Bald twat gets the facial abuse treatment

Bald twat gets the facial abuse treatment
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WOULD OTHER MEN IMPROVE OUR MARRIAGE? By aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities of desires, wants or fantasies.

Read and enjoy. We just finished an hour of what I felt was fabulous love making. Jack was now laying next to me and breathing heavily as he was beginning to lapse into sleep. My mind was in a whirl and was having a hard time getting to sleep. I was still feeling my last orgasm as his cum was seeping from my pussy.

I couldn't stop thinking about Jack's fantasy. He was talking about his fantasy more and more when we made love. I was having trouble rationalizing his thinking.

Was he really turned on by saying he was thinking about me fucking another man or men. He would always say he would get hard just seeing another mans cum seeping from my pussy. Maybe it was just the excitement he got watching our porn DVD's where a woman was fucked by two or three men. I had tried to reason with him, but he insisted that knowing another man was pumping his cum deep in my pussy was a real turn on and would make our marriage stronger and increase our love for one another.

I still couldn't get it. I wouldn't want to see him fucking another woman, that just wouldn't get me hot sexually, but hot to leave him. Well, maybe not a divorce, I loved Jack deeply and I would feel hurt that he would even want to have sex with another woman. My eyes were half closed as I thought back to high school. Yes, I finally went 'all the way', but the sex in the back seat of the car was nothing compared to the sex I was having in bed with my husband.

When I went off to collage, my mother put me on birth control to regulate my menstrual period. To me, it was a signal that any sex I had, meant that my boyfriend did not have to pull out and I would finally know the feeling of completing the sex act.

Only twice while in college, did my boyfriend go down on me and tongue my pussy and clit, but the five minutes did not compare with the half hour to an hour Jack spent eating my pussy. Orgasms were rare when in college. Once I started dating Jack, did I have regular orgasms. I just don't understand how Jack could want me to have sex with another man.

Japanese family incest game show anal creampie subtitled watching porn, Jack would get really turned on when watching a woman being 2019top 10 xxc sex stories story milk by two or more men.

Was this a turn on for Jack or for most men? It was his fantasy, one I just didn't understand. I woke before Jack and showered before breakfast. When I got out of the shower, I looked in the mirror and saw an average woman, nothing special. I did have a sweet looking face and nice hair. I could loose a bit of weight, but my figure was still proportioned properly. I know Jack likes me to look sexy and likes the way other men look at me.

It does turn me on that men ogle me when Jack 'shows' me off, but that didn't mean that I wanted them to fuck me. I dressed for work, my usual business clothes. My skirt hem came just put it in my ass demolition about an inch above my knees and my blouse buttoned down the front with a bit of cleavage showing.

Nothing screaming 'sex', but enough that Jack thought I was sexy. Jack finished his shower and walked into the kitchen as I was pouring his coffee. He hugged me as he approached from the rear.

I could feel his cock press against my ass as his arms were wrapped around me. He took his coffee and quietly whispered in my ear, "I hope you come home with cum in your pussy." I pulled away and said, "Don't start, you know I'm not going to fuck anyone else." We finished breakfast, cleaned the dishes and kissed as we went to our cars to leave for work.

All day at work, I seemed to notice that Marcie was always being called into the boss's office. She would be there for about a half hour each and when she came out, I noticed that she was either pulling her skirt hem down or smoothing it out. About 2 pm, two clients entered Bill's office and after a few minutes, Marcie was called in with them. It was just over an hour and a half before the two clients left.

They seemed to be quite happy as then left talking together. After about 5 minutes, Marcie came out and, yes, she was pulling her skirt upward and moving the waist of her short skirt to the center of her body.

Her blouse was half way tucked in as she walked to her desk. My mind kept telling me that Marcie was fucking the boss and the clients. She was getting attention and I noticed that her skirts were mid-thigh and the lace of her thigh high nylons would show.

No, oh no, I thought, I'm being crazy, Marcie wouldn't fuck other men. Just like me she was happily married. My mind was just in over drive, I was over thinking as sex was on my mind.

At 4, Marcie went into the office again. I was curious and went to the office, opened the door and took a letter that Bill had to sign. I saw Bill sitting at his desk, but didn't see Marcie anywhere. Bill's chair was a bit back from the desk and he quickly took the letter and said, "Thank you, that will be all." After 5 minutes, Marcie came out of his office and she was wiping her face with a hankie.

I wasn't imagining, my suspicions were right. She had been under Bill's desk giving him a blow job. Rebeca linares in fishnet stockings gets plowed was providing sex for the boss and the clients. Our small office has Bill, Marcie and me.

We have people coming and going during the day. I thought back and began remembering that Marcie always seemed to be in a state of half dress every time she came out of Bill's office.

I began to fantasize of Marcie fucking Bill and his clients, picturing her on her knees giving them blow jobs and being on her hands and knees as they all fucked her. The more I thought about the sexual activity, I would remember when going into Bill's office, there was a lingering smell of sex. The aroma seemed to act like an aphrodisiac inducing pleasure within my vagina.

Now I knew and my thoughts of Jack's fantasy of me fucking other men was being etched in my brain.

I was beginning to enjoy the thoughts of fucking other men too. I was beginning to reach sexual heights when Jack would talk of his fantasy as he penetrated me in bed. For the next week, I saw the same activity between Marcie and Bill. There were a few clients thrown in during that time. I couldn't help it, but I was getting turned on watching her constant smile as she emerged.

A couple of times I noticed a wet shimmering reflection from the inner side of her thigh, she was leaking cum. More and more, Jack kept telling me of his fantasy when we were having sex. I noted that as he would thrust hard and shoot his cum deep into my womb, he would say, "What a sight, to see 'his' cum oozing from your pussy after you have been fucked." His fantasy was really turning me on.

I thought about Marcie and wondered if her husband wanted her to have sex with other men. Maybe her husband had the same fantasies and she was making him happy by being fucked by Bill and the clients. More and more, I was preoccupied with the thoughts of what other men's cocks looked like, what were the different sizes, were they smooth or veined. Sure I had seen cocks when in high school and college, but now I was wondering about adult cocks.

What were the different ways a man fucks, the positions, their techniques. Would cum taste different and did some men have more volume in their cum. I paid more attention now when watching porn DVD's with Jack. I began to study the different cocks as they were sucked by the women. I had never seen cocks as long as those in the porn DVD's and wondered if I would ever have one deep inside me. The longest I have had was about 7 inches, but seeing the porn DVD's, seeing those cocks, thinking of them pulsating inside my pussy made me want to make Jack's fantasy a reality.

Would I be cheating on Jack? He kept telling me he wanted other men to fuck me, how he wanted to see their cum leaking from my pussy. If that's what Jack wanted, maybe I wouldn't be cheating, after all we did agree to 'love and obey'.

Marcie was going on vacation in a week. I kept thinking about Jack's fantasy. I went shopping and bought very short skirts, see through blouses, shear lace panties and thongs. I got up the courage to wear my new wardrobe on Wednesday, two days before Marcie left for two weeks.

I kept seeing Bill eyeing me more than usual. On Friday, I went into Bills office to give him some letters to sign. As he was signing the letters, I went to the table next to his leather couch, bent from the waist to pick up a magazine.

As I was bent over, I knew he could see my sheer panty covered ass. I picked up a magazine and said, "Bill, this issue to real old, maybe I should get you some up to date magazines." I looked at Bill and saw his eyes were wide.

He was standing and I could also see his erection in his pants. Bill didn't say anything right away, then said, "Uh, yes, maybe Monday, you could bring in some new magazines. That would be nice". I licked my lips and asked, "Do you like my new skirt?" Bill said, "That skirt is really ho.nice." His gaze was directed toward the hem of my skirt.

I turned quickly so that my skirt would flare out exposing my panties as I left his office. I got to my desk and felt exhilarated. My legs were shaking and my stomach was all butterflies. I had been bold in carrying out my mission. My panties were getting wet I was so turned on that I wanted to be fucked, fucked by Bill or any other men that were around. Jack's fantasy was getting to me. I was stimulated just thinking about Jack's comments.

He really did want me to get fucked by other men. At five, Marcie told us all good bye as she was leaving for vacation. Bill told her to have a good vacation and went back into his office. He let her know that she would be missed.

I reinforced my courage and told myself, 'this is it, no turning back. Make Jack happy'. I then went into Bill's office and asked him if there was anything else he wanted or needed before I left for home. I stood there nervous, my knees ready to collapse, but with desire as my vaginal fluids began to wet my panties. He looked at me for a second, sat down and then as he pushed his chair back, he said, "Yes, come here". I walked to the other side of the desk and saw he had his pants open and his cock was exposed.

I went to my knees and immediately took his cock into my mouth and was attempting to deep throat him. Unlike Jack, Bill's cock was uncircumcised and I enjoyed the skin running back and forth over his bulbous cock head until he was fully erect. I enjoyed the taste of his pre-cum as I spun my tongue around his cock.

A few minutes passed and he said, "Stop, get up and bend over the desk." 'This was it, the moment of truth' I thought. I bent over his desk and he came up behind me and pushed my skirt up around my waist. His hands began to caress my ass as he said, "You have such a nice ass. What would you like me to do?" I said, "I want you to fuck me." Bill then said, "You are married. What would your husband say?" I said, "Marcie is also married, besides Jack wants me to get fucked.

He wants me to come home with a pussy full of cum. I want to fulfill his fantasy and show him my pussy full of your cum". Bill then asked, "Are you sure your husband won't object or get mad that you cheated? I don't want to destroy your marriage." "Our marriage is solid and I wouldn't be cheating." I said. "He keeps telling me he wants me to be fucked by other men.

He tells me how much it excites him to think of me being fucked". Instantly, Bill's cock was pushing under the leg band of my panties, past the lips of my labia and entering my vagina. As he continued to fully enter me, he said, "Your husband's fantasy is going to come true. I'm going to fill you so he can see my cum leaking out".

Bill's cock felt so good as I thought about Jack's fantasy. I didn't know just how Jack would react, if with raging jealousy or fucking me like a man possessed. I sensed Bills cock rubbing the walls of my vagina as he entered me. It mia malkova sex xxx blood 2019 slightly different than Jack's cock.

As the bulb of his cock reached my cervix, I knew I wanted to be used in any way Bill wanted. I was feeling an orgasm building as Bills penis kept hitting my cervix with each thrust. I no longer cared how Jack would react. I was wanting Bill's cock deep and I wanted him to fill my womb with his hot sperm. I wanted to proudly display my leaking pussy to Jack when I got home. The lust, passion and sexual desire were raviging my body and soul. The initial reluctance of Jack's fantasy was quickly forgotten.

I was now a slut for Jack and other men. I was in the grips of pleasure as Bill's cock thrust deeper into me and kept striking my cervix. My hips slowly began to gyrate as Bill slammed his body into mine. My orgasm built as my legs began to tremble. I was out of control and yelling, "FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME, FUCK ME. I WANT YOUR CUM DEEP IN MY WOMB. EEEEEYESSSS, HARDER, HARDER, I.WAN.T.YOUR.CUM." I looked back at Bill and said, "YES, YES, fuck me hard, I want you to fill me with your cum.

I want my husband to see your cum in my scratched pussy. FUCK ME, FUCK ME." I felt Bill's cock rubbing against the walls of my channel and I was getting wetter as he began pumping in and out. As he buried his cock deep, I could feel him pushing against my cervix. It felt so good feeling the bulbous head of his penis as he would withdraw almost completely and then ram his cock deep.

I couldn't imagine why I didn't take Jack up on his fantasy long before this. Bill's cock felt different than Jack's. His cock has a slight bend to the left side and it put teen fucks her best friends dad new years eve party pressure on my vaginal membrane causing an intense friction. His cock wasn't any longer, but it seemed that Bill could put more pressure on my cervix with his inward pushing and I was enjoying how he was fucking me with such force.

Bill did a great job. He fucked me deep and hard. Bill said, "When you come to work, you will remove your panties for the rest of the day, just like Marcie. When I call you into my office, expect to be fucked, even if I have clients here." I was hooked.

It was like I was mesmerized and my only answer was, "Yes, I want all your cum in my pussy for my husband. I want him to know I get fucked by other men. I want to go home with cum running down my legs".

Suddenly, Bill pushed hard and held my hips to him as I could feel his cock expand and begin to pulsate. He was sending his seed deep, deep into my womb.

The excitement of being fucked by a man other than my husband built up such strong orgasms with Bill, that I left the office on wobbly legs and a pussy suckee fuckee session with an asian hussy of cum.

As I got out of the car, I removed my wet panties before going inside. Jack was sitting on the sofa with a cold beer watching the news. I sat down in the chair opposite him and spread my legs so he could see my pussy.

He must not have seen the sperm as he leapt up and came between my spread legs and began to eat my pussy. After a few minutes, Jack said, "You are so wet.

You taste unusual, but good". He then went back to licking my pussy. I said, "Your fantasy has been fulfilled". Jack looked up at me with a mixture of my pussy juices and Bill's cum on his face.

He asked, "What are you talking about?" I ran my fingers lovingly through his hair and said, "You are licking another mans cum from my pussy." Jack's only answer, "Oh, my God, yes". He then returned to licking my pussy and then kept sticking his tongue deep inside. It was like a sexual stimulation for him, and Jack was like a wild man. He jammed his cock into me after thoroughly cleaning Bill's cum from my spasming pussy.

I was having the best orgasms I had ever had. I knew I was going to come home to my husband with a pussy full of cum every day. I wanted it, Jack wanted it. I asked Jack, "You were licking and sucking another man's cum from my pussy. Why did you continue after I told you?" Jack said, "I had already tasted it, so I just figured to continue and finish cleaning you." I asked, "Did you enjoy it?" Jack thought for a second and then said, "Yes, it was different, but yes, I did like the taste." I looked at Jack and said, "I then expect you to clean out all the jessie sinclair new blonde slut first anal adventure sz I bring home, you will clean me without complaint." I felt totally in control.

Jack smiled and said, "Yes my love." I felt that I should humiliate Jack, but I didn't want him to know that I was hooked on his fantasy, I was going to be a true slut and cum dump for him and he was going to lick and suck other mens cum from my pussy. Jack and I made love for over 2 hours and when resting, Jack asked, "Who did you fuck"?

I told him that I seduced Bill. Jack asked, japanese av model has hairy pussy fucked hardcore asian you going to fuck him again?" "Oh, yes," I said. "In fact he expects me to wear no panties at the office and I was to fuck him and his clients when asked." Jack seemed to hum and then said, "Oh, yes, I want to see cum running from your pussy every night. I want you to tell me everything that happened, every detail." I looked at Jack and said, "There will be those days when I am on my period that there won't be any cum".

Jack said, "Then you will take them in your ass. It would also be nice to know they double penetrate you, one in your ass and one in your pussy. That's so hot". I was so stimulated by the days events, that I sucked Jack's cock back to life and had him fuck me two more times. Jack even busted my ass cherry so I would be ready for a double penetration. We had never had anal sex before, but I was pleasantly pleased when Jack's cock was pumping cum up my ass, I had a fabulous orgasm.

All weekend, Jack was obsessed with the prospect of me being fucked every day at work. I don't remember how many times Jack fucked me for those two days, but he did make sure my ass was ready for other men. Monday morning came and Jack watched me dress and made comments about how hot and sexy I looked. I was wearing a translucent blouse where my breasts were visibly subdued and outlined. My nipples stood out hard. He had me bend over so he could easily see my pussy.

"Yes," he said, "you will make their cocks hard". I was already lubricating at the anticipation that Bill was going to fuck me, and I was hoping he would have clients visiting. I wanted to fuck Jack right then, but I knew it would make me late for work. I did stop on the way to work and picked up a few new magazines for the office.

Bill was already in the office when I arrived. With his coffee in hand, he asked, "Did Jack like the present WE give him?" "Oh, yes. He loved my cum filled pussy".

Bill had me turn around and then bend over to see that my pussy was bare. He then said, "The only improvement I would suggest would be to have your pussy shaved clean". Bill unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out. I knew what he wanted and immediately dropped to my knees and began to suck his cock into my mouth.

I felt that Bill was about to cum and wanted to taste him, but he pulled his cock away and told me to bend over my desk. Here we were in the main office and he was fucking me hard. At that point, I didn't care if anyone came into the office and saw us, I wanted to be fucked, I had been ready for over an hour to have his cock buried deep inside me. Again, Bill pumped his cum into me. He kept inside my pussy until he was limp and slowly pulled out.

It didn't take long before I could feel the wet sperm begin to run down my legs. Bill was close to my ear when he whispered, "I am going to call a couple of my clients and have them come in". I smiled and said, "Yes, I look forward to making you and your clients happy". I was glad that my chair was imitation leather. The sperm pooling on the seat could be easy to clean off, but I didn't want to clean it until quitting time.

I wanted to enjoy sitting in the sperm and seeing just how much could be added during the day. At 10 o'clock, Bill fucked me again. He had me bend over his couch as he fucked me hard once again. I was still full of cum when at 11 o'clock, two clients came into the office and were greeted by Bill. As Bill talked to them at his door, they kept turning and looking at me ashley adams takes stepbro in her ass pornstars and hardcore smiling.

I made sure my legs were spread, I didn't know if they could see my pussy, but I made sure they could if they had a view. Shortly, Bill called me into his office. My pussy was on fire, I knew three men were going to take turns fucking me.

As I entered, all three men had their pants down and the erect cocks were ready for me. I could see pre-cum at the end of each cock as I knelt on the rug in front of them with my tongue out. I tasted their pre-cum and sucked each cock for several minutes when Bill pulled me up and bent me over his desk. He pulled my short skirt up over my hips and Bill then offered my pussy to his clients. As the tiny latina cindy cruz fucked beside the pool pornstars and hardcore man was pumping his cock hot brunette rides a big dildo to climax me, Bill handed me the phone and told me to call my husband's cell.

He said, "I want you to tell your husband what you are doing. Tell him how their cocks feel and that you will be bringing home a lot of cum today". After a couple of rings, I heard Jack's voice. I said, "Hi sweetheart, I'm bent over Bill's desk as a client has his cock fucking into me.

The other client is waiting for his turn and then Bill will fuck me. Bill said that I will be full of cum tonight." Hot vixen eva lovia gets her pussy serviced thoughts were disrupted by my beginning orgasm and I said, "Oh, God, that feels good, keep fucking me, FUCK ME HARD, YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEE!" I dropped the phone as I was having my first orgasm with the three men.

Bill took the phone and talked to Jack for a few minutes and then hung up. Bill said, "Your husband said that he was in a meeting and wanted to pull his cock out and jack off when you were talking. Too bad he wasn't on speaker phone for everyone to hear you getting fucked".

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The thought of other people hearing me getting fucked by three men brought me to another mind shattering orgasm. As my pussy was pulsing and squeezing the clients cock, he began to spasm and I felt his cock spewing his hot semen deep into my womb. I was thoroughly fucked by all three men by lunch time.

I wasn't hungry so I sat at my desk reveling in the events that took place. I was brought out of my enjoyable thoughts when the phone rang. It was Jack. Jack said, "I'm in the john jacking off thinking about your call. That was hot.

How do you feel and is your pussy sore?" "No, my pussy is fine but wants more cock." I said, "I was totally fucked hard and filled with cum. I loved every minute of it as they all took me into total bliss. I love you so much for making this happen." Jack asked, "Do you want to continue having other men fuck you?" I didn't pause to answer, "Oh, yes, I want other men to fuck me all the time.

I want cock in me, I want to feel them pumping their sperm into me". There was a long pause and then Jack said, "Oh, yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming so hard I wish you were here, I would add more cum inside your cunt. If my meeting was only with the seven men on my crew, I would have put the phone on speaker." That statement made my pussy tingle knowing his crew would hear me screaming as I was being fucked.

He then said, "Why don't you invite Bill to come for dinner. I want to see you getting fucked, I want to see fresh sperm in your pussy. He and I can take turns filling you". I said, "I will ask him and tell him what you want to happen. I love you so much. I wish you were here to fuck me." Jack said, "I love you, see you when you get home".

He hung up and I was ready for Bill's cock again. Bill came back from lunch and went into his office. I sat in anticipation that he was going to call me. It was about an hour when he finally called me. When I was in his office, he said, "Get your clothes off, I want you naked". There was no delay as I shed my cute passenger banged in her tight pussy by fake driver and was totally nude in front pak istan xxx storys com my boss.

He had me sit on the edge of the desk and spread my legs. He went to the other side of the desk and got something I couldn't see. When he reemerged, he had a basin of water, a can of shaving cream, a towel and a razor. My pussy was still oozing cum as he held my labia open and carefully shaved me clean.

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His touch made my pussy quiver and my vaginal walls expelled more fluid. I wondered if he shaved Marcie's pussy. Bill was through and I rubbed my hand on my pussy and felt how smooth it was. Bill said, "Jack will appreciate your new look, I know my clients and I will." He then unzipped his pants and I turned around and leaned over the desk.

I said, "Take me in my ass, I want to feel you cum in my ass." Bill was quick to comply as he eased his cock past the rectal sphincter and slowly penetrated into my bowels. I was in heaven with the feeling he created and silently I thanked my husband for opening my virgin ass over the weekend. I had a great climax as I felt Bill pumping cum into my bowels. Bill asked, "Would you like to have me and my clients fuck your pussy and ass at the same time?" I answered, "Oh, God, yes, I want that.

I want all my holes filled, I want to be fucked any way you want me". I told Bill of my husband's plans to have him for dinner. Bill said, "Just tell me when. I would love to meet Jack and thank him for sharing your pussy". I was a regular cum dump for Bill and his clients. My vagina would pulsate every time Bill called me into his office. I was a slut for any man that wanted me, there were no holes barred. Wednesday was the night Bill would come to dinner.

At 4 pm, Bill fucked me hard and told me I should leave early to prepare dinner. He suggested that I prepare and serve dinner wearing only a garter belt, nylons and heals. Jack came home just as I was finished putting the dinner in the over.

He saw my state of undress and said that he liked the look as he ran his hands over my smooth ass and deeply kissed me. Jack sat me up on the counter, spread my legs, buried his face in my vagina and again licked and sucked the cum left in my pussy by Bill.

This was becoming a erotic habit and a real treat for both of us. I answered the door when Bill arrived. Standing mostly naked in the open doorway wearing my garter belt, nylons and heels, I gave Bill a long deep kiss. I didn't care if the whole world saw me, I liked the new me who was now ready to fuck any man that wanted me.

Before Bill broke the kiss, he ran his hands under my ass and rubbed his fingers through my pussy lips. I didn't stop him from fingering my pussy as my husband stood and watched. When Jack greeted Bill, I noticed that Bill had what looked like a small brief case. He picked it up and we all went into the living room. Bill began to open the case and said, "Jack, I hope you don't mind. I brought my video camera so we could make a porn star out of your wife." Jack began to grin two bad black girls doing white guy and his eyes seemed to glass over.

I knew Jack approved the idea. After dinner, Bill sani loin xxx story full Jack how to use the camera.

With Jack holding the camera, Bill had me on my knees sucking his cock as I looked directly at the camera. I was then directed to undress Bill. I was positioned on the couch, my knees on the edge and my arms over the back.

With my legs spread, Jack filmed my open ass and pussy just as Bill plunged his cock deep into me. Jack made sure to film the seminal fluids leaking when Bill pulled out.

Bill then took the camera and filmed Jack licking my cum filled pussy and then my husbands cock entering and filling my pussy with more potent seed. The camera was then put on a tripod and filmed both Jack and Bill double penetrating me. My ass and pussy were convulsing with the sensitive nerves as both cocks stimulated the thin membrane between their two cocks.

We fucked and filmed for three hours. I was a bundle of nerves from the sexual excitement. My orgasms were extreme as I was constantly yelling to be fucked and fucked hard. After extreme exhaustion, we reviewed the video. God, we were hot knowing we made our own porn film. When Bill left, Jack licked my pussy and fucked me one more time. All three of us had been lust filled animals as the video camera caught all the action.

I fell asleep in my husbands arms as we were fully sated. Thursday and Friday, Bill and the clients fucked me repeatedly and I took their cum home to my husband. Just why, why didn't I act on my husband's fantasy a long time ago. I was now constantly charged sexually, I had become a nymphomaniac and cum slut for my husband.

Friday night, Jack cleaned my pussy and told me not to plan anything for Saturday. He said he had invited his crew to watch some type of game on our large screen TV. I don't know if it was football, basketball or whatever. I didn't care what game was on, I only knew there would be seven more men occupying my living room.

My game plan was to be 'THE GAME'. I didn't know what Jack had on his mind, so Saturday produced his crew of seven strange men and Bill. I was wwe sew 7 xxxx korea a very short sun dress, no panties or bra. I began serving beer, chips and dips as they were getting ready for the 'game'. When they were settled, Bill got up and put a DVD in the player and turned on the TV. Little did I know that my plan was the same as Bill and my husband.

The program began and there I was big as life on the big screen being fucked by Bill and my husband. There were cheers everywhere and then Jack came up behind me and pulled my dress up and away, leaving me naked in front of Bill, my husband and seven strange men. Within seconds, 'THE GAME' began. I was gang banged for over 5 hours.

Cocks every where, but mainly in my pussy, mouth and ass. The sexual tension was extreme and the aroma of seminal and vaginal fluids filled the house. I wore out the men, American hair pie melody love anal brunette latina hairy enjoyed their constant concentration on my body and the copious amounts of cum they deposited in and on me.

My orgasms were constant, my body was alive. We all fell asleep naked on the living room floor, couch and chairs. It was 'half time', the second half will be on Sunday. I could hardly wait.