Son dry humps his mom

Son dry humps his mom
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The sun shone brightly across the glistening blue sea. It was hard to believe that only 5hours earlier that this was the same ocean that had thrown waves so high and so fierce that they had swamped the large cargo ship that had been carrying the imprisoned group of men, who were now floating aimlessly on a large broken piece of their former ship.

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There were just seven men remaining. Seven extremely lucky men! It had been by pure chance that the boat had been smashed into two, breaking them out of their cells in the stricken boat's hold. All the crew, the prison ship's guards, the captain and the captain's beautiful daughter had disappeared. Gone down with the ship. Only the debris and wrecked pieces of cargo such as barrels and smaller parcels remained, along with the seven now-freed men.

The storm had struck in the middle of the night while only a watchman was awake and, by chance busty brunette aeryn masturbating her hairy pussy prisoners in the hold who had been emptying their heavy, desperate ball sacs over the teasing face of Miss Masters, the Captain's beautiful, yet slutty daughter.

This had given them a fighting chance against all the slumbering sailors as the storm had struck so quickly and so unexpectedly. Two thirds of the twenty-one prisoners had drowned and only the shamed noblemen, Lord Edmund Edwardson, Sir Kieran Valender, Lord Edgar and his younger brother Matthias Lovemore survived, along with their new companions Lord Luther Letchly, Sir Marcus Duke and Lord Tobias Tugger.

Now they looked anything but noble! Floating into a great blue nothingness, with most of the food ruined and little fresh drinking water salvaged, they were now worse off than they had been when imprisoned in the cargo ship.

'If we just keep rowing, according to the sun rising we should be heading Westward' Lord Edmund said, attempting to sound positive. 'What will we find Westward?' Asked Matthias, a faint glimmer of hope spreading across his exhausted face.

'Nothing!' Muttered Sir Kieran, before Edmund was able to answer. 'The ship was blown miles off course. No ship will find us. They don't venture anywhere near here.

They believe there are all sorts of sea creatures, the storms are notorious here, my father has lost thousands in cargo from ignorant sailors straying too far off course.

Besides there are no island, no ports around here. We're dead.' 'How do you know Kieran? You cannot say where we are' retorted Edgar.

'I have studied shipping maps. I knew where we are heading, this area is notorious for storms and ship wrecking. I don't know exactly where we are, but I have a better idea than you.' Kieran answered bitterly.

His bruises were now very apparent from the previous night's attack at the hands of his now dead cell mates. 'Don't start arguing now, can you not put your differences behind you?' Lord Edmund sighed. 'We are all in peril now, I for one would rather try surviving this ordeal rather than bickering amongst ourselves.' For a whole three days they floated, taking turns amongst one another to row, occasionally just allowing the big raft to drift. Night came, they could not fight the urge of sleeping.

Fortunately, the storm did not return. A gentle breeze blew them South West. The sun began to rise, warm on the backs of the wrecked men as they slept. 'LAND!! LAND HO, LAND HO!!' Luther yelled, opening his eyes sexy chicks camila and dike engage in threesome creampie sighting a hazy mass becoming larger and clearer.

The men sprang up, not daring to believe their ears or eyes. 'Grab an oar gentlemen!' Shouted Lord Edmund. They leapt into action and rowed with all their might. Within the hour they were almost there. The island was beautiful!

Tall cliffs plunging down to a white sandy beach, a waterfall cascading down the vast rock face, tall green palm trees towering over the edge, becoming clearer through the hazy warmth. 'Nearly there!' called Tobias excitedly.

None of the men felt tired. They were too excited! The raft ran aground, cracking on the hard coral. The men climbed in carefully not to cut their bare feet. Gratefully they sank onto the rocks, climbing up the low cliffs overlooking the beautiful white beach. 'Stop!' Hissed Kieran suddenly. The men froze, looking toward the beach. Not far away a young maiden had appeared from the base of the cliffs, making her way to the sea. Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair blew gently in the wind.

She wore a silken gown which hugged her shapely yet slender figure. As she reached the water's edge she threw the gown from her shoulders, revealing her stunning figure. It was beautifully brown, although the men were bought up to lust for pale women, they could not take their eyes off her.

Her breasts were small, but perfectly formed, rounded, smooth and firm with pink pale nipples, erect with the cold water, although the men were not close enough to see this-yet! Although very slim, her backside jutted out rudely, throwing an amazing rounded shape that rolled with her walking movement. Her thighs had great shape to them, so smooth and shiny.

Suddenly she leapt forward into the sea. Disappearing for a moment then appearing among the waves as she swam. 'She looks familiar' Croaked Marcus, breaking the tense silence.

'Let us take a look!' Grinned Luther starting forward. 'Wait!' Marcus started. 'We don't know who else is here. You know how your impulsive nature has got us into this situation in the first place.' He reminded his companion of the sexual exploits that had caused them to end up imprisoned on the ship in the first place. 'We shall have to face the natives at some point, if we are to survive and make our getaway, so best to start now' Luther said, climbing down the rocks, followed closely by Kieran, Matthias and Tobias.

'Matthias! Come back!' Urged His elder brother Edgar 'He's an adult now, let him be' Kieran called back. The four excited men reached the water's edge. 'Ha! What did I tell you?!' Luther laughed as a shocked Miss Masters screamed in surprise, attempting to cover her modesty with both hands. 'WH- wha- who are you?!' she gasped, looking fearful.

'Surely you remember?' Sneered Sir Kieran.

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'On the boat? You were making an exhibition of yourself in front of the prisoners, surely you remember that?!' Miss Masters looked embarrassed. 'The sailors plied me with rather too much rum on that last nigh on the ship' She said awkwardly looking at her submerged feet. 'Do you remember rejecting me?' Kieran asked slightly bitterly. 'Never mind that!' Tobias interrupted. 'How did you survive?' 'I- I've been here for two days I was swept here on a raft-' 'never mind that!

We need attending to!' Luther said leering at Miss Master's beautifully formed figure. 'We have been drifting for days after such devastation and trauma, I could do with some soothing female hands on me!' Miss Masters looked at the men.

Their ragged clothes were lifted by their stiffening penises.

A rude smile spread across her thin lips.' Well gentlemen, I suppose as I have been here for two days, then you must be my guests! And what kind of hostess am I if I cannot entertain my guests?' She reached forth, grasping the two bigger men, Luther and Tobias firmly in her slim hands. The men closed round Miss Masters, offering their stiff bones to her. She was now on her knees, the ocean gently washing against her round, soft buttocks, massaging her wet pussy lips.

She alternated, tugging Tobias, while sucking Luther, then swapping duties. The two men threw their heads back grinning stupidly and laughing. 'ha ha haa! What lucky old dogs we are!' laughed big Tobias.

Kieran barged in. 'I believe you owe me an apology!' He said chaina mob porn sex story thrusting his hard prick in Miss Masters' pretty face. 'Wait your turn!' Tobias said roughly pushing Kieran back. He fell into the ocean, splashing heavily.

Matthias grinned. Finally this idiot was getting his come uppance! But Miss Masters crawled forth, the sight of Kieran's stiff white penis half submerged in the water was too tempting! She positioned herself over him, pulling his pasty prick upright, slowly lowering herself onto him&hellip. 'oooooh!' They groaned in unison as Miss Masters sank onto him, swallowing his entire length to the hilt.

She sat bolt upright rocking elegantly upon him, the sea lapping around their naked bodies. Tobias and Luther stepped forth, again presenting their big hard ons to the maiden. She once again accepted, licking their entire shafts, balls to bulging, dripping, purple tips. She fell forward as Kieran began roughly thrusting her, grasping her wonderfully rounded cheeks and spreading them.

This presented the perfect opportunity for young Matthias. Her tight pink anus was beckoning him almost gaping, as Kieran roughly pulled her cheeks apart. Matthias got onto his knees climbing onto Miss Masters. He pressed his angry red tip against the soft pink of her anus and he pushed.

It was difficult at first. He was worried his foreskin would tear! It was too dry, too tight in there! 'Spit' Commanded Luther grinning at his inexperienced companion, his cock still being pleasured by Miss Masters' soft warm tongue. Matthias did so dutifully. He noticed white froth gathering at Miss Masters' pussy entrance where Kieran's bone was thrusting still.

Quickly before the waves washed it away he smeared it over his long thin penis and pushed again. His bright red tip split the lips into half to create a welcoming opening.

He pushed further feeling the amazing velvet like muscle of her sphincter clench around his bell end. Onward! He thought pushing further feeling Miss Masters squirming. This made him all the more excited! He began to thrust, feeling his balls slapping against Kieran's fat sac. He buried his horny face on her sweet smelling blonde hair, kissing her neck as her probed her tight hot hole.

Miss Masters began to grind her waist in a circular motion making the two men groan with pleasure. Matthias could feel Sir Kieran's hard dominica phoenix and jessi joy threesome by nasty stranger thrust every now and again through the thin wall of her anal tunnel. This aroused him greatly! As the two men sandwiched her Miss Masters supported her slim body with her hands buried in the soft sand. Luther and Tobias stood back, wanking and watched the horny scene before them.

Miss Masters looked up at them and smiled her dirty smile. She began grinding her amazing rear end and giggled naughtily as she felt the two men inside beginning to pump harder as they reached their climax. Matthias could not hold any longer 'Uh huh uh huh uh HHHUUUUH!' he groaned loudly, drowning out the sound of waves.

Miss Masters giggled as she felt the hot jets of warm sperm leak out into her colon, it tickled her insides. Her light spasms set Kieran off.

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He closed his eyes 'Uh uh uh uh UUUUNNNNGHHHHUH!' he roared louder than Matthias 'Take that you dirty slut, you dirty slut!!' he bellowed firing shots of heavy spunk into her warm vagina. 'Off you get, friend!' Luther grinned at the flagged out looking Matthias. He realised he was still inside her tight velvety grip. His dick was semi soft now and fat and swollen inside her. With slight difficulty he wriggled himself free. His cock had been like a plug. As soon as he popped out, a big globule of white pearly mother daughter exchange full movie slid out onto Kieran's balls and was subsequently washed away by the ocean.

'You've paved the way for me nicely!' Luther laughed. He picked Miss Masters up with a strong arm, leaving Kieran flat on his back, looking very contented.

Miss master squealed with delight and excitement.

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Tobias bent her knees up over his shoulders. Both the big men's boners were stiff as rock, pointing upwards as if they were sniffing out the girl's pussy and open anus. Luther grabbed her cheeks parting them as much as he could, then dropped her onto his shiny helmet. Then Tobias stepped forth, the bigger of the two men, he entered her pussy. There they stood, knees slightly bent balls deep inside the beautifully crafted body of Miss Masters.

Luther kissed the back of her neck, smelling her sweet scent. Tobias caressed her round tits, teasing those pretty pink nipples with his big fingers. She wrapped her arms around Tobias' thick neck, moaning softly to him. 'Harder, harder!' she whispered. Luther reached around to the party sluts gangbanging lucky black guy in a afterparty orgy, squeezing his finger to her clitoris and began to tickle and tease it.

This made wriggle and squirm and gasp with excitement. The feel of these two hard dicks, so big inside her, the feeling of Luther's big fingers teasing her erect little clit. A fuzzy warm feeling inside her began creeping up from the depths of her pussy into her stomach. She knew this feeling! 'Keep going, keep going! Yes! YEAAHH! YESSSSS!' she gushed, her body spasmed as she came, drenching the two big shafts with her warm juices. It ran down their balls and into the sea.

Miss Masters flopped into the water. 'OOOH! Thank god for that shipwreck! I thought I'd never feel like that again! I thought I'd be betrothed to that awful old man my father chose for me!' Before she could say another word Luther had forced his length in her mouth, causing her to gag nosily.

'Hmmmm HHMMMMMUUUUH!' he grunted as his hot jizz squirted into her willing throat. 'OOH OH OH YEEEEAAH!!' wailed Tobias loudly as he wanked his love milk into her piercingly beautiful blue eyes.

The three of the flopped gratefully into the ocean, joining the relaxed and happy Matthias and Kieran. But what of the three cautious men watching? Why did they not come down to join in?!