Hot lesbian action starring two blonde starlets

Hot lesbian action starring two blonde starlets
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I was tossing and turning in bed holding a pillow over my face trying to drown out the noises that were coming from the room next to mine. I sat up and lee dia fucks for a facial brunette and cumshot over at my little sister who was sleeping soundly in her bed on the other side of the room.

I pulled the blankets off of my legs and crept out into the hallway and stood in front of my mom's bedroom door. I pushed my ear onto the wood and could hear all the sounds that were audible from my room: bed springs, moaning, grunting, my mom's talking, a man talking. I cracked the door open a little bit and looked inside. It was hard to make out everything through the darkness but I had a good idea of what was going on.

I could see the outline of a man lying on my mom's bed and it was clear the woman on top of him was her. She had her head tilted back and she continued to bounce up and down making the springs creak and the man grunt "more, more." She bent forward and her long hair covered both their faces as they began to kiss.

I quietly closed the door and tip-toed back to my room. I hopped into bed and was eventually able to fall asleep.

The following morning I trudged out of my room directly into the kitchen. My seven year old sister, Juliet, was already sitting at the small circular kitchen table eating her bowl of cereal. I sat down at the table and poured my own bowl. Mom was leaning over the sink looking out the window. Her hair was a mess in her face and she looked really tired. I could kind of guess why.

She was wearing a caramel brown night-gown that was basically the adult version of the one Juliet was wearing. It had a lacy outline and the material itself was very thin and see-through.

It showed off her flat belly and was hugging against her chest making her nipples really visible. She was also wearing a pair of panties that were being buried into her crotch and emphasized her very round mound. I wasn't shocked by what she was wearing because she always wore clothes like that. My family wasn't a very "traditional" one when it came to presenting ourselves in front of each other. The story of unbridled love mom always wore nightgowns like pretty brunette teen babe ally tate screwed by big fat cock one I described and I was only wearing a pair of white briefs at the moment.

Juliet was wearing a loose fitting nightie and when I peaked under the table I could see she wasn't wearing any panties (like usual). Often, our mom would go into the shower and come out completely naked which is something my sister and I picked up.

So I wasn't a stranger to what the female body looked like. "Jordan, honey," my mom said as she started to put dishes into the cabinet, "I need you to watch your sister for a couple hours today. Mommy has to go out and meet some friends ok?" "Ok," I told her. Mom disappeared into her room and I finished my cereal. I put the bowl in the sink and sat in the living room to watch TV. Juliet was soon to follow me. I kept flicking through the channels and after a half hour I heard my mom's bedroom door open and I turned to look at her.

Mom was a relatively young mother and often dressed like it. She stepped out wearing a tight pair of Capri pants and a small t-shirt that was showing off her belly button ring. Her long brown hair flowed down to her chest and when she turned around I saw the black strap of the thong she was wearing hugging her waist.

"Alright, I'll see you two later," she said. She put on a pair of sunglasses, grabbed her purse, and walked out the front door. I heard my sister chuckling and I turned to her to see why. "Your underwear is poking out," she giggled. I didn't have to look down to understand what she meant. I could feel it. My dick was hard from seeing my mom in her nightgown and then coming back out in that thong of hers.

It was pressing against my briefs really bad and I had to do something about it. So, I pulled down my waistband and let it pop out. My sister stopped giggling and eyed it. "Juliet," I said. "Do you want to play with me like I showed you how?" She nodded her head and reached out with her hand and started to stroke. It felt really good but I had to stop her. "You have to take your clothes off first remember?" Juliet stood up from the couch and started to pull her nightie off.

I was stroking myself as she did it. She through it on the floor and was standing in front of me completely nude. She had long brown hair like our mom and sharp brown eyes.

Her chest was completely flat and she had small button sized nipples. Her thin legs and flat tummy met at her crotch that was hairless and nothing but small lips and a slit. She kneeled down on the soft carpet floor and started to stroke my dick with her own hand.

I closed my eyes and started to breathe fast. She had her head bent over my body and her hair reached down and tickled my thighs. I felt her thumb reach into my foreskin and pull it back.

I leaned back in the comfy couch and started panting as she increased the speed of her strokes. My breathing increased with her hand motions until finally I felt a wet tongue collide with my pee hole. "Wait!" I yelled. She stopped immediately. "There's something else I want to show you." "But Jordan," she pouted, "I wanted to see the white stuff shoot out." "Don't worry, the next thing we're going to do is going to be really fun," I told her as I stood up.

"Now lie down on the floor." She did what I told her and I pulled my briefs completely off and kneeled between her spread legs. I pulled her body closer to mine and now my fully hard, twelve year old penis was resting on top of her slit.

Small droplets of pre-come began dotting her puffy pussy lips. I pressed my pointer finger on top of my dick and let it cushion itself between her lips. "Juliet," I said as I continued to press down, "you know that thing we saw mommy doing with that man before? When they were fun wrestling?" "Yeah, I remember," she said. "Do you want to fun wrestle with me Jordan?" "Yeah I do." I spread her legs a little more and scooted back in order to bend forward and place my nose on her crotch.

The little odor she had wasn't bad. It was a clash of urine and her young juices. I stuck my tongue inside and started licking up and down. Juliet let out a faint moan. I remembered seeing the man really dig his face into mom's crotch and I did the same. I held onto my little sister's legs under the knees and pressed my face really hard into her pussy.

My nose was pushing against a hardening clit and my tongue was lapping up all the juices that were leaking out more and more. I was too hard now and couldn't continue this for long. I knelt back up and was ready to put my dick inside her hole. I didn't know if it would fit though. I spread her lips and saw how tiny her hole was. My dick was very thin but I didn't know if it could fit in that hole.

Then I remembered the man that put his in mom. His was really long and really thick too. If mom had a hole horny little slut banged hard by a guy who look for aprartment Juliet's and could fit the man's dick, then Juliet would be able to take mine.

"Are you ready Juliet?" I asked. "I'm going to put my thingy in you now." "Ok," she said. I got into a pushup position over her and started to press my hips down toward her slit.

My dick pressed against it but then would get bent against her leg. I reached down with one of my hands, pulled my foreskin back, and then guided my way into her entrance. Once I felt I was passed dry skin and into wet lips I started to press harder. Juliet gasped and I continued pushing down. I felt her pussy squeezing against my head trying to push it out but I kept forcing my way in. I felt bumpy, soft skin all around my dick as I made my way deeper and deeper.

"No, Jordan, no," cried my sister. "It hurts. Please take it out." "Hold on Julie," I told her. "It will feel ok." I didn't know if it would feel ok but I didn't want to stop. The wetness and tightness of her pussy was nothing I could mimic with just my hand. I pushed harder and felt my dick pressing against an unknown barrier. I knew I couldn't have reached the bottom because mom had the man all the way inside her.

I gave a little thrust with my hips and felt myself being stopped again. I grabbed onto the carpet and gave a hard thrust. Juliet screamed out and I felt my dick make its way inside. My stomach was now pressed against hers and I could feel I was in now. I started thrusting a little faster and felt her tight pussy squeezing my shaft and wetting itself more to make the in alison tyler brunette filmed by drone fingering sucking outdoors and blowjob out motions easier.

Juliet's crying stopped and was replaced by small gasps. "This feels so good," I told her. I started thrusting my hips harder and harder and Juliet continued to let out a gasp with each collision of my dick and her inner pussy.

Her arms grabbed around my back and she held me tight as I continued my barrage of her little pussy. I looked down and saw clear pussy juice coating smearing on our bodies and a bit of blood stained on my member.

I got up from my position without leaving her pussy and sat on my knees in a kneeling position as I grabbed her waist and pulled her toward me. I kept thrusting my hips and could hear the monotone sound of my loose balls smacking against her skin. "I can't hold it now Julie," I grunted. I tightly held onto her hips and thrusted the hardest I could into her body. She let out a scream and I felt my warm come oozing out into her snatch filling up every crevice.

I was panting hard and could feel droplets of sweat on my forehead. I looked at Juliet and her eyes were closed and her stomach was heaving up and down. I pulled my dick out of her and uncensored amazing sex stories free solmom julia ann how red her pussy area was. I spread her lips with my fingers and saw my fresh come making its way down her slit to her butt crack. "Did you like that Julie?" She didn't answer me.

I thought she liked it because she stopped crying but I didn't know for sure. I know I really liked it and wanted to do it again. I didn't, though, because my dick was going soft and I knew we had to get cleaned up before mom came home.

She said she would be home in a couple hours but I never knew when she might drop in because she forgot something. I picked up Juliet and carried her to the bathroom. She was so tiny and light that I was able to almost run to the bathroom with her in my arms. I turned on some warm water and sat her in the tub. She wasn't breathing heavy anymore but had her hand on her pussy and kept rubbing it.

Once the bathwater was a few inches high I turned off the faucet and sat in with her. "Juliet," I said in a whispered voice, "I'm really sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to." She looked at me and then said, "Jordan am I a big girl now?" "What?" I said confused. "Cynthia in the 5th grade said when a boy puts his thing in her cunny she's a big girl." I smiled and looked at Juliet and agreed with her. I told her she was a big girl now.

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She smiled and told me she wanted to fun wrestle again. I told her we should wait for another time but there was one more thing we hadn't tried yet. I leaned forward and told her to kiss me.

She pressed her lips against mine. I started pushing my tongue into her lips until they finally opened and I met her little tongue. Our tongues only entangled with each other and kept pressing against the insides of our cheeks. "Hehe, I liked that," said Juliet as she broke away from me, "and, hehe, your thing is hard again." "Ha ha, it is," I said.

"Do you want to&hellip." I was cut off. Mom had walked into the bathroom and immediately sat on the toilet as she pulled her pants and thong down. She looked over and was surprised to see me and my sister there. "I'm sorry," she said as I heard a stream off pee hitting the water in the toilet. "You two better hurry up and finish your bath.

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Kelly and Victor are coming over in a little bit and you two need to be dressed. She pulled up her pants and flushed the toilet as she rushed out the door. "Yay!" shouted my sister. "Kelly and Victor are coming over!" 'Oh no,' I panicked.

'Not Victor.'