Flexible sexy doll gets fucked hard and cumshot load

Flexible sexy doll gets fucked hard and cumshot load
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A little bit about myself before we start I am 30 years I'm 5'7 black and weigh 130 pounds on a good day I have nice c cup breasts. Enough about me now back to the story. I was 25 when I got married. My husband is a sales representative in a company and is away from home for a lot of time. Due to our culture I had not lost my virginity till after my marriage. We used to enjoy it a lot. My husband had introduced me to online porn and we used to re enact some of those while having sex. We had a very healthy sex life and used to do it thrice a week.

But after his promotion he used to stay out a lot and started missing sex a lot. I used to masturbate sometimes while watching porn but never got the satisfaction. Once while watching porn I saw an add about housewife wanting to have sex with other men. Once in mood for having sex I enrolled myself in few sites. A site had choice about which type of sex did you want gay was not an option as I had no doubts about my sexuality then there was men and gangbang.

My husband had a dream for gangbang sex. I selected gangbang just for new pron star xxx vedio as I knew no one would reply. For submitting my photo I never showed my face and just my naked body. After a few days while checking my secret email I had a response from a African men group in India wanting to have gangbang sex with Indian women. I started to have contact with the group leader for a few days and thought would just stop replying afterwards.

My husband was home for a long time rather like usual. We were planning for a baby. We were browsing through porn videos and my husband started gangbang video just for fun while watching the interracial gangbang I started feeling horny about it. After a few days my husband left and I was repeatedly watching the gangbang video and had cummed more than usual and started feeling horny.

As I was thinking about it I thought that why not try it for real. I again contacted the group leader and we set up a date and place near my home so no one would suspect. Finally the day came and I was feeling very nervous it was night and no one was home as my in laws had went out to attend a wedding.

I went there and was thinking about it in my car and finally got the courage and went in the hotel. As I said the room number the receptionist was staring at me and said me the directionsn.

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I knocked on the door and went there were around 10 men in room from young to middle age. The group leader came and introduced himself. He asked me to come in next room as he wanted to speak in private. We went to next room and he started asking me the questions was I on pills I said no then I asked do the men have any std he said no as they were tested he asked me I said no as till the time I used to have sex with my husband and nobody else.

Do you want men to wear condom or not I wanted to say no but looking at their cocks while entering were huge and erect I blurted out no I asked when do we start he said with how many men do u want to start I said this my first time and am not sure that I can handle ten men.

He said no problem you can do less men also. I said three and he asked me to choose I choose him a teen and a middle aged man. They all came near me and opened their zip and revealing their cocks. I was surprised they had cocks above eight inches and were thick. He said to undress and start the fun.

I stripped quickly and lied down the bed the leader was playing and caressing my neck and boobs the young boy came near me and started kissing my lips the middle aged man was licking my clit.

I was having the most fun time of my life and was enjoying the licking and moaning deeply. Suddenly the young boy slapped me and I opened my mouth to shout at him as I opened my mouth he inserted his huge cock in my mouth and started deep mouth fucking me. I started shouting but they thought that I was moaning loud as I might be enjoying. Soon I came hardly and the leader and middle age xev bellringer shut up and fuck me changed the place.

The young boy came in my mouth and I drank it all.

The young boy took his cock out and the middle aged man inserted his. The young boy went near the dressing table and removed a bottle of oil. Slowly I started feeling sensation and pain in my ass. The boy was inserting his fingers with oil on it.

The middle aged man came in my mouth and they all said it was time. Smoking hot natural blonde beauty bailey brooke gets a great banging counted till three and all at once started fucking my holes together at first I started shouting but after sometime I started enjoying it.

I was moaning loud "ummmmmmm. oh yesssssss oh yesssssss" " oh my god fuck me harder harder" I still can't forget the pleasure I was getting soon all of us cummed together the leader and in my clit boy in my ass and man in my mouth.

They changed their places and the leader kissed me first while I was still able to taste my cum in his mouth. The boy was in my clit and man was in my ass. They all started together and the fun was rising I was moaning harder and harder " ohhhhh yes ohhh yes" "more deeeeep more deeeeeep" " fuck me hard fuck me hard". Again everybody came and changed their places. The fun again increased. After they all finished me they picked me up and took me to the bathroom washed me and dried me.

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They took me to bed and bought some energy food and drinks to increase my power for other men. After sometime other three men came and started the fucking session. The same process happend again and in next turn other four did me.In the end I was exhausted but still the leader was with me the whole time.

The leader came towards me and said before putting you to bath let me clean your clit he started licking me and I couldnt respond much as I was too exhausted. After completing he kissed me and took me to the bathroom to clean dick sucking cutie enjoying a cunt massage up.

He fed me made me wear my clothes and I was having a bit of energy he walked me out of the room and made me sit on the chair and asked me how was it i said it was very good had a great deal of pleasure. Do you want to do it again I said yes with a grin on my face.

Then he introduced me to all of them and escorted me out till my car and asked me could I drive and I said yes. He said to wait for his email and will contact after few days. I went home and slept like a baby. After a few days I tested for pregnancy and I was positive. It was a very happy moment for me. But after sometime I realized that I did not have sex with any kind of protections. I got an email from the head wanting to meet at their head quarter for more fun.

I was very happy and I replied yes. He replied intense jock engulfing delight hardcore and blowjob that now more men wanted to have sex with me. I got happy and I said OK. But was again reminded by the situation at hand about the pregnancy.

I gathered the courage and called my husband about the happy news he got excited and said would be coming soon to home.

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I emailed to the group head and again fixed the time for another fucking session and asked him whether those 10 people will be there that were with us the last time. He replied yes I thought that I should break the news after having another gangbang oh sorry group session with them.

Pl comment on how was the story so that I can improve and write more to entertain all of us.