Dad makes daughter squirt in moms mouth

Dad makes daughter squirt in moms mouth
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My name is Chris and I am 31 years old, 6'2" with an average build.

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I have never had any luck with women talking or otherwise and in return they never seemed to have any interest in me, all except one, my younger cousin Lauren. You see we have always had this special connection that made us really close, closer than either of us thought. This weekend she is celebrating her 18th birthday and she asked me to come up to her place for the weekend to celebrate, except the kind of celebration she had in mind was different from what I thought she was planning.

When we were younger at Christmas time we would go to our grandparents place, a big old stone house at the top of a hill in the country, and celebrate the holiday as a family since my moms side was very small.

Me, my parents, my sister Amanda, my aunt and uncle and their daughter, my favorite cousin. Since there was 13 years between us she was still fairly young when I became an adult.

She would arrive at the farm with her parents, give everyone hugs and then she would see me and she would be so happy to see me that she usually would sit on my lap most of the evening.

When she was just a little girl it was completely normal and there was never any feelings other than loving my cute adorable little cousin. But as she got older, she started to bloom into a beautiful young woman and started to take on the looks of her mother, my Aunt Kaylee who was amazingly hot herself and as I got older I realized the real reason why my Uncle married her…woof!!

Anyways when it came time for Lauren to turn 18 she was a splitting image of her mother and there was a few times I had to keep my self in control. Imagine this, a young athletic woman, 5'3", with waist length dirty blonde hair, D-cup breasts and a killer ass to boot.

I'm so surprised I don't drool when I see her or her mother. The week ended and after packing a small bag of clothes including my swim suit, since they had a good sized pool, I hopped in my car, a 2017 Ford Mustang and drove two hours to my aunt and uncles place for a wicked weekend. When I got to their home I parked my car in the lane way, got out and stretched after the long drive, traffic was hell so it took longer than I had hoped and took in the view I had always enjoyed seeing when I visited.

I had only been standing there for a few minutes when I heard the back gate swing open and Lauren came running around the corner with their dog Bella hot on her heals. My god she had grown even more beautiful since the last time I had seen her five months prior at our family Christmas. Her hair flowed like that of an angel as the wind blew it through the air, her breasts bounced ever so gracefully as she ran towards me to wrap her arms around me.

I wrapped my arms around her in a warm embrace. " Chris you made it." She said. "I'm so glad you could come. We are gonna have so much fun this weekend. The weather man says its supposed to be sunny and warm all weekend and you know what that means…pool time!!" Lauren had always enjoyed our time swimming whether it be the fact that I picked her up and threw her or tried to get her on top of my shoulders and lift her out of the water without two men cum on wicked gorgeous bitch myself in the process.

She usually preferred to wear bikinis instead of a full swim suit which just made her look all the more sexy. Once we had finished greeting two stunning fillies share a throbbing boner other she showed me inside so I could go see my Uncle Jamie.

As usual we hit off as we always did since there was only 6 years between us. He was my moms youngest brother.

My aunt would be home eventually since she worked crazy hours at the clothing store she managed and until then I figured I would settle in, change and go relax by the pool.

It was a nice day out and I hadn't spent much time outdoors lately since it had rained so much and winter lasted way to long.

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I was relaxing at the edge of the pool with my legs in the water when all of a sudden I heard Lauren yell heads up and watch her fly past me to do a canon ball sending a massive wave in my direction soaking me in the process. The smile on the face was a clear indication she meant to do that and the look on my face told her this was war. I seriously out weighed her by almost 90 lbs and so I returned the favor stood up, and jumped high in the air and do a canon ball right next to her sending an even bigger wave up and over dirty masseur cant live without wild sex hardcore and massage head.

Since I enjoyed the water so much I stayed under water after I jumped in and looked up to find her feet and tickle her and a secondary attack. As I looked up I noticed that her swim suit wasn't completely covering everything between her legs and so I got a rather nice view. Putting that nasty though aside I reached up and grabbed her ankle. She of course started to kick her feet harder to get away.

Running out of air I swam to the surface and was bombarded with a wave of water as my uncle decided he should jump into the pool at the same time as I was coming up, so much for fresh air…cough, cough!

The three of us finished our time in the pool, wrestling each other under the water and such. We were all starting to get hungry and by this time my aunt had arrived home and started to prepare dinner. Uncle Jamie got the BBQ ready for the pork chops and baked potatoes and I relaxed in a lawn chair talking with Lauren enjoying the view. The four of us had dinner, brought out a nice vanilla cake with sparkler candles, sang happy birthday and then enjoyed the cake. The rest of the evening was relaxing, Jamie went to his buddies place across the street for a few drinks, Kaylee went to bed early since she had to work in the morning and that left Lauren and I to enjoy a movie together.

Since it was her day I let her pick the movie, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. I had seen it before and always enjoyed it. By the time the movie finished it was late, Jamie had come home half in the bag so he went to bed. Lauren showed me upstairs to the guest room which was at the end of the hall and bid me good night and she turned back up the hall to her room.

I stripped down to my boxers and climbed into the bed. The house was warm so I laid on top of the covers and sprawled out on the double bed. I was trying to fall asleep but with no luck so I got up and went to get a drink of water wap in xxx storys mp4 the kitchen.

On my way I passed Laurens room, her light was on and her door was cracked open enough and I peeked in but saw nothing. The bathroom door was closed so I figured she was in there before she turned in.

I got to the kitchen and grabbed a glass and filled it and drank half before walking back upstairs. Again I passed her room, but this time I saw her in the mirror, and she was slowly taking of her clothes and dropping them on the floor.

First her yoga pants, she had a light blue thong on which she left on.

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She pulled her shirt off and undid her bra and dropped them to the floor and then she turned around to admire herself in the mirror, man she was hot.

As I watched, I felt a sudden stir in my shorts as my dick began to get hard. It was such a turn on watching my cousin. She stopped looking at herself and turned her gaze towards the door and I think she must have seen me because she went out of sight and when I saw her in the mirror again she had put on a tank top and pajama shorts and then she closed the door quietly.

I turned and walked ever so carefully back to my room and climbed into bed. Laying there I couldn't stop thinking of her and how hot she was. An hour passed and I was still awake when suddenly I heard foot steps in the hallway coming towards my room. Since it was dark I couldn't tell who it was but I had an idea. The door was still open so whoever it was just walked into the room and stopped at the end of the bed. A voice whispered into the darkness and said, "Chris, are you awake?" Immediately I knew it was Lauren and to play a game I said nothing.

After a short pause I heard her walk around to the side of the bed and she reached out and touched my arm, "Chris" she whispered again. Her touch sent a shiver up my arm but I tried to stay as still as I could. With no reaction I felt her fingers touch my waist and then slid under my shorts, another hand slid under the waist band on the other side as she tried to pull my shorts off.

The only thing she knew is that I hadn't moved and so I let her think I was still asleep. Within seconds I had a semi stiff boner again just from her touch.

Part of my mind knew it was wrong, kayden kross hard fast fuck was my cousin for god sake, but I let it continue just for the thrill of it, she was legally 18 now and so I figured if I could have some fun this weekend all the more exciting right!

She had a hard time but eventually managed to get my shorts down to my thighs and that's when things got interesting, I felt her hand touch and wrap around my dick, a small soft hand began to rub me up and down, it felt so amazing I thought I'd come right there but knew I had to wait. As she stroked me she slowly climbed onto the bed and softly straddled my left leg.

She then got adventurous and put me in her mouth, oh it was warm and wet and amazing.

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I let her do this for a few minutes until I wanted more than just her mouth on my cock, I wanted to feel her hot young pussy on my face and bury my cock deep in this virgin pussy! As she sucked me off I slowly moved my left hand up and behind her head and applied a little bit of pressure to get her a little deeper into the back of her throat.

This obviously startled her and she sat up quick without a sound. I reached up quick enough and covered her mouth, tasting beautys moist vagina hardcore and blowjob her close and said, "there nothing to worry about, you might as well keep going.

I saw the way you were looking at me during the movie and I saw how hot you were when you were in your room admiring yourself in the mirror. I honestly want to fuck you so bad it made me hard!" With that said she moved my hand away from her mouth got off the bed, closed the door, turned on a small night light to give us just enough light to see and then she got back onto the bed and continued her sucking.

I let her continue until I wanted my turn. Without saying a word I reach up and grabbed her, swung her around and placed her back first on the bed.

I slid down the bed a bit, reached up and slid my hands up and under her tank top until my hands were on top of her D-cup breasts.

They were so soft and firm it was so amazing to massage them and twist her nipples. As I grabbed her tits I started my way kissing down her stomach, down her hips, along her thighs to her ankles.

I spread her legs apart and kissed my way back up till I got to her sweet pussy. I got my fingers under her thong and slowly pulled them down until they were right off of her legs. I spread her legs apart again and kissed her pussy and slowly licked every bit of it. She tasted outstanding and I knew right away I had to bury myself in her pussy now.

I crawled up her, took her tank top off up over her head and whispered in her ear as I nibbled on her ear lob, "I'm gonna fuck your pussy now. I'll take it slow, use a pillow to moan into so you don't wake your parents. Believe me you'll enjoy this once I'm all the way in." Spitting on my palm I quickly rubbed my cock and made sure it was lubed enough for what I was about to do.

Making quick passes against her pussy lips I teased her for a short few moments and then found my mark and slowly began a slow insertion. She was really tight since nothing had never penetrated her before now.

She grabbed her pillow and moaned hard into it as I slowly pushed deeper into her. Soon enough I had pushed myself all the way into her pussy, something I always liked to call balls to the skinny girl sex in bathroom and bedroom tube porn, and then I pulled out slowly and pushed began in until I found a steady rhythm.

After a short while I could tell that she was beginning to enjoy herself. She even began to grab my hips to help push me deeper into her and bring her closer to the hopeful orgasm that I wanted her to experience, and then it came in a rush, her first orgasm. If it were not for her pillow she most certainly would have woken my aunt and uncle and the then we both would have been in the dog house, me more than her.

After she stopped shaking she opened her eyes and spoke, "that was absolutely amazing! More!!" for the next half hour I fucked her brains out and made her come three more times until it was my turn and I told her that I was about to come.

I tried to pull out but she held me tight and told me tasting beautys moist vagina hardcore and blowjob a smile on her face, "no I want my first time with you to be full and I want your to come in my pussy. Don't worry I went to my doctor alone and got some pills without my mom knowing." With that said and a little knowing that she had planned this for a while, I picked up the pace and soon felt the overwhelming orgasm take me as my balls emptied and string after string of hot cum spewed deep into her pussy.

Once I was done, I slowly pulled out and rolled over next to her. Without warning she rolled over and started to suck and lick our combined juices off of my cock which was now beginning to soften. Completely spent I turned my head smiling and whispered, "how was your first time?

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I hope it was as wonderful for you as it was for me." She crawled up and laid next to me, her tits covered in sweat and kissed me with such passion it was incredible how I just made love to this young woman, my cousin. She whispered in my ear, "it was outstanding. I can't wait to do it again. Maybe we should try this at your place next time so we don't have to be so quiet or beat around the bush so much." After laying in each others arms she got up and returned to her room and we both fell asleep.

The next morning I latinachili and agedlove in one hot compilation up to an odd feeling of wetness surrounding my morning wood. After wiping my eyes I realized Lauren was trying to wake me up in her own special way.

What a way to wake up!! The rest of the weekend was an amazing time that neither of us will ever forget. Before I left we made a deal and an arrangement that every long weekend now till whenever, she would come down to my place and spend the weekend with me and we would fuck each other into submission.