Men guy stripped naked by friends

Men guy stripped naked by friends
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My name is Brayden. I am 17 years old and have brown hair and bright blue eyes. I play a bunch of different sports which keeps my body nice and athletic. I babysit for neighbours quite often. I like having a little extra pocket cash because all the money from my real job goes into my bank account. One Friday tiny blonde piper perri fucked by big dick school one of our neighbours called me, Mrs.

Haynes, to see if I could babysit that night from 5-10. Apparently, Mrs. Haynes was going out with friends and Mr. Haynes was away for the weekend on a business trip. I agreed, although knowing that sometimes the Haynes' 3 daughters could be a handful. I went over just before 5. Mrs. Haynes told me to have the kids in bed by 8. She was wearing a tight blouse and yoga pants, and DAMN did she look hot. I couldn't stop looking at her, and good an erection that I hope she didn't notice.

Thankfully, after a few minutes she left and my penis went back to normal. I played with girls for a while, Lauren, who was 11, Meg, who was 8, and Alisha, who was 5. I got them to play board games for a little while to keep them away from their dolls, but inevitably, they wanted to play with them after a while. Being a boy and knowing nothing about them I just went along with whatever they said.

At 7:45 I told them it was time to start getting ready for bed. They grumbled and groaned but eventually I got them to put their pajamas on. Then Meg asked me an awkward question: "Brayden? What was that lump between your legs earlier when you were talking to mommy?" I turned beet red, and thought about my answer, but thankfully, Lauren saved me, "It's his pee-pee.

I boy showed me his at school." "Why is it lumpy, then?" Meg asked. "Because it's different than ours," her sister answered. "Different how?" "Maybe he will show you. Do you want to show her Brayden?" I was mesmerized by the conversation, although I thought about and agreed, but on one condition: "You have to show me yours," I said.

"Ok, no problem!" said Lauren, who quickly stripped off her clothes, and stood in front of me naked. She had two little bumps on her chest and her young, hairless pussy lips were just slightly parted between her legs. My cock started to grow in my jeans.

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Following the idea from her older sister, Meg stripped as well, although she was flat-chested and her lips were a little more pronounced. Not wanting to be left out, Alisha took off her clothes as well, and now I had 3 young pussies in front of me, all in various stages of development.

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By now my cock was raging hard, but I still had to hold up my end of the bargain. I unzipped my pants and took off my shirt, so now I stood in front of them, my full 6 ½ erect inches pointing in the girls' faces. "Can I touch it?" Alisha asked in the most innocent voice I had ever heard. I was surprised by the question.

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"Umm… yeah sure you can touch it," I managed to get out. Alisha reached out her small little hands and flicked the end of my cock. The girls giggled as it jiggled up and down. Alisha then grabbed my dick and started to rub it, almost like she knew what she was doing. "In return, can I tough yours, sweety?" I asked her, hoping. "Yeah, sure Brayden," she said.

I reached down to explore her 5-year-old cunt. I pulled apart her outer lips, and upon finding her little clit, rubbed it for a minute before standing back up. I looked over at the beautiful bodies of Meg and Lauren. Meg still had a look of awe on her face. "Why is it different than ours?" Meg asked. Lauren saved me again. "Because a boy's pee-pee is supposed to go inside a girl's pee-pee. Right Brayden?" "Not quite. A boy's-it's called penis-goes inside a girl's vagina," I said.

"Is that the bigger hole just below where my pee comes out?" Meg asked. "Yes." "But why? Wouldn't that hurt?" "Well two reasons: one is to make a baby and two is because it doesn't hurt, it actually feels really good." Lauren piped up, "Well then if it feels really good, can you put your pee-pee-I mean penis-inside of me?" I looked at her stunned. My mind eventually won the war with my cock and I said, "I shouldn't Lauren.

I could get in a lot of trouble if someone found out." "I promise I won't tell anyone!" she said sweetly. The war swung back in the favour of my cock. "I guess, but you have to promise!" "Yes I promise! Now put bigg azz getz fucked by bigg dick in me!" "Not yet. We have to get you ready first," I sweet girls like to suck big dicks. I picked her up by the arms and laid her on the couch.

I opened up her legs and put my head into her crotch area. "What are you doing!?" exclaimed Meg. "Getting her ready," I replied. "This will get her vagina and vulva wet so that my penis goes in nice and easily." I looked back at my task. I used my hands to pull apart her outer lips, then I licked from the bottom of her sex to the top, swirling it around her clit for a few seconds.

She definitely tasted as good as she smelled! Lauren moaned, "Ohhhhh. It does feel good! Like butterflies in my belly. Please don't stop Brayden!" Instead I disobeyed her temporarily to turn around and say to Meg, "You can put my penis in your mouth, if you want, just suck it like a lolly pop." Meg made a doubtful face and I shrugged and went back to eating out Lauren's sweet cunt.

Meg must have changed her mind because a minute later I felt her mouth on my cock, sucking it off. Her enthusiasm more than made up for her inexperience, and soon it was taking all of my power to keep from cumming in the young girl's mouth! Soon Lauren's preteen pussy was wet enough and my cock had enough saliva and petite asian with nice tits fucking in seamed stockings and stilettos on it for me to fuck her.

I pulled my cock away from Meg and stood up saying, "Ok it's time for me to fuck you now Lauren." "Ok Brayden I'm ready." "You want me fuck you Lauren? Are you a little whore who wants to have her preteen cunt fucked?" "Oh yes, please!" "Say it Lauren, you are a whore and want to be fucked!" "Yes fuck me!

Put your penis inside me Brayden! I'm a whore and I really need to feel your penis in me!" I rubbed my penis up and down her wet slit, before putting the tip of it into her little hole. I pushed gently into her, feeling her hymen give way. "Owwww!" she exclaimed. "Don't worry that pain will go away," I said. I pushed my cock further in.

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The feeling was unbelievable! Her young cunt was so tight it felt like it was trying to squeeze the sperm right out of me. Eventually I bottomed out at her cervix with 5 inches buried inside her. I started thrusting faster and faster until I was bucking away at her pussy like an animal in heat. "Ohhhhh that feels amazing!" Lauren yelped. "I feel so full!" We carried on fucking for another few minutes and then Lauren cried out again, "Brayden! Take it out, take it out!

I feel like I'm going to pee! Oh but it feels so good!" "Don't worry Lauren, that's just your orgasm. Just relax and let it all out," I said. Her body was convulsing and she withered around underneath me. "AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Oh fuck!" she screamed. Her warm juice shot out milf teaches teen a few lesbian lessons her and went everywhere. She was a huge squirter!

I was going to cum any second and I didn't want to make her pregnant so I pulled out. "Why did you pull out!?" Lauren yelled at me. "Because I still need to show you one kind of sex," I said. "I've showed you oral and vaginal, but I still need to show you anal." "What's anal?" Meg asked. "I will show you.

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Lauren, would you like to volunteer again?" "Sure, if it feels even half as good as that did." "Ok then, get on your hands and knees and put your face on the floor, sticking your butt into the air." She complied, and seeing her cute little ass and sticking up almost made me cum right then and there.

"Ok, here it comes!" I stuck my cock a little bit into her ass, and then after she said nothing, pushed it farther in.

If her cunt was tight, this was a whole new level of tightness! Surprisingly, though, she never cried out in pain. I slowly moved my dick in and out, and it was only about a minute before I felt my cum getting ready to shoot. "Here comes my sperm!" I told her.

Then a let a torrent of cum into her rectum, flooding her back hole. I had probably let out so much cum, and had definitely never felt anything better. Just then I heard the door open and Mrs. Haynes came around the corner to see me and her three daughters naked, my cock firmly lodged inside her 11-year-old daughters ass.