinged red with her blood, pumping it rapidly. She watched as his head fell back and he groaned. "OHHHHHFUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!" His cum burst forth in a thick spurt, erupting across her body in a long, viscous rope that landed across her lips and chin.

His balls contracted again and again, his cock flourishing, pumping out still more spurts on her heaving breasts, bathing her erect nipples with warm semen as she reached up and fondled them with her fingers.

Susan thought he would never stop cumming. At last the spurts began to flag, and fucking with my sister watch part on littlesweetcamdotonline guided his nearly spent cock to her face, a thick rope of cum drooling from the tip. Susan understood what he wanted and extended her tongue, and the strand oozed down onto it, finally snapping off and pooling there.

He forced out another ooze with his fingers, and it joined the white puddle already gathered on her tongue. Her eyes met his as she finally drew her tongue back into her mouth, letting the accumulated semen slide down her throat and swallowing it. Mr. Merriam rested his hand against the back of the couch, breathing hard.

With his other hand, he slowly caressed one of her sperm-drenched nipples with the head of his spent cock. Then, as he watched in utter amazement, Susan slowly began to gather up rivulets of sperm on her breasts, bringing them to her lips and licking them off.

She was beginning to love the taste of cum. "Mmmm…you taste good, Mr. Merriam", she said, gathering a dollop from her pert nipple. "Jeezus, Mary and Joseph," murmured the awestruck principal. Someday this girl would literally fuck someone to death. He slowly got to his feet. "What are you going to do about Miss Hashitani?" asked Susan, sitting up and licking a droplet of pearly cum from her lower lip. She began looking around for her top.

"I don't know yet," replied the principal, reaching down and pulling up his pants. "I'll have to think about that." The girl pulled her top over her head, gave her silky hair a shake, and smiled at him. "Thanks for teaching me, Mr. Merriam. That was wonderful!" "Baby, believe me, the pleasure was all mine," he said, collapsing into his chair. "I think you have the potential to be the best student I ever had." "Maybe sometime you can give me some more lessons," said the girl, winking.

Then she stood on tiptoe and whispered quickly in his ear. "I promise not to tell." With that, she turned and walked out the office door, down the corridor, and into the rest room. Mr. Merrian watched her leave, already contemplating his revenge against Kimiko Hashitani.

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