Guy bonks sexual beauteous bitch hardcore blowjob

Guy bonks sexual beauteous bitch hardcore blowjob
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My name was Greg. I was in 10th grade and I played soccer. I was fit and had short brown hair and was kindle shy. At school everything seemed normal.

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Except for me I guess. You could say that I wasn't popular or really hung out with a lot of people. I was fine with that but things changed my life very quickly. I stayed an extra hour after practice. I always showered before I went home so I headed to the locker room. Our school is really cheap so the boys and girls shared.

I didn't think anyone would be in there so I didn't even knock.

I went inside and heard voices. So I creeped slowly so they wouldn't hear me an so I could see who it was.

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I peeked out from behind a locker. There were two girls from the volleyball team who must've stayed after practice too. I watched them to see if they would leave. I realized it was trish and Amy. Both of them were really popular and very attractive. Amy had long blonde hair, she was skinny, had small breasts, and a bubble butt.

I often caught myself staring if I walked behind her in the hallway. Trish was black and had huge breats and a wide ass. Both of these girls were seniors and both would have people kick my ass if I was caught. So I started to creep out whenever I heard shower start running.

I was gonna leave but this was gonna be my only chance to actually see these girls naked. I waited for then both to go in for awhile before I set my stuff down and crept to the showers. I peeked behind the wall and couldn't believe what I saw. They were kissing.

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Not just little pecks but full on make out. I started to get a little horny and felt my dick get harder in my shorts. Their bodies were wet and glistening as I started to slide my hand down my pants and started stroking. They were rubbing each others clits moaning and giggling.

By this time I had my shorts down to my ankles. I thought one of them saw me and I darted behind the wall and tripped and fell. They both screamed and looked at me. They looked pissed.

My all the sudden stopped screaming and smiled. The whispered at each other before I realized I was still half naked with a hard on while laying on the floor. They told me to stand up. I did as try said so maybe they wouldn't have the whole football team kick my ass.

They instructed me to get fully reality kings lilith lips on dick promo. When I did so trish grabbed my dick and started jerking it.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was breathing heavy ad slowly reached for Amy's breasts. She slapped my hand away and said "not so fast mister" she got on her knees trish still slowly jerking my dick and I felt Amy sart licking my balls. I moaned and was breathing heavy before trish got her knees too. Amy stopped and took my dick from trish and inserted it into her mouth going slow.

She pulled it out and they pull started licking my head at the same time. I couldn't believe these girls. I already felt like blowing a load but held back so I could see what else would happen. They each took turns sucking and slurping my cock. Amy tried to deep throat me and gagged.

I never thought I was really big but kinda felt good that she couldn't fit it all. Trish then took it and went balls deep. This felt amazing I started thrusting into her throat and it seemed she like it. She stopped and gasp for air. Black whore wants two big black dudes both stood up and grabbed my hands and took me to the bench. They laid down with their legs in the air.

I got on my knees and started fingering both of the. With two fingers they moaned and started kissing each other again. I knew they liked what I was doing so I went faster swishing around in their wet pussies. I went and started licking Trish'a clit first quickly an she moaned really loud and then I switched to Amy and she screamed I went back and forth their pussies getting wetter. I stopped and pulled my fingers out and they both grabbed the opposite hand I used on them and stuck it I.

Their mouths sucking on my fingers licking all the cum off. Amy stilled laid down and trish ate her out. Trish was In a doggy style position and I got behind her. I teased her lips with my dick before putting it inside we all the way. She let out a loud moan but didnt tell me to stop. I thrust hard but slow am before I started speeding up, pounding her pussy hard my balls smacking against her clit.

Both trish and Amy were moaning loud. I started spamming Trish's fat ass and moaning myself. She seemed to like that so I didn't stop. I pulled out.

Trish had her cum drooling out of her and Amy came and sucked it off my cock. She looked up and said " my turn" and laid me down.

She climbed on top of me and started riding. Her perky ass felt good to hold onto. Trish came an sat on my face. Facing amy. She licked her tots while I held onto Trish's. her cum ran over my face and Amy's on my cock. She rode hard and fast until I was about to blow.

She stopped and both girls got on their knees. They stuck their tongues out and I blew a load all over their faces and tits. They took turn sucking the rest out of me and then spit it into each others mouths. This was the only time I fucked these girls. Our lives went bac to normal. Occasionally one of then would wink at me or send me a nude picture on my phone but we never really talked.

This made my sophomore year and an excellent story I could tell.